Reaper of Souls beta discussion covers gambling and Blood Shards, the highs and lows of Nephalem Rifts, changing (or not) the game incentives to always rush through everything, class balance and new RoS builds, and top fixes requested in the upcoming RoS beta patch. Featuring Flux, Rankil, and Xanth.

    Click through for full show notes and segment start times. This is part two of the two part show, split in half for length considerations. Part one was posted earlier this week.

  • 0:20 — Blood Shards and gambling. The 500 cap on Shards now is simply a beta thing to force players to gamble? What’s needed to improve gambling other than fixing the bug to allow legendaries?
  • 8:20 — Running through content in RoS is often incentivized: bounties, farming legendary mats, etc. Needs to be changed? Incentives to do full clears?
  • 12:00 — Nephalem Rifts. Best playing experience but insufficient rewards. Some of the most fun types of rifts: Goblins! Will Reaper of Souls be “done” on the release date, which is actually “soon?”
  • 29:00 — Character balance and builds. New RoS builds working great? Old builds still in use?
  • 36:00 — Build-changing legendaries. Rare but interesting when put to use.
  • 46:40 — Quick list of features you want to see in the upcoming RoS patch? Xanth lists 7. Rankil doesn’t do short lists.
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