Diablo 3 Patch 2.4 Known Issues

Good things always come with non-silver linings, so of course the newest Diablo 3 Patch has some problems. Diablo 3 Patch 2.4 Known Issues:


  • Enemies affected by Black Hole with the Event Horizon rune while the wizard has the Boyarsky’s Chip gem equipped may become stuck at 1hp and become unable to be killed
  • The Lianna’s Wings item model is incorrectly clipping into the player model while sheathed on the player’s back
  • Set Dungeons

  • Set Dungeon failed messages will spam players continually after failing the “Maintain Sweeping Wind” objective in the Dungeon of the Monkey King’s Garb
  • Game Client

    Note: We currently have fixes in place internally for both of the issues listed below and we are hoping to get these fixes deployed to live servers very soon.

  • Players running Diablo III on a 32-bit operating system may experience periodic client hard locks
  • Some players may experience a client crash after extremely long game sessions (5+ hours)
  • Workaround for Black Screen in Desolate Sands/Act II

  • Some players using AMD Radeon video cards may experience a black screen when entering the Desolate Sands zone in Act II
  • WORKAROUND: AMD has released a new 15.9 driver that is confirmed to resolve this issue. However, this driver is still a BETA driver and may have stability issues or other bugs. Please see our post here for more information.

    There’s something odd with the post on Battle.net, showing the time stamp as back in 2014. Who knew Set Dungeons were such an old feature? I guess we just never noticed them before.

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    1. Well at least it’s nowhere near as bad as patches for TW3. They introduce more glitches than v1.0 of a Bethesda game has.

    2. In the Ancient Tower Study when I tried talking to the Spirit of the High Cleric the dialog box had “!!Missing!! – 433871:MenuLabel”

      Anyone else see this yet?

      • Yes I have this too… i wonder if its also leading to something else not happening, as its seems the corpse of Nereza on the roof should be significant….

    3. Unrelated to this post but your Twitter follow buttons seems to be broken. It just brings up a window saying “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!”

    4. Failed to complete Seeker Set Dungeon, because quest track counts wrong number of Falling Swords. Popping up message says 3 Times! – track hah no! 2/3. Popping up message says 2 Times. – track says f u 0/3!
      Used item/skill – In-geom cube power + Rally rune in Ak champion

    5. I am getting the "1hp" Wiz bug with just Black Hole.  Using "fire" rune and don't own a Boyarsky's.

    6. I'm getting the random crashes again with my R9. I'll try the troubleshooting you suggested. Thanks just in case!

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