fThe Diablo 3 Podcast #126: Paragon 2.0 Overhaul and Legenday Drop Rates

Monsterous makes his first appearance on the Diablo 3 Podcast, joining Flux and Neinball for a conversation about the new Paragon 2.0 system changes, recent RoS beta testing, changes to legendary drop rates, finding upgrades that aren’t about DPS, and much more.

This is part one of a show we had to split into two parts since we had so much content. Part two should be posted tomorrow, to give you something to do before the weekend before Xmas.

Click through for show notes and approximate segment start times:

  • 0:30 — Show opening and welcome Neinball, plus Monstrous makes his Diablo 3 Podcast debut and shares his Diablo background and history.
  • 7:00 — Recent play experience in the Reaper of Souls beta. Enjoying the tears of sorrow from WW nerfed Barbs. The hidden power of splash damage.
  • 15:00 — Paragon system redesign in the new patch. Pros and cons. Missing the feeling of individual character progress?
  • 31:30 — Abusing Paragon respecs; changing situationally?
  • 35:30 — legendary drop rates are much lower than in the previous patch. Too low? Too high? Goldilocks?
  • 45:00 — Finding improvements that don’t require DPS increases. Skill damage, +damage type, etc.
  • The Diablo 3 Podcast Episode Guide in DiabloWiki.net provides links to every show, plus quick summaries.


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    1. Ahh, perfect for my 6 hour bus ride. Thanks for the entertainment! 🙂

    2. Two points about Legendaries:

      1) They very likely already have varying rarity levels. If you guys watch the general chat and the Legendaries that people link there you’ll see that many appear fairly frequently, while others rarely pop up. I’ve been doing this for a few days now and I can still see new Legendaries that I haven’t seen anywhere else, including Flux’s long posts. This is the reason why I think there are different rarity levels, although of course with a such a random system I could be fooling myself into thinking this. Humans often see patterns where there isn’t any at all.

      2) I have good news for Neinball, he didn’t really waste his first kill Legendaries. Reaching level 60 makes you ineligible for them, so the best he could have done is to reach level 59 and ask a friend to start a game for each Act boss kills, to prevent leveling up to 60 between them.

      • @ “I have good news for Neinball, he didn’t really waste his first kill Legendaries. Reaching level 60 makes you ineligible for them, so the best he could have done is to reach level 59 and ask a friend to start a game for each Act boss kills, to prevent leveling up to 60 between them.”

        Interesting, do you have the source/bluepost for this?

        • The source is me, I tested this yesterday. I killed the Butcher on level 45, got a Legendary. Killed Belial at 59, got a Legendary. Killed Azmodan and Diablo at 60, got nothing but Rares. I assume if the later bosses didn’t drop one at 60 then the earlier ones would have either.

          Rakanoth is still bugged. He will drop a Legendary on your first kill no matter what, even if you already killed him on the live servers. So anyone who transfers their level 60s should kill Rakanoth with all of them for free shinies.

    3. You guys are awesome. Let’s all go out for some drinks and talk Diablo sometime!

      I like Monsterous’ breakdown of what he has experienced with the barbarian so far. Like he said, it will take players some time to adjust from the Speedy Gonzalez permazerk build to the slower (but more brutal) barbarian that’s on PTR and RoS Beta now.

      My fellow demon-punchers, the game has changed quite drastically. It will take the community some time to adjust and learn some neat tricks to be truly effective. People think the barbarian is useless or boring now, but that’s because permazerk was so pervasive that people are taking some time to figure out other builds. Give it some time, there are lots of ideas coming out so far. The barbarian will rise again!!

      I also completely agree with Flux when he says that Run Like the Wind was dumb conceptually. A barbarian is a massive brute with big scary armor and weapons. He is not meant to kill with cute baby tornadoes he leaves behind after running really fast. What was he a track star in Mount Arreat before the demons attacked??

      It’s like he’s crop-dusting his foes to death.
      “How tastes your fear!?”

    4. It’s pretty simple to account for damage changes that +skill damage offers you.

      Damage loss % versus skill damage increase.

      So if you lose 4% damage, but gain 15% on a skill you use often, (Arcane Orb, for example) it’s a pretty easy conclusion to come to. Same for elemental damage.

      • This is exactly what I’m doing as well. Also, it’s important to know that skill bonuses are multiplicative. If a skill does 200% damage and you have a 10% bonus to it will do 220% damage, not 210%.

    5. I started on PlayStation too.

    6. Wonderful podcast! Loved Monstrous, and would love to see and hear more of him, as well as more collaboaration between the two biggest fansites on the net!

      With that said… RoS has just gotten it’s official release date: March 25th!


      Digital Deluxe Edition has already been orderer here! Now let me have the darned beta already! 😀

    7. RoS Standard Edition 39.99$
      RoS Deluxe Edition 59.99$

      Good luck you console lovers! I will not pay that to be left apart for months with a broken game.
      RIP Diablo Saga…

    8. I have good news for Flux as well: I just found out that you can quickly assign Paragon points. If you shift+click the plus sign it will assign 10 points at once.

      Also, forgot to say that it was an awesome podcast, thanks guys.

      • I concur with HardRock above on both the quality of the podcast and the shift+click assignment method. One other note, it assigns either 10, or your remaining points, whichever is lower. (So if you shift+click with 7 points left on that tab, all seven get assigned.)

    9. So about Paragon respec abuse. I agree that being able to reset your points freely feels like an exploitable function rather than making a valued decision on how to strengthen your characters.

      There should be a gold penalty for resetting, to stop changing over just to earn more gold. In addition, each paragon level could be more valuable or easier to get than the current iteration.

    10. Always enjoy the podcasts; nice discussion guys.

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