There are two major problems with the new patch right out the door, with Diablo 3 Patch 2.0.5 Bugs:

    Nephalem Rifts are causing client crashes for many players. Blizzard is aware of the problem and working on a fix, and in the meantime there’s a workaround.

    We currently have an issue that may cause some players to crash when entering a Nephalem Rift or changing areas. We are currently working on a potential fix for this, but in the meantime we have a workaround that may help.

    1. Open your Options menu (press esc).
    2. Locate the Speaker Setup menu under Sound options.
    3. Select “Stereo” in the dropdown and hit Accept.

    Following these steps may help reduce the frequency at which this occurs while we are working on getting a fix deployed.

    See, that’s the kind of thing that makes me glad I never went into tech support or programming. When changing the sound options to Stereo is the cause of, or solution to, crashes that seem to have no connection to music or sound, I’m out.

    The patch also introduced a bug where enchanting crafted set items may cause skill bonuses for other classes to appear in your reroll options. So long as you don’t select one there’s no harm, but you will waste your materials and gold, so it’s a good idea not to enchant crafted gear that can roll with skill bonuses until this is fixed.

    This is certainly not intended, so our apologies for that.

    There is a bug with crafted set items that is causing Myriam to offer skills from other classes while Enchanting. A fix is in the works for this as I am typing this.

    This bug shouldn’t be affecting other items than crafted set items, but please let us know if you see other items affected by this bug. Screenshots would be helpful in this case.

    Amusing that the patch specifically fixed redundant rerolls, which was the #1 complaint about enchanting (according to our recent vote), but introduced this one which is similar… but even worse!

    A couple of examples of the bug in action, with a Demon Hunter receiving skill bonuses to things she does not want.

    Update: This bug been hotfixed.

    Crafted items will no longer generate affixes inappropriate to the character when rerolling properties at the Mystic.*

    Elsewhere, a question about Kadala, Caches, and Torment-only legendaries:

    There was not a typo in the patch notes, and Kadala can now drop Torment restricted items! This includes class set items, too.

    I’d like to try and clarify something about Horadric Caches as well. They now have a bonus chance for a Legendary item that starts at Torment II+, but the Torment restricted items can drop from a Horadric Cache obtained in Torment I.

    Nice that clarification, since from the patch notes I assumed the DiabloWikiTorment-only drops were only from Torment 2-6 bags. So there are two changes: 1) caches found on Torment1-6 can now drop Torment-only legs, and 2) caches found on T2-T6 get a bonus drop rate for legendaries (of any type).

    You guys experienced any of these horrors? Also note that we’ve got a forum thread collecting undocumented changes/bugs in the patch, so check it out and add some news if you’ve got it.

  • Undocumented changes: Diablo 3 Patch 2.0.5
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