Is there fun to be had playing Diablo 3 in a casual manner, or is the only fun found via rushing for profit? Can you just play for fun?

    I’ve lately been talking to friends about how they play, and observing the sorts of games that are always going in the clans, and it seems that most people just want profit. Whatever gains the most profit (however “profit” is defined) is what people do, at least in multiplayer games. Every time I’m online, there are constant game suggestions and requests in the clan, and 99% of them are “T1-T3 Rifts,” or “Normal Act 1 Split Farming”. No one ever says, “party for full Act 2 clear!” And if they did, they’d probably get zero join requests.

    It’s obvious why people party up for the main Rift or Act 1 Cache farming games, since they are very profitable. The best way to get good legendary item upgrades is to get a lot of legendary items, and that’s what Nephalem Rifts are for, on the highest Torment level you can clear quickly on. (Plus I’m playing in Hardcore clans, so “clear fast w/o dying” has some impact on the Torment level.)

    But what if you don’t much enjoy rushing through all the content purely in search of more golden clanging stars? What if you enjoy playing more slowly, or hitting areas of the game that aren’t the most profitable. (Poor Act Five, so lovingly-detailed and so utterly ignored in party games.)


    I saw that Penny Arcade comic yesterday and it crystallized exactly what I’ve been noticing about Diablo 3 of late. Is there any play allowed just for fun? What if you really like the Act 3 Keep, but there’s no bounty there. Do you feel like you’re wasting your time running it just for fun, and whatever exp and gold and items you find in the process? Do you ever clear out Act Five levels just for variety? Or is your fun only in profit profit profit and deviations from the speed Rift runs are not allowed, aside from occasional rushed A1 bag hunts with an DiabloWikiRoRG upgrade as the objective?

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