The patch ETA has been pushed back another hour to 4pm (servers went live at 3:56pm), and the Blues shared some information about the technical issues behind it.

    hey now.. you’re all-of-a-sudden kick us off servers after maintenance was ” concluded” Got my hardcore barb killed. ( I think, at least it is saying it in my profile ) What’s you’re take on this young community manager?
    Lylirra: When we first brought up the game servers this morning, we received immediate reports from players of critical issues affecting gameplay that did not manifest in our internal testing environment (there’s many why this can happen, but they’re moot at this point so I’ll just move on to your actual question). We received reports of a recurring game crash, for example, and of the constant character chat/follower chat following any XP gain — something, while minor, would still greatly impact the player experience if it we didn’t fix it right away. There was also a new bug that only affected certain characters, but allowed them to gain significant amounts of XP in very small period of times; this wasn’t an exploit, but an actual bug, and it was pretty meaty.

    As a result, we made the decision to bring the game servers down ASAP rather than risk these issues to continue to affect gameplay and the game environment as a whole. It wasn’t an ideal situation, because we know that bringing down game servers without warning isn’t a good experience for our players, and certainly one not made lightly (it’s not something we like to do and actively try to avoid it whenever possible). We felt it was best course of action at the time, however, and genuinely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you or other players.

    I sincerely hope your hero has survived to fight another day, though. If not, as a fellow HC player, I will raise my coffee mug in your character’s honor and hum a small dirge of remembrance. May his spirit live on through the deeds of those who rise in his wake.

    Though painful for some, the bugs didn’t impact many players and there will not be a rollback. Click through for some more Blue detail on that.

    Lylirra, can we take this post as confirmation that there will NOT be a rollback?
    Lylirra: No. We will not be performing a rollback. The number of characters online at the time was actually very minimal, so ideally the number of Hardcore deaths should be incredibly, incredibly small.

    Now, that does not minimize the frustration of those affected by the shutdown (nor do I feel it should); however, it does provide context and scope. Game-wide rollbacks are a pretty significant endeavor and would affect all players, not just those who may have lost a hero; as a result, its something we typically reserve for game-breaking issues.

    Yes, and it looks like taunting customers is how Blizzard rolls. “If we killed your character and wasted hours/days of your time, and therefore your money, oops. Sucks to be you.”
    Lylirra: Not at all. I know it’s easy to vilify Blizzard employees and see us as heartless individuals who don’t care about or have the ability to relate to our players in any significant way, but that’s pretty darn far from the truth. I’m an avid Hardcore player, and I know the pang of loss that’s felt when one of my characters dies, be it at my own hand or to a situation that was out of my control. Those characters can often become an extension of who we are as players, particularly if it’s a character that’s lived through many challenging battles.

    The salute I gave is one I give to each of my Hardcore friends when their heroes pass. I know it’s a little RP and probably more than a little nerdy, but I still like to commemorate HC deaths whenever one is brought to my attention. I feel it’s the very least I can do as a fellow defender of Sanctuary.

    I like that last guy who pops in just to prove that there’s always someone somewhere (on Battle.net) who can (and will) bitch about anything. Don’t anyone point him to Blizzard North’s Diablo 2 era response to Hardcore death, or he’ll need to change his panties.

    Note: Blizzard Entertainment is in no way responsible for your Hardcore character. If you choose to create and play a Hardcore character, you do so at your own risk. Blizzard is not responsible for the death and loss of your hardcore characters for any reason including Internet lag, bugs, Acts of God, your little sister, or any other reason whatsoever. Consult the End User License Agreement for more details. Blizzard will not, and does not have the capability to restore any deceased Hardcore characters. Don’t even ask. La-la-la-la-la, we can’t hear you…

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