Diablo 3 Podcast #139: “RoSS” Reviews and Crusader Patch Buffs

Diablo 3 Podcast #139: “RoSS” Reviews and Crusader Patch Buffs

Patch 2.0.4 brought big changes and buffs, including major changes to skills, especially for the Crusader. Is the class awesome now? Also, Reaper of Souls reviews are running lower scores than D3, even though everyone says RoS is a big improvement. Rush of IncGamers.com discusses the sad state of gaming reviews and “journalism.” Podcast features Flux, Rush, and Katniss.

Show segment approximate start times.

  • 0:20 – Intro and bagpipes with Rush and Katniss.
  • 1:00 — Rush discusses his Reaper of Souls review @ IncGamers, which starts off seemingly deadly to Diablo 3, but is actually quite positive.
  • 3:00 — Discussion on the basic problem with video game reviews; rushing to put a score on something that requires weeks or months to get a real sense of.
  • 12:00 — Was Reaper of Souls lacking in content for the price? Does Blizzard neglect the Diablo franchise compared to WoW? Rush repeats his “RoSS” pronunciation heresy, earning general condemnation.
  • 21:00 — Paul exits and Katniss talks about day one of PAX Boston, plus Reaper of Souls on the PS4. Gender issues in gaming these days and actual females at PAX, and not just cosplayers. (Feminist gaming analysis kickstarter funded that Flux mentioned can be seen here.)
  • 31:30 — Crusader conversation. How did the Patch 2.0.4 improve or change the class? Katniss much prefers the class with recent changes. Don’t obsess over DPS; lower raw damage with much faster attack speed can be a big improvement on the whole.
  • 40:00 — Steed Charge changes; less duration, more frequency. Crusader’s general lack of movement speed hinders the class in party play?
  • 47:20 — Big patch buff to Legendary Material drop rate. Changing the gameplay? Farming orange mats and crafting a lot? Gambling drop rate improved as well. Overall design theme is making it much easier to gear up a char new to 70, so you can get into Torment and start farming for the really good gear.
  • 59:00 — Most and least favorite bounties? Suggestions welcomed for the imminent return of D2-style Flux’s Decahedron.
  • The Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Podcast Episode Guide in DiabloWiki.net provides links to every show, plus quick summaries.

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    11 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Podcast #139: “RoSS” Reviews and Crusader Patch Buffs

    1. I love crusader so I loved this one. More in-depth talk of builds and different play styles would be even better!

    2. It is interesting how Blizzard each time tries to address OP skills with their nerfs, but in the end it ends up forcing people only to switch to some other crazy skill. Like Wizard last patch. They nerfed the Surge of Power arcane generation and all it did was that people swapped one of their passive for Astral Presene (+2 arcane gen per second)

      Blizzard should try to buff all the skills instead of trying to nerf the good ones, if they really want to “force” build diversity.

    3. Awesome podcast as always :), Also agree strongly on the Crusader needing a slight increase even after the patch In my honest opinion, Single target skills still feel not up to par as other classes high\DPS Generators abilties. Electrocute with Arcane rune for example and its insane resource rate .DH cluster arrow with a decent Resource reduction and fire ele% can out match probably most other classes spam abilties.

      Now to the point i find the Crusader depends so much on CDR for him to be sightly viable in any higher Difficulty i think it would be a nice change to change Crusader skills on more of a resource dependent than more of a cooldown focus .Maybe my opinion is kinda of out laddish. Happy for any replys in if you agree or disagree or if it sound like a kinda stupid idea 🙂

    4. I would probably do the 1-hander Crusader, except that I have a near-perfect roll on a Stalgard’s Decimator, with high Strength, over 2900 DPS, attack speed, crit damage rolled into a socket for an emerald, and a 349% weapon damage axe proc (1% away from the max roll), which shoots a piercing axe for every melee hit. At this point, I just want more attack speed to get more axes; I may even try to switch off crit damage for attack speed, just for more axes.

