Diablo 3 Patch 2.1.2 Questions and Answers

Blue posts responding to a number of questions about the changes coming in Patch 2.1.2 and Season 2.

Currently, there is a chance to spawn a goblin rift (not the illustrious goblin vault for those confused who may read this) while farming for items. In 2.1.2, will goblin rifts have ~12 standard goblins, a mix of standard and new 2.1.2 goblins, or just a single type of 2.1.2 goblin? Just curious
Nevalistis: In 2.1.2, should you encounter a goblin-themed Nephalem Rift level, the packs of goblins will be in mixed company.

With the new goblins we’re introducing, which do you think you’ll try to target first when you find a pack of them? The Blood Thief? The Jewel Hoarder? The Odious Collector? Or do you think you can get them all?

Pre-Patch 2.1.2, unmixed Goblin types.

Pre-Patch 2.1.2, unmixed Goblin types.

Of course we think we can collect them all. What kind of arse question is that? And yes, they spawn in mixed packs in the upcoming patch, a change that was made during the PTR testing. Initially in the PTR you’d get a whole pack all of the the same type, which made for some amazing fecundity of shards/gems/plans. See our recent article on all the new goblin types for the juicy documentation of such goblin hunts.

The screen there was my discovery yesterday, in almost my first game back on Live, after the PTR shut down. Yes, that’s literally the first room into the Rift, with 10 Goblins and a champion pack and my live HC DH hardly able to handle T6 even without such distractions. It was crazy, and also felt weird seeing all those goblins and none of the dropping gems or shards.

Elsewhere, questions about Seasonal legendary items and the three new types of Legendary Gems (which are all Season 2 only).

When does the Season I loot become available?
Nevalistis: Once Season 1 is no longer active, all Season 1 Legendaries will become available in the general loot pool for non-Seasonal characters.

The items that are Season only, will they now be available for drops on non-Season or is it only the Season items that you have currently obtained rolled over but no new ones will drop for non-Season?
Nevalistis: Once the season ends, all seasonal items introduced in Season 1 will be added to the loot pool for non-seasonal games. These items will continue to be available in Season 2 as well, as they’ll be part of the general loot pool.

When Season 2 begins, new seasonal legendaries will be available for players participating in the new season. Those items will also roll over to the general loot pool at the end of that season, so on and so forth. 🙂

so, i dont understand: new GEMS will be available in season 1 from patch or from season 2?
Nevalistis: The new Legendary Gems will be available to players starting in Season 2. Just as with the Seasonal Legendary items available in Season 1, those new gems will roll over to your non-Seasonal account at the conclusion of Season 2.

The DiabloWikiGem of Ease is the ultimate twink, but of course it won’t be available for our first characters in S2, since you have to earn it from a Rift Guardian and then level it to 25 before it achieves maximum “level 70 in less than an hour solo” effectiveness. Test drive article about it explains the magic.

We’ve already seen questions about crafting ancient-quality DiabloWikiHellfire Rings and DiabloWikiHellfire Amulets, but here’s a slightly different permutation on the issue:

Will using organs made before the patch effect the chance of making an ancient item? Or do we need to use keys farmed in 2.1.2 to make machines to get organs to craft hellfires?
Grimiku: The crafting materials used to create the Hellfire Amulet are not changing, so materials farmed before 2.1.2 won’t have a negative impact on your chances of crafting an Ancient Hellfire Amulet once the patch arrives. Good luck on crafting one!

Since all Hellfire Rings and most some Hellfire Amulets will roll with a DiabloWikimainstat, they will benefit (slightly) by being Ancient. But as seldom as Ancient rolls, and as super-seldom as an Ancient item rolls with great stats, and as minor a boost as Ancient grants to rings, you’ve got to *really* be deep into the mix/max woods to care about that.

But as Diablo games are all about throwing yourself into not just the min/max pond, but right into the quicksand… go for it. Why not? After all, another 113 mainstat might be the difference between life and death! Or .01% faster Rift clearing efficiency, which is practically the same thing.

On the larger issue, patch coming soon with lots of changes… has excite?


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  1. I've noticed in the PTR, that the goblins now stick around MUCH longer waiting for you to kill them. Even when I thought to myself, "damn, I'm just not going to kill many of these," the battle against them seemed to wage on. In the end, I'd end up killing quite a few, if not the majority, before the last one vanished for good back to Shangrela, or where ever it is they spend their holidays.

    • Yes, they don't portal out as quickly anymore. They also go back into dormant mode if they get a couple of screens away, and they'll wait like that until you run into them again. They basically put the countdown to portal out timer into pause mode when they're far away, and only start it up again when you get close enough to activate them.

