The Diablo 3 Podcast #122: Blizzcon 2013 Reaper of Souls Demo

Flux, Neinball, and Wolfpaq talk about all they did and saw at Blizzcon 2013, with heavy focus on the Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls demo. How awesome was Adventure Mode, what did they think of the Crusader and Act 5 and Loot 2.0, and much more.

This is part one of the show. Part two will be posted tomorrow. It covers more of Westmarch and Nephalem Rifts, plus Diablo 3 developer interactions at Blizzcon. Click through for segment starting times and more show details.

Approximate topic starting times:

  • 2:45 — How was this year’s Blizzcon compared to other Blizzcons you’ve attended? What did you see of other games vs. Reaper of Souls? Panels? General impressions? Blinked at 182?
  • 10:30 — Flux describes the press room in gruesome detail. People who have never gone to Blizzcon… should they go? Both guests say big YES. Then beware…. the RAT.
  • 16:10 — Everyone takes turns exulting over how awesome Adventure Mode was, Nephalem Rifts were, and how much they want it in D3V right now now NAOW!
  • 24:00 — Loot 2.0 and great legendary finds in the demo. New legendaries were definitely present.
  • 32:00 — The Crusader: first impressions, OPness, favorite skill discussion, the Wrath resource, and more about the new class.
  • The Diablo 3 Podcast Episode Guide in provides links to every show, plus quick summaries.

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    11 thoughts on “The Diablo 3 Podcast #122: Blizzcon 2013 Reaper of Souls Demo

    1. when i hear this great info and enthusiasm about the demo i really dont want to play d3 anymore . Havent touched it in 2 days and i wont think i will be for at least a month ๐Ÿ™

    2. Sure you could play Diablo 3 RoS as much as you wanted at Blizzcon, people couldn’t care less about D3 it’s even less popular than Heartstone, a boring card game. Diablo is the poor child of Blizzard nowadays, SC2 is their baby and WoW their cash cow, look at how much resources and development Diablo has received, it pales in comparison.


        You’d be correct if you were talking about SC2, which seems to be getting the very short end of the stick in attention from bliz. WoW is far and away their main game and has been at every blizzcon since it began in 2005, but d3 had much more panel coverage and presence than HS or HotS this year, and Bliz didn’t even have playable SC machines this year and spent just one panel on their lone RTS title.

        • I mean in general they take precedence. They patch StarCraft 2 at least once per month, even though most of it is balance, it’s still time and resources put into that game, and they host a major annual tournament. Diablo is getting the attention it so desperately needed because of RoS, but like you said they didn’t announced a beta and still no word on “2.0” features. Meanwhile the absence of waiting lines for a Diablo game at a Blizzard convention shows that they need to release that expansion sooner than later. And I believe march 17th is too late to start rolling out 2.0 features in live, by then everyone will be talking about Titan Fall and nothing else, the word won’t get out.

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