Diablo 3 Patch v1.0.4 Looking Like Tuesday 21st Release

With the magic find blog still to come from Jay, and an estimated release date of the patch hitting by the end of the month, we were not quite sure when it would arrive. Well the good news is it could be this Tuesday as the patch has now been loaded onto their servers (if you know where to look). I would hope things go live in this week’s maintenance window and Jay’s Blog appears on Monday. We’ll be updating the DiabloNut database as soon as the patch is live for everyone as always.

The chaps over at Horadric.ru have been busy digging into the files which you may want to check out.

Update: Lots of rumors and speculations are flying about the whole new Magic Find system. We’ll get the full info from Jay Wilson’s article coming up on Monday (most likely) but click through if you want to see the current rumors. Gear switching is “fixed,” Special DiabloWikiBoE Legendaries will drop every 500 elite kills, and more.

The rumor comes from a second hand source posted on Reddit. It’s given some credence by the datamining, which has data strings for the Levels of Excellence, which are generated by killing elites and reward you with fatter lewt.

  • MF swapping made obsolete. Your MF rises ‘slowly’ to its max equipped value ie over ~120 seconds from you equipping a piece, its MF bonus is added to your character sheet – cant swap just before final blow, unless you want to kite around last mob for 120 secs.
  • Levels of Excellence added. Gain a temporary ‘level of excellence’ on each elite kill. This number is tracked on your character perpetually and you don’t lose it if you change games/acts etc.
  • Every time you kill your 500th elite, a guaranteed Legendary drops (ilvl and affix rolls depending on Act and MF Gear as usual). This resets your ‘Level of Excellence’ to zero.
  • This Legendary is DiabloWikiBind On Equip, so now while a certain amount of farming guarantees everyone a legendary drop, you need to make a choice – use it/save it for alt OR put it on AH/Trade. Can’t use and pass on. This will provide the much needed item sink, else a guaranteed Legendary drop will eventually flood the economy.
  • This LoE system was favored for its simplicity and effectiveness. Its pretty much the WoW ‘token’ system, which essentially guarantees end game gear progression, as long as you’re running the content, even if you’re missing out on drops.
  • They’ve spent a lot of time and effort making Legendaries cool. Needed to strike a balance between them being too common and too rare. Hence this system, as well as making them BoE, to ensure balance of economy. There will be some changes to affix rolls of class specific items”
  • Levels of Excellence data strings and icons, datamined by the guys at Horadric.ru.

    AltLevelUpRewards – Search magic items, and {s1} {s2 search for gold}
    AltLevelUnlocked – A new portrait of perfection
    AltLevelUp – {s1}-level improvement
    AltLevelUnlockedTitle – you got
    ParagonLevels_title – Levels of improvement
    ParagonLevels – Now the resulting experience allows you to earn levels of perfection! With each level of improvement you get a bonus to find gold and magic items. Updates command bar: a menu button and the scale of the achievements of pumping perfection

    "Levels of Excellence" icons.
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    56 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Patch v1.0.4 Looking Like Tuesday 21st Release

    1. nice! from what i have read until now, that is better and more then i expected. Actually gives some goals to strive for again!

    2. So basically there will be a guaranteed legendary drop once you kill 500 elites and then the counter is reset. This legendary will be bind on equip to prevent market saturation. At least that’s what I could get from the google translation of the page.

      • Yep, that’s what I saw as well.

        Also, the Legendaries are looking REALLY interesting, although without knowing the actual level of each item, it’s hard to tell how useful they will be. I definitely hope to be able to at least see all of the new abilities, but since my current main character is my Demon Hunter, there’s two weapons that immediately stood out to me as being incredibly useful, but neither of them was one of the “cool new abilities.”

        EDIT – Looks like Hellrack is the weapon that got the Rooting Ability, and the Buriza-Do Kyanon (I don’t recognize this name,) which is a lvl 40 xbow, got the Chance to Pierce. Well, so much for that.

        Anyways, I think that a lot of the new Legendaries look FUN. They may not end up being the most useful or the most powerful items, but they look like items that will make gameplay more enjoyable, and that’s more important to me than the any kind of stat/affix boost.

    3. yeah… keep dreaming… everybody know that they are going to miss their fourth week ETA and delay it…:/

      • This would avarage things out more or less and give us the carrot. I have around 2500 elites killed and 5 legendary drops so far. Great if true!

      • Bad timing for me. I have two weeks of 12-16 hr days starting on Monday. I was exactly this busy when they did the open beta weekend.

        -I really like some of Google Translate’s choices on that Russian page: “Ring – You are sucking the life out of nearby enemies
        Staff – This staff believes that your death – it’s ridiculous. “

    4. I was gonna ask if you guys wanted a translation because I’d be happy to make one, but looks like Diablofans already took the stuff from horadric.ru.

    5. Damn, I was hoping I would have my new rig ready before the patch hits, oh well. Hopefully this will be a step in the right direction.

    6. The changes to Legendaries is awesome.

      The changes to the class skills is nice, but kind of underwhelming. Buffs to damage is not what most of the skills need. *sigh* At least it is a good step in the right direction.

