Blizzcon’s Diablo 3 Panels, excitement for playing the Crusader demo at the show, skill datamining discussion, and console loot finding without an Auction House. Featuring Xanth, Rankil, and Flux’s cold.

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    I was really dragging from a cold during the recording of this show so excuse my leaden voice. Due to lack of energy I commented much less than usual — whether or not that is an improvement is open to debate.

  • 1:20 — Recent play stuff and Xanth’s perpetual post-Paragon100 victory lap. Hearthstone beta testing?
  • 4:50 — Rankil compares his Console character’s and their awesome gear. Xanth just started on the console play. Does he miss the Auction House? Long term limits of self-finding = can’t find the specialized gear? (Related article.)
  • 17:10 — What will replace the Auction House?
  • 22:20 — Blizzcon panels revealed. Five for Diablo 3. Excite? Will we get a RoS beta start date? RoS release date? Does PS4 playable RoS demo indicate greater progress than expected?
  • 32:30 — Blizzcon attendance plans. Xanth watching virtual pass. Rankil and Flux are attending and eager for the RoS playable demo.
  • 36:50 — Datamining analysis. Hard to theorycraft with any comprehension with such big changes to everything, and especially for the Crusader who most have not yet played.
  • 46:50 — Westmarch and moar gothic. Improvement? Irrelevant?
  • 50:20 — Halloween coming soon. Diablo costumes this year? Is the Diablo costume series held back by the absence of children characters in cute costumes? Emperor Hakan II does not count.
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