Diablo 3 Patch 2.4 Stash Space Complaints

Diablo 3 Patch 2.4 Stash Space Complaints

One mouth per stash tab?
One mouth per stash tab?
We finally get some more stash tabs in Diablo 3 Patch 2.4, and will add another tab in Season 5 (and 6, and 7, etc), which means that all the complaints about insufficient stash space are a thing of the past, and everyone is happy with the new situation. Right? Lulz. Of course adding one (or two) more stash tabs just means even more complaints for more. Because Moar!

Thanks to Tyson for emailing to point out this new batch of Diablo 3 Patch 2.4 Stash Space Complaints:

Requirements too high for the seasonal stash tab!

Having to complete Conqueror level in the seasonal journey for an extra stash tab is way too high!

The majority of people get bored and stop playing seasons well before even getting to that point. Those that remain, are casuals that just won’t get to that far. The only people I see reaching that level consistently are the same people grinding paragon levels and chasing leaderboard spots.

Stash space is more a necessity than a vanity. There’s no reason something that important should be gated behind a level of time commitment and play most people won’t reach, which ultimately means no stash stab for a large percent of people that play.

No Blue reply to that thread, but lots of players have said that Conqueror is too steep a hill to climb just for the stash tab, as it basically requires full time Seasonal Character play for at least a few weeks. (Depending on your play time, friends to rush you, etc.)

See the DiabloWiki.net article for a full list of DiabloWikiSeasonal Journey requirements. Conqueror is page 8 (of 9) and required the following achievements in Season Four.

  • Extract 75 legendary powers using Kanai’s Cube.
  • Complete 2 conquests this Season.
  • Reach Greater Rift 50 solo.
  • Finish a level 70 regular rift on Torment 9 within 4 minutes
  • Level 3 gems to level 50
  • Shut up and take my Renminbi!.
    Shut up and take my Renminbi!.
    Request: 10 Stash tabs for all needed in next patch

    From Blizzcon and the PTR preview, it was nice to hear that we will be getting more stash space and that the developers have resolved their technical and infrastructure issues. Having sufficient storage space is a gameplay issue as are bug fixes and UI improvements. It is not specific to any one game mode.

    It is my opinion that the proposed system about how they plan to dole out extra stash tabs is ludicrous. Simply stated, it seems appropriate to have 10 stash tabs in the next patch by default. Also, if the developers insist that we “earn” the tabs, why not let there be a mechanism for this in BOTH seasons and non-seasons. Please post your comments.
    Nevalistis: We wanted to provide an option for players to acquire more stash space. We are using the Season Journey as a method for players to gain that space. It provides a reason to participate in the season, especially if you have never considered it before. So, starting with Season 5 and with future seasons, players can acquire an additional stash tab by completing the Conqueror stage of the Season Journey; a 6th stash tab is also immediately purchasable for gold for all players.

    I want everyone to know we have been paying close attention to discussions on this topic and we are keeping your concerns in mind. Ultimately, we are glad we found a way in which we could provide additional stash as an option to a large portion of our players.

    This issue has been an issue since about May 15, 2012. And it will probably be an issue forever, and only grow more of an issue since the devs keep adding more useful items and systems that make items worth saving, whether to cube them or use them once you find other gear that makes them useful, etc.

    The obvious counter is that properly managing limited storage space is part of the gameplay. Weight limits and carrying limits are a feature in most games, from shooters to RPGs to The Sims, so the D3 devs probably wonder why their game should be an exception. Some players agree, but most feel that in a game like D3, where much of the challenge is tied to item acquisition, they should be able to save, or hoard, a lot more than they can in the current system.

    We’ve voted on this in the past, but now that more stash tab(s) are a real thing in Patch 2.4/Season 5 and going forward, let’s vote again!

    What do you think of the added Stash space in Patch 2.4 and Season 5? (Vote all you agree with.)

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    Are you guys exercised about a lack of stash space… now more than ever?

    Our last Stash Space vote from August 2014, in case anyone thinks these sorts of complaints are a new feature.

    How do you feel about stash space in Reaper of Souls?

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    22 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Patch 2.4 Stash Space Complaints

    1. The intent is to force players to trash gear that they don't want right this second, so they'll have to play longer to farm it again later when it's buffed for next season.It's happened often enough so far I assume everyone's on the same page. I also assume they're not going to sell stash tabs in the west because the second they try lots of whiny douchebags will yell RMAH GREEDY ACTIBLI$$ OMG BOBBY KOTICK and they have to be sick of hearing it at this point.

