Diablo 3: Playing For… Fun?

Diablo 3: Playing For… Fun?

Is there fun to be had playing Diablo 3 in a casual manner, or is the only fun found via rushing for profit? Can you just play for fun?

I’ve lately been talking to friends about how they play, and observing the sorts of games that are always going in the clans, and it seems that most people just want profit. Whatever gains the most profit (however “profit” is defined) is what people do, at least in multiplayer games. Every time I’m online, there are constant game suggestions and requests in the clan, and 99% of them are “T1-T3 Rifts,” or “Normal Act 1 Split Farming”. No one ever says, “party for full Act 2 clear!” And if they did, they’d probably get zero join requests.

It’s obvious why people party up for the main Rift or Act 1 Cache farming games, since they are very profitable. The best way to get good legendary item upgrades is to get a lot of legendary items, and that’s what Nephalem Rifts are for, on the highest Torment level you can clear quickly on. (Plus I’m playing in Hardcore clans, so “clear fast w/o dying” has some impact on the Torment level.)

But what if you don’t much enjoy rushing through all the content purely in search of more golden clanging stars? What if you enjoy playing more slowly, or hitting areas of the game that aren’t the most profitable. (Poor Act Five, so lovingly-detailed and so utterly ignored in party games.)


I saw that Penny Arcade comic yesterday and it crystallized exactly what I’ve been noticing about Diablo 3 of late. Is there any play allowed just for fun? What if you really like the Act 3 Keep, but there’s no bounty there. Do you feel like you’re wasting your time running it just for fun, and whatever exp and gold and items you find in the process? Do you ever clear out Act Five levels just for variety? Or is your fun only in profit profit profit and deviations from the speed Rift runs are not allowed, aside from occasional rushed A1 bag hunts with an DiabloWikiRoRG upgrade as the objective?

What's your style of play in Diablo 3?

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20 thoughts on “Diablo 3: Playing For… Fun?

  1. Guess I am one of those guys who values efficiency over fun. While I am leveling my Crusader (level 68 btw, thank god), I always get the though in my head “Oh man, this is a waste of time, I could have been spending all this time rifting with my Wizard getting dem legendaries”.
    So for me fun = candy per hour.

  2. I wish people would slow down in public rifts. I often want to mention that if we stick together we get a little boost to our mf, and isn’t that the point of grouping up? It seems that one person is hell bent on only killing the elites and they will leave the rest of the group and all of the trash(white) monsters in the dust. Isn’t the point of rifts to kill all the monsters to get the rift guardian to spawn faster?

    • The point of rifts, for many players, is to find the most leg items. The rift guardian seldom drops them, so I suppose it’s logical to rush through and kill other things. However in my play, I get more legs from chests, barrels, bodies, and trash mobs as I do from Elites. So rushing through and only killing the Elites seems a poor strategy.

      My experience in party Rifts is that they’re good for the really powerful, or the weak. If your gear is awesome and you can dominate, then it’s fine and you can go ahead or off to the side without any real slowdown. And if you’re undergeared you benefit by others carrying you on damage and get more drops and exp than you would solo.

      It’s the players in the middle who don’t get much out of it; frantic unfun play style, someone else doing most of the killing while you just try to keep up, and not much more reward than you’d get playing solo and using strategy and technique, instead of just dashing around madly.

      Presumably most players would enjoy Rifts more if they upped the diff a bit and had to work together to survive and prosper, but most people seem to prefer a diff level they can faceroll through and ignore teamwork or cooperation. Especially in public games.

  3. I play games for fun all the time. What is fun for me is playing with others / playing with friends and talking laughing and having a good time. This is why I never understood why they ripped out a lot of social tools when D3 was released.

    I’ve been playing level 20 PvP on my trial WoW account and I’m having a blast doing that because of the social interaction. Obviously there is ZERO progression in doing that because I’m capped at 20. I just do it because its FUN.

  4. I love so many thing about this game. I think I just like to build the characters and hang out with friends. The majority of time I’m on a mission for a specific item for a specific build but, I take some downtime just to play around. All the classes are cool to me.

  5. to me, the fun in the game isnt in the places you said(like doing a full clear of act 2 or something.) most of my fun in the game does come from rifts, but doing them in a cool way. what i mean is that off-builds are what are fun for me. full cdr seven-sided-strike focused monk and health globe barbarian are two things that i am gearing up for fun. they are not terribly efficient, but the play is fun. even on these fun characters, i dont really do anything but rifts. it might be because i find that playing in story mode isnt really fun for me, it was more of a chore that i did at the release of 2.0.1 to get legendaries and i got bored of it.

