Diablo 3 Playstation 3 single player at PAX East

If you’re heading to PAX and plan on checking out Diablo 3 for the Playstation 3 then you’re in luck, Blizzard will be showing the single player for the first time. The hands-on demos will be run between 10AM and 6PM EDT in booth #1036. There will also be all kinds of swag up for grabs for those attending the event which runs between March 22–24.

Our action-packed single-player hands-on demo will showcase several key elements that make Diablo III on the PS3 so much fun, including a reimagined interface and inventory system, direct character control, updated camera, and bosses and monsters specifically tuned for console. Players will also get to experience gameplay from Act III of the campaign where they’ll get to test their mettle as either the cunning Demon Hunter or mighty Barbarian.

console-couch-artUpdate: Blizzard has updated their Diablo Console page with some new screenshots (previously released ones are here) and PR hype about the project.

The main image is interesting; it’s artwork of players on a couch, with artwork of the game. A painting of a screenshot? However, note the UI representation; each player’s resources and skills shows in one corner of the screen, giving some insight into how the no-split-screen visuals will work. Perhaps they don’t have multiplayer working yet? All the actual screens show single player, and they’ve said only the DH and Barb will be playable in single player mode at PAX East.

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    56 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Playstation 3 single player at PAX East

    1. I’d think it’d make more sense fixing the 10-month old game itself than developing a port to an aging console. Just my opinion.

      • No it wouldn’t. Blizzard exists to make money. There is much more money in releasing a console port that people pay for than releasing a huge patch that is free.

      • They’re developing to PS3 and PS4, so both “aging” and “future” consoles are covered. I’m sure they’d have enjoyed just waiting for the next gen consoles, but those are still far away and they have a game to release now, plus they wanted sales from existing units, so it’s a pretty obvious strategy.

        I am impressed (in a good way, for once) that you’re the only one to (sort of) push the “Bliz can only work on one thing at one time and if they’re doing a console version that must mean nothing else is being developed.” argument. I don’t think that even the people who say that actually believe it, knowing how large Bliz is and how many different games and projects they’re working on at all times, but reality and believability are fairly optional components of any hater’s arguments.

        Personally I don’t have any interest in playing console games, and I would like to see many more/faster/better changes to the existing game… but Blizzard has a big teams working on D3, D3X, and the console, all at once. And if anything, it seems likely that the console will HELP the pc game, as it means a huge boost of income from sales, plus a larger audience to satiate with patches and new game features.

        • Well stated – you always have my respect Flux. I acknowledge Bliz can multitask and do console development simultaneously with patching. Like you, I have no interest in the console version, and sadly my interest in the actual game fizzled in mid-October.

          I keep up (mostly here), and while I like that they are actively making changes, I simply don’t believe they’re the changes the game actually needs to become enjoyable (at least to me). Perhaps my expectations were too high – I was hoping for something as replayable as D2 was (at least before rampant botting ruined the economy).

    2. Why bother? It’s going to flop, everybody knows it. They should just abandon the console version and shut down servers.

      • There is still hope for bobby out there in the public, there are so many stupid people on earth.

      • Most companies would abandon a title, especially one that feels incomplete and gets negative press. Blizzard is one of the few that will work to fix it. Im not sure how successful they will be with d3, but they will try. They are probably using a mix of customer feedback and stealing what works for other ARPGs, like Path of Exile.

        • Yeah. They flat out admitted they’re stealing ideas from the community which are mostly coming from PoE.

          It’s just so pathetic how PoE is such a better game with 1/10th of the budget and development time, Blizzard is really pig-ignorant to keep on trying to make their lead boat float while the whole world laughs at them. For a company I used to like it’s just cringe-worthy, D3 needs to be taken out back behind the barn and shot.

          • 1/10?

            Blizzard is a multi-million company, and together with Activision probably even in the billion range. GGG are a few people working together in a non-corporal style, if anything their budget is somewhere at 1/10 000 of Blizzard’s.

            • You’re both wrong. I heard it was 1/1,000,000 and there are only 3 guys working on it. I heard it from a guy who knows another guy. ‘mazin.

            • Psssh. I saw it with my own eyes, GGG is just two chimps with 57 bucks and a case of redbull.

          • I wish you’d make this point more often in your posts. It’s always so unique and fresh to hear, and shows your creativity and brilliance as a thinker.

        • D2 was released on march 23rd, 2010. That was the date of patch 1.13. Everything up to THAT date was a beta test. D2 has been out for almost 3 years, 1 day short.

          D3 first pass beta went live May 15th, 2012. Originally, they promised things likethe talisman system and the mystic. You probably won’t see everything they planned go into D3 and be balanced until WAY BEYOND the second expansion pack.

          D3X is probably a late 2014 release. D3X2 is probably an early 2017 release. Then you figure 2 years of patches. D3 might be finally ready around 2019, maybe 2020.

          You should be playing D2 right now, because they recently finished it.

