You already know the answer to the question, since it’s always the same. But of course some fans have to keep asking… Diablo 3 Patch 2.12 on the PTR… “Soon”

    2.1.2 when?

    When can we expect the next patch? Or the PTR?

    *ahem* …Soon?
    Vaneras: Pretty much this. There is no ETA just yet, but it shouldn’t be long now. We are working on getting the PTR ready for you guys as soon as possible, and we will let you know as soon as we can when it’s ready to go.

    Just to elaborate a little further, we’re hoping to be able to launch the PTR this month if all goes well. We will make an announcement on the front page when the PTR is live.

    As we’ve noted before, during the second panel at Blizzcon 2014 Josh Mosqueira actually said, “very soon” for the next patch going live on the PTR. Not that the “very” really changes anything in the time frame of a “soon” from Blizzard.

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