We’ve had a player matchup forum for Diablo 2 for years and it’s proved really useful for you guys. We had planned on putting one up for Diablo 3 come release but I’ve seen a few guild recruitment threads appear recently and some eager members have been busy lobbying via PMs for it to open earlier. All things considered there wasn’t any point in delaying it so I’ve opened one just now.

    If you’re on the beta and wanting to hook up with other community members simply create a thread in there or jump in on someone else’s.  If you want to advertise your guild please keep to one thread and don’t bump it with 1 liners (i.e “lol, hey thanks”) or I’ll set the Zombie Dogs on you.  If you have something meaningful to add then by all means update it.

    Visit the Diablo 3 Player Matchup Forum.

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