Diablo 3 Playstation New Gameplay Video

You’ll have seen all the images released from the PAX east yesterday no doubt but an even better demonstration of Diablo 3 on the Playstation is this video Blizzard have released today.  It features all five classes in various furious-paced boss battles and a fleeting glimpse of interaction with the radial UI interaction.

Thanks to Muriel for alerting me to this.

Edit: trocadero commented that there is also a 10 minute video of a guy playing at the event. Matthew Berger, Blizzard Senior Designer talks through the design features.

Points to note:

  • Less loot but better rolls.
  • Monster AI changed so they don’t rush you as fast.
  • Boss fights changed. “We changed the boss fights to feel more like console boss fights
  • Pick up items. You can equip it right away with a button press and scroll through what you have picked up without opening the inventory.
  • Inventory changed to radial.  Choose item slot and the game will only show items you can equip in that slot, with green or red arrows showing stat changes.
  • No skill cooldown when changing skills.
  • Skills inventory only shows simplified skill text.
  • Camera is closer in on the action.

Feel free to add your own observations in the comments – “suxor” doesn’t count. Go sit in the corner if you thought it.

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  1. http://www.ign.com/videos/2013/03/22/10-minutes-of-diablo-3-on-ps3-pax-east-2013

    Shows a guy playing the PAX demo. Watch his hands, and marvel at the judo roll.

    • nice video
      thanks for positng

      • wait,

        drop fewer items but increase the value of the items ?

        sounds like the console version is a better game

        very complex story line that’s very rewarding– lol ha ha ha

        and after seeing this video I don’t see how anyone can have any doubt that D3 was designed with the console in mind from the beginning

        AH + console + WoW Strike Team = majority of D3’s design problems

        • Actually they are going to implement the lower amounts, higher quality drop rules in time. It’s not going to be exclusive to PS3

        • @ “sounds like the console version is a better game”

          Sounds like you don’t follow or read the Diablo 3 PC news on this site.

        • Why is there ever any doubt?

          Anyone that knows anything about game designing knows that a console-port like this is, by industry standard, planned early in development. Ground up, usually.

          So if you think this is a spur of moment decision… well, you’re delusional.

    • Unless I’m mistaken… do I see the camera view rotating around the player during the boss fight with Belial?

      Can we do that on the PC version and I never knew it? Or is that a new PS4 feature?

      In the News Article Video @ 58 seconds and a couple other times in the video…camera rotates AROUND the player.

  2. Looks awful. Seems like they really don’t care about the PC anymore now that they got 10 million sales. Not surprising.

  3. It LOOKS like fun. Those poor console gamers won’t know what hit em’.

  4. I wish we had the ability to skill swap without cooldown. Considering how much they nerfed inferno from a challenge mode to the default level cap grind, it makes sense. I was always against it. The real problem with skill swapping isn’t the cooldown though, it’s the nephalem valor stacks. I wish they’d remove those for 2 reasons:

    Farming the keys for infernal machine is more of a pain.

    Disconnects = lost nephalem stacks. My stupid router drops my once or twice a day. It’s a personal problem, but since there’s no reconnect option, I automatically lose my stacks and have to start my farm session over.

  5. Hmmm… characters and attacks look to be 2x as fast as the PC version. I want those speeds on PC ><

    • Really? The attacks seemed slow and if the character seemed fast, that’s probably because it’s more zoomed in according to the guy in the video. There was also some noticeable framerate dropping, so I’d say it’s slower if anything.

    • Could they slow the characters down because the action is waaaay too fast for me. Jesus Christ, I dipped into TL2 and now I realize how slow D3 is. I do love D3 but they have some ground to make up. This “meh” PS3 version does nothing for the game, IMO.

  6. Am I crazy or did the Barb pick up gold orb buff? It wouldn’t be a console unless you had to grab Mushrooms…

  7. I wouldn’t be surprised if console doesn’t get elective mode, hahaha.

  8. Combat looked a bit quicker, which is nice. That teaser of Belial at the end got me interested to see more, though I still don’t see any benefit of playing the console version if you already have the PC version. I wonder how much of an additional market they think will be there when there are 10mil people who already own the game and don’t need another copy.

  9. Two legendary items? That’s bullshit.

  10. I won’t even consider getting it anymore. To be honest, I dislike a lot of stuff on D3, but the most annoying is the pop-ups on the user interface. “You got a new paragon level and a blue sign covers 20% of your screen as a prize”.

    When you level up nearby the azmodan talking head, there’s the level up message, the text box and the annoying orange. I wish I could remove all that. Then the console version comes with a more clogged UI.

    On the pacing feeling: just for the kicks, I’m playing on EUSC with a barbarian “zooming in” the character. Better immersion and it makes up for the lack of light radius, since it’s always nice when a blue mob shows out of nowhere, teleporting in your face.

    The roll is just to make the game appealing for God of War fans. 🙂

    Now, seriously, let us play offline on PC.

  11. Two very distinctive advantage of console version. U can play single player offline, so for hardcore no disconnect death. Second better multiplayer if u playing in the same room. Does anyone know how the loot sharing works when playing multiplayer together on same tv.

  12. Actually, the camera change, more mobility (doing barrel rolls!) and a direct control scheme seems like it would fit on consoles very well. I’m a big fan of the ARPG-type console games (God of War, Castlevania, Devil May Cry) so I’d probably be interested in this. If I didn’t already own it. And I had a PS3.

    It’s a shame there’s not more co-op oriented stuff in the game, though. I already get a strong X-Men Legends/Marvel Ultimate Alliance feel from the game on PC. Recapturing that feel on a console would be pretty great.

  13. Maybe it’s my machine settings in D3, but the camera view looks much closer and lower in the console video, which makes things look much more 3D. The tents and ruined walls and such in the first A3 open area looked very diff in this vid than they do when I play.

    Disagree on people saying it looks faster. I thought it looked very slow and instantly wondered why they didn’t set up the console demo chars with some IAS and FM gear, since that barb seems to be walking through molasses.

    That Barb diving roll thing is interesting; is that the Dodge function they mentioned all console chars have? Wonder how it looks for other chars and how that will affect play and strategies? If it moves through enemies that’s a big help they put in to make the console a little more forgiving; I’ve died many times in D3 when trapped by monster bodies while out of resource to use my escape skill, when a no-resource dive roll would have saved me.

  14. I think I’ll be getting this. I have a crappy computer so this will be a sight to me.

    I also wish they’d just allow us to play offline. If they really don’t want any form of modding, they can just add certain stuff to the offline version so that we can’t tamper with it and any of the chars. Offline would be a blessing.

    Also, ladder would be awesome. A reset in both the auction and the items would be nice. Non ladder chars and items will be in a separate auction obviously.

  15. Two legendary drops at once ? You hardly ever see that on the pc.

  16. First Diablo game that breaks away from an isometric view.

    • It’s pretty semi isometric if you ask me. The camera angle never changes with the characters direction so it kind of needs to be reasonably far out to even be playable.

  17. wtf,.. it looks way better on console,.. but yeah dont care much not getting it either way 😛

  18. What a bvllshit… Everything is soo slow…

  19. Pretty funny that Legendaries dropped back to back there. If you notice, the elites only had one affix, so the demo was in Normal A3, which means no NV and probably minimal MF on that Barb. I can remember finding maybe one to two Legendaries during my playthroughs from Normal to the end of Hell and I leveled all five classes. Hm…

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