Diablo 3 Patch 2.1.1 Testing: Goblins, Gambling, and Gold

Some undocumented changes and notes on the minor tweaks, afnews-patch211-testingter some play testing this afternoon and conversation with other testers.

Treasure Goblins

Goblins now have a little white dot showing them on the map, for easier hunting. The dot doesn’t show from very far away, but it will point one out on the other side of a wall. You may need to retrain your eyes to alert you to a small white dot on the map; I kept running into Goblins and only then glancing at the map and noticing the dot.

When you first see a Goblin now, it’ll always be standing there with a golden portal open. At first I kept thinking I’d hit one without noticing and that it was about to escape, but it’s just their default resting animation now. They also open a portal when they die, which remains open until you get close enough to grab the dropped loot. At that point the portal closes… unless of course you got lucky and triggered the goblin portal. (More noticeable for ranged characters, obviously.)

This is a cool change visually and it matches the lore, which states that dying goblins sometimes “accidentally” leave open a portal to DiabloWikiGreed’s Domain. So a new player, who didn’t know about DiabloWikiThe Vault from articles like the ones we’ve posted here, would see the portals open every time they saw a goblin, and eventually one would stay open when the goblin died, thus boosting the excitement of the initial exploration.

Showing on map, over walls.

Showing on map, over walls.

Resting animation with portal.

Resting animation with portal.

Boon of the Hoarder

New "gold explosion" BotH results.

Typical BotH gold splash results.

The patch notes say the number of gold piles created by the “gold explosion” from the DiabloWikiBoon of the Hoarder DiabloWikiLegendary Gem has been reduced, while their amount per stack has been increased. Both assertions are true. That’s definitely true. To the right you see the typical results of a gold explosion caused by BotH. It’s usually 5 stacks now, whereas it was 8-12 before the patch.

So fewer stacks, but they are bigger, and the total take of gold felt about the same to me. It’s hard to tell since the drop rate varies and there’s RNG, but I ran around today in the same gear that I was wearing last night pre-patch doing some gold farming, on the same difficulty level, and my gold gain felt almost identical. Still around 500-700k for a Cursed Shrine event, but with fewer stacks. Note that “fewer” is a relative term; doing waves of a Red Shrine event you’ll still completely fill the screen, but the gold symbols seemed to fade away more quickly than before, so I didn’t have as many monsters invisible beneath them.

Note that the DH who took these pics has zero gold pickup radius gear, and is using the +Rapid Fire damage seasonal Wojahnni Assaulter Xbow, which loses its stacks and bonus if you cease Rapid Fire for any reason, so there’s been zero gold picked up during the battles. Also note that her Boon of the Hoarder is only level 4, since my leveled one died with a Monk last week, so the gold explosion proc rate is pretty low.

Gambling and Materials

Gambling prices have quintupled in this patch, from 5/10/15/20, up to 25/50/75/100 Blood Shards. Yes, that’s 100 shards for a single amulet gamble. I had, of course, gambled myself dry playing last night, so when I got on today to test patch stuff I had 11 Blood Shards. Which is 14 less than even the cheapest gamble now available. That obviously limited my ability to test the new gambling out, at least right away, but I collected shards while testing the BotH and seeking goblins and such, and I ran a few Nephalem Rifts to see how the material drops work now, as Travis Day spoke of today.

Click through for the rest of this article, and why gambling/crafting is screwed up now…

The Guardians do indeed drop stacks of materials, but this needs to be tweaked. I did 3 guardians on T1 and while each dropped a stack of white and a stack of blue that had 10-20 materials, the gold stacks, the Veiled Crystals that crafting consumes so many of, were “stacks” of 1, 3, and 3. That’s pathetic, and as a player who still needs to pick up every single rare I see purely to salvage them for the mats, I see this as a problem.

Not just that the Guardians don’t drop more stacks, but since gambling now costs 5x as much and returns more legendary items, you’ll have FAR fewer yellow materials from gambling. Previously you could get your ~55 Shards from T1 or ~100 from T6, and turn most of those shards into a rare item (and thus a Veiled Crystal) at 5 or 10 (or 15 or 20) shards at a time.

Back of the envelope calculation, with very approximate figures:

  • Prior to this patch, 500 shards = 100 armor gambles = 14 blue / 85 yellow / 1 legendary = ~25 blue mats, 85 yellow mats, 1 legendary item.
  • Patch 2.1.1 gambling: 500 shards = 20 armor gambles = 2 blue / 16 yellow / 2 legendary = 3-5 blue mats, 16 yellow mats, 2 legendary items.
  • So we’re looking at an increase in legendary item rate, a slight increase in white and blue mats (including those you pick up from the Rift Guardian that gave you the Blood Shards), but a huge drop in yellow materials. If you weren’t picking up all the Rares before this patch, you’re going to want to start. I’m far from alone in this evaluation; check some comments from our Patch 2.1.1 notes post. People think the Shard cost is too high now since it means you hardly get to gamble, and they’re worried about the huge drop in yellow mats.

