Diablo 3 Patch 2.0.4 Testing: Golden Chests and Legendary Materials

Diablo 3 Patch 2.0.4 Testing: Golden Chests and Legendary Materials

Patch 2.0.4 changed a lot of skills and it will be interesting to hear player feedback on that once people have hours to work through the new skills, especially all the Crusader buffs. There are other patch changes don’t take so long to test out, and I hopped on for an hour this afternoon to do some Diablo 3 Patch 2.0.4 Testing. I was mostly curious about Resplendent Chests and Legendary Material drop rates.

Resplendent, At Last

Fans had long complained about Golden chest drops, and Blizzard recently confirmed
that they were bugged and would be buffed in the next patch. But by how much? The patch notes didn’t give any details:

The treasure from Resplendent Chests has been improved to feel more resplendent.

I started up a game on Adventure Mode, it deposited me into Act One, and I skimmed the bounties for one that would be sure to bring me into contact with a golden chest. Yes, it was Goat Caves time!

golden-chest-v204-1There’s your evidence. My take was 4 rare items, 1 blue item, 2 gems, and a potion, plus the usual spray of gold. I hit a few others and they were equivalent to that first one, and everyone in clan chat was debating the quality and what we should call them. “Ungiggling Goblins” was one option, since the golden chests drop about like a Goblin, but don’t run or chuckle in the process. Chests also don’t drop any/many materials though, and Goblins spit out a bunch of those, and generally fewer items than I was getting from the Resplendent chests.

BTW, there’s kind of a weird relationship between finding white/blue/yellow items and materials. At this point in RoS few of us need either. Most players have 1000+ stacks of all the crafting mats, or could readily obtain them if need be. Thus when you find materials they’re not really needed, and yet they are so convenient and stackable that I’m always happy to pick up some more (and once they’re auto-pickup it’ll be even easier). On the other hand, it’s extremely unlikely any Rare item I find will be useful, and there’s zero chance I’ll do anything with a blue item other than salvage it. So would I rather find materials, or items, or should I feel exactly the same about both, and factor in the “full Inventory” and “salvage point and click” time required with items?

Or is there a third option, where people who are broke like to find rares, since they sell for 4-6k and that adds up if you do it non-stop?

That aside, what do you guys think of golden chests now, and will you go out of your way to farm them? I wish they had some reason to be special; some slightly better chance to drop something you didn’t often get from other chests or goblins, etc. I’d like to see one and feel some possible excite, the way I get with Purples, especially now that their legendary material drop rate is so buffed. But later for that.

Radiant Chests; Not So Radiant

Radiant Chest v2.0.4.
Radiant Chest v2.0.4.
My other immediate question was whether the blue-glowing Radiant Chests, that you are awarded for completing a Cursed Chest even or Bounty, had been buffed in drop rate. Prior to this patch they dropped not much different than the bugged Golden Chests, so I was curious.

Short answer: no. I opened half a dozen of them in one quick game and each spit out something like 1 or 2 items (usually Rare), 1 or 2 gems, and a potion. Plus gold stacks. Same as they’ve always been, more or less.

I guess that’s fine, since the main reward for a Cursed Chest is the big EXP bonus, and the monsters that came out of the chest dropped something. Plus, you often get two Radiant Chests side by side if you complete the event successfully, and if they dropped big that would be excessive? Maybe these dropping so stingy makes Golden Chests feel more special, in comparison?

Legendary Materials Everywhere!