  6. Everytime I join public rifts, I absolutely hate that speed running through elite/champ packs, ignoring trash mobs. I do join only when i urgently need few forgotten souls for some crafting.

  7. I play mostly with friends on HC, the usual cache or rift farming.

    I cope with the tedium by frequently changing between characters – I have at least one of every class viable for T1, and even 3 crusaders using different skill/gear setups viable at least T2.

  8. mostly solo because I don’t like playing with people who speed run through content or telling me what skills I should be using or what gear I should be wearing.

  9. Far too many in the community are obsessed by efficiency, getting whatever it is, rifts, bounties done as quickly as possible to get the reward and then repeat.

    There are skills that are fun to use but are passed over because they are less powerful and efficient than others. I couldn’t play a game with that approach.

  10. Argh, can’t seem to sign in and avoid the annoying ad-captcha. Sigh.


    I like to play for fun. I like to play bounties in all the acts, not just act one. I like to have other people on my screen at the same time, so I feel like I’m playing a multiplayer game. I also like the xp, mf, and gf from being near other people.

    Lately my level 70 character has been queuing up for normal adventure mode. At first, I tried opening rifts…it’s a free rift, I used my fragments, they would come join me in the rift, right? Nope. So then I go in and start clearing the rift myself, thinking when I get to the rift guardian they’d all port to me and help me kill it, right? Nope. I get vote kicked out of the game. Pretty much every single time. Leaving the rift uncompleted and the fragments wasted.

    When I start doing bounties in acts other than act 1, I get kicked out of those games too, for ‘not helping.’ Y’know, some acts have ‘bonus’ over their name, I like doing those acts instead since you get more shards. Nope. Vote kicked.

    So I got fed up and started porting to players and helping them on the bounty their on. This seems to annoy them more than anything else. “Noob.” “Stop following me.” “Go away.” Or they teleport away to some other bounty leaving the one we’re doing to me alone. I don’t usually get vote kicked out of those games, but sometimes I do. God forbid I want to play the game for FUN. In a PUBLIC GAME.

    It would seem to me that the most effective way to profit WOULD be to stick together, so that we ALL get ALL 5 bounty rewards (since you don’t get the reward if you’re not present.)

    But all everyone wants is that stupid one legendary ring. Honestly I think they should remove that ring from the game.

    Before RoS was released, there was a big hooflah about ‘split farming’ and Blizzard said they would fix it. They did make it so you can’t get bounty rewards without being present. But nobody seems to care. They made the ‘strength in numbers’ buff, but nobody seems to care about that either.

  11. I don’t find it that bad in Diablo 3.

    I play quite a lot of shooters and I wonder sometimes why some people I find myself in games with play at all. They get so angry and worked up over such minor incidents. They are angry all of the time, well most of it, I don’t know if they end up getting ANY enjoyment from playing.

    Sometimes I leave games because they ruin it with the bickering and arguing I think ffs this is like a real warzone in here and I have to find another game to play in.

    This is meant to be fun guys, if it’s stopped being fun go find something different to do.

    • I even got kicked out from the clan, because I said “whatever you say” when the group player said that I should keep up with them (they skipped like 80% of monsters on T5 and going for the elites only in the rift), I just couldn’t physically handle that speed (just try to keep up with the monk – it’s mission impossible). And then they closed the rift while I got a disconnection when returning to town, and they saw that. Then I just left the party after the rift [wrote in the chat, why they didn’t wait for me? ;/], was really pissed about them that they didn’t care. Logged off from the game, after 3 hours I was clanless :). But it’s for the better, now I am in even better clan, bunch of cool dudes. ^^

  12. “But what if you don’t much enjoy rushing through all the content purely in search of more golden clanging stars? What if you enjoy playing more slowly, or hitting areas of the game that aren’t the most profitable?”

    Then you play solo, or in private games with friends, as I have always done. Playing public games for fun is like writing in youtube comments for intelligent discussion.

  13. I have \only\ 4 friends in my friendslist, since D3 isnt a big thing in my (Multigaming)clan. So this is our solid party. But what gets me smiling in d3, is when i see tons of rotting flesh beeing crushed by the colorful skillparty we have on the screen (i really like to kill Zombies)! Killing Monsters is pure friking enjoyment for me.
    When i solo, i go for rare items (murlocket, this rainbowsword i still havent fond, etc)but i do bind the hunt for them into the hunt of regular bounties.

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