Diablo 3 Patch 2.0.6 Issues and Follow Ups

Diablo 3 Patch 2.0.6 Issues and Follow Ups

news--patch206-bug-fixesThe Blues answered a few questions, mostly about bugs, relating to yesterday’s Diablo 3 Patch 2.0.6 Issues and Follow Ups. The most obvious was a bug with the just-improved Monk set, Raiment of a Thousand Storms, since it’s still working like Raiment of 150 Storms. Or 200, tops.

Right now the Raiment of a Thousand Storms 6 piece set bonus does not benefit from bonus Lightning damage, but we’re planning on implementing a hotfix which will change that. For now, we’re not sure when this hotfix will be implemented, but we’ll be sure to update the Patch 2.0.6 Hotfix thread when we do.

It’s not fixed yet…

Patch 2.0.6 Hotfixes – Updated 6/10


  • Resolving an issue where the DiabloWikiRaiment of a Thousand Storms 6 piece set bonus does not benefit from +% Lightning Damage.

  • No hotfixes have been applied to the 2.0.6 patch at this time.

  • Another bug relates to the Legendary Materials, which are still dropping in some instances.

    Why are they dropping if we no longer need? I just found DiabloWikiGriswold’s Scribblings.
    Grimiku: There is currently a bug that is causing some Legendary crafting materials to continue to drop after the patch. We’re still looking into the specifics of the bug, and don’t have a current estimate to share on when this will be fixed (or how: via hotfix or patch). In the meantime, thanks for your reports!

    I’m disappointed that they removed all that content and variety by ripping out the heart of the legendary crafting system. I would not be disappointed to find of the leg mats via a bug, though. That’s like getting a 50k bonus drop, after all. (And ultra-rare jumbo-sized gold drops or high level gem drops are features the game should have anyway.)

    Is the increased drop rate of class set items KADALABLE as well? Yes.

    I’d really like to get my last marauders piece some time this year and was wondering if the buff will apply to DiabloWikiKadala as well?
    Grimiku: This change does affect Kadala, and every other available source that you can find a class-specific Set item from (monsters, chests, and destructibles included).

    No blue has dared offer input on any of the “WTF Leg Mats Gone??!!?” threads, but the community seems pretty evenly-split on that change. More fans approve that disapprove (you people disappoint me), with the following percentages after around 1600 votes:

  • Strongly + slightly approve = 52%
  • Strongly + slightly disapprove = 40%
  • No opinion: 8%
  • The vote is still live, if you haven’t weighed in yet.

    What do you think of the removal of Legendary Materials?

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    7 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Patch 2.0.6 Issues and Follow Ups

    1. The leg material is not that big deal in my opinion. You spend less time farming leg materials, but it is not like that many people swim in Veiled Crystals either. Some legendary items require 80 veiled crystals and up per craft, so that means you have to get 80 rare items and salvage them. Still pretty time consuming.

      But the thing is you get rare items at somewhat steady pace, as opossed to hope for purple to spanw and then hope that purple will drop legendary mat.

    2. Well, for me, specific item drops form specific monsters is something not from Diablo and very MMO'ish. When I think about ARPG drops, one of the things that comes to mind is – anything can be dropped by anything/anyone.

    3. So, is this "increased chance" means
      1. 0.00000001% to drop set became 0.000000002%. this implies set drops are different from leg drops
      2. If a lagendary drops, there's 10% it's a set. Now it became 20%. This implies no real increase in legendary drop rate, but from what did drop, more of that will be set.
      Of course numbers above are just to illustrate the point.

    4. I'm 98% sure the leg mats were dropped due to people spamming games hoping for a bounty instead of taking the time to go LOOK for something to spawn. There were 5 different spawn points for twin seas that I know of (3 Large Threshers, sewers, razormouth), and I started getting many more per hour when I looked for every one except razormouth. Spamming games looking for the razor bounty is crap on the servers, so that's probably why they went kaput.

      Obligatory anecdotal evidence: I gambled 150 shards on my barb and got a leg crap helm, decent IK's and MotE helms. Clearly the system works. 3 legs = Half-life 3 confirmed.

    5. Having to use 80 veiled crystals will be the next pity party for those who think BIS is a right. And Blizzard will cave there also.

    6. What i think is that Blizzard is making the nonladder game mode for all the casuals so they stop whining on forums…

      but maybe im wrong and its just Blizzard failing to understand that you dont just include a system in the game just to destroy it just like it never was there. They are practicaly trashing all the time some players spent farming those matts.

      What i think and hope is that the system will be reintroduced in ladders.

    7. I enjoyed the farming, but it only becomes fun at higher T levels of 5 as you find the items more often. At lower levels for newer or more casual players it is a pain in the ass per my discussions with several players that only play an hour or so a day.

      Voted support with some misgivings.

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