Another big change in this patch was a buff to DiabloWikiLegendary Materials drop rates. We posted the details of that just yesterday in that huge DiabloWikiDifficulty article in the news and in the wiki, but here’s the list again:

  • Normal: 15% chance of Death’s Breaths, 5% chance of Legendary Materials.
  • Hard: 18% chance of Death’s Breaths, 6% chance of Legendary Materials.
  • Expert: 21% chance of Death’s Breaths, 7.2% chance of Legendary Materials.
  • Master: 25% chance of Death’s Breaths, 8.6% chance of Legendary Materials.
  • Torment 1: 31% chance of Death’s Breaths, 10.4% chance of Legendary Materials.
  • Torment 2: 37% chance of Death’s Breaths, 12.4% chance of Legendary Materials.
  • Torment 3: 44% chance of Death’s Breaths, 14.9% chance of Legendary Materials.
  • Torment 4: 53% chance of Death’s Breaths, 17.9% chance of Legendary Materials.
  • Torment 5: 64% chance of Death’s Breaths, 21.5% chance of Legendary Materials.
  • Torment 6: 77% chance of Death’s Breaths, 25.8% chance of Legendary Materials.
  • That was yesterday. Today, in v2.0.4, Legendary Materials drop at the same rate as DiabloWikiDeath’s Breaths. This doesn’t mean you’ll find them as often, since only the occasional Purple Unique boss can drop a Legendary Material, while every Purple, plus random Elites, Golden Chests, and Treasure Goblins can drop Death’s Breaths. But it’s a big buff all the same, basically tripling the odds of an Orange Mat falling when it has the chance to fall.

    I didn’t play for long testing this afternoon, but the first Purple I killed was a Goatman I met on the way to that Golden Chest, and he coughed up a DiabloWikiTorn Soul. I didn’t see another Leg Mat by accident in that game, but excited by the prospect of easy orange mats, I did several quick Leg Mat farming games after that, seeking 3 particular materials.

    (The master list of legendary crafting materials, where they drop, and what you use them for, is in this forum thread, and it’s coming soon to the DiabloWiki.net in much more detail.)

    1. Dashing along Old Tristram Road and checking the three cellars for DiabloWikiSarkoth or DiabloWikiGorathra, in search of a DiabloWikiShimmering Quill to make another DiabloWikiUnbound Bolt.
    2. A quick run through Alcarnus to pop DiabloWikiMaghda, seeking a DiabloWikiMaghda’s Tormented Soul to make items from DiabloWikiCain’s Destiny.
    3. Browsing the Act Four Bounties to see if DiabloWikiKao’ Ahn or DiabloWikiOah’ Tash was advertised as a Bounty target, as only purple Morlu melee dudes can drop the DiabloWikiShuddering Demon Bone required for the DiabloWikiArchfiend Arrows quiver.

    My luck was pretty good. In 3 games I got a Shimmering Quill and a Maghda’s Tormented Soul, which I promptly turned into a new pair of gloves. You can see them below, along with the INT gloves and pants another guy in the clan had just made, thanks to the newly much-cheaper crafting cost.

    Reduced Legendary Crafting Costs

    This one almost feels like a bug, though it’s clearly intentional. Prior to this patch, lots of the better Set and Legendary crafting recipes had a Flawless Royal gem as an ingredient. That’s the highest level gem in Reaper of Souls, manufactured from 81 DiabloWikiMarquise Gems and around 10m in gold upgrade costs (save gold by finding DiabloWikiImperials), and that served as a substantial DiabloWikibottleneck to the manufacture of those items. Items like the ones in Cain’s Destiny.

    Cain's Destiny reduced crafting costs in v2.0.4.
    Cain’s Destiny reduced crafting costs in v2.0.4.

    As you see in the screen, that recipe still requires a gem… but a Marquise Gem. Wut? Why require a gem at all, then? You find dozens of Marquise gems an hour in Reaper of Souls.

    I had been urging a reduction in the excessive Flawless Royal Gem crafting cost since the beta (I harangued John Yang about it during our live stream.) but I thought they’d lower it to a plain Royal (27 Marquise and 3.3m cost), or a Flawless Imperial (9 Marquise and 900k cost). Flawless Imperial are required to enchant legendary jewelry, and that seems a pretty fair cost to most players. Requiring just a Marquise for the set item crafting is irrelevant to the cost. The only bottleneck on making those now will be the 2 Souls and the Leg Mat, and with Leg Mats so much easier to find… expect to see a *lot* of legendary crafting.

