Diablo 3 patch 2.4 details and panel video – PTR next week

It was depressing to see that Diablo 3 didn’t get much of a mention in the opening ceremony; it really does feel like the bastard child Blizzard wants to keep locked in the cellar. Despite it being pretty much ignored at the start of the event, the Blood and Treasure panel did bring a load of new information for Diablo 3 patch 2.4 and there’s a lot of changes and new content coming. No hint of an expansion at all but perhaps Blizzard has had a rethink about how they want to introduce content and how often based on the additional content being added in patches.

If you didn’t get a chance to watch the panel then you can watch the whole thing after the break, but to summarise, this is what’s coming in 2.4. Note the PTR for 2.4 will launch next week following a “brief” technical test which takes place on Monday.

  • New Zone – Greyhollow Island
  • New Areas – Royal Quarters & Eternal Woods
  • New Events
  • 16 New monsters
  • 175 New Bounties
  • Empowered Rifts
  • Buff UI Overhaul
  • New Kanai’s Cube Recipe.
  • 50+new Legendary Items with 10 revised sets.
  • 24 new Set Dungeons. Four for each class.
  • Sean Journey Improvements
    • Rebirth Feature.
    • Season 5 will be 3 months long. If this works it will be set in stone for future seasons.
    • News Cosmetics Cycle.
    • Guaranteed Legendary Set.
  • New Stash Tab for everyone with additional tabs available which have to be earned in Season Journey.

Update: Blizzard has now pumped up a page for 2.4.


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  1. "50+new Legendary Items"Utterly useless. The drop in power if you lose any part of the set puzzle is too big.

  2. Sorry to be a downer. The new content and features are cool and all, but I was left pretty damn disappointed and salty by the "amazing addition of a new stash tab which can go up to FIVE" when you're done finishing the season journey of Season 8 at the end of 2016.Are you kidding me? Exactly how is this supposed to help with the existing game let alone the next four seasons of content patches and even more legendaries/sets. Is Jay Wilson back in the game, because don't think doubling is gonna do it.Also no mention of botters and barely addressed the lag in Q&A.

  3. They should remove the legendaries that do not have any legendary powers if they want to add “50 new legendaries”.

    I welcome the move to allow players to expand their stash space if they take part in seasons. i just hope that the expansion is immediate through all characters so non season players do not need to wait for the season to end to use the space.

  4. 16 new monsters and new zones and areas? Definitely looks like they’ve canned the 2nd expansion and are just rolling the content out as seasons now.

    What a sad end to the Diablo franchise.

    • I'm sorry I don't get that at all, How is this the end of the Diablo franchise? Yes they didn't announce an expansion right now but it doesn't mean anything. I still think that at the very least another expansion will be coming out

    • What’s the problem? At this point, the content released in patches is more substantial than the content RoS shipped with. And unlike a new expansion, it’s all been free.

      The only thing we’re missing is a new Act. And TBH I wouldn’t be surprised if they released one as a $15 – $20 DLC alongside a new class.

  5. its looking more and more like they just canned an expansion and have been slowly delivering it to us over patches

  6. What If I dont play seasons and still want additional stash place ?

  7. Season rewards should be cosmetic only, never linked to exclusive items or upgrades.

  8. I really appreciate all the work and the content they’ve done for this game, but I really hope there’s going to be an expansion still.

    Since they’ve pretty much skipped Diablo these past Blizzcons, if they’re going to announce an expansion within the next year, it better be bigger. o_o

  9. Could be worse. Starcraft is getting straight up DLC. No Mac support at all for Overwatch. If they did start charging money each patch/season, what should it cost and what should you get?

  10. Bounties are broken for single player, they obviously and most arrogantly are not listening to 1/2 of the play base, well the 1/2 that used to play anyhow.

    • Is it because some areas will not load and all you get is the loading screen?

      I had that ever since the last patch and I cannot finish bounties most of the time because those areas are usually where a bounty is and i cannot get the crafting mats that are bounty specific.

      Needless to say, I pretty much stopped playing since.

