news-soonNews on features coming soon™. Diablo 3 Patch 2.1: Legendary Gems, possibly only for jewelry. Stats are yet unknown. The devs are also going to overhaul the Infernal Machine/Hellfire Ring. Blizzard confirmed that we’d see a blog fairly soon with details on the new stuff, but there are some good teases for now.

    i just watched the theorycraft stream on twitch and travis day squeezed out some nice infos. Save up ur good rings and amulets that have a socket, legendary gems are coming for them. Also, they plan on revamping the Infernal Machine, both reward and overall experience (hard to farm/crap rolls at the end). Travis also mentioned a crazy idea that the Hellfire Ring will proc a 5th passive for a period of time, but that was just an idea if i remember correctly.

    They also wanna bring up all class sets to the lvl of WD. so every class can smash through T6 when they have their 6 piece set + RoRG + support items for their build.

    Brandy Camel said she was working on a blog, and that blog is just around the corner. I guess we will see tons of info in the coming week, maybe even a ptr
    Nevalistis: We’re almost there. 🙂 Glad you tuned in and enjoyed the stream! Part of why you haven’t seen me much on the forums is a heckuva lot of research and writing, and 2.1 has certainly been one of those topics.

    I’ll toss up a summary blog for today’s stream soon, but in the meantime, you can rewatch the broadcast at your leisure on our Twitch channel here. Don’t forget to follow us for future broadcasts!

    Also, buggy drop rate conspiracies got fed during the stream:

    On stream, Nevalistis found an “Adventurer’s Journal” which was supposed to be removed. Travis Day then remarked “Hey, that’s not supposed to be there anymore…I had to look through 38 tables before the patch.”
    Nevalistis: This was taken extremely out of context.

    The Legendary crafting materials functioned differently than other items, because they were from specific creatures. Those specific creatures had allocations (or loot tables) for those items, and that’s what was needed to be investigated to remove them.

    In this case “loot tables” refer to the difference between the items a Treasure Goblin has a tendency to drop versus a common enemy versus an Elite or Rare mob. That’s what Travis was referring to – not to the popular (and incorrect) theory that items are seeded by things like player name or shoe size or game creation at midnight versus 10 AM. Those things have no bearing on the items you are able to find.

    None of this is new information. Grimiku referenced a similar situation in regards to Crafting recipes less than a month ago.

    The thing with legendary materials seems like a lesson in how Programming works in real life. Nothing ever gets cleaned out of the code — programmers dive in and quickly just turn features on or off. So all the other leg mats had just one or a few possible drop sources, and those all got disabled. But DiabloWikiAdventure’s Journals and DiabloWikiGriswold’s Scribblings are harder to turn off since they drop from dozens (hundreds?) of possible clickables.

    As for drop tables, it seems like a confusion in terms more than any conspiracy theory. Of course there are drop tables in Diablo 3. There are enormous spreadsheets of them, as there are in every game of this type, since that’s the only way to rank and calculate and assign which of the thousands of possible things are going to drop from the thousands of possible drop sources. The issue/question is how the drop tables are organized, if there are bugs or dumb stuff in how they choose or rank the items to drop in a given game or to a particular character, etc. And that stuff we fans don’t know and probably never will, unless/until some future date when D3’s online-only era ends and the devs allow modding and let programming-savvy fans dig around in the code.

    That said, good news about new features and blogs coming in the semi-soon future. Ladders and tiered riftszzzzzz weren’t doing much to excite me for the future, but new features and items sound interesting.

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