    In fact, I’d strongly recommend it. You can pretty easily produce items as good or better than most Legendary finds, of exactly the item type you want, and when there are good legendary or set bonuses (like +8% IAS from 2 items of Cain’s Destiny) you’ll easily upgrade by rolling your own.

    Drunken Mouse Syndrome

    Unfortunately, there’s a bug in the patch that impacted my play experience, and kept me from pushing up the difficulty to improve my leg mat finding rate. (Because Hardcore.) It’s on the Known Issues, and thankfully it wasn’t the new Crusader suicide shield bug.

    As the Blue post concludes from lots of player feedback, anyone running Windows in magnified mode (+125% is the usual option, for people with big monitors and bad eyes) will experience some loss of cursor precision in DiabloWikiPatch 2.0.4. I am among them, and I noticed the problem as soon as I logged in this afternoon. My mouse felt kind of floaty just moving through the create game interface, and when I was in game with the map open, I felt a bit drunk as I pointed at the Bounties… and my mouse sailed drunkenly around the screen, like it was preparing to give a wedding toast and had been imbibing some liquid courage.

    It wasn’t terrible, or unplayable, but it was instantly noticeable, and I asked if anyone else in the clan was feeling it. A couple of people were, and this was before any of us had read the Known Issues thread, and before Blue tech support had updated that thread to conclude that it was the magnification within Windows that was causing the issues.

    what you did there birdI can reproduce this here on my work desktop by running Windows at a higher display font size of 125%. Cursor response when playing in fullscreen isn’t as crisp and the gloved gauntlet cursor becomes corrupted when mousing over selectable objects.

    This info has been passed on to the department able to investigate it. I’m afraid I don’t have any sort of ETA at this time as to what they’ll be able to do about it or when.

    As for a possible workaround right now, changing the desktop font size back to 100% (the default) seems to work. You need to log out of Windows and back in when making this change before it takes effect.

    The pelican sums up my reaction to this work around. To paraphrase one guy from the Blue bug thread, “But in 100% size I can’t see or read text, so all I can do is play Diablo 3… oh wait.”

    There’s a visual aspect to it also, which is kind of nice since it showed (before the Blue thread) that I wasn’t just imagining it. Whenever my cursor hovers or anything clickable, it gets all pixelly looking. Seen in the screen below on a Waypoint.

    Cursor issues in Patch 2.0.4.
    Cursor issues in Patch 2.0.4.


    So, how are you guys enjoying the patch changes? We’ll record a podcast soon and talk about the bigger skill changes, especially those impacting the Crusader, but what’s your instant reaction? I think the changes to leg mat drop rates and the lowered crafting costs will make a big difference in player gear, as most players have found a fair number of legendary crafting plans by now, but were limited in their item creation by the very rare leg mats and/or the very high Flawless Royal gem costs. Now that both those bottlenecks have been loosened, take yourself to Haedrig and set him to crafting you some upgrades, forthwith.

    Other than that… first impressions of the patch? What changes do you think look good, what changes aren’t good enough, or what else did you want to see fixed/buffed?

  • Legendary Crafting Materials: what, where, who, how?
  • Patch 2.0.4 full notes.
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    18 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Patch 2.0.4 Testing: Golden Chests and Legendary Materials

    1. As someone who didn’t have millions upon millions to spend on crafting sets/legendaries because of the lack of game time pre RoS, I’m glad I’ll finally be able to actually make some rather than look at them every time I visit the blacksmith and know that I can’t afford to make any :D.

      • My Blacksmith has been taught nearly a dozen set and leg recipes, and I have a whole tab of my stash full of white items, but I wasn’t able to find any of the mats until last night.

        This morning I have enough mats to craft multiple times.

