Monsterous makes his first appearance on the Diablo 3 Podcast, joining Flux and Neinball for a conversation about the new Paragon 2.0 system changes, recent RoS beta testing, changes to legendary drop rates, finding upgrades that aren’t about DPS, and much more.

    This is part one of a show we had to split into two parts since we had so much content. Part two should be posted tomorrow, to give you something to do before the weekend before Xmas.

    Click through for show notes and approximate segment start times:

  • 0:30 — Show opening and welcome Neinball, plus Monstrous makes his Diablo 3 Podcast debut and shares his Diablo background and history.
  • 7:00 — Recent play experience in the Reaper of Souls beta. Enjoying the tears of sorrow from WW nerfed Barbs. The hidden power of splash damage.
  • 15:00 — Paragon system redesign in the new patch. Pros and cons. Missing the feeling of individual character progress?
  • 31:30 — Abusing Paragon respecs; changing situationally?
  • 35:30 — legendary drop rates are much lower than in the previous patch. Too low? Too high? Goldilocks?
  • 45:00 — Finding improvements that don’t require DPS increases. Skill damage, +damage type, etc.
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