    2. How about option #6 give the option to non season to aquire more stash space aswell. Hate it when developers remove choice and force you to do things you don't want.

    3. How about they don’t say FUCK YOU to Non Seasonal Players?

      It would be fine if there was an ERA type achievement like the Seasonal Progress one for the additional stash. I don’t mind doing something to get the stash but I despise playing Seasonal.

      The current model is a complete joke for NS players. The requirement is far too high.

    4. Had this type of one stash page per season/patch type of mechanism been in the game since the beginning, it might not be as big of a problem right now. However adding it now, while better than nothing, doesn't really help the situation all that much considering how long they have been adding new items and mechanics in the game without giving more space.The biggest gripe I have with that whole "managing limited storage space is part of the gameplay" counter is very few games can actually argue any sort of realism to being able to carry only this much. They always go overboard. Way overboard. This makes limiting the storage a very arbitrary system that shouldn't be in any game IMO.It's a mechanic I modded straight to hell the first minute I played games like Witcher 3 or Fallout 4. It's a system a game like Pillars of Eternity acknowledges as being awful and provides an infinite stash. I know D3 is different because of the online component, yet basically every other online game seems to be very capable of solving this issue by providing players with all the stash space they could ever want.This was the one issue I wanted them to solve with D3 since before the game even came out. They acknowledged this yet they still managed to be so shortsighted. It's a game about loot. Let us loot. Let us collect. Sigh. See you in the 2.5/S6 stash post in April 😡

    5. Conqueror? Holy shhh-
      That’s chapter VIII – I could made it to VI, and had to stop right there.
      One would have to sacrifice serious hours on weekdays for that kind of level.
      Which is nearly impossible for us ‘casuals’ or anyone over the age of 20 with a full-time occupation.

    6. I have to admit conqueror might be too high, I am happy to have it, but this is seriously ridiculous, maybe they'd want to revise that for level 5.Way to thank the player base Blizzard, all this because you can't fucking spare a couple thousand dollars on data storage.

      • I always wondering why words "stash space" guide many people just to the hard drive capacity. Good database need expensive infrastructure and progressive amount of CPUs power and net bandwidth.

        • I never said "hard drive".But seriously, here's the solution: If your account is inactive for over a year, the content of your stash is deleted and that storage is recovered for active players. Two years, characters removed. Three years, delete every other point of data; achievements, monster killed, etc. At one point Blizzard decided their product was going to be an online service, well they should start acting like it is.

          • Most horrible way of making suicide for a company, running online game — delete users data on a constant way. But Blizzard definitely doing assorted types of archiving. Just look at your friends list in game — heroes of players, who didn't log into game long time, didn't show up, they archived. And it's just the first glance.But for active online players processed data with 6th stash tab now grow at 20%, and archiving (or deleting) old profiles can do nothing for this. Infrastructure was updated/tested through PTR for handle it, and later this high load system must be slowly scaled with next seasons and stash upgrades.

    7. I haven’t ever played a season character, but I had planned to start one just to grind out another stash bag on the side. What level of commitment does it take to reach Conqueror level status?

    8. You need a solution that has scalability. Something like being able to learn crafting patterns from breaking down items. Then you dont need to stash them. Imagine this:

      New cube recipe
      Function: Break down a legendary item into a recipe. Doing this only allows the recipe to craft with the same stat types, and max stat ranges of whatever you’ve broken down already in this fashion. Breaking down further versions of this item will continue to add to the stat ranges and available combinations.

      It’s just a spitball idea and not well thought out from a design perspective but it would alleviate the need to stash a copy of everything.

    9. Honestly the inability to store set and item combinations was the main reason I started botting and I haven't looked back. It's basically unlimited crafting mats = roll any item you like on demand, functionally the same as saving an item in your cube.Having sold 10,000 (legit) death breath before the cube was announced in the interests of space was another influence.I'm miles from any leaderboard but I like being able to try out builds at will, not agonize for ages about which items I might need later. I strongly encourage everyone to try it for themselves.

