Diablo 3 Patch 2.0.6 Notes: No More Legendary Materials!?

Diablo 3 Patch 2.0.6 Notes: No More Legendary Materials!?

The overnight maintenance brought with it a new patch and several big changes. The Monk got some slight skill and gear boosts (needed), all class set gear got a drop rate boost (needed), the in-game DPS will now show elemental and +skill damage (very needed)… but DiabloWikiLegendary Materials were gutted. They no longer have any function or purpose, they won’t drop anymore, and all crafting requires just the basic materials.

Here are the patch notes, with some angry commentary afterwards.

Diablo 3 Patch 2.0.6 Notes

Below you will find the patch notes for the most recent update for Diablo III, DiabloWikipatch 2.0.6.




  • The animation speed for DiabloWikiLeap (db) has been increased
  • The new speed is now faster than it was for both male and female Barbarians pre-patch 2.0.5
  • The animation speed for DiabloWikiEarthquake (db) has been slightly increased



We felt that Momentum was not as strong as some other Monk passives. The buffs to Momentum should help bring it more in line with its peers. While there are no additional changes at this time, we intend to buff other abilities in a future patch to open up more build diversity.

Active Skills

DiabloWikiWave of Light (db)

  • Skill Rune – DiabloWikiPillar of the Ancients (db)
    • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue causing the pillar created by this rune to have collision


Passive Skills

DiabloWikiMomentum (db)

  • Reduced the distance required from 30 to 25 yards
  • Damage bonus increased from 15% to 20%
  • Duration increased from 4 to 6 seconds



Class-Specific Items



Legendary items are just as important to class power as class skills. We recognize that the Monk class sets went out underpowered, and are substantially increasing their damage to be closer in comparison with the sets of other classes. Additionally, the Raiment of a Thousand Storms 6- piece bonus has been redesigned slightly to allow the damage to be higher, more controlled, and more deliberate.

DiabloWikiMonkey King’s Garb – (4) Set Bonus

  • Explosion weapon damage increased from 100% to 1600%
  • Lowered explosion delay from 1 to 0.5 seconds
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue that cause the Spirit spent counter to reset when an item was picked up

DiabloWikiRaiment of a Thousand Storms – (6) Set Bonus

  • Will now be triggered only by Dashing Strike
  • Weapon damage increased from 100% to 3000%
  • Damage dealt can now be a Critical Hit
  • Removed the target cap
  • The visual effect will still be capped at six targets
  • Bug Fixes: Fixed an issue introduced in Patch 2.0.5 that prevented the +% Haunt Damage, +% Locust Swarm Damage, and +% Rend Damage item affixes from being applied


Legendary crafting recipes have received several changes:


Legendary crafted items are meant to be both a stepping stone into end game items and a good place to spend crafting materials at the end game. While we like the fantasy of having the unique crafting materials, obtaining them was either keeping too many people from being able to complete the recipes in a timely manner or encouraging game flipping and similar less than ideal patterns of play in order to acquire them. As such, we are removing the requirement for unique items when crafting Legendaries.

  • Unique crafting materials are no longer required
    • Legendary crafting materials will no longer drop
    • Existing Legendary crafting materials will now be grey and have had their sell prices increased.
  • Level 70 crafted sets and Legendary items with unique properties now require additional Death’s Breath
  • Level 70 crafted Legendary items without unique properties have had their Death’s Breath costs removed
  • Death’s Breath is no longer required for most Artisan training costs

User Interface

  • +% Skills damage bonuses will now display on the details page
  • +% Elemental damage bonuses will now display on the details page
  • Paragon bonuses will now be reflected in Character Profile Damage, Toughness, and Healing values
  • Community chat will now be joined by default and the settings for which channels you have joined or left will be saved

50k/mat will not buy my love! ...but it's a good start.
50k/mat will not buy my love! …but it’s a good start.

I really liked Legendary Materials in concept, and not just because we’ve spent many hours making the DiabloWiki.net DiabloWikiLegendary Materials page, and the dozens of related legendary crafting recipe articles, the best available online. Yes, most of the materials were useless due to crappy recipes, but it was fun to have a reason to look forward to finding Unique purple bosses, and I liked that the leg mats rewarded for hunting down specific monsters and knowing what you were doing. Plus it linked (or should have) scarcity of material with quality of recipe, adding another level of strategy to the game. And needing to seek specific legendary materials for the better recipes added a lot of variety to my usual gameplay. Now no one will ever farm the A1 cemetery crypts or defile Maghda again!