      • The blizzard business model makes you grade tgeir games differently. The first release is actually their beta. Their second expansion, or first expansion plus some huge patches, is actually the release. D2 classic was the beta. lod after several patches was the release. D3 is still in beta.

        • actually when i think of it, normal d2 wasnt as enjoyable for me as d2:lod.
          maybe the game will be great this summer ? would be awesome

        • True. Blizzard is the only company I know that charges players $60 to play their betas. And another $40 when the ‘expansion’ comes out that brings the game up to perhaps a quarter of what they promised.

          And yet all the stupid people in the world just keep falling for it…

          • Well no way was i paying $100 for the CE beta. I didnt buy wow until a year after release. I bot d3 at the $40 discount price.

    3. By now, word of mouth should impact the sales of the D3 console version. But who knows, there are a lot of uninformed people in the world.

        • Ya. To get it that polite I edited both sentences several times before clicking “Post”.

      • Maybe if it was an Xbawks or Wii but people who buy Playstations tend to actually have good tastes, it’s no wonder Demon’s Souls did so well on the PS3.

    4. D3 will never be a game for console players, its just not that kind of a game for them, this will flop so hard.

      I still remember how weird it was for Chris Metzen to announce the console version: The crowd was simply silent and Chris was nervous as hell… they know they screwed up with Diablo 3. Big time. Why is a good idea to spread this hated title to a fanbase that will never care for this genre/franchise in the first place? I dont know… At least It will be very entertaining to watch the backlash and the piss-poor sales.

      • Tbh i’m looking foreward more to this as to the next patch. I’m really curiuos to see the sales figures for this one. Also very interested to see what they will do to prevent reselling, as D3s major flaw is lacking lasting appeal.

        I don’t know if it will really flop. I still don’t think D3 is a bad game, it’s just too shallow (among a few other things) to be a worthy D2 successor. Still, you can easily quench one or two hundred hours of playtime out of it, which is a lot of bang for your buck when it comes to console standards.
        It is only if you expected to play D3 regularly for the next 5 years or so (like many of us did) that you will be disappointed, however if you just want to mash some monsters for a couple of weeks and then sell it back to Gamestop, D3 is not a bad deal.

        • Buy and sell it back… renting it out of a Red Box and returning it will give you enough time to see everything worth seeing.

        • Well, D3 hit the boredom/nothingtodo apathy in like… 2 months… and for a game that was in development for 7 years and was supposed to be the sequel of a game with insane ammounts of replayability it is certainly not what people expected.

          And yes, it is VERY shallow, people like to make fun of the console players but most console games are way deeper than D3 can ever hope to be, whoever buys this on consoles and didnt have a chance to experience its mediocrity will wonder “What the hell was that hype all about?”

            • Seriously? You know that ARPGs arent limited to just “isometric hack and slash loot-dungeon crawler” Right?

              Do you know that console gamers are used to play ARPG games like Dark Souls, Skyrim, Borderlands, Mass Effect, to name a few? Those offer vastly superior experiences than D3, in Immersion, action and story.

              Hell even Farcry 3 and Tomb Raider have RPG elements, stronger than D3 infact… do you think that the shallow isometric ARPG that D3 is have a chance to win that crowd? Please…

      • Blizzard must be concerned that PC gaming could be dying. If so they need to be ready and move titles to consoles.

        • PC gamming is stronger than ever, many games that would never come out on the PC are now there, like Street Fighter 4 and Castlevania:LoS2, so many games that are out on consoles are on PC as well, its even hard to find one that is exclusively on one platform.

          But okay, if their analysts and corporate suits thinks that PC is dying, let blizzard trust them (probably the same analysts that concluded that D3 would sell 2 million copies by the end of the year) the problem is that the type of game that Diablo is, and its history on the PC, would make the title not very attractive to console gamers, its just not the type of game for Blizzard’s entrance on the consoles.

    5. ” We told you the always online connection requirement was not drm. We lied. It’s pretty obvious that having to transfer everything related to game logic from the server would slow the game down and make it server dependent but it was the only way to get rid of piracy as for legit users, we couldn’t care less. The console version will release without this kind of drm cause console piracy is less often and we can’t patch the game so often. We don’t care about the consumer and our only purpose is to maximize sales.” RIP Blizzard North! The true Diablo creator!

    6. yeah i think D3 on playstation is a bad idea and it won’t be anywhere near as popular as blizzard is hoping. maybe if the PC version had been universally well-received, or if the game wasn’t already a year old. but this just seems like a mistake. they aren’t going to sell 10 million copies in 45 seconds again

    7. What doesn’t make any sense to me is the fact that they are trying to port a game that was notoriously known for being sub-par. I do not hate D3 for I am enjoying leveling my paragon at the moment. But this is kind of a dick move. To announce the PS version before the game was fixed. It seems like a slap to the face of the supportive PC gamers. “Oh our games suck you say? Here is the PS version. Enjoy.”

