The Diablo 3 Podcast #130: Reaper of Souls Beta, Gambling, Nephalem Rifts, and Patching

Reaper of Souls beta discussion covers gambling and Blood Shards, the highs and lows of Nephalem Rifts, changing (or not) the game incentives to always rush through everything, class balance and new RoS builds, and top fixes requested in the upcoming RoS beta patch. Featuring Flux, Rankil, and Xanth.

Click through for full show notes and segment start times. This is part two of the two part show, split in half for length considerations. Part one was posted earlier this week.

  • 0:20 — Blood Shards and gambling. The 500 cap on Shards now is simply a beta thing to force players to gamble? What’s needed to improve gambling other than fixing the bug to allow legendaries?
  • 8:20 — Running through content in RoS is often incentivized: bounties, farming legendary mats, etc. Needs to be changed? Incentives to do full clears?
  • 12:00 — Nephalem Rifts. Best playing experience but insufficient rewards. Some of the most fun types of rifts: Goblins! Will Reaper of Souls be “done” on the release date, which is actually “soon?”
  • 29:00 — Character balance and builds. New RoS builds working great? Old builds still in use?
  • 36:00 — Build-changing legendaries. Rare but interesting when put to use.
  • 46:40 — Quick list of features you want to see in the upcoming RoS patch? Xanth lists 7. Rankil doesn’t do short lists.
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    8 thoughts on “The Diablo 3 Podcast #130: Reaper of Souls Beta, Gambling, Nephalem Rifts, and Patching

      • Rankil … man, I like you and all, but you’re just dead wrong. @ 20 minutes in. You think you’re going to find the exact item your looking for and that trading wont be needed? You might play a thousand hours and NEVER find the ring you’re looking for.

        • I just thought of a solution to bound items (if we are indeed stuck with items being bound)

          Imagine, if you will, a checklist of all possible Legendaries in game. This checklist would keep tabs on which legs have dropped for you. When a legendary item drops, the check appears along side that item on the list.

          so, just at the moment before a monster drops a legendary item, the possible drop is checked against that list. This way, you don’t keep getting the same item over and over.

          Now, let’s say that you get an item but, the roll on it (the rng) is crap. You can uncheck the item in the list, so that it’s a possible item to drop for you again, in the future, with a chance for a better roll.

          So, just a recap, you can only uncheck items on your list, you can view your list, but players can never add a check to the list; only the game, by way of drop, can add a check to the list.

          this could be an alternative to free trade; if we can’t have that.

      • Holy tangents Batman!

        Again no offense to Rankil but I have to agree with you. I’m sure his never ending stream of consciousness abilities serve him well over on twitch, but he’s got to realize Flux is attempting to put together a structured dialogue here.

    1. I hope they are going through some of the Legendaries again before release and tuning them up so to speak, because more than a few are just plain disappointing.

      Most of the time I am loosing one primary stat if I were to switch over, and its not worth it at all if the “special” proc is so weak.

    2. the first thing you guys learns is to say “you know” 24/7? really.. even before you are saying anything its you know, so fcking anoying. I really enjoh listening to the potcast, but plz give nineball xanth and rankil youknow to much ;(

    3. This comment is a directed at the combined podcast of 128, 129 and 130…

      All I hear is more additions to make a crappy item system more fun/flexible. Cast 128 with Azzure sums it up very well, I’ve listened to it many times over because its so well explained. I’m also getting kind of tired of the whole BOE = no-trading = no outside site problems argument. They’re just removing trading/adding BOE to accomodate the crappy items drop rate increase. How can you guys not see a problem with that? And if you don’t want to get ripped from the outside sites, don’t use them. I haven’t touched this game in a long time, but I still enjoy the podcasts, I guess I’m still riding the dream wave of hearing some good news of changes that make the item system more fun, not just more ways to get what I’m already finding.

    4. On the whole boa or no boa debate i will just add my opinion (yeah , it is needed lol) … THE thing i like about boa is this. When you will see someone with a Mempo, with 6CC and 195 main stats, you will go wow and im jealous…Not how much did you pay for it!This is the only upside for me…I dont care about 3rd party site,i dont care about whatever reason!Of course they need to apply the correct drop rates for it to happen!

      About podcast, what do you think if they add a mf + exp buff after killing the rift boss??! This would add a new way to play the game that dosnt look to be in ros, not skipping every content! Plus this add to the terrible exp rate (as heard in podcast)and to the almost non existent mf !! Make it whatever you want 50% for 10 min or whatever, but all i ear and see from ros,is rush rush rush , kill one guy , rushh rush rush next game!This could add another way to play/complete your game, and at the same time, wouldnt be mandatory to do/use

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