Blue posts responding to a number of questions about the changes coming in Patch 2.1.2 and Season 2.

    Currently, there is a chance to spawn a goblin rift (not the illustrious goblin vault for those confused who may read this) while farming for items. In 2.1.2, will goblin rifts have ~12 standard goblins, a mix of standard and new 2.1.2 goblins, or just a single type of 2.1.2 goblin? Just curious
    Nevalistis: In 2.1.2, should you encounter a goblin-themed Nephalem Rift level, the packs of goblins will be in mixed company.

    With the new goblins we’re introducing, which do you think you’ll try to target first when you find a pack of them? The Blood Thief? The Jewel Hoarder? The Odious Collector? Or do you think you can get them all?

    Pre-Patch 2.1.2, unmixed Goblin types.

    Pre-Patch 2.1.2, unmixed Goblin types.

    Of course we think we can collect them all. What kind of arse question is that? And yes, they spawn in mixed packs in the upcoming patch, a change that was made during the PTR testing. Initially in the PTR you’d get a whole pack all of the the same type, which made for some amazing fecundity of shards/gems/plans. See our recent article on all the new goblin types for the juicy documentation of such goblin hunts.

    The screen there was my discovery yesterday, in almost my first game back on Live, after the PTR shut down. Yes, that’s literally the first room into the Rift, with 10 Goblins and a champion pack and my live HC DH hardly able to handle T6 even without such distractions. It was crazy, and also felt weird seeing all those goblins and none of the dropping gems or shards.

    Elsewhere, questions about Seasonal legendary items and the three new types of Legendary Gems (which are all Season 2 only).

    When does the Season I loot become available?
    Nevalistis: Once Season 1 is no longer active, all Season 1 Legendaries will become available in the general loot pool for non-Seasonal characters.

    The items that are Season only, will they now be available for drops on non-Season or is it only the Season items that you have currently obtained rolled over but no new ones will drop for non-Season?
    Nevalistis: Once the season ends, all seasonal items introduced in Season 1 will be added to the loot pool for non-seasonal games. These items will continue to be available in Season 2 as well, as they’ll be part of the general loot pool.

    When Season 2 begins, new seasonal legendaries will be available for players participating in the new season. Those items will also roll over to the general loot pool at the end of that season, so on and so forth. 🙂

    so, i dont understand: new GEMS will be available in season 1 from patch or from season 2?
    Nevalistis: The new Legendary Gems will be available to players starting in Season 2. Just as with the Seasonal Legendary items available in Season 1, those new gems will roll over to your non-Seasonal account at the conclusion of Season 2.

    The DiabloWikiGem of Ease is the ultimate twink, but of course it won’t be available for our first characters in S2, since you have to earn it from a Rift Guardian and then level it to 25 before it achieves maximum “level 70 in less than an hour solo” effectiveness. Test drive article about it explains the magic.

    We’ve already seen questions about crafting ancient-quality DiabloWikiHellfire Rings and DiabloWikiHellfire Amulets, but here’s a slightly different permutation on the issue:

    Will using organs made before the patch effect the chance of making an ancient item? Or do we need to use keys farmed in 2.1.2 to make machines to get organs to craft hellfires?
    Grimiku: The crafting materials used to create the Hellfire Amulet are not changing, so materials farmed before 2.1.2 won’t have a negative impact on your chances of crafting an Ancient Hellfire Amulet once the patch arrives. Good luck on crafting one!

    Since all Hellfire Rings and most some Hellfire Amulets will roll with a DiabloWikimainstat, they will benefit (slightly) by being Ancient. But as seldom as Ancient rolls, and as super-seldom as an Ancient item rolls with great stats, and as minor a boost as Ancient grants to rings, you’ve got to *really* be deep into the mix/max woods to care about that.

    But as Diablo games are all about throwing yourself into not just the min/max pond, but right into the quicksand… go for it. Why not? After all, another 113 mainstat might be the difference between life and death! Or .01% faster Rift clearing efficiency, which is practically the same thing.

    On the larger issue, patch coming soon with lots of changes… has excite?

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