Diablo 3 Patch 2.0.5 Bugs: Rift Crashing, Enchanting, and More

Diablo 3 Patch 2.0.5 Bugs: Rift Crashing, Enchanting, and More

There are two major problems with the new patch right out the door, with Diablo 3 Patch 2.0.5 Bugs:

Nephalem Rifts are causing client crashes for many players. Blizzard is aware of the problem and working on a fix, and in the meantime there’s a workaround.

We currently have an issue that may cause some players to crash when entering a Nephalem Rift or changing areas. We are currently working on a potential fix for this, but in the meantime we have a workaround that may help.

  1. Open your Options menu (press esc).
  2. Locate the Speaker Setup menu under Sound options.
  3. Select “Stereo” in the dropdown and hit Accept.

Following these steps may help reduce the frequency at which this occurs while we are working on getting a fix deployed.

See, that’s the kind of thing that makes me glad I never went into tech support or programming. When changing the sound options to Stereo is the cause of, or solution to, crashes that seem to have no connection to music or sound, I’m out.

The patch also introduced a bug where enchanting crafted set items may cause skill bonuses for other classes to appear in your reroll options. So long as you don’t select one there’s no harm, but you will waste your materials and gold, so it’s a good idea not to enchant crafted gear that can roll with skill bonuses until this is fixed.

This is certainly not intended, so our apologies for that.

There is a bug with crafted set items that is causing Myriam to offer skills from other classes while Enchanting. A fix is in the works for this as I am typing this.

This bug shouldn’t be affecting other items than crafted set items, but please let us know if you see other items affected by this bug. Screenshots would be helpful in this case.

Amusing that the patch specifically fixed redundant rerolls, which was the #1 complaint about enchanting (according to our recent vote), but introduced this one which is similar… but even worse!

A couple of examples of the bug in action, with a Demon Hunter receiving skill bonuses to things she does not want.

Update: This bug been hotfixed.

Crafted items will no longer generate affixes inappropriate to the character when rerolling properties at the Mystic.*

Elsewhere, a question about Kadala, Caches, and Torment-only legendaries:

There was not a typo in the patch notes, and Kadala can now drop Torment restricted items! This includes class set items, too.

I’d like to try and clarify something about Horadric Caches as well. They now have a bonus chance for a Legendary item that starts at Torment II+, but the Torment restricted items can drop from a Horadric Cache obtained in Torment I.

Nice that clarification, since from the patch notes I assumed the DiabloWikiTorment-only drops were only from Torment 2-6 bags. So there are two changes: 1) caches found on Torment1-6 can now drop Torment-only legs, and 2) caches found on T2-T6 get a bonus drop rate for legendaries (of any type).

You guys experienced any of these horrors? Also note that we’ve got a forum thread collecting undocumented changes/bugs in the patch, so check it out and add some news if you’ve got it.

  • Undocumented changes: Diablo 3 Patch 2.0.5
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    16 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Patch 2.0.5 Bugs: Rift Crashing, Enchanting, and More

    1. So now we can clear bounties and rifts in < T1 and still gamble for those rare sets/legs that are torment only. Could speed up the gearing from years to months and open up the possibility of gearing up alts which I started doing by leaving my DH on the side lines until they fix some skills and working on my pet WD which is now awesome with only old gear to do T1.

      • People are creating games at t6 with lvl 1 characters, then while other people are still at the game they switch characters to get a bunch of shards to spend on kadala…

        And people are discussing it at official forums – oversight, fail, the horror?: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/12674389885

        Personally, I’m doing rifts at master because it’s fast enough (I can use all WD movement skills and Acid Rain) and I get a solid number of shards (~50) and, surprisingly, a decent number of souls.

        Considering they nerfed jade set, zuni set is bugged and “lol other set I didn’t care to memorize the name”, I took a break from torment and the extra 2-handers from increased leg. chance, at least until I get mask of Jeram and cindercoat from kadala.

    2. Hmmm…as a Hardcore demon hunter player, “reducing the frequency” doesn’t sound like much of a fix-unless that reduction is to zero like before the patch.

    3. trying to enter a rift crashed me last night. other than that the gold drops are significant! and i seemed to find more gems as well. both welcome changes.

    4. Didn’t cause any crashes or anything, but last night I noticed that opening my inventory or stash was very slow. Would pull up an “empty” inv or stash and then slowly populate with all of my items. After it loaded I could close that window and then open it again with no lag, but if I were to go loot a ton of stuff and then open my inventory it would be slow to load everything again. First time I have ever seen this issue.

      Once I finish my Barb I will finally start my Crusader now that they have been buffed pretty substantially.

      • I actually preferred this over waiting 5-6 seconds to put on my Nemesis Bracers.

      • Noticed the same stash delay, also drops on the ground stillhave a delay specially when they drop many items like radiant chests and also with armor/weapons racks.
        Also I see more smart leg drops between yesterday and today I´ve got 2 pieces zuni, thing of the deep, mask of jeram, soj with pishical dmg all in T1 rifts..I`ve been playing T1 rifts like forever….and never had so good drops..
        Imperials are dropping often too..

      • i have had the same issue since the patch,,, it will bring up my inventory but slowly each item i have will appear… same with stash.

        • ditto. it is also annoying after an elite kill that the rare and deaths breath will pop out a good 3-4 sec after they are killed, at which time i’ve already run to the next monster pack and have to run back to pick up my loot….

      • I think this was their fix on the issue where you would press the inventory button and the game would essentially pause for half a second or more while It quickly loaded all the things before resuming the game.

    5. I had a crash yesterday which made me happy I was farming T2 instead of T3 (which probably would’ve gotten me killed) and just went to doing bounties after that. I’ll probably wait until I see a \Nephalem rifts should no longer crash due to not having stereo in your sounds tab checked\ hotfix outside of doing Rift it Foward or running with others (I play solo 99% of the time though).

      This bug explains why the Ashera’s pants I was trying to reroll w/ 2 sockets kept showing up with WD, Monk, Crusader, ect. skill though. Was much confused and just gave up when it costed 500k a reroll.

    6. Blizzard really needs to drop the licensed FMOD sound engine and roll their own. The number of audio problems are becoming unmanageable.

      They rolled their own physics engine after ditching Havok– same needs to be done to FMOD.

    7. There was and never will be again sounds as appealing and as good as in Diablo I with Soundblaster card.
      We had lots of ambiance and reverberation, plus very interesting monster cries (examples: Succubus death cries, magi alert tones, goat’s noises and so on).
      Don’t know why it has not been in game, but the puny hardware of the time (a 80286 processor with ridiculous RAM and very slow disk of the time, a Soundblaster 2 and what not) was running the show with applomb.
      Today, we have great Internet play (no lag), great looks (fantastic looks and speed in graphics), but, honestly, the sound department is sorely lacking ambiance and involvement.

      And the recipe is so simple… Reverberation. depth illusion and direction. All of these we had in DOS with a miser SB…. why not now?…

      Instead, we got freezes?

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