This seems like a stupid over simplification so that noobs wouldn’t have to learn anything, and so that people who only wanted to do the same easy repetitious content (RiftsRiftsRifts) would not feel they were missing out on anything. That said, I’ve had zero time to test this stuff out yet, so I am open to finding it an improvement in practice, rather than just a dumbing down in theory.

As for boosted drop rates of class set items… yes. Needed. I know some full time players who farm T5+ have their entire stash full of those green DiabloWikiTorment-only items, but people who don’t play 3+ hours a day, and/or who aren’t chain running Rifts above T3, were never going to find enough of them to gear up with. (And as Monstrous mentioned to me, this (and the DiabloWikiDeaths Breath and leg mat removal) is surely related to the upcoming ladders, where the devs want players to have the chance to gear up well in a limited time.

What do you think of the removal of Legendary Materials?

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51 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Patch 2.0.6 Notes: No More Legendary Materials!?

  1. Hmm, I kinda wish I didn't use all of my Veiled Crystals yesterday rerolling an item still doesn't have the desired stat.

  2. I disapprove of the materials being completely removed, but only mildly. The best thing about this change is that it immediately boosts my stash space; quite a blessing for HC players.

  3. So the slither of depth to crafting has been removed. The play style it encouraged (farming) was unintended so instead of remedying that, remove it. So from Rifts, Caches and Crafting we're down to just two.

  4. Why would they make it easier to get gear? I'm not farmed, but it seems every Demon hunter I see has full marauders, every WD I see has the same fetish build with the same items (the tasker and tao and that helm which increases pet damage), every crusader I see has the same shotgun build, and I almost never see any monks, wiz, or barbs.

    The OP items are way too easy to get. Once a WD has that helm and gloves, then even T6 is a joke. Same for DH with the marauder set (I never see a DH unless they already have this set…).

    The game is already broken as it is, why make it even easier?

  5. They should have kept them in but allowed us to pick 1 stat (still with range) guaranteed to appear if using the legendary mat.

    I suppose with crafting materials becoming like Gold/Shards showing what you have & don't have was too complicated for them.

  6. It's rather annoying that they were removed, at least it gave a reason to fight purples, who's loot tables were nerfed to account for them dropping not that long ago, So they are back to useless now.

    Honestly they probably only did it to stop people re-rolling games 20 times in a row to get a bounty to spawn for that mat you needed and cut down on some server strain… well that and the forthcoming ladders to make them faster. Still, it's a sad loss.

  7. I loathed restarting games over and over to find bounties, and some bounties were extremely rare. That wasn't quality gameplay. The drop distribution could have been a major factor in this decision, possibly because they did not correlate rarity with item power.

    I can also understand that there is a large portion of players that would have no clue where to find things and would prefer not to leave the game to research. That being said, an ingame guide or quest of sorts would have been much better.

  8. Great! So they removed ANOTHER reason to slowly build up my character. There is so little to do in the game as it is. Bounties and Rifts are getting seriously old. Looking forward to just mashing my face on the keyboard to get loot….. 😉

  9. What I don't get is them 'simplifying' things in regards to making legendary recipe items, while still requiring you to visit 3rd party sites to figure out just how much damage skill 'x' does? -have I understood things correctly?

    The current drop rate for ingredients really doesn't make it too difficult to farm around for what you want anymore.

    I personally think this is a step in the wrong direction. The one thing ROS really needs is more breadth in terms of gameplay, not more simplification.

  10. Since leg Crafting mats started to drop for me I like the idea. I like the Purple Monsters having a purpose too. I thought the leg craft mats looked cool; little trophies for hard work.

    My solution would have been to make the recipes awesome. all of these crafted legs save maybe 5 were just garbage. I was hording those mats in case one day they fixed that.

    This wasn't, in my opinion, a great fix.

  11. This just feels like a bug step backwards.

    In the anniversary streams they talked about "collection" systems and hinted the Devil's Hand idea wasn't dead. I hope that means they've got something in the pipeline to take the crafting mats' place.

  12. It's a pity. I didn't even get to farm for those (yeah, I know, I progress way too slow). It IS possible I would loathe the farming grind once I've tried it but I liked the idea of looking for some rare and unique ingredients to make my legendaries. I WAS worried about stash space (never enough of that) so at least that's off my mind. Maybe those legendary trinkets will come back as socketables or charms or something – pity to waste nice graphics and nice concepts.

