Hotfixes have gone live tonight to fix some minor issues and the critical Blood Thief exploit. (Details about that here.)



    • Fixing an issue where some players are not able to access their BlizzCon 2014 transmogrification appearances
    • Fixing an issue where stash tabs purchased during a Season are not rolling over to your non-Seasonal stash once the Season ends



    • Fixed an issue where the Gelatinous Sire would occasionally fail to split (4/16)
    • Fixed a bug which caused Blood Thief goblins in multiplayer games to drop more Blood Shards than intended (4/16)


    • The “Wortham Survivors” bounty has been disabled (4/16)
      • This bounty cannot always be completed and we will be addressing this issue in a later patch

    gelatinous-spawn-bugThe Gelatinous Sire fix is not perfect, and players are reporting occasional mega-splitting, with literally dozens of Gelatinous Spawn splitting off, each of which drop loot as normal.

    This is resulting in some giant heaps of goodies, with half a dozen or more legendary items fountaining from the chaos. Presumably this hotfix will be hotfixed to limit the total Spawn to the half dozen or so intended.

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