With the magic find blog still to come from Jay, and an estimated release date of the patch hitting by the end of the month, we were not quite sure when it would arrive. Well the good news is it could be this Tuesday as the patch has now been loaded onto their servers (if you know where to look). I would hope things go live in this week’s maintenance window and Jay’s Blog appears on Monday. We’ll be updating the DiabloNut database as soon as the patch is live for everyone as always.

    The chaps over at Horadric.ru have been busy digging into the files which you may want to check out.

    Update: Lots of rumors and speculations are flying about the whole new Magic Find system. We’ll get the full info from Jay Wilson’s article coming up on Monday (most likely) but click through if you want to see the current rumors. Gear switching is “fixed,” Special DiabloWikiBoE Legendaries will drop every 500 elite kills, and more.

    The rumor comes from a second hand source posted on Reddit. It’s given some credence by the datamining, which has data strings for the Levels of Excellence, which are generated by killing elites and reward you with fatter lewt.

  • MF swapping made obsolete. Your MF rises ‘slowly’ to its max equipped value ie over ~120 seconds from you equipping a piece, its MF bonus is added to your character sheet – cant swap just before final blow, unless you want to kite around last mob for 120 secs.
  • Levels of Excellence added. Gain a temporary ‘level of excellence’ on each elite kill. This number is tracked on your character perpetually and you don’t lose it if you change games/acts etc.
  • Every time you kill your 500th elite, a guaranteed Legendary drops (ilvl and affix rolls depending on Act and MF Gear as usual). This resets your ‘Level of Excellence’ to zero.
  • This Legendary is DiabloWikiBind On Equip, so now while a certain amount of farming guarantees everyone a legendary drop, you need to make a choice – use it/save it for alt OR put it on AH/Trade. Can’t use and pass on. This will provide the much needed item sink, else a guaranteed Legendary drop will eventually flood the economy.
  • This LoE system was favored for its simplicity and effectiveness. Its pretty much the WoW ‘token’ system, which essentially guarantees end game gear progression, as long as you’re running the content, even if you’re missing out on drops.
  • They’ve spent a lot of time and effort making Legendaries cool. Needed to strike a balance between them being too common and too rare. Hence this system, as well as making them BoE, to ensure balance of economy. There will be some changes to affix rolls of class specific items”
  • Levels of Excellence data strings and icons, datamined by the guys at Horadric.ru.

    AltLevelUpRewards – Search magic items, and {s1} {s2 search for gold}
    AltLevelUnlocked – A new portrait of perfection
    AltLevelUp – {s1}-level improvement
    AltLevelUnlockedTitle – you got
    ParagonLevels_title – Levels of improvement
    ParagonLevels – Now the resulting experience allows you to earn levels of perfection! With each level of improvement you get a bonus to find gold and magic items. Updates command bar: a menu button and the scale of the achievements of pumping perfection

    "Levels of Excellence" icons.

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