Big changes to Diablo 3’s difficulty levels are coming, and might they still drop a difficulty mode entirely? Also, starting RoS plans, first class love, and more. Featuring Katniss, Neinball, and Flux.

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  • 0:00 — What was your first Diablo 3 class and did you turn them into your first main? Katniss: Demon Hunter no. Neinball: Monk no. Flux: Wizard no.
  • 9:00 — Reaper of Soul plans: level a current char to 70? Start a new Crusader at once? Hardcore or Softcore? Ladder from the start? Will people who are rich now be rich in RoS if there are ladders?
  • 18:45 — Full level clear bonuses? Killing every last monster on a level would grant some bonus for completionists, and some counter against super fast messy-eater type builds that only skim off the top and rush onwards.
  • 25:45 — Difficulty level changes in Reaper of Souls. 0-5 instead of MP1-MP10. Lowest Level 0-2 get no bonus to MF/GF/Exp. Everyone will play 0 or 3-5?
  • 32:00 — Drop one of the three initial difficulty modes? Normal, Nightmare, Hell, Inferno get redundant. Or does adding Act 5 and max level 70 allow for proper scaling and spacing?
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