      • No, and I do feel sorry for you. I should have stated my reasoning for why i think bounties are broken. Its faster to farm bounties multiplayer than single player to the point it is pointlessly slow by comparison. I just can't play this game in its current state. They have taken single player out of the equation.

  11. I'm perfectly fine with no x-pack as long as they keep rolling out new features, content, etc. Giving us this stuff for free beats paying $40+ for a true expansion. Certainly don't think this spells the end of Diablo. I will miss another Legendary Edition art book though.

    • But we’re very unlikely to see a new character, or a new Act + comprehensive set of quests and NPCs, or any new storyline, if they simply roll out most of the features over patches instead of as an expansion.

      • Because this type of content was CRUCIAL to ensuring that D2 was still played for 10 years after release…

        I agree with OP, have no idea why people are so butthurt over the possibility of no new expansion. D3 isn’t a cash cow and won’t get tons of resources devoted to it. Just get the game to a good spot, keep the servers running, and have minor improvements every season. For an ARPG this is a recipe for a good 5+ year lifecycle.

        SMH at WoW expectations being put on Diablo all the time…

        • Well actually what made D2 last for years was LoD, which introduced runewords, crafting, and elite items, partial set bonuses, etc.

          I guess it’s possible they could roll out those sorts of mechanical things in patches – they have rolled out Kanai’s cube for example.

          But on the other hand, a lot of the fundamentally broken stuff in D3 realistically needs a clean slate to start from, where players *can’t* bring forward their existing characters. That’s only going to be achievable with an expansion.

          • Honestly, I would say the thing that keeps D2 going is the mods. D2 in and of itself was a great game, don’t get me wrong, but I have zero interest in actually playing D2 anymore. I’ve done everything I’ve ever wanted to do in that game at this point, at least in regards to the base game and expansion.

      • I think 6 char types is enough. Save any other ideas for D4. I like the 2x balance for each main stat. I enjoy Diablo lore but during actual gameplay it's not that important to me. Keep contracting for books and that's enough imo. After the initial playthrough a new act would be reduced to basically what they are giving us – different tile sets and new bounties.I think the focus should be on improving what we already have.

  12. Eh, some nice stuff overall, and it looks like a lot of work, so i don't want to be too harsh. But still… A lot of the fundamental issues haven't been addressed. Paragon grind still the be-all-and-end-all (the XP changes won't really fix that), not to mention the boring nature of Paragon, solo-players shat on, Blizz-dictated builds (the new ring set is interesting, but… wow, I've never seen such a convoluted work-around to something that shouldn't even be a problem i.e make sets maximum of 4-piece ffs).Same old story: it will bring most people back for a few weeks to a month. But then we're back to square one.

  13. Looks good to me, especially the stash space which will allow us to at least get to 7 in S5 (new one + conquests). New areas for rifts and GRs is always welcome to add diversity + new monsters. And the set dungeons gives you something to do.I didn't quite understand what the rebirth feature was all about.

    • Oh and they did fix XP between solo and group which should help a lot since I play mostly solo.

    • Instead of setting aside an empty slot and trying to come up w/ a new name every season, you can just grab your usual character and "rebirth" them into a level one seasonal character. Also keeps track of your "real" time played. The main problem is they're still keeping XP and Paragon around, which basically ensures a bunch of grindy, boring bot crap in order to build up a stats base.

  14. Wow, I'm personally really impressed with how much content they are cramming into patch support. & to think we've not given them a penny for getting on to 2 years now (if you bought ROS at launch.)I have a feeling, given some of the talk of legacy & finalisation in the panel chat that 2.4 may be the last major content patch for ROS. Sure we'll get a 2.4.1, 2.4.2 etc but it feels like they've got all the seasonal cosmetics and rewards lined up for the next few seasons already. What could this possibly mean? Well the optimist in me would say it's because they're going to focus a majority of their resources in X2 going into the new year with an announcement later next year. Lines up well with the art director job posting. Game not dead! 🙂 Sorry if optimism not allowed on a Diablo forum! :p

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