Diablo 3 Patch 2.1 PTR Bugs: Greed’s Chest and Duping bugs:

    Duping on the PTR in Diablo Patch 2.1 is the more scarier one, as it’s very easy to do. You just enchant something you’re wearing, exit the game, and when you start a new game you’ll sometimes have the item you enchanted on, plus the earlier state of the item in your inventory. I did this twice by accident, and was very confused the first time since I’d made a new Cain’s boots, enchanted the skill on them, and switched out my old ones… and then in the next game the old boots were back in my inventory.

    I didn’t realize what had happened, since the two boots were very similar and I thought I’d just forgotten to salvage the old ones. When it happened again in a later game with a new amulet I’d just found I thought the PTR realm wasn’t saving the game state properly, and whatever I’d done in the last 5-10m had been erased… except that a bunch of gems I’d upgraded were still upgraded. I didn’t worry about it since it was just PTR and weird stuff happens there, and not until I saw a forum thread about duping did I realize what had actually happened.

    The other bug I’ve not been lucky enough to encounter yet, and it’s an issue with the new Greed boss, found only in the golden land ‘o plenty, DiabloWikiGreed’s Domain.

    Greed's chest. Because want.

    Greed’s chest. Because want.

    Goblin Realm Chest Bugged

    After completing the goblin realm twice occasionally items fall under the chest and are unobtainable. Being a PTR this doesnt bother me that much but once implemented live this will become frustrating
    Tsarnis: We are aware of an issue where if you kill Greed while the boss is using its charge attack, the loot chest will land in such a way that you cannot pick up the loot. This should be resolved in a future PTR patch and I’ve gone ahead and added this to our known issues list.

    Thanks for the reports!

    That’s why it’s a “test” realm, after all. Bug discoveries. I wonder about the DiabloWikiLand of Greed; if the spawning rate is turned way up to make it more testable? Given that there aren’t that many people on the PTR yet, and it’s been seen so many times already. Look how much less common is the Secret Cow Rift in Patch 2.0.5, with only a few reports even after weeks on Live, where everyone is potentially able to find it. Also, I found way more packs of a dozen Goblins at once (in Rifts) during RoS beta testing than I have seen in the entire live game.

    I’m just speculating, but it’s possible that people on the PTR now are seeing far more of DiabloWikiGreedy Land in a few days than we’ll see of it in months once the patch goes live.

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