    10. Why is Blizzard so pro at taking things the community asked for, and turning it into their worst nightmare? We all wanted seasons/ladders, we all wanted more stash space, then Blizzard gives us these things… In a true 'Be careful what you wish for' way…

    11. I will agree that there needs to be some amount of inventory management – it's not realistic to expect to have unlimited storage space, but the amount of space we currently have (even including the 7th tab to be earned this season) is too limiting. It might be enough if you play only one class, though even a regular podcast guest admits shortcomings in storage. Once you start playing 2 or more different characters, storing what you want can get really tricky…my sympathies go out to all the hardcore players who endeavor to keep back up gear in case of disconnects, er…something tragic happens.One factor that I think really adds to the storage problem is the total lack of organization. It's up to you (the player) to organize and manage your stash in an orderly way…and you've got to have some sort of system otherwise it's a hopeless mess. It would be so much better if we could store/sort items more effectively, such as separate categories/pages for weapons, armor, jewelry, etc. I find it extremely tedious trying to sift through assorted rings and amulets to clear up needed space.Crafting materials should really be moved into a currency status, where they don't take up any inventory space at all. I think I must have 20K yellow crystals sitting in a character's inventory…left over from the end of Season 3! Legendary gems, too, would function much better if they were selected from a Cube type interface rather than a physical object to insert, though having the actual level number on the gem is a big help (why didn't they enter the game with this feature at the start??!!).So yeah, they added more space…that will help, but there's so much more that we might want to keep it doesn't advance us much. Should we actually get an expansion pack (and a 7th class with all new class items!!), I hope the stash/inventory system gets a proper rework and improvement.

    12. I chose option 2 in the survey, but with that said and, the fact that I play A LOT, conqueror is at least one level too high.  My highest solo GR to date is GR49 with a witch doctor.  I've finished fairly high on solo WD leaderboard in two seasons (not the most recent) so I think I can safely say that the high majority will not be able to achieve the current target.

    13. The intent is to force players to trash gear that they don’t want right this second, so they’ll have to play longer to farm it again later when it’s buffed for next season.

      That and cube recipe that consumes legendary gems is when they lost me. I haven’t logged on for months. For example, I refuse to trash Ancient Jade chest with % Haunt damage if % Locust Swarm is currently the best. Because I may never find another one again. Nor will I keep re-enchanting between 15% Haunt and 15% Locust Swarm in between seasons.

      The only way I could afford to do that is if I start botting.

      By the way, I estimate the Conquerer achievement would take me a year to achieve so I’m never going to get it within one season. Way to cater to the hardcore crowd.

      I have put in a fair amount of hours into the game and I have all class sets before 2.4 but the way this heading, I can’t feel like I’m progressing with amount of play time I can put in the future.

    14. I didn’t know the requirements of Conqueror, but figured it wouldn’t be too bad. After looking up the requirements:

      HOLY SHIT! Are you kidding?! I have played way more Diablo 3 than is healthy and I don’t even meet the requirements on any of my non-seasonal characters!

      It’d be a source of contention if this were about some powerful item drop or such, but for a missable improvement to tedious inventory management… This is Diablo 3’s 9 deck slots, and it’ll be a constant pont of discussion until Blizzard changes the requirements for getting the deck slot or until Diablo 4 comes out, whichever one comes first.

    15. This is a way to make up for the lack of rewards for playing in a season. With no seasonal-only legendaries, there would be no point whatsoever in playing seasons except for pushing leaderboards. And at this point, you will be at a disadvantage to the players who are botting and have 1000 paragon levels more than you.

      So for those of us who aren’t playing D3 as a job, that is after all the vast majority of the player base, going into a new season is not worth the time. It’s a simple matter of work vs reward.

      What we see now is instead the same method that players used back in the days of D2, and that is to create a number of bank alts just to hold gear. Storage in Diablo games has always been an issue and with more new items in every patch, it’s a growing issue.

      And if you are not very competitive, who would want to spend all that time feeding the Kanai’s Cube and grinding paragon levels again?

    16. They are giving away a 6 piece set virtually for free.

      2 pieces for reaching lvl70, which easily lets you do T2-T3
      2 pieces for killing Zoltun Kulle in T2, which lets you do T5
      2 last pieces for doing a solo GRift 20 (Which is like T4 difficulty)

      I don’t think the time commitment is that great, tbh. I am a very mediocre player and in 5 days I have Slayer done and dusted.

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