    I understand that Kadala’s drop rate has been upped, even increased above proportional, to make up for raise in shard prices but it doesn’t feel rewarding or efficient. Spend say 30 mins maxing out shards on T6 then, if you’re looking to gamble 2h’s(expensive) you’ve exhausted your supply in 6-7 rolls. Not very satisfying.

    Veiled Crystals are now ridiculously tedious to gather. From doing a handful of T6 rifts, they drop a single crystal each, plus 30 or so reusable materials and a dozen-ish dusts.

    I have 3 stacks of the white materials and dusts, but only 30 crystals total. The “improved materials drop” from Rift Guardians only results in me getting more junk crafting materials to sell faster.

    As for gambling: gut reaction is it feels worse, just because out of 10 pants so far I’ve gotten 1 blackthorne’s and that’s it. Could be similar to the old ratio, but now it feels more expensive for less consolation prizes (veiled crystals), so I dread seeing that.

    5 T6 rifts for 5 rare amulets feels like a kick in the teeth.

    Completely agree. Getting yellow crystals was the only good thing about gambling. Now that is gone…

    I’m undecided on the gambling cost increase. I thought the legendary rate was too low before, but I’d have been happier with it buffed and “salvage all” buttons added to Kadala’s interface. This radical patch change, with 5x higher prices makes for an unsatisfying brief gambling experience. And that’s not even considering the huge drop in yellow materials. I hope Bliz reworks this as it seems an unpopular change. When even players who can faceroll T6 and pick up 500 shards in an hour think gambling has been made too scarce, that’s an issue.

    If they’re wedded to the gambling change, how about just increasing the salvage returns for Rares? Buff them up to 1-2 per salvage, and/or make the Rift Guardians start to drop much bigger stacks. (BTW, overall drop rate of blue items seems buffed in this patch. I got 2 at once from lots of normal chests, but Blue Mats are the one kind I don’t need more of.)

    Enchanting Jewelry Cost Change

    This should be good, reducing the required gem from Flawless Imperial to a plain Imperial. Obviously that’s 1/3 the cost in gems and gold, and almost feels free since you find Imperial gems pretty regularly. I’ve seen positive feedback for this.

    The irony is people who had been stacking their gems up to Flawless Imperial for future jewelry crafting now have big stacks of those, with no purpose for them. I’ve been bottlenecked in my crafting by a lack of Forgotten Souls, not gold or gems, and I had 10+ of all five colors of Flawless Imperial gems just sitting in my stash, waiting to die for a really good ring or amulet. I’m still waiting on the ring/amulet find, and now I’ve got all these Flawless Imperial gems that I might as well upgrade, since they’re doing nothing for me now.

    I’ve got no comment on the Pet buffs or Elite debuff to Electrify, since I only tested briefly with a Demon Hunter. What do you guys think, if you’ve tried those out or experimented with the other changes? Are you feeling short on Veiled Crystals already, even before you log on?


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    1. I was already always short on crystals before, and agree that Kadala was very good at supplementing my stock. Now, I think that blizzard really needs to rebalance mat costs for everything or buff salvage returns. For the latter, I feel maybe 1 per leg, 2-3 per rare, 5-6 per magic, and 8-9 per normal might work. Or even just go back to legs giving 3 rare mats with a soul.

      Also, the “tedious trips to blacksmith and back” reason just reeks of complete BS.

    2. I'm pretty unhappy with the Kadala change, and not just because of the decrease in yellow mats. When I first glanced the patch notes I was sure they finally flattened the cost of all gambles to 5 and allowed us to gamble specific weapons and class-specific items that aren't off-handers such as Mighty Belts. Instead, they multiplied the cost by 5 and gave us an effective 33% drop rate. That's not the most fun of trade-offs.

      If you want to put some of this in perspective, it costs approximately 750 blood shards to get a single Legendary weapon from Kadala. That's the equivalent of running a T6-geared character through a Nephalem Rift and 13 Greater Rifts of the level ~25+ variety. When she gives you a legendary weapon you cannot choose what type that weapon will be. If you are searching for a Rimeheart you need her to roll 1-handed swords for you. Unfortunately, she can roll maces, axes, spears, wands, ceremonial knives, and whatever other weapon type is applicable to your character at the time of the gamble. Some weapons, such as Rimeheart, have less than a 1% chance to drop for some characters when the game chooses a specific legendary type to drop (in this case, 1-handed swords was the pool the legendary was pulled from, and from that pool Rimeheart has about a 1% chance of appearing). Beyond all of that nonsense, you still have standard stat RNG to contend with. This is considering every single legendary roll will cost you approximately 750 blood shards. Ridiculous.

