Diablo 3 Pet Changes in Patch 2.1

Diablo 3 Pet Changes in Patch 2.1

More titbits regarding Patch 2.1 are slowing finding their way out from behind the walls of the Dev’s office onto the intertubes.  Here’s an update on some of the changes and the pets affected that are going to appear first on the PTR and later rolled out onto Live.

patch 2.1 petsWe’re planning to make several bug fixes to Call of the Ancients in patch 2.1 that should address some of the concerns we’ve seen players reporting with the skill. So, make sure you keep a hold of that Immortal Kings set!

– The Ancients should no longer sometimes stand idle when they have foes they could be clobbering instead.
– The Ancients should now use their secondary abilities as indicated on the tooltip.

Again, these bug fixes are currently expected to arrive with patch 2.1, but we don’t have an estimate to share for the date of that patch at this time. Thanks for all of the reports!

Post #2

I did some digging and found out that these changes will update multiple pets, and not just Call of the Ancients. I’ll go over what those changes are, and what pets it should affect. I also want to emphasize that we don’t have an estimate to share for when we expect patch 2.1, but we’re definitely working on it and are looking to provide a PTR.

We’re making a number improvements to the AI of several pets:
We’re also fixing a number of issues that sometimes prevented some pets from attacking nearby enemies, or caused them to stand still and stop attacking their current target. Pets affected by these changes should include:

You can see previous posts from Blizzard on DiabloWikiPatch 2.1 in DiabloWiki.

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    6 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Pet Changes in Patch 2.1

    1. I kinda wish we could control the Garg's enrage mechanic. Save it for Rift Guardians or specific elite combos we really need him for, instead of him going off in almost anywhere in Act 5 post Blood Marsh b/c there are swarms and swarms of nothing that trigger the enrage. Similar to Monk Mantras now, a passive that you can push to trigger something special.

    2. I've had the same thought myself. Have the skill work like the DH's Companion, make the Restless Giant enrage mechanic the active part, and put in a new rune in place of Restless Giant.

    3. You do already have that ability it's the Wrathful Protector Gagantuan, he is virtually an enraged Restless Giant he hits like a truck when geared up to it and you can also reduce the cooldown significantly. It's a fun way to play 🙂

    4. It's going to be cool. I remember in D2, on your way to gearing up, fighting the ancients was dangerous and cool. (to me anyway) The reward for beating them was an instant 2 or 3 levels (early on) But, if you were playing HC and remotely under-geared they might eat you for lunch. I remember thinking how cool it was, when D3 was released, that the ancients would be fighting for your Barb … but, then being disappointed by their wimpyness.

      Off topic: I know the developers read this site: I wish we had a serous post about how two handed weapons need two sockets. I'd love to see two handers relevant again for barbs & Monks.

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