Flux is joined by Azzure and Xanth to discuss the updated, upgraded, Loot 1.5 system found on the console. Does it fix problems in D3C’s loot system? Is it supposed to? What will the real Loot 2.0 bring?

    This show follows up on TDP #109 which discussed all things DiabloWikiDiablo 3 console and focused heavily on issues of itemization. You need not listen to that show before this one, but it would give you some useful background info if you’ve not been paying much attention to the Diablo 3 console “Loot 1.5” debate.

    • 0:00 — Intro and console loot details. Console Paragon 4 Witch Doctor = 125k DPS and 95K HPs, and has found 50+ legendaries. D3 console legendaries are too big, too easy, too soon?
    • 3:45 — Console is not Loot 1.5. It’s just Loot 1.0 with bigger numbers. The same item issues exist, with almost all value on the same key affixes. Does this fix any of the problems with Diablo III’s economy? Azzure says no.
    • 8:00 — Proc effects on items. Can they move beyond novelties to real “build-changers?”
    • 14:00 — Rune effects stole all the potentially awesome legendary item effects in D3C. Is it wise to require players to use a specific item as the only way to get one cool effect?
    • 18:00 — Must the important affixes be reworked to allow more variety? Find ways to make some builds not care about IAS, or care less about CC, etc. How to make skills not all entirely dependent upon weapon damage?
    • 23:00 — Raising the floor on item quality is not a long term solution for the end game quality, but it’s a really good short term boost and it makes the game more fun for casuals.
    • 27:00 — Counter to some fan speculation, the PC version is not a beta test for the console… However, the console actually kind of is a beta test for DiabloWikiLoot 2.0?

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