Diablo 3 Podcast #108: D3:RoS Gamescom Review Part 2

Diablo 3 Podcast #108: D3:RoS Gamescom Review Part 2

Flux is joined by Neinball and Azzure for our second show discussing all the new Reaper of Souls info from Gamescom. Loot Runs, the not-very “build changing” new legendaries, Transmog, and lots of story and lore debate and background info.

  • 0:30 — Intro to part two of the Gamescom 2013 podcast and show topics. How the RoS dragged Azzure back in.
  • 3:30 — Crusader first impressions. Crusader class-only shields, making all other shields second class citizens? Crusader lore — just a warmed over Paladin? Neinball offers a lore defense of the new class.
  • 10:00 — RoS loot quality will overshadow all current gear. Is this a problem, especially considering the RMAH encouraged players to spend real money? WoW players still complain about this every expansion. How much work remains to be done on D3X?
  • 17:30 — PvP? Not ready to show us yet, but they keep mentioning it so we won’t forget… Disappointment from many that no esports style PvP has yet appeared in Diablo III.
  • 21:20 — Loot Runs. Short games, 10-20m, just a concentrated burst of fun. The most rewarding game mode? Will they just be for items or good exp too? How do they work with multiplayer or Nephalem Valor stacks?
  • 25:50 — “Build-changing” Legendary items. Azzure took exception to this claim in the forums, and expands on his point verbally.
  • 30:50 — Malthael… Mathy? Malty? What do his friends call him? What’s his lore? Neinball’s epic “brief” summary of the back story of the new Angel of Death.
  • 37:10 — Tyrael’s sword El’Druin can not harm beings of righteous and just intent. A problem when genocidal Malthael comes knocking? Why did he spare Tyrael’s life? Wasn’t Cain the last of the Horadrim? Where did Tyrael’s new trainees come from and when did they build that huge dungeon?
  • 42:50 — What’s going on with the Black Soulstone? Zoltan Kulle said it could contain the spirit of Angels as well as Demons. Can Malthael harness its power?
  • 45:45 — What’s the Pandemonium Fortress lore and backstory? It’s been fully Metconned from Diablo 2’s Act Four setting.
  • 48:20 — Will we see Imperius and/or Adria in RoS? Is Imperius not going to be a boss enemy after all? Will we see Demons assaulting the Pandemonium Fortress to stop Malthael from using the Black Soulstone against them?
  • 52:00 — Transmogrify! A very popular WoW feature comes directly to Diablo 3.
  • 56:40 — Beta start date and release date predictions for D3:RoS

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24 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Podcast #108: D3:RoS Gamescom Review Part 2

    • i actually felt asleep 😀

      no no, it wasnt that bad neinball :D, its actually good to hear your insight. Also nice to sea Azzure back, but he is still such a hater.

      captia: karma points

    • You know, I would love, you know if one of the guests, you know, would stop overusing a certain phrase, you know, because it drives me crazy, you know?

  1. I really enjoy WOW as a game. I just can’t bring myself to play it because every time an expansion comes out it wipes away all my hours of progress in gear.

    • I quit WoW mostly because of that, too. I got to a point where an xpac would be released and I would just quit for months because I didn’t want to relearn stuff again. I just wanted to play. I got into Cata really late and never even bought MoP. I was just like “screw it….I don’t want my stuff to reset over and over…”

  2. I can’t access the podcast on iTunes or the iPhone podcast app, any help would be great.

    As a side note, because I don’t have Internet at my home away from home, I’ve been playing D2 while listening to your D3 podcasts.

    Two things about that:
    1. I’m getting a great sense of tw “rose tinted glasses” that everyone has on, having played d3 to PL100
    2. I’m excited to return to d3 in the coming weeks to join you in the pursuit of hardcore Plevels.

    Thanks for all the entertainment and news.

    Finally, just a question if you could answer it for me on air,

    If paragon levels in 2.0 are “unlimited” as “Joshy-washy” said at gamescom, how could there be caps on the stats? (For example 15 stats at 50pts each is only 750pts, he said paragon 1200.)

    Thank you.

    Draxe (not Dr. Axe, although my ex wow guild mates called me that because I was a dual wielding enh shaman in Vanilla WoW).

  3. I’m going to title this post \Reverse Rose-Tinted Binoculars\

    I don’t have internet at my living quarters as I work at a resort, it should be coming soon, but as of this posting, I’m an unlucky soul.
    This gives me the reverse experience of almost everyone that plays D3, I’ve played to PL100, and am now relegated to Diablo II as my only source of Diablo hack-n-slash loot grind. (I’m sorry but it’s still better than TL2 which I tried).

    Here are a few short points to clarify how I feel D3 is an upgrade over D2.

    Stat/Spec Changes
    In Diablo 2 singleplayer (This is for me a simulation of Diablo without the Auction House), if I have not built my char right the first (or second with my 1 stat reset) time around in a difficulty, it makes that adventure so much longer. This is something that has been fixed for Diablo III by allowing you to change your spec throughout your play, adjusting for the gear you’ve found (or AH purchased), as well as what actually works.

    D3 Magnetic Shoes
    In Diablo 2, I have to click all the gold…. the time…. just my time… that is all.

    Loot Finder
    Talk about rose tinted glasses on this baby, my sorc finds plenty of Paladin loot and my Paladin finds plenty of Sorc loot, but in the singleplayer game I have no option to trade, so once again, I’m at the mercy of RNG or a grind to just out-level whatever I’m stuck on. I found my first playthrough of Diablo III to be much more enjoyable just from a gameplay aspect, and I was a DH. This was because even if I found items that didn’t flow with my build/class, I could find someone else who could use it (AH), and exchange that for gold, which I could exchange for items. This greatly advances play, and removes the need to begin grinding Andy (Who’s doing Leoric runs over and over for a few hours to find just the right loot to continue past Butcher?) 1hr into my game.