  13. Some did not need a crafting mat, I agree, but those slightly more powerful items (Aughild's comes to mind) were at least slightly limited in rarity by that. They should have made them optional by having them refund or remove the ridiculous cost of arcane dust when using a legendary mat. Now we'll all have to annoyingly pick up rares because we'll be out of blue and yellow reagents more often.

  14. That said, it should prove a nice financial boost, because I'm sitting on a ton of those already!

  15. Instead of fixing the items, they just made it a lot easier to obtain worthless items. That's pretty dumb. One rift, I grabbed three crafting plans, and was excited until I got to the smith and realized every single one was a 6 random rare w/ slightly higher rolls. Those items should not be, period. We already have gambling, we don't need more gambling masquerading as something that's supposedly there to help you get over long streaks of bad luck.

    And has anyone even bothered w/ the new Ubers yet? The Hellfire ring is an utter joke. Put the Immunity amulets and Royal Grandeur in there, and now we're talking.

  16. Pretty crappy move by the devs, I think.

    Right now, being out in the world and doing bounties, I felt like my knowledge of maps paid off because I knew where to check for events/purple spawns that would drop a specific crafting material. I wouldn't stoop to farming/game flipping anyway (mindless), but now there's not much encouragement to go out of my way while running bounties because the only thing in the game that had a slightly different progression track is now gone.

    Although I guess in some ways it's kind of irrelevant, because Forgotten Souls have been my gate to crafting, rather than the specific mats. I generally only get one soul-worthy legendary per session, which means that not even every session results in enough souls for a legendary craft.

  17. (trying to make short arguments)

    I never post anywhere but I always read everthing daily.

    Just wanted to say that I strongly feel Blizzard is making one bad decision after another (for years).

    I'm trying to stay ontopic but my mind is already ranting so I'll just let it out.

    Every single change they made from 2008 (I think) has been for the worse of this game.

    That started out building on the skills system of DII. When word was coming out I was already excited. They (could) have years of experience with DII and it's skills system. Why it was so adicting and of course some minor flaws. When they announced the overhaul and showed it I already knew this wasn't a game I was going to play with such joy as I did before.

    It has been said a thousand times by thousands of people/players. The synergies system worked. In the beginning of building a new character you really had the feeling of 'making' you're own hero. Carefully choosing skills to complement what you had in mind. I did not have hours and hours on end a day to play and still I had a few decent chars almost every ladder season and enjoyed every one of them.

    It was the combination of everything a little bit flawed that made the game so enjoyable.

    DIII so far (+ROS) has been 2-4 months of enjoyment for me. In price terms that's a good bit of fun for your money. If you look at hours per $ or in my case €. But it just doesn't feel right.

    Haverst caches, do rifts + RIF. Repeat. That's it. I think the legendary materials were useless, but they did add some variety.

    In DII we had so much to do. All the different runs.. And with the immunities, sometimes you had to make another char. But that worked because the reward was being able to do runs with that char for certains items.

    And the amount of different items that were usefull. You were always hoping because every second of killing, something could drop. Now it's only 'Ping's'. Or should I say souls?

    And listning to every guy with an opinion on the forums? Come on, DII stayed the same for years and it flourished.

    And don't get me started on trading.. How ignorant can you be to remove such a crucial aspect of a multiplayer game.

    In DII everybody could get rich. Every-f-body. People who didn't play much farmed gems for example. They could trade those for Pul runes. With those runes you could buy items. Making your char stronger.

    Everybody had a purpose, a goal, an endgame.

    Ugh this post became to much 'touchy feely'. Sorry about that.

  18. I was hoping they would fix the spawn rate of ancient corpse. I've read people doing over 100 runs to find one, I'm not quite there but it is ridiculous the time it takes to get a few journals…

  19. I agree about the stash space. At first, I thought the change might be due to inventory issues. But when I read the Philosophy sections of the patch notes, it seemed like it was more due to undesirable farming behavior.

  20. I have mixed feelings about this change. In a way it almost turns the crafting into an "auction house" where everything is fully available to everyone at any time. Granted most of the crafted items are not very desirable but tracking down the mats for the ones that mattered became its own mini-challenge and introduced the opportunity for more focused gameplay.

    The downside, of course, is that some of the mats were extremely hard to acquire, and as others had mentioned, required you to join/quit games over and over until the bounty you wanted was available. I've run dozens and dozens of Act 1 bounties trying to get a RORG (for my Crusader) and encountered a bounty for a purple quill fiend once (?) in all that time…should it really be that difficult to find the mat (shimmering quill) for a crafted bow that isn't really that good to begin with?