      What makes me more confused is their reasoning for doing this. They claim it's to reduce down-time when running back and forth between Kadala and the blacksmith, but in my experience once you finish a Greater Rift and pick up your small fistfull of items you port back to down and the 30 second countdown timer begins. You should have about 50 blood shards, so you roll 10 items from Kadala, walk to the Book of Cain and identify, walk to the blacksmith and salvage all, repair at the blacksmith, and then walk back to the rift totem while waiting for the 30 second cooldown to finish. I don't see what was so grievously about that process that it required patching to correct.

      While those of us higher up in the food chain will potentially feel a boost assuming you're performing the 25-shard gambles, those who rolled new characters and those who don't have a lot of time to play will generally feel pretty hollow about the changes to Kadala, I'd imagine. And beyond all of that, this patch does nothing to fix her general sense of uselessness when it comes to rings, amulets and above all else weapons. Rubbish.

    3. About the decrease in yellow mats. Well, my first thought is that it's good,
      because when i pile up mats, the yellow stack is always the first to hit the max amount

    4. I took my just-into-T6 monk out for a bit. Electrify does seem more sane while I'm playing him. The projectiles were cut by… what looked like more than half. Hard to pin it down closer than that, as I almost never play melee.

      I am glad the jewelry gem cost went in now, though. I was leveling up my Boon with the intent of converting most of my spare gems into the old imperial+1's.

    5. Is there some awesome use of yellow mats I don't know about? I used to pick up every yellow to salvage, but now I've reached the point where I ignore them because I'm overflowing with mats.

      • Enchanting chestpieces, pants, weapons, and jewelry all take a decent amount. Chest and pants are both 50 I think. Given how enchanting "works" I have run through almost 1000 crystals trying to get 1 chestpiece and 1 ring into shape. As it stands now it's two full rifts of picking up all rares to even reroll 1 chest 1 time.

    6. I LOVE the Kadala changes. Two things:

      1. More net legendaries. I am probably biased because I rolled a decent Akkhan chest and a Turd of Iron on my third and fourth gambles post-patch, lol.

      2. People QQing about yellow mats seem to be QQing for the sake of doing so. Only from my perspective, but: I pick up every yellow I see and I always have an overabundance of yellow mats. I have an extremely hard time believing that people are legitimately running into yellow mat problems if they are actually picking up what drops ingame. I also play bounties much more often than rifts, so I cannot account the majority of my yellows coming from shards.

      The only time I had mat problems is when I'd run out of blues… because I had stopped picking them up. I started picking them up again, and didn't have any more issues with running out of blues. It'll take more than a day to properly evaluate resource changes which will affect people's playing styles in the long-run (i.e. how many crafts, what crafts, what re-rolls, what you pick up, etc). Playing one day, running out of yellows because you never pick up the damn things and then crucifying Bliz for making QOL improvements is short-sighted.

      • yellow mats run low for players that craft and reroll a lot of gear. this will only happen when u are towards end-game, trying to get those near-perfect rolls. i think its safe to say that if u like to have multiple classes to play you also end up rerolling a lot of gear.

        • The multiple classes thing is a real killer. I dgaf about breaching epeen rank 40+ or whatever, and would rather experiment with other classes.

          That said, I've seen several people with 2-3 times more played hours on one of their characters than I have across my entire account. It boggles my mind, but I could see if you were only playing one character forever that stuff would stack up.

      • I pick up every single yellow and blue. At 50 per enchant on a chestpiece, it runs out very fast.

        Anyways, how long until Blizzard realizes this is dumb? I give it 4 months. So in four months, expect yellow crafting costs to be reduced for the ones that are not already 3 per, and also expect blood shard bank size to increase by a factor of 3-5.

      • It's not exclusively Hardcore, but shortage of yellow mats is quite often an issue for HC since we have to craft all new items all the time, while in softcore players do some crafting on the leveling up, and then eventually are just sitting in the same leg/set items forever.

        So far in seasons I've made 3 chars into the lvl 70+ range, and each of them had to craft at least a dozen pieces of armor to get decent rolls on 2 or 3 items of Auggies, Asheara's, Cain's, etc. That just devours yellow mats.

    7. I am having trouble with the 500 cap. I think that raising it to 1500-2500 would alleviate a lot of the problems and hassle I am experiencing with the new gambling prices.

