Diablo 3 Podcast #102: Public Game Leeches, Economics, and Hardcore DH Follies

Flux, Xanth, and Aahz talk about getting started in Hardcore, public game leech problems, selling unidentified legendaries, the lust for better in-game stats, and Demon Hunter squishiness.

This is part one of this podcast. Part two will be posted later this week; it covers the recent burst of Diablo 3 developer interviews, DiabloWikiSharagon system brainstorming, itemization issues in Diablo 3, and more.

  • 0:20 — Intro and Xanth’s B-day and Aahz’s anniversary highlights.
  • 2:30 — Recent Diablo 3 play stories. Aahz’s terror of just getting into Inferno Hardcore public games: to leech or to carry? Xanth debates the ethics of vote kicking useless players and wishes for better game creation/joining controls.
  • 17:30 — The Demon Hunter squishiness debate led Flux to try a Demon Hunter again, with surprising and yet ultimately predictable results. The value of playing an alt for a palate cleanser.
  • 24:45 — Xanth’s charity efforts for new HC players,
  • 28:30 — Economic issues. Aahz’s hopes for a B-club item sale, Xanth’s steady march towards the B-club, economic changes over time. Why do Tomes of Secret still cost so much in Hardcore?
  • 39:40 — The temptation of unidentified legendary selling and buying. How to price the value? Gold up front and hope for a jackpot, or for personal use?
  • 47:50 — Keeping detailed records of your play. Auction sales, item prices, experience gain per run by time, etc. Do many players keep such records? None of the podcast guests do, but are slightly envious of those who do. More stats displayed in-game would be awesome.
  • 52:10 — What if DiabloWikiEHP displayed in the game? Would undervalued stats like blocking percentage be more coveted? DPS is often a lie. Better stats wanted.
  • The Diablo 3 Podcast Episode Guide in DiabloWiki.net provfides links to every show, plus quick summaries.

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    17 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Podcast #102: Public Game Leeches, Economics, and Hardcore DH Follies

    1. Still. NO. Elly.

      Unbelievable, outrageous, intolerable, unacceptable and unprofessional.

      I have to believe, trust in fate, faith or based it on my stubbornness that Elly will return, that my guiding star will appear again and help me fine my way home, otherwise what’s the point of living anymore.

      …OK, a little too much perhaps but damn it, I want a podcast with Elly – again.

      Elly, Elly, Elly, Elly, Elly…


    2. No offense, but XANTH is a horrible radio personality. His monotone voice, slow speaking style, and uninteresting comments totally destroy the pace of this podcast.

      I don’t know if he’s speaking softly because he wants to sound like his voice is lower pitched than it is, or he’s trying not to wake a sleeping baby, but it’s not fit for a podcast. His California “valley” accent was the last straw and I had to turn it off.

      I’m not dissing on him as a person, it’s just that some people’s voices are good to broadcast, others not. I appreciate what you guys are trying to do, but listening to Xanth makes me grind my teeth.

      • Well you may not like part two then.. as for the lower pitch I think it is a sultry bass only enhanced by my birthday hangover, and I’m from Wisconsin but I thank you for recognizing my non regional diction

      • No offense, but *offense*.

        Pretty dickish thing to say. And he took it like a Blizzard CM Pro…

      • Ha wierd. I was just thinking today how much I enjoy his voice because it relaxes me to listen to him.
        In fact he’s the one podcaster (except Flux) that I most look forward to hear, especially because he’s usually debating my favorite sub these days, HC.
        Besides, he makes a nice contrast to Flux, whom I sometimes have a hard time following (yeah, I’m not english, my bad).
        It’s like Rapid Fire and Elemental Arrow, they both work 🙂

        • Flux talks too fast.

          No, really. I always think, “speak more slowly” but then the show starts and I’ve got a ton to say and want to get my points in quickly to give more time to the others (especially obvious during the recent bliz interview) so the words are rapid.

          I’d ask people not to make comments about any of the guests speaking. I mean constructive criticism and such is fine, but none of us are exactly radio professionals, the recording technology is our cheap headsets and skype and some semi-freeware on my end, etc. I’m sure we’d all sound much better if we were in a TV studio with expensive equipment, but try to keep the focus should be on the content and such, not our singing voices. (Which are painfully frog-like, I’m sure.)