    While I'm glad I don't have to hunt down the ingredients, it does sort of feel like cheating the way it works now. It felt good to hunt down and find the three mats to give my Crusader the full Born's set…and that was back when white items were also required. Overall, I think this is good for the game…as nice as some of the sets are, I don't think any of the crafted items are powerful enough to warrant the extra effort needed to collect the materials.

    On a related note, I'm glad I can sell off my excess mats (made over 1 million just on my Adventurer's Journals alone), but I'm compelled to store them on a mule character as I really like the artwork (and descriptions) created for them.

    Lastly, a moment of silence for the poor purple monsters…they give us bounty rewards but now nothing special.

  21. Totally. A much nicer solution, just off the top of my head would be to make mats guaranteed after completing a bounty. Maybe you get to choose one or something…

    Removing them entirely is simply too trivial.

  22. Yeah if they nerf/ruin Rift it Forward that'll kill what little reliable fun the game has. And the backlash will be pretty serious. I'm waiting for the "Rift Redesign" patch where all rifts are a long tunnel full of trash distributed by a "hitpoint-per-meter" system to be "fair and competitively balanced."

    As is, there's just too much fun in the game that can't be completely dissected and optimized for peen-waving yet. We need to fix this ASAP.

  23. Yeah, not a big fan. The people who spammed games for bounties were intentionally wasting their own time instead of just going to look for a spawn or quest. Out of my dozen Twin Seas essences… ONE of them was from razormouth as a bounty.

    Now it's back to something else until I feel like hopping on the pre-approved Rift Treadmill(tm) again.

  24. I am actually not a fan of establishments like "rift it forward" and do not participate in it. I understand the value but it's too artificial and chore-like for me. I still like to PLAY a nice rift from start to end in a stable team at a nice pace, instead of this hectic rush-like jumping from game to game. I understand and support it if Blizzard wants to stop play-styles of this type.

  25. Why do you care how other people play, as long as you can play how you like? I've never seen a single person ask for Rift it Forward to be made mandatory… but I've seen a whole lot of people who don't use RiF want it removed.

  26. I don't think you could remedy it without crafting materials becoming just rarer death breaths. While I liked them, I welcome every change that discourages farming.

  27. there is an easy way to get all three of them , when you find an ancient corpse invite another player & make him hold the game for you & click the corpse,get the journal ,leave game ,re-enter click the corpse again & get the second one & so on

  28. On one hand I agree with you. On the other hand, farming Twin Essences for hours really gets tedious beyond belief.

    Somebody noted that the frequent bounty restarting was the reason Bliz changed this, sounds quite plausible to me!

    They could have made mats an inventory item like gold and make it drop more randomly.

  29. I just hope this is a "our replacement for rune words was dull, we remove it we will restore D2 style rune words"… But not much…

    If the goal of farming for the leg mat was just to go and craft the legendary, I do not see such difference with having this purple directly dropping the legendary. This is a reduction of two forgotten souls in the cost but the main sink for souls is enchanting, and with the current algorithm, it is a sufficient sink to allow for this reduction.

    Yet they wanted to have all information in game and not on a website so they should add special bounty quests to these purple to get precise legendary.

  30. I think its Ladder related personally.
    I'm sure there are people who want to play ladder for the new items but don't have time to farm crafting materials.
    I bet the will make the item plans even easier to find soon.

    I don't get all the people who say they will now have more stash space. Haven't you ever heard of making mules?

  31. "Community chat will now be joined by default and the settings for which channels you have joined or left will be saved"
    That's cool 🙂

    Oh, and yes leg mats no more. I can't tell how dissapointed I am :'(

  32. Pattern

    No wonder it took 10 years for this the game. One step forward, one step backward. Implement a feature, than take it out again – I am still sorry that the runestones have been removed, and now this. And in the end the game gets less interesting. Nobody cares if there is still a bit of content that you haven't seen – on the contrary, when you have seen it all, you're done with the game.

  33. Why not just dramatically increase the drop-rate of legendary crafting materials? That keeps the mechanic and some of the depth. Maybe this is linked to some new feature in the 2.1 patch?

  34. FnB

    "I don't get all the people who say they will now have more stash space. Haven't you ever heard of making mules?"

    I have heard of that. All my mules are full, sir. I spent the extra money for additional character slots just so I could have more storage space. I even have a 2nd entire account, but since everything is account bound, I can't move it there. But I will get some extra space after selling the leg mats, at least.

