You’ll have seen all the images released from the PAX east yesterday no doubt but an even better demonstration of Diablo 3 on the Playstation is this video Blizzard have released today.  It features all five classes in various furious-paced boss battles and a fleeting glimpse of interaction with the radial UI interaction.

    Thanks to Muriel for alerting me to this.

    Edit: trocadero commented that there is also a 10 minute video of a guy playing at the event. Matthew Berger, Blizzard Senior Designer talks through the design features.

    Points to note:

    • Less loot but better rolls.
    • Monster AI changed so they don’t rush you as fast.
    • Boss fights changed. “We changed the boss fights to feel more like console boss fights
    • Pick up items. You can equip it right away with a button press and scroll through what you have picked up without opening the inventory.
    • Inventory changed to radial.  Choose item slot and the game will only show items you can equip in that slot, with green or red arrows showing stat changes.
    • No skill cooldown when changing skills.
    • Skills inventory only shows simplified skill text.
    • Camera is closer in on the action.

    Feel free to add your own observations in the comments – “suxor” doesn’t count. Go sit in the corner if you thought it.

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