    Loot Overall
    I’m realizing now that the loot on average in Diablo 2 is quite, underwhelming. Yes I’ll admit, it’s cool to see those uniques/set items, but for the most part, they provide what amounts to be a little boost if the item isn’t one that normally has a socket, or I have to toss it because I’d rather get my MF on to find more rares.

    Uneven difficulty,
    I think both games have this problem, but I’ve noticed it quite a bit in Diablo II. My Sorc can roll Baal all day(al). However when it comes to the Act 2/3/4 bosses (Duriel/Meph/Diablo) They seem to have just the right thing to knock me out for the count. It doesn’t seem to add up that something I encounter in Act 2 is so much more difficult than in Act 5.

    Unrealized potential
    Probably due to it’s age, Diablo II does not provide a lot of the statistic information that would make choosing weapons/armor to boost my overall performance available. slow weapons might be stronger than fast or vice versa, but I don’t have a way to see that other than going to whack stuff and see how quickly it dies.

    Finally, I’d like to mention that all the information you need to complete all tasks in Diablo III is readily available in-game. You can find out how to upgrade your gems, you can find out how to create new gear. In Diablo 2 that’s just not the case. There is no option to have explained that a perfect sapphire + amn rune + normal rare = superior rare, (an example of something that might be a recipe.) As someone who never played Diablo II much other than rushing through with multiplayer games, singleplayer leaves much to be desired as far as the basic information to accomplish simple goals. (Without previous knowledge, even upgrading gems could have been overlooked as an option in Diablo 2.)

    So that is just a taste of the reverse rose-tinted glasses I’ve recently acquired.

    So for Diablo III please add the following:
    -Automatic Gold Pick-Up
    -An option to obtain gear using gear that might not fit the class I’m currently playing.
    -Ability to change my spec, in case I’m not a Diablo Sevant and don’t fancy re-making characters until I get better than terrible at it.
    -Provide critical information and assistance in tasks that could be of use to me (upgrading gems).
    -Item comparisons, to allow me to better understand gear and how it affects my play.
    -Loot that although it may not be the prefered color/rarity, actually has use to me as I level up.

    Oh, thank you for adding all of that on my list, and more.


  4. I agree with azzure in terms of the new loot itemization. The wand with a *chance* to summon hydras on attack doesn’t change anything. It’s disappointing to see they are still sticking with these “chances” for stuff to happen as the sole specialty of items even after the failure of the legendary patch. They haven’t learned a thing, at least, as far as the items they have shown. The new affix of reduced cooldown that showed up on the monk fist weapon and also on the demo with the crusader’s legendary flail seems to be another fail affix because of such a low value on reduced cooldown even including paragon points. Time will tell if the value and use for reduced cooldown will be worth stacking i suppose.

    Despite my anticipation for the expansion I am definitely not holding my breath for new itemization being build changing and as has been pointed out it seems they just keep giving us shallow and gimicky items. Some people should honestly be fired if the wand is their best example of build changing items.

    • The wand with a chance to summon hydras was probably designed with Titan’s Revenge in mind. Lightning Fury was a viable build with or without Titan’s Revenge. But having Titan’s revenge made it a lot better.

      Its just not something like Call to Arms which grants oskills for Battle Orders, or perhaps an even better example, the Beast runeword which some advanced D2 players would use to create werebear sorcs.

      D2 had both. It had items that make a viable build incredible, and it had items that actually created alternate builds. This wand fills the job of the former.

  5. Azzure’s comment on the Hydra weapon is so spot-on. If I am going to buy D3X they need to deliver on items and loot. That’s what the game is about for me. The info on the Hydra wpn just makes me \ok, they don’t get it. I pass\. Especially since they used that weapon as an example of how the new legendaries will be. I would assume they show-case something they really think is awesome.

    Creates Hydra when landing after Leap- barbarian only. (boots)
    -5 sec cooldown Leap (ring)

    Stuff like that would be interesting legendary items which would change my character build, gear and playstyle.

    I’ll pay attention to what new information we get about new legendaries. They’ve had several changes now to fix them. My gut-feeling tells me that they are too far away to make me satisfied.

  6. Well just to go back to one thing Josh said,

    It sounds like they want to have these affixes be on items that you might have used anyway. By making them as powerful as the other items of the same class, giving you a choice between a chance to proc a hydra and a chance to proc an extra tornado, whichever you think best fits your current build.

    If all other stats are the same, it could change the build you’ve chosen.

    The item stats of the current legendaries with proc effects are so terrible, that their proc effect cannot overcome their lack of stats otherwise. I think they meant to avoid making items overpowered, but they just made them vastly underpowered. A demon chained to me doing 1k damage ticks isn’t worth much at mp 7 when I’m doing 500k dps, clearly if it was doing 20-75k ticks it might be something worth looking at.

  7. I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade, but I’m 100% sure there will be no PvP update for RoS announced at BlizzCon, let alone a big update. These guys have more than enough to do to balance all the new stuff for PvE. ^^

  8. Always enjoy your Podcasts, so thank you.

    Wish Azzure would have said more, but i guess he was in a tough spot to actually state his opinion without being carried away by THE ANGER. Hating is always relief and regret, but shouldnt taint the podcast, so. Good job guys.

  9. If I founded a D3 guild, the name would definitely be Itam Itam Plz Plz Gib Gib POTAL

    Captcha Solve: The Entertainment Authority

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