  35. I think these changes will be alright once the new ladder rolls out and we start from scratch again.

  36. Do people just like doing boring things?

    I’ve been reading the feedback on the removal of legendary crafting mats and I’ve never been more confused. How did people enjoy this system? I can’t even fathom why anyone would be upset it’s gone.

    Where is the fun?

    You get a crafting recipe, google drop location, you farm the monster. Of course the monster almost never spawns and you basically recreate the game over and over again. Then you get a drop and the item sucks.
    Or you get some legendary crafting mat, you google recipe and you wait till the recipe drops. Meanwhile the mats sits in the stash and take up space.

    On the odd chance you didn’t google anything, you either had the recipe and you made the item or you didn’t and it sat in the stash. Still I don’t see anything fun about this.

    However, if your argument is that this is a Band-Aid fix to the fact that legendary items (Especially vanilla legendaries) are terrible. I agree 100%. However some fix is better than no fix.

  37. It could be a case of 'I suffered through it, so you should too'. I commented early on the same thing you put up, bad for gameplay but possibly could have been done differently. We don't know whats around the corner and likely this will be an afterthought in a couple weeks.

    Also on the leap update: I noticed it right away and it is much smoother. Nice update!

  38. Hi,

    I voted "support with misgivings". I don't feel bitter about having farmed some components for nothing (some who strongly disagree might) but I liked the targetted farming as described in the article.
    That said, an increased cost in death breaths feels about right, and I won't complain about having access to items more easily.

  39. You must be a hoarder extraordinaire. I know i keep a lot more than i should, but WOW! 🙂

  40. Then fix it. Have it so the legendary material can drop from different types of mobs such as Khazra, Fallen, Ghosts or groups, Undead, Beasts or drops from multiple purples.

    Even have them tradeable. Restrict it to a certain amount of time if absolutely necessary, at least it would bring some vibrancy to community chatter.

    There are always solutions other than just removing it. If you keep stripping away layers you'll be left with bugger all. I had hopes they would expand on crafting so that it and enchanting would make up for the other aspects we have no input on. I'm disappointed to see it further simplified.

    If you set one single mat to drop from one or two purples it is going to be farmed. That is a given because it was implemented in that way.

  41. They should have reduced the legendary mats to 9 mats: 1 for each armor slot and 1 for everything else (weapons, shields, etc.). The mats could still drop from specific mobs but you'd have the boots material dropping from maybe 5-6 different types. That way you'd still be able to target the drops, but you wouldn't feel any pressure to continually restart games hunting for one bounty.

    Crafted items should also have more certain rolls that are less powerful than dropped legendaries, just to make it clear that crafted items are a stepping stone toward more powerful dropped sets.

  42. You mean to tell me after busting my a** to creat a character to get to the level and dps to kill malthael,that Blizzard decides to do this? So now the glory of recieving the reaper qrap recipe is Gone? What in the F is wrong with these people? I paid the money for the freaking game jerk off,let me play without you changing the freaking rules as I play! How bout that.You know what I think,I think these guys got to justify the pay they receive being on the "Team",so they have to look busy! Reminds me of a group everybody should know called…Congress.Blizzard if you don't like things in a game,here's a tip from someone that knows little to nothing about gaming development…note it down and make your "Next" game "Flawless"…It's called fair market value,and you seem to want to screw us every year of the game we paid "You" for,you act like we owe you,or we need your help! Are you kidding me? Stop It,Please leave this game alone,go play with your WOW goons,and leave this one alone,or how bout this…Make the freakin game as perfect as you can,THEN release it? Oh but then you can't justify the 1 million strong staff,and yes I said 1 million,I know because I sat through all your credits after I felt accomplished for killing Malthael with a not so strong character,thinking hey I might get a surprise maybe for sitting through this and agknowledging the 1 million people that it takes to keep screwing a game up.It was fine when it came out ok..trust me I am not a hardcore gamer,I play when I can,I own a business,but I love this game,and nothing was wrong with it.If the farmers have problems farming,so be it,who cares? really! Who gives a crap that they are playing all day every day for a thousand hours.It's business 101,when you place a product on the market,it is your reponsibilty to make sure that the product is "Ready" for the market.I mean how would you feel if you went to the store to get baby food,and every other day you had to log onto a forum to see if any "Patches" have been made for your babies freakin food? Pass this daggum message to the BOSS there at Blizzard,he needs to hear this please.Thanks

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