Diablo 3 Playstation 3 E3 2013 Cam Gameplay footage

Some more footage of the Diablo 3 Playstation 3 version courtesy of Gametrailers.

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    17 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Playstation 3 E3 2013 Cam Gameplay footage

    1. Just as I suspected (from the first 1/4th of the video), you add a cooldownless rolling move that has slight virtual gain in terms of distance traveled and suddenly your character becomes Link from the legend of Zelda, constantly rolling everywhere forever and ever.

      They really have to nerf the frozen rare mob ability. When you can’t scroll the screen independent of everyone else there’s literally nowhere to go to dodge it.

      Will anyone actually use the local multiplayer option? The purple elephant in the room is: say someone comes over and decides to play with you, you’re in act 2 hell and they jump in, won’t they be gearless and only a burden on you? Will the game generate gear for them and start them at level 45? Do they share a stash with you? If you give them gear and they drop out, is the gear deleted? Are all drops ninja drops again? Etc. etc. I don’t understand how a gear game can work if a buddy comes over and wants to play D3 in a party-on-the-couch sort of way.

    2. The camera constantly moving in and out, the “helpful” out of resource text, the bonus popping up in the bottom center, and the floating item indicators all drive me nuts.

      • Biggest thing I don’t like though, is that even though there’s now a movement stick and a shooting direction stick, you STILL have to stop moving in order to shoot.

    3. Looks awful, I feel bad for the kiddies tricked into buying this shit. But they deserve it really for being blind fanboys buying Actiblizz products simply because of brand worship.

    4. Im just happy we have the PC version…… It just doesnt look right… An the rolling is just awfull!

    5. Looks bad. Plus I don’t really imagine playing D3 or D2 on console (i played D1 on PS1 & PC though. Those Teleports when you need to survive are better with mouse. Same as barb jump

    6. sigh. Hopefully it fails for console. If they actually put all their resources into the pc platform and didn’t have to juggle between what works with pc AND console we might have had a good game at release… maybe not. Either way the games been designed as an action game taking inspiration from arcade style games whether this is the effect of the console platform doesn’t really matter.

      It’s just interesting to see how this game magically works so well on a console; where the maps are simple and static in borders and only slightly randomized inside, just so happens to have 4 players max and balanced around 4 players max, just so happens that you only have 5 buff slots on the UI, just so happens that the number of skill slots works out perfectly for console, etc. GG blizzard Im slightly conflicted on wether i want the console to burn in hell and lose them money or succeed so they allocate proper resources to d3 to fixing that shit.

    7. You actually should hope the console version is a success, because like it or not it may be the only future for Blizzard.

      • Nah. Starcraft is doing ok and Hearthstone looks promising. WoW isn’t dead yet and they have at least one unannounced title (Titan) in the works.

        • Maybe you should look up Hex, which has 100x less funding and looks 100x better. If you want dumbed down magic, be blizzard’s guess though.

      • Failure can be good as well. When you work at a company that has grown a culture fostering towing the line, ass kissing with senior workers, self praise, entitlement, uninspired and simple solutions as opposed to quality and lasting solutions, accessible game designs to appeal to masses and alienating the players that actually make the game last and devote time to it… well you get the point.

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