If you’re heading to PAX and plan on checking out Diablo 3 for the Playstation 3 then you’re in luck, Blizzard will be showing the single player for the first time. The hands-on demos will be run between 10AM and 6PM EDT in booth #1036. There will also be all kinds of swag up for grabs for those attending the event which runs between March 22–24.

    Our action-packed single-player hands-on demo will showcase several key elements that make Diablo III on the PS3 so much fun, including a reimagined interface and inventory system, direct character control, updated camera, and bosses and monsters specifically tuned for console. Players will also get to experience gameplay from Act III of the campaign where they’ll get to test their mettle as either the cunning Demon Hunter or mighty Barbarian.

    console-couch-artUpdate: Blizzard has updated their Diablo Console page with some new screenshots (previously released ones are here) and PR hype about the project.

    The main image is interesting; it’s artwork of players on a couch, with artwork of the game. A painting of a screenshot? However, note the UI representation; each player’s resources and skills shows in one corner of the screen, giving some insight into how the no-split-screen visuals will work. Perhaps they don’t have multiplayer working yet? All the actual screens show single player, and they’ve said only the DH and Barb will be playable in single player mode at PAX East.

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