Diablo 3 Podcast #109: Diablo 3 Console First Impressions

Flux is joined by Rankil and KayDee to share their impressions and observations from a week of Diablo 3 Console play. Basics, different controls, Evade roll, Loot 1.5 lies, difficulty and Monster Power, big and small differences from the PC version, and much more.

  • 0:00 — Show intro. Why buy the console after playing the PC for a year+?
  • 3:00 — Console first impressions. Issues with the controls? Difficulty to start?
  • 14:00 — Seeing less of the screen makes the movement speed and teleporting skills feel faster? Movement is more natural and connected with a keypad?
  • 17:00 — Evade control in the console. Function and fun?
  • 21:50 — Loot 1.5. How is the gear and item upgrades on the Console? Crazy legendary drop rates and upgrades. Rankil’s Paragon 4 Witch Doctor has 125k DPS and 95K hit points, and has found 48 legendary items so far, plus 3 crafting legendary recipes.
  • 27:00 — First to Paragon 100 Hardcore on console? Pointless with dupes and hacks already. Crafting gear much better quality. Gems require many fewer materials for upgrades.
  • 31:30 — Missing the Auction House? Will having to trade old school style limit builds with specialized equipment requirements? Stash feels bigger with all items requiring only one INV space. No Identify All option, but not needed since Rares drop ID’ed already?
  • 38:00 — Faster picking up gold and gear with auto-click/open loose floor tiles and chests and such? Bigger stats on gear in every slot. Other affixes lower or altered? DiabloWikiLife on Hit on gloves? Smart drops means you’ll only find mainstat for your class on everything. Makes twinking and Merc-gear difficult.
  • 52:00 — DiabloWikiNephalem Orbs. What do they do, how awesome are they, and will they come soon to the PC?
  • 55:00 — Skills and other minor changes from PC. No duration time on Mantras, only 3 Nephalem Valor stacks, etc.
  • 59:30 — Crazy higher stats on Console, but it’s just Loot 1.0 with bigger numbers. Long term ramifications?
  • The Diablo 3 Podcast Episode Guide in DiabloWiki.net provides links to every show, plus quick summaries.

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    13 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Podcast #109: Diablo 3 Console First Impressions

    1. Nice podcast, guys. Really wish I could have been on this one.

      Regarding gems, getting the Flawless Squares to upgrade is definitely the limiting factor. For instance, I have all the tiers except for Marquise for Amethyst and only last night was I able to finally make my first Perfect Star. I think what’s interesting there is that the Square level of gems still drops in Inferno in the console version, when they had stopped that a couple of patches ago for the PC version. I still can’t figure out why that came back though, since you don’t get Tomes of Jewelcrafting in Inferno.

      It really does just feel like console is the salvation for everyone who wanted a self-found mode. It’s a great feeling to know you can play every night and most likely find an upgrade or a sidegrade or just make general progress.

      Regarding buffs/debuffs, a lot of people in general have been talking about not being able to see the details/durations of their buffs and debuffs since you can’t hover over them, but if you go into the inventory menu when you have the buffs up and then go into character info, it explains the buffs and debuffs to you and also shows their duration. Not fully explained mechanics or anything, but you can at least figure out generally what’s happening to your character.

      • “It really does just feel like console is the salvation for everyone who wanted a self-found mode. It’s a great feeling to know you can play every night and most likely find an upgrade or a sidegrade or just make general progress.”


        They really did miss the mark with the psychological importance of genuine progress in the original version. Wilson’s idea of the Diablo player base being a horde of hungry hungry hippos that live to gobble up any and all items was just too far from the truth.

        The current loot system is more inclined to fit degenerate gamblers who can’t seem to stop. When I played, “The answer to all my loot problems will come soon™…” was more of a thought than “maybe I’ll find an upgrade this time”.

    2. So would you guys say that the console version is too easy/dumbed down compared to the pc version ? You think hardcore players would find it challenging ?

    3. I haven’t touched this game for a long time and I won’t in the future either, it’s really dead to me. Only thing I still follow that is D3 related is the podcast on this site. An amazing good job guys and keep rocking with it <3


    4. I recently started new monk too, on softcore though. 3 legs on normal – 2 on act1 and 1 on act2.
      PC ofcourse.

    5. Smart drop is just a fixed main stat on items? So it does mean that only thing that will change in the end will be that smart drop + mystic (1 selected affix reroll) = 4 affix lottery instead of 6.

      • We can’t say for sure at this point, but I think the targeted drops on the console are just another Loot 1.5 type thing. An improvement of sorts compared to what we see in Diablo 3 now, with the right mainstat usually rolling on the gear you find, but they are not the “Smart Drops” we’ll see in Loot 2.0.

        As Josh described those as Gamescom, they’re special drops that have an obvious display difference, and they’ll probably be BoA as well.

    6. Having played the console now till almost inferno with a demon hunter, and my friend who owns the game has played a few different characters to the same point its clear to us what smart drops mean. Items drops are fashioned for the characters currently in the game. The doesn’t mean that playing a DH you will only get DH gear but most of it will be. This can be identified by the fact that lots of bow type weapons drop if the only character in the game is a DH.

      However, if a human player isn’t their to control a character the character will just follow along like an npc. So, if you have 2 controllers you can bring in another character and have them follow along just so you can get different loot dropping more frequently.

      Smart drops doesn’t seem to have any effect on gem type drops. Basically when we’re playing with a DH and WD and a legendary drops 99% percent of the time the primary stat on the item will be either dex or int. 1% it will be str. We still get about maybe 10% rares with primary stat as str though, usually with shields. Also, very rarely we still get barb specific items drop but that really is about 1% of the items if that.

      Smart drops are better for new players, it seems to me to be a way of getting players back. Which it seems to be doing for me. As a returning player (console only) I’m not so interested in planning out future characters right now, I would much prefer just to get some nice gear going for my current character. That would inspire me to keep playing, which it does and I like it.

      • No console gear her (wifey no like). Fun question though: if you have four joysticks (archaic yet clear) can you drag three more players through for the smart drops?

        • Yes. The console basically enables multi-boxing by default, though you’ll have to kill enemies with hps scaled up for a four player game.

          This isn’t that beneficial (other than to level multiple chars at once), since multiple players on the same machine all share the same drops; you only get individual drops like on the PC when playing online multiplayer.

    7. I grew bored of this one after 30 minutes. No matter how well you conversate it’s still about console which i just don’t care about in the slightest.

      I hope it’s just one podcast.

    8. As flux said, yes. I’m guessing the only reason someone would do this is to use a high level character to run new characters through to a point where you might as well start running them individually.

      It can be a pain since the bots/npc gets stuck often which means you have to run to the edge of the screen to teleport them to you.

      Also if you’re full of gear and try to pick up something it gets tagged to you so no one else can collect it. So you either have to drop something or go back to town and salvage.

      The new loot has probably made blues less valuable since everything else seems better. I have noticed some affixes that I never saw on the PC version like % to freeze target, fear etc. There are also proc’s for arcane orbs, spawns and the like on items. I never saw those on the PC version but that might be because the likelihood of getting those particular items meant for all intensive purposes the affixes might as well have been non-existant anyhow. These are mainly on Legendaries.

      On the PS3 version you can neatly backup you’re profile as well which is a nice touch.

      You can also use your arrow keys to scroll though recently collected items (up/down). You can attack while dodging as well with projectile characters like DH.

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