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We’ve had a player matchup forum for Diablo 2 for years and it’s proved really useful for you guys. We had planned on putting one up for Diablo 3 come release but I’ve seen a few guild recruitment threads appear recently and some eager members have been busy lobbying via PMs for it to open earlier. All things considered there wasn’t any point in delaying it so I’ve opened one just now.

If you’re on the beta and wanting to hook up with other community members simply create a thread in there or jump in on someone else’s.  If you want to advertise your guild please keep to one thread and don’t bump it with 1 liners (i.e “lol, hey thanks”) or I’ll set the Zombie Dogs on you.  If you have something meaningful to add then by all means update it.

Visit the Diablo 3 Player Matchup Forum.

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17 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Player Matchup Forum

  1. I’m really excited to see this because all my old D2 friends are gone and I have no one to play with 😥

  2. I don’t mean to be mean…but wtf.

    I’m a loner and lack appreciation for this sort of stuff. But this post is disturbing.

    A multiplayer game that lacks one of the core multiplayer socializing features.  What’s even more disturbing is that it seems to me that there are two chances that D3 will ship with any sort of guild support. No way and No how. WoW has ‘great’ support for guilds as of late. It’s not a new concept…it’s almost a mandatory feature for any sort of multiplayer game and Bliz knows this and they have a tried and tested system that grew to be good over the years.

    There is no need to iterate on it. At least not in any major way IMO.

    Why a feature such as this, which does not depend on any sort of gameplay features that have been reiterated on for years, has not been build into the system years ago?

    All the great news D3 team has given us in the last few months aside…this is just beyond crap. 

  3. Rather strangely I am not a frequent poster but hang in the shadows absorbing everything… I can see your point Alex and can see how you feel D3 does not require an external socialising and match p system.

    From my point of view it is the level of trust and connectivity of pre organised games that makes it worth while.  PUG’s are all well and good and ideal for getting the multiplayer experience but I think feeling involved and having some longevity of contact with like minded people brings a lot to a game.

    A further aspect an organised social function is useful is in higher level Hardcore where trust, understanding and skill is critical.

    I am one of the older gamers kicking around with a few more grey hairs to my name than I would like.  Having played all Diablo’s extensively I personally valued the organisation of a pre made group.

    That said maybe the D3 community will lack the immaturity of the early days, but I guess time will tell and evolution of the game mechanics will show us how critical relying on others will be.

    Personal I can’t wait and when I get round to HC I may well value a pre made outing rather than handing up my soul in the palm of some 10 yr olds hands.

    • I agree. Premade runs are the shit.
      I’ve seen naked warsong runs in wow where preamade teams tore new ones to rather well geared opposition. 

      This is exactly why a Guild feature would solve this problem. I’m confident it will get patched in later. We can almost certainly expect a full priced expansion or two. So perhaps its just a matter of time. 

  4. Foolish me …. Expecting to prompt discussion 😉

    Love the witty re-tort ….. No Poliosi…. That’s not a cake. 

  5. I am against this. I don’t care for guilds. If I did, I’d play an MMO. If a guild system gets implemented, what’s next? Organized raids for bosses? Scheduled events? Guild-specific rewards? No thank you. One of the reasons why I love the Diablo series is that you could conquer any part of the game without anyone’s help. If I want to play it with some friends, I have real ones that I could call…on the phone and not vent.

    • You are against what? A forum? That’s quite a slippery slope: one moment, an unofficial Diablo fansite creates a forum for player matchups, the next moment we are drowning in DKP systems and scheduled play times!

    • I apologize. I should have been more clear. I am against guilds and schedules. If Blizzard gets enough of the wow coverts complaining about the need for guilds and a more social gaming experience, they may implement something similar to the wow system in D3 to appease these people.

      • Yes, and that would be great since we are alot of people who think we need more then a simple friends list to hang out with our friends and plan our D3 adventures. 🙂

      • And that’s wrong why? The Guild system in wow is great. The interface is well done, and its very useful. It baffles me why anyone would be against anything that will improve the game, even if they themselves don’t plan to use it.

        • It’s wrong because, at least in WoW, it is madatory. So much content in WoW is simply inaccessible to you unless you are part of some guild. And even then there is content that is reserved for top guilds, that you simply HAVE to be in a guild if you want anything done in WoW.

          Also, for me at least, I don’t want more social gaming experience, If I don’t feel like talking to people, which I often do, I like the ability of not talking to people. This is isn’t related to this issue specifically, but it seems to me that a lot of people constantly want more and more social gaming experiance. Speaking for myself, I game, in part, to escape the idiots, not play with them. It’s the same thing with the whole social networking cr*p, everyone is connected to everyone, everyone knows what anyone is doing all the time. I mean, how can one person realisticly have 1000+ friends. That’s absurd. Sigh…

          But yes, as long as guilds aren’t mandatory for any completion of content, and I can continue playing alone, I am kinda-sorta-kinda-grundgingly okay with guild support. Thus making my rant pointless. 

      • It’s wrong because Diablo is not an MMORPG. That’s why. Less talk, more play. Co-op is fine, but when guild importance and guild-specific events and such become a large part of the game, it changes the game into something else.

  6. I don’t think blizzard will ever release guild support for d3 even in an expansion pack.

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