Flux is joined by Neinball and Azzure for our second show discussing all the new Reaper of Souls info from Gamescom. Loot Runs, the not-very “build changing” new legendaries, Transmog, and lots of story and lore debate and background info.

    • 0:30 — Intro to part two of the Gamescom 2013 podcast and show topics. How the RoS dragged Azzure back in.
    • 3:30 — Crusader first impressions. Crusader class-only shields, making all other shields second class citizens? Crusader lore — just a warmed over Paladin? Neinball offers a lore defense of the new class.
    • 10:00 — RoS loot quality will overshadow all current gear. Is this a problem, especially considering the RMAH encouraged players to spend real money? WoW players still complain about this every expansion. How much work remains to be done on D3X?
    • 17:30 — PvP? Not ready to show us yet, but they keep mentioning it so we won’t forget… Disappointment from many that no esports style PvP has yet appeared in Diablo III.
    • 21:20 — Loot Runs. Short games, 10-20m, just a concentrated burst of fun. The most rewarding game mode? Will they just be for items or good exp too? How do they work with multiplayer or Nephalem Valor stacks?
    • 25:50 — “Build-changing” Legendary items. Azzure took exception to this claim in the forums, and expands on his point verbally.
    • 30:50 — Malthael… Mathy? Malty? What do his friends call him? What’s his lore? Neinball’s epic “brief” summary of the back story of the new Angel of Death.
    • 37:10 — Tyrael’s sword El’Druin can not harm beings of righteous and just intent. A problem when genocidal Malthael comes knocking? Why did he spare Tyrael’s life? Wasn’t Cain the last of the Horadrim? Where did Tyrael’s new trainees come from and when did they build that huge dungeon?
    • 42:50 — What’s going on with the Black Soulstone? Zoltan Kulle said it could contain the spirit of Angels as well as Demons. Can Malthael harness its power?
    • 45:45 — What’s the Pandemonium Fortress lore and backstory? It’s been fully Metconned from Diablo 2’s Act Four setting.
    • 48:20 — Will we see Imperius and/or Adria in RoS? Is Imperius not going to be a boss enemy after all? Will we see Demons assaulting the Pandemonium Fortress to stop Malthael from using the Black Soulstone against them?
    • 52:00 — Transmogrify! A very popular WoW feature comes directly to Diablo 3.
    • 56:40 — Beta start date and release date predictions for D3:RoS

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