Flux, Xanth, and Aahz brainstorm pros and cons of the hypothetical shared Paragon system, recap the recent Diablo 3 developer interviews, argue about Magic Find, and toss out a cool idea for crafting plans.

    This is part two of the podcast that began in TDP #102. There’s virtually no overlap between the shows and you need not listen to part one first; we just split it for length reasons.

  • 1:00 — Conversation about the recent Diablo 3 developer interviews. Nice to hear more communication with the developers. Different styles of interview; Xanth enjoyed the one we did since it was more journalistic with follow up questions and efforts to penetrate the PR-fu. Flux shares behind the scenes details about conducting an interview with the Diablo III devs.
  • 12:00 — A new direction and more communication coming from the Diablo 3 developers. New PR effort for the short term, or will this herald a change in overall behavior and continue even after we get new content and D3X revealed?
  • 16:00 — The shared Paragon system: SHARAGON! Brainstorming on how it might work and how it might change player behavior. Would it make alts more fun to play? Would it lessen your attachment to and the importance of your main?
  • 26:00 — Xanth’s Hardcore Barbarian Twitter suicide snuff film offer.
  • 32:00 — Magic Find issues. Gaining MF purely from leveling up without any gear trade offs has pros and cons, but could feel quite cheesy with Sharagon bonuses making a new char instantly max MF. How about Sharagon bonuses share halfway: e.g. per level: 2% from sharagon and 2% from each character level?
  • 40:00 — Redundant crafting plans. What if you could turn it in and get a free craft of the item?
  • 42:00 — Transitioning to Hardcore and rebuilding your account wealth. Aahz’s approach to his early HC efforts and lucky item sales. (He eventually got 300m for the Inna’s Pants he mentioned on part one, so he’s new to HC, but no longer poor.)
  • 44:00 — Final thoughts. Xanth’s top 3 unidentified legendary drops for his birthday wishes. Random Barbarian bashing, and moo.
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