      I mentioned that in the article about the Gem of Ease twinking, where a found a pack of goblins when I was level 32ish, they scattered and I was undergeared to kill them, and yet I kept finding various of them several screens away when I was up to level 45ish.

  2. The patch better be this coming Tuesday.

  3. I thought the min/max types agreed that you shouldn't have main stat on your jewelery? The CC/CHD/Ele/Socket combo was a more important boost b/c of the compounding damage, especially if you're slightly low on those multipliers in other spots on your gear.

    • For most builds, mainstat is maybe the 5th or 6th best or 7th best affix on jewerly, so it's not like it's a bad affix… just not the best possible. That's the #2 reason ancient jewelry isn't a big deal.

      I think people who keep posting the ancient hellfire question on bnet forums haven't read useful ancient items guide to know that ancient doesn't boost cc, cd, ias, cdr, +elemental, or socket. Which is the #1 reason ancient jewelry isn't a big deal.

      • The thing i like about Ancient jewelry is a few things … Before endgame it offers quite a few bonuses. For one, LOH and LPS is beefed up on rings … So, the RORG for one … if you find an Ancient RORG with even a lame roll, It usually spawn with LOH and a decent main stat. I took my PTR Monk WAY up the leaderboards with a RORG with crazy high LOH …

        When I switched that RORG out to a regular RORG with a socket and 50% CHD I just couldn't handle the higher Grifts.

        That Ancient RORG really made a difference.

  4. "Excite" would be the wrong term. The spare content additions are only active in seasons, which is senseless to play in when having to rely on prepaid UMTS for internet access, as I have to. After the around seven days of not even normal internet usage that it takes to dry up the five gig of downstream available, being doped down into 56k-modem times makes playing D3 impossible, anyhow. Leaves the changes to rifts, existing sets and the one item out of the season 1 batch interesting to me. Not enough to get excited.

    • All of the content added in v2.1.2 is for everyone, not seasonal. New goblin types, ancient items, rift density/map tweaks etc.

      AFAIK the only stuff that's seasonal, are the 3 new legendary gems and presumably a dozen or so new legendary items, though they haven't revealed all of those yet. And no one gets those until S2 starts in February.

      The 3 new sets we got a preview of at Blizzcon won't be in this patch or S2 since they're not ready yet. I don't think they'll be seasonal, when they are added at some point in the future.

      • Ancient items are just another layer of rng, so sorry for not really counting them as content. But the gobbles I've forgotten, right.

        The new sets are in my estimation a preview on the new expansion during early development. Sorta a way to get feedback, without really telling what for. Blizz cleared up pretty fast that these won't be in the upcoming patch. IIrc shortly after Blizzcon, but may even have been, while it was still running.

        So no, still ain't excite. But thx for pointing out the details my contribution was lacking.

      • Just to be complete here and to verify my information:

        Are the existing Legendaries gaining a new or changed legendary affix still set to only drop in season? I remember a community mod explaining such during early PTR-days, but might have remembered wrong or missing Blizz changing their stance on these since then.

      • And please excuse my english today. Am a bit under the weather today. Feeling, like I havn't slept at all… :[

      • Hey Flux, you say here, "and presumably a dozen or so new legendary items." Is this true? will there be new legs in this season that weren't in the PTR?

  5. I wish they'd made the new Legendary Gems not Season Exclusive. Seems kinda… dumb. I mean, people are already going to play seasons if they wanted, or aren't if they didn't. All this does is punish those players who don't wish to play Seasons. Eh, whatever.

  6. I should post about survey vote about it, since I didn't think most players even cared about the 3 new LGems? Really, they seem almost solely meant for hardcore, with 2 defensive gems and a twink gem. Do a higher % of hardcore players do seasonal, since we're used to starting over all the time anyway? I have no idea.

    • I suspect so, actually. When S1 started, my friends list was almost all seasonal hc.

    • I understand having some new legendary items be Seasonal Exclusive, as they're a bit more for specific builds – builds that involve those items. But Legendary Gems are so generic and can be used in all builds, so it's kind of annoying that they're held back behind the Season Wall. I think a fair few people were interested in trying out the defensive gems to see if they could help GRift progression. There was a fairly popular PTR thread on it.


      but yeah, a survey on it might be interesting.

  7. "On the larger issue, patch coming soon with lots of changes… has excite?"
    No. Goblins should be fun, but it was ages since they announced the patch. Hype went down. No new events, cursed chests. It's just not exciting. That's sad.

  8. LGems seasonal only really does suck. Why is Blizz trying to shoe-horn everyone into seasonal play by making 100% of the new items seasonal-only? Some players like to push higher grifts, regardless if non-seasonal leaderboards are wiped seasonally.

    Blizz also better declare how long S2 will last ahead of time. I'm hoping for a 3-month duration so that the 2.2 patch doesn't take any longer than necessary to go live.

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