Diablo 3 Playstation Version to Receive Exclusive Game Inspired Items


A few minutes ago during the Sony E3 press conference for the Playstation platforms it was revealed that there will be exclusive Diablo 3 Playstation game inspired items being added for the PS3 version. While there was little talk about the game itself as that was covered in the PS4 announcement conference a few weeks ago, it was at least mentioned.

Items you can expect to see that have been inspired by other Playstation properties will come from games such as Journey by thatgamecompany in the form of shoulder braces and Drake’s amulet from Unchartered. They also mention that Blizzard will be creating more Playstation exclusive items in the future.

You can catch all the E3 coverage including shots, videos, conferences and articles over on the IncGamers’ E3 section now.

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    17 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Playstation Version to Receive Exclusive Game Inspired Items

      • the auction house ?
        well, not really an item
        more like a really cool feature/mini-game !

        • Mini-game? The AH is the game. D3 is all about the item hunt. The AH is where you get the items.

    1. Part of me doesn’t care, and the other part of me knows it won’t matter, because console gamers won’t play diablo 3 for more than a couple months tops. Console gamers are much more prone to switching to new releases constantly, so it seems like a wasted effort for them to put extra stuff into the playstation version, other than as a lure for people who already own the pc version to buy in.

      • I do not really care about what they do on consoles.
        I do however understand that D3 went console because of the huge player base.
        The fact that console users spend less time on each title and move on more quickly is actually an advantage for Blizz, because they can make a “fire and forget” game that a lot of people will buy but not a lot of people will stick to.

    2. I don’t have problem with Diablo console version, but I can’t accept the changes in interface in D3, I’m talking about skill slots, 2 slots for mouse and 4 slots for keyboard which are obviously connected with console version. I really think that 5 slots for keyboard would be great for increasing variety of bulids. There is popular opinion that D3 on consoles will be great, because they had 1 year beta on PC…

    3. I pray word of mouth wins and the console version is a complete flop. Blizzard already shamelessly cashed in on D2’s legacy with this D3 piece of garbage. The thought of Blizzard attempting to cash in again just makes me more angry.

      • Diablo 3 is still better than most console games. Work of mouth will work in its favor, I believe.

    4. Oh good. Immediately, 2 specific games came into mind that D3 definitely could have used more inspiration from, item-wise in particular …

    5. Did they mean special “DLC” items that you download/purchase for 5 bucks each

      • Without the auction house, the game will be like 5x harder. Ergo they have to just start throwing new items in the game.

        And I should hope there is DLC and patches because they sure as hell won’t get the item system right the first time.

    6. Gotta say, Blizzard is trying their damn hardest to lose a customer. Been with them since Warcraft 2, but they’ve been going downhill for the last 5 years or so. PC Gamers MADE Blizzard, and now they’re offering exclusive shit and better tested games for console players? What kind of message are they trying to send to their hardcore fans?

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