      • Xanth is pretty good I think. I think he plays very well off of Flux. I think Flux is in makeup for at least 2 hours before every podcast fitting his big red clown nose and applying white makeup and huge clown shoes. Xanth adds a decent serious tone. If you added another person like Flux it would be a clown car.

      • BTW Flux is a very entertaining podcast host. I don’t even play D3 but I tune in. He also asks good questions and puts a lot more work into it than other hosts I’ve listened to. I just wouldn’t want more than 1 Flux on the podcast haha.

    3. Oh come on, at least you can tell that Xanth thinks about the things he says and has done some research. I’ve heard too many guests who just repeat “the AH sucks but I don’t have a solution” or, even worse, “the AH sucks and here’s this system that makes no sense for D3 but should be incorporated anyway”.

    4. With death being entirely meaningless in SC I can how some of those habits can carry over into HC. Sucks you lost your DH in the A3 armory (RIP). I play SC and since I usually open my game to the public I can’t pause while solo. Any time I need to afk I just die, it’s the most convenient choice. HC is just too unforgiving for me, but I would play a different mode if available. Something between SC & HC where there were no repairs and gear only took durability damage on death.

    5. Flux, EHP has nothing to do with DPS or Life sustain (LOH, life steal, life per spirit spent, Regen)….

      EHP is basically how much vit or life % you have and your total damage mitigation (armor, all res, melee/ranged/elite dmg reduction, block % and amount, etc).

      There are three basic “stats”:
      Life sustain.

      Maybe this is why your Demonhunter keeps dying 😉

      Please go to reddit.com/r/diablo3monk and read the EHP101 guide on the right sidebar.
      Link here: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B16HGMLxB14DTkZvZ1FqYWFLX00/edit

      • Well if that’s true then it’s depressing. EHP w/o including regen and life steal and block rate other relevant stats is as useless as a DPS that doesn’t include damage bonuses to Elites or specific types of damage.

        Oh wait…

        • Isn’t that part of the fun though? Trying to figure out the best builds without an “all knowing” source with numbers that tells you EXACTLY what to do. You should check out D3up.com if you haven’t already. It is an invaluable resource that breaks down DPS (and yes it includes a specific Elite DPS) as well as EHP.

          If you review each skill individually, it will tell you how much life steal each skill earns you as well as counting up all your life regen and life per spirit spent, etc – very useful and user friendly.

          • Also, just felt obliged to comment that I’ve listened to your podcasts for the last 2 years or so and they’re great. I’m amazed you’ve been able to keep this up for so long. Def a long time lurking fan.

            On that note, I’m not sure what you think of the whole streaming gamer trend, but Archon was very opinionated on your interviewing technique on his youtube channel a couple of days ago. He went over your interview and the dev’s responses and had some critiques for you lol. In general, I like Archon but I thought he mostly sounded like a white knite D3 fanboy. Link if youre bored http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GnJCzuEczUw

            Regardless, I loved the interview and was glad see you guys getting more “official” diablo developer interaction.

            • Thanks, and Xanth has pointed me to that as well. Possibly he saw your link here? I don’t want to get into some wrestling type feud with other podcasters or streamers, so I’ll avoid commenting, other than to say that I’d encourage anyone to listen to/read all the relevant interviews with bliz people and make up their own minds on which they thought was the most interesting/informative/entertaining.

    6. Xanth and his rant about leechers…

      One thing about hardcore D2 that I liked was that once you got to hell, almost EVERYONE you encountered was a competent player. Bads simply did not make it to hell hardcore. It made for a better game experience.

      • How much of that was due to 1) different era, 2) different ease of leech/exp sharing/rushing, 3) different game difficulty, 4) ease of equipment acquisition?

        D3 it’s far easier to get the gear you need thanks to the AH, and it’s easier to rush since you don’t need to kill bosses along the way, and D3 is FAR easier and more welcoming at low levels (even if you don’t have any gear).

        Points 2-4 seem to argue for more nubs in Inferno Hardcore. Point #1 might be the biggest of them all, but it’s speculative about people, not game features, so more open to argument in any direction.

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