The Diablo 3 Podcast #123: Blizzard 2013: Westmarch, Nephalem Rifts, and D3 Dev Encounters

Flux, Neinball, and Wolfpaq conclude their podcast on Blizzcon 2013, with conversation about Westmarch and Act V, Nephalem Rifts, and share stories of Diablo 3 Developer encounters. You’ll never guess who Neinball has tied up in his basement!

This is part two of the show. See TDP #122 for part one which covered general Blizzcon issues, the Crusader, Adventure Mode, Loot 2.0 in the RoS demo, and much more.

Click through for segment starting times and more show details.

Approximate topic starting times:

  • 0:30 — Westmarch and Act 5. Campaign Mode! No one played Act 5 more than a couple of times since Adventure Mode so much more fun and profitable.
  • 2:00 — Nephalem Orbs and their awesome stacking bonuses. Crusader defensive skills and the lack of any point in using them in the demo.
  • 7:00 — Act 5 layout. Huge randomized area of Westmarch town. Varied greatly between games.
  • 10:30 — Rift Bosses and strategy. Nephalem Rift layouts and their awesome variety. Act Five looks very polished and the overall graphics were amazing.
  • 18:30 — No beta announcement or release date update on RoS at Blizzcon. Surprise? Disappoint?
  • 19:30 — Blizzard developer encounters. Wolfpaq stalked one to a Ramen place, plus Crit change worries.
  • 24:00 — Neinball’s dev encounter stories with Alex Mayberry, Wyatt Cheng and others. Plus the interesting behind the scenes details they shared with him. Flux and Wyatt’s demand for sarcasm.
  • 36:20 — Item binding pros and cons and the Auction House closure.
  • 44:00 — Enhanced developer passion and the 2.5 year Diablo III beta test. RoS devs think they’ll avoid the last minute delays we saw with D3V.
  • 48:00 — What will you do first when RoS releases? Crusader or existing character? Campaign or Adventure Mode?
  • The Diablo 3 Podcast Episode Guide in provides links to every show, plus quick summaries.

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    11 thoughts on “The Diablo 3 Podcast #123: Blizzard 2013: Westmarch, Nephalem Rifts, and D3 Dev Encounters

    1. good stuff, glad you guys were there to give us all the juicy information. some day I plan to make it to a blizzcon… maybe next year

    2. LOL! I loved the last anecdote! hahahah “and then we had sex … right there in front of the mashed potatoes”

      great podcast.

      I’m very unhappy about the idea of account bound Legs/Sets. I love how you guys just have been totally Obi Wan Canobi’d by the bliz team.

      Bliz – “well, we can’t make legendaries better unless we bind them to your account”

      Flux – “well, I guess we can’t make legendaries better unless they’re bound to our accounts – move along … nothing to see here”

      • Ya makes no sense to be honest. Considering BoA effectively kills the economy, why would it matter if trading existed in the first place? Besides, making an item better has nothing to do with it being bound or not bound… thats just absurd.

        I think it was neinball that pretty much had the real blizzard reasoning behind BoA. If the AH is getting removed, then trading is getting removed because the AH was blizzard’s safe facilitation for trading. They don’t want to deal with people getting scammed or hacked from 3rd party sites because they don’t have a good way in game to do trading. It was kind of a… well we gave them a way to trade and be safe and they didn’t want it so they won’t get trading.

        It’s honestly a bit of a copout and speaks more towards the fact that the devs DO NOT want to create a new way to foster and make trading safe. But it’s a far more logical and acceptable answer than “we can’t make legendaries super awesome if people can trade them!” C’MON! I personally think the cons outweigh the pros to BoA and feel it is a really dumb direction to go, but primarily because I have zero faith that blizzard can get drop rates tuned etc, to make purely self found good in the long term. I expect if they actually do a good amount of testing of beta this time around, they will get feedback that pretty much says you guys suck at tuning drops and they will, rather than adjust drop rates, do a 180 and take off BoA.

    3. Thanks for the tip on the super rare legendary items. I hadn’t heard anything about this way or the other, but it’s good to hear some verification, and I eagerly look forward to the return of “grailer” items.

    4. Did Flux mean Cat Hunter when he said Cat Deeley? The only Cat Deeley I can think of is a British TV host from Birmingham (not the pretend Alabama one) who I really can’t imagine being at Blizzcon.

      • She’s Cat or Kat something. Admittedly, my research was nonexistent on that point and my memory was not much better, but she’s the same woman on the Direct TV feed every year and they’re constantly calling her “cat.” I don’t actually see her named on the official info page, but you can see her in an interview with (trigger warning) Jay Wilson from 2011 right here. She was blonde this year.

        • Whatever her name is, she actually does a pretty good job. I’m not the one to comment on it as I don’t watch the live stream and only hear it in the background when I’m in the press room, but she seemed well informed during the interviews. She did one with Alex Mayberry for D3 stuff on Saturday this year and asked numerous good questions. Haven’t seen it show up on YT yet, alas.

          • Yeah, that’s Kat Hunter (I got the spelling wrong before). She’s actually Chris Metzen’s wife, so don’t mention the mashed potatoes to him.

    5. I didn’t go to Blizzcon and probably never will for numerous reasons..feeling too old for it and living in Europe amongst the most important.

      However, these 2 podcasts, together with the recent activity on the incgamers D3 site made me feel like I didn’t lose anything.

      Ty Flux and the rest of the team for making this event interesting for all of us, great job.

    6. URL=”http

       mentioned the BlizzCon2013 videos at the start of this podcast, I spent some time digging around...
      I watched questions at the end of three other videos, but I couldn't find (or recognize) Neinball :(

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