      I would really like to see gambling prices move to gold. I think Blood Shards could be a great currency for another game mechanic.
      – Enchanting secondary attributes on items
      – Crafting Legendary jewelry(why is hellfire the only ones)
      – Crafting charms(sorry I loved charms in D2)

    8. The gambling change doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, either. If Blizz is worried people will get fatigued running from Kadala to the Blacksmith and back, why not just charge ten times the shards and make gambling an automatic legendary/set item?

    9. I liked all of the changes except for the x5 increase costs from Kadala.
      First of all, come on guys, what’s the matter to go into blacksmiths to salvage the items gambled from Kadala?, I’m lazy but this is ridiculous. Is just a few secs to do that.

      The changes from Kadala are, idk how to say it, \disappointing\ could be the word, because have to do so much rifts to get enough shards to gambled like 5 items feels sad xD. And the buff to get more legendary items isn’t that good because you will get 1 leg per 500 shards and not all the time is the one want toy want.


    10. Guys, what are your experiences with BotH/Goldwrap-based toughness since the change to gold piles in 2.1.1?

    11. A bit too much emotion and tinfoil going on with this change…. Legendary drop rate is increased = good, and the shard cost is irrelevant.

      Only downside is salvage materials. What's left is just a 'feeling' that things worse (or better for that matter).

    12. I have encountered a new type of goblin today. It was a rainbow gob which opened a portal to whimsyshire after he died.

      • Nice, these have been in since 2.1 but are very rare.

        As far as I can tell from a couple trips inside, everything is identical (regular mobs, pinata, rare spawns) the only difference is the name, Whimsydale instead of shire.

        • The difference it -Dale is setup like a regular dungeon with an exit portal at the end, while -Shire only has the entrance portal at the start.

          • Shire also had an exit portal at the end. At least, it did in 2.0. So unless they changed that for 2.1 they're identical.

            • Huh. I guess that shows you how long it's been since I visited whimseyshire on my own. In that case, maybe there's a difference in named mob spawning?

    13. I liked the Kadala change, actually. And before this change I was always short on blue mats, not yellow ones, so I haven't felt the pinch yet. I'll just keep picking up yellow items I guess.

      The real problem with the Kadala change is that pre-torment characters can't really gamble anymore. Technically, bounties do award shards! And you used to be able to gamble with them. But now you really need a rift guardian sized stack of shards to make visiting Kadala worth the trip.

      • Yeah, the kadala change seems targeted at players who can quickly earn Shards in big chunks, and didn't want to bother with a lot of clicking to spend them for a low rate of return. It's almost like this should have been a 2nd tier of gambling that only enabled once you cleared a T4+ rift, while casual players and new players would enjoy more the previous system.

    14. For what it’s worth, I gambled 6 shields on my alt Crusader last night and got 4 different unique shields, one of which was the Phalanx I was hoping for. Then gambled 500 shards worth of helmets on my WD hoping to upgrade my Jeram’s, and didn’t hit a single unique. RNG is R.

      Didn’t notice a huge difference in my fetish survivability, as things like arcane beams and ground fire/ghost electric attacks still eat them alive. However, my Enforcer gem isn’t lvl 25 or up yet, so I don’t have the 25% less damage buff yet.

    15. on the gem bottleneck. The reduced enchantress jewelery crafting cost to imperial is quite noticeable. On my softcore hero sure I have tons of colored gems for enchantress, but on seasonal they are a shortcoming considering you are not only trying to upgrade all your gems all over again, but you also need to get those sockets on jewelry.

      On gambling they really need to remove the absurdly restrictive 500 shard limit and yeah I think amulets and rings should all cost the same as the rest.

    16. Same experience – got 2 leg chests out of 6 gambles, including 3socket Akkhans, then 0 for 10 the rest of the night.

    17. There are some good aspects to the patch such as the goblins on the map but other than that I don’t feel anything really helped.

      Kadala’s new prices are just terrible. Doing a T6 rift for between 1-4 gambles is ridiculous. It’s just not rewarding anymore and yes the legendary drop rate has been increased but you have 5 times less chances (gambles) to actually get a legendary. So far to me it feels like i am hitting that sweet spot less and getting less legendaries as a result. I have since near the beginning always skipped picking up items in game because quite frankly it just slows farming and have not yet had a problem with mats thanks to Kadala. Also it was easy to get half decent gear for new level 70 characters which helped a great deal with progression through the difficulty levels. Now because you can only get 1/5 of the items, gearing new characters takes much longer.

      As for the reroll costs on gems, once you are farming relatively efficiently gems are not the problem. I feels that it was more difficult staying ahead with forgotten souls than with gems and for those of us who had a few higher level gems ready for rerolling this is a bit of a slap in the face.

      Overall just not happy with the patch and could have gone without it.

      P.S. if running backwards and forwards to Kadala was such a problem then why not just gamble in act 1 where Kadala stands right next to the blacksmith?

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