Diablo 3 Patch 2.0.5 is on the servers and will be active later today when the server downtime ends. There was no hint of it in the realm maintenance post, but an EU CM gave some hints, and the patch is being datamined to give us hints of the contents that have to tide us over until the official patch notes go live.

    Diablo 3 PTR Patch 2.0.5 Patch Notes DataminedIt’s mostly a bug fix and balancing/adjustment patch, so don’t expect huge changes or big new features (those will come in 2.1, which will get PTR testing before it goes live). There are a fair number of class skill changes, mostly to the still-under-construction Crusader, but almost all the skill changes for every class are just tweaks to damage or elemental type.

    The other patch changes are a mixture of bug-fixes we’ve already been promised, plus a few minor new features and community buffs. Here’s a rundown.

    Update: The official 2.0.5 patch notes have now been released by Blizzard.

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