      Also, in terms of gambling, I must say that I’ve gotten pretty unlucky from it, and I can’t really believe other people are getting so lucky. I burned 420 shards today on gloves, and got 2 legendary rolls; yesterday I burned 150 and got nothing. So, I’m really having trouble believing that it takes an average of 5-20 rolls to get legendaries, when I got 2 drops from around 80 rolls today, and nothing from 30 rolls yesterday.

      • I don’t think many people are getting legs on 5-20 rolls. I don’t know where you got that information, but I think burning a total of 570 shards and getting two legs isn’t too bad.

    5. I was playing on EU last night and the Captain in our EU HC guild said he liked the new podcast and had a funny tale. Said he was listening on headphones while out in the real world, laughed at a joke, noticed that a pretty girl had seen his expression, and was smiling back.

      And they told me that producing an internet gaming podcast would never get anyone laid!

    6. I don’t agree fully with the first part of the podcast about reviews. I think if you compare even vanilla Diablo 3 with other boxed games the value for money is extremely good. I think the more hardcore Diablo fans only really play Diablo and not many other games and look through the lens of Diablo 2 and even MMO games for their value comparison. I think this is part of the reason it got good reviews from review sites as they compared it more generally with other games in this value range.

      On the price of ROS, it might seem expensive compared to other game expansions but the value you get out of it is better by far. Even if the game plus 2 expansions ended up costing $200, if it lasted 10 years, you’d be hard pressed to find any other media type with the same value.

      I think there’s a case to be made for a free to play + small paid content updates model, which is where most MMO games and mobile games are headed these days, but it seems so easy to abuse and they end up making you spend a lot more than you normally would and you just wish you could buy it outright without running into a paywall every 5 minutes.

      • I think that RoS is a little overpriced, but not by much; certainly not by enough that I’d complain about it. I think that $30 is about what I’d expect to pay for it. However, given that it came with a free patch that fixed a lot of the other problems in the game, I’m fine with accepting a slightly higher price. Also, the other reason I don’t mind the change is because they dropped the price for D3C by a lot. For those who have the game, $40 isn’t too much more than I think the expansion is worth; for those that don’t, you can get the whole thing for ~$60, which is a fantastic deal, since that’s what most games premier for at retail value. Finally, I think that the biggest part of the problem is that the price mostly stays the same from currency to currency, even though the actual exchange rates are wildly different. For example, I have the American edition, and I bought my copy for $40. However, a lot of other people on the forums are European, and they had to pay 40 Euros for their copy, which is roughly $60-70. Flux said that he would have paid 32 pounds for his copy, and the British pound is nearly double the American dollar’s value. So, for an American buyer, $40 isn’t all that much, but for a European buyer, RoS cost as much or more than a regular game, which is extremely, extremely overpriced. From that angle, I can definitely agree with the complaints, even though I’d say that the problem isn’t the price itself, but rather that the price was not translated into more correct foreign currency amounts.

        As for reviews, I think it depends on the kind of game you’re talking about. I think for a game that is meant to be played over a long period of time, like an MMO, that I agree with the podcast: it doesn’t really make sense to review it early, when the meat of the game won’t be experienced until later. However, for games that aren’t designed to be played for endless hours, such as a Zelda or a Final Fantasy, you can usually be fine with a single review. I’d say that the biggest reason for this is that for games like Zelda for Final Fantasy, there’s a concrete ‘end’ point, after which you have completed the game and can feel safe reviewing it. On the other hand, just beating the game doesn’t mean much for a game like Diablo: killing Malthael just opens up Adventure Mode and Rifts, which most people now would argue is the ‘real’ game. As a result, finishing the game is much less meaningful, so an early review, written after finishing the game, is fairly meaningless.

    7. When the guy doing the RoS review was saying how he wished Blizzard would have introduced microtransactions and/or used a small piecemeal DLC model, and then went on to discuss how RoS wasn’t great value…I have to admit I had a little laugh.

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