      Yes I do get it. Lots of teams working on different stuffs, I know. But read the “Q and A” and its all apparent that even them do not know when the changes are gonna happen. “It is is our plan but we are not sure yet”.
      Most fans are offended by the fact that they are already jumping to the next big thing. I know they are not trying to ignore us, but not everyone know that, hence the hate.

    8. Well it is kind of appealing to kick your feet up and play Diablo 3. I’m not 21 anymore and sitting on my chair for a few hours is leaving marks on my buttocks.

    9. Wow so much butthurt in here. It’s like Diablo was renamed Hellgate London.

      I, for one, am looking forward to seeing what they can do on a console and think that a wider player base can only mean good things for the future of Diablo. I mean, if you believe the vocal minority’s state of the game, the future couldn’t be any bleaker. Hope is all we have left. Help us, Obama.

      Of course, I’m no lowly console peasant, so I can’t see how playing with a dualshock would be anything but frustrating… but other PS3 guys can go ahead and give ‘er to their thumbs’ content for all I care. If there ends up being a PS3 demo, I’d try it just for the comparison.

      • You know, I would really have liked to see a HG:L backed by the developement time and financials that Blizzard could have provided. I still have the game installed and am playing it occasionally: The game is fun, although the lack of polishment and diversity in content is keeping it from beeing so in the long run. The point is: The game didn’t flop because of bad design decisions, but solely because Flagship couldn’t secure enough time/money to develope the game to the end. (If there was a bad design decision, it was dividing the player base into basic and paying customers. But I assume that that’s a consequence of having to have a selling point for investors and wouldn’t have been in the game if developed with a backer like Blizzard.)

        • HG:L failed due to a whole slew bad decisions. Running out of time and money was not the “cause” it was the “result”.

          – Single Player Client version DX9 only
          – Single Player Client version DX10 only
          – Online Client version DX9 only
          – Online Client version DX10 only
          – Free Access and Paid Subscription models, where the subscribers didn’t get any content
          – Ping0
          – Pulling Devs to concurrently develop Mythos

          Flagship didn’t have the time and resources to write 4 different HG:L game clients, Ping0 net-code, and Mythos. Had they not tried to do everything under the sun, but instead focused on a single product that made sense, like a single-player HG:L game for DX9, or an online-only, multi-player subscription game for DX9 where everyone had to pay, they would have had the time and money to complete and polish the product. And things would have turned out differently.

      • Must be the new project Roper was assigned to. if my assumption is correct, Blizz may have shot themselves into the knee from the getgo there. Beeing responsible or not, Roper is remembered as the face of the PR-desaster we experienced with D3. Having him on board will most certainly negativly impact sales of the new project. This could only be amended by it beeing really exceptional, whereas the impact on sales would only count for presales, but rise up a few weeks after release.

    10. Diablo 3 is a great game these days after all these patches.

      And to those saying it will be a sales flop on PS: do the following…

      Go to Amazon and look at the pre order sales charts for the Playstation 4 ….now

      🙂 D3 is already on top of that list (together with the Bungie game)

      Reason is simple : complete LACK of a fast action ARPG with an overview angle like Diablo 3.

      Kids want more than 3D shooters, sports or stuttering game play.

      Console gamers will eat D3 and it will sell into multi millions on those platforms.

      • Nope. Diablo 3 is an ok to good game. To be a great game it is in utter need of depth and meaningful choices. (The Beholder is an interesting creature indeed, isn’t it?!? ^^)

    11. My jimmies are a-rustlin’ because they seriously HAD to come out with bullshots of a game that’s been released 1 year ago?
      Look at that screenshot with the 4 people on the couch. I mean, come on:
      -the players are obviously somewhere in the towers of a3, but I don’t actually recognize that exact place after 1000 hours so it’s bullshit
      -you see enemies on screen that aren’t found in a3
      -never seen that color on the wizard’s disintegrate before
      -there’s a dude with long hair sitting on that couch. What the hell?

        • *cough* *cough*

          We had two girls in our pen&paper group that were more serious into and better at playing D2 than some of the other guys of the group. Most evident, when we played D2 together on LAN after playing a session of Shadowrun, which was quite often. I don’t know why this could have changed now with D3… (alas I got no contact to them anymore…)

      • http://www.ign.com/videos/2013/03/22/10-minutes-of-diablo-3-on-ps3-pax-east-2013
        Also shows a guy playing Machines of War for ten minutes. A few things stood out.
        A) Less loot but better loot. That needs to come to PC ASAP (yes, I know they are working on it).
        B) It seems like you have to hold some weird combo of buttons to see anything more than the no number simple tooltips. Like, that “handy” green/red system doesn’t have any numbers beyond one two or three arrows. Yikes.
        C) That little action cop judo roll needs to come to PC ASAP.
        D) If you watch the dude’s hands, there is definitely a lot of “smart” targeting for Spear and Leap. He even manages to hit the Goblin amidst Heralds. So far so good.

    12. Graphics and interface look even better.

      Isn’t that a Korean/US guy designing this version ?

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