    7. The changes to damage of the Gargantuan make it seem that pure summoners WILL be a possibility to explore now 🙂

      • Ya… im suprised some shit didnt get reworked for storm and ice armor. heres to hoping its just not datamined yet

      • the monk on the other hand always had the least amount of skills and now he also got the least amount of changes, most of the auras are still useless.
        at least his damage was beefed up a bit. Any way the changes tell me it’s time to play my witch doctor some more…

    8. Yeah….their “buff a bunch of dmg” as balancing mechanism isn’t very encouraging. Many skills need much bigger changes than more dmg and I’m worried that the less used defensive skills/runes are barely getting any attention.

      Oh, and Wave of Light is still way overpriced. The 2nd hit of 45% is way way way too low.

      • I agree that just damage won’t fix certain problems with skills, but they are totally revamping legendaries. If they were to completely revamp a bunch of skills too, we wouldn’t be getting this patch for another 3 months.

        • Yeah, I think for now they’re aiming for the low hanging fruit. Lots more time for patches in the future to fix more skills/runes.

        • I’m guessing mr whiner wants a complete overhaul of skills, as the game will be made to his oh so “important” expectation. Remember, the game is made to cater to his opinions, right?

          • And I’m guessing “Mr. Whiner” wants more of the skills/runes to be good/useful. Just increasing damage of some underused skills/runes isn’t going to be enough to do that. (I’m sure tons of people are using the non-tornado Sprint runes, right?)

            • Wow, is this the world championship in one dimentional thinking?

              Sprint, ancient spear and various stuns and snares will likely be way more common when PvP is out. Is it possible that Blizzard wants to wait before PvP is out before they change any of the more PvP oriented skills and runes .

              You really think that Run like the wind will be the most popular rune for Sprint in PvP? A stationary tornado will be too easy for real intellegens to avoid. In PVP movement speed is everything for a melee character. A rune that increase duration by 66.6% and speed by 25% will likely be waay more popular in PvP.

              Also, you have to know that if you change some skills to be more viable, other skills that works well in conjunction with that skill will be more viable.

              First, all resource generating runes will be more viable now then the dmg of resource expensive abilities is higher.

              But a more clear example is Sacrifice. They reduced the CD of Zombie Dogs from 60 to 45 seconds, added a rune that decrease the CD by 25% (now only 33 second CD) and last but not least they increase the proc rate of circle of life from 5% to 30%.

              Is it possible that sacrifice will be much more viable without even touching it? yes!

            • Uh, Blizz has been very clear in the past that PvE balance is a far greater priority than PvP balance. No skill should be great in PvP but crap in PvE.

            • I think what they said was that no skill would never get nerfed in PvE because it was too powerful in PvP. If a skill is too powerul in PvP they will scale that ability down in PvP mode only. That doesn’t mean that some skills will be more suitable for PVP.

              Jay also said something like this regarding balance and PvP: “If you come across an ability or rune and think, hay, this skill or rune is only giong to be really good in PvP, thats probably by design. And thats ok”. Its not an exact quote but close enough.

              Sprint is not terrible in Pve, in fact some of its runes are very potent in PvE. But just like Hex, horrify, dashing strike and marked for death, sprint is just way more useful in PvP by its nature. But if its too powerful in pvp, they will nerf the skill in PVP only.

    9. “Brooding No longer requires you to have not taken damage in the last 3 seconds”

      Ugh, thank god for that. What a trash passive, lol.

    10. i just took a look at my elite kills and i have about 18.701 that kinda scared me a bit i didn’t know it was that high, i barely play nowadays, 500 elite kills for a guaranteed legendary doesn’t seems like a big deal now

    11. cant swap just before final blow, unless you want to kite around last mob for 120 secs.

      hahaha, that’s exactly what I’ll do. mf swap rules!!

    12. Am I the only one who feels that 500 elites is way too much for just one guaranteed legendary? It takes me an average of 5 days to kill that many elites… If these legendary items are actually BOE I think they can afford to drop them much more often, maybe something like every 200 elites.

      • No and you can have normal legendary drops as well while playing that are not BoE.

        Edit: Just like to add that I still think this 500 elite and BoE are hoax. Same guy on reddit did a post month ago about BoE suggestion etc So he seems just to be a normal Troll.

        • I’m not sure whether you’re agreeing with me or not…
          The normal drop rate for legendary items is too low as it is IMO, mostly due to the extreme randomness of their stats.
          Obviously it could be a hoax, and as a matter of course I take every piece of information with a grain of salt unless it’s through an official channel.

          • also from the strings it seems like we are getting a MF/GF buff (?)
            Is this going to replace NV (?)
            or is this something like NV 2.0 (?)

    13. So I guess people will now be hunting elites on NM/Hell, and killing the 500th one on Inferno?

      • No, there are different counters for each difficulty I think. They may even be different for each act, I suppose.

    14. So are all legendaries going to be boe, or will there be a new ah filter to sort between the types? This sounds like a cust service headache. “I didn’t know some items bind on equip!”. I think this is fake.

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