    2. I’ve only played with a Crusader since the patch went live, and I’m working with a very small sample size (maybe 2-3 hours, tops). There were, however, a few things that were immediately noticeable.

      1. Resplendent Chests are significantly better now. The couple that I found dropped exactly as you described. It’s very pleasant to go back to viewing them as a freebie elite-type drop, rather than just another random chest.

      2. Phalanx/Bowmen now seems much more powerful. Previously I was using it mainly because I’m too lazy to chase down wasps and the like with melee chars (and the -15% movement speed on my Crusader makes it that much more tedious). Now, if all four of them target a single unique in T1, they’ll mow him/her down pretty quickly. I was starting to consider switching out that skill… but now I’m thinking it may just stick around a bit longer.

      3. I got Maltheal as a Bounty in my first run and he dropped Reaper’s Fear right off the bat. That was quite a relief. I’m killing reasonably quickly in T1, but Maltheal still takes a good chunk of time and effort to whittle down.

      Those were the changes that really jumped out at me in the limited amount of time I’ve played so far. And that was just a handful of Bounties and one Rift, played exactly the same way as I have been for the past day or two; in other words, without experimenting/testing at all. I’m sure I’ll notice more of it as I wade in a little deeper.

      Now if they would just up the spawn rate on Chiltara by about 5000%, I might be able to collect some of her blood before August.

    3. “is there a third option, where people who are broke like to find rares, since they sell for 4-6k and that adds up if you do it non-stop?”

      I did this the first few days after release, before I started playing on Torment. Going back to town to sell things is a waste of time after that, because you’ll find significantly more gold on the ground.

    4. For the most part, I never loot anything because it feels like a waste when paragon starts to become more important and my bank is full of more than enough basic crafting materials. The only exceptions to this I usually make are gems, gold and legendary items. Still good for me to open containers, since I have the legendary belt which boosts damage when doing so.

      Also, I don’t blame them for just requiring Marquise on entry level items like Cain’s set. The set boni will feel unnecessary when better items start to drop anyhow.

    5. They are saying I need to change my wizard build, since orb was nerfed, so I need to find souls to reroll my arcane gear on stash. (Petition: give us a stack of forgotten souls and mats after nerfs or return mats spent, hearthstone like :p).

      I’m considering another class, to be honest, since for me, it’s all about getting rid of the white trash mobs asap on rifts. Maybe I’ll bother checking the green plans now with the “new class”.

      • “I’m considering another class, to be honest, since for me, it’s all about getting rid of the white trash mobs asap on rifts.”

        I’m having great success in this regard with a Multishot DH.

        • Nice to hear that! I’ll try multishot, thanks for the tip.

          I put a lot of time on my DH after loot 2.0, pre-Ros and had fun with basically all skills.

          I was going to use Twin Chakrams because I plan to stick with my lvl 60 Emimei’s – looks like a lvl 70 rare stat-wise – Duffel but Multishot is definitly something to look at.

          • Emimei’s rocks. I used a level 60 version for a long time even at 70. The Imminent Doom rune of Bolas becomes a beast with it.

            As for Multishot, I think you have 3 good options:

            1) Lightning gear with Fire at Will. Damage-wise it’s probably the worst option in the long run, but it’s nice for resource management.

            2) Fire with Arsenal and the Ballistics passive. This is my preferred build at the moment. The rockets will hit like a truck, which will help against stragglers, beefier enemies and bosses. Cindercoat will eventually solve your resource issues.

            3) Physical with either Suppression Fire or Full Broadside. I think going this route is advantageous only when the other skills you want to use are also Physical, like the Shooting Stars rune of Cluster arrow. With the Ballistics passive its rockets hit for 800% damage and it fires 3.

            Speaking of Cluster Arrow, at higher difficulties try to include it in your build beside Multishot. Nothing beats it for Elite groups and bosses.

    6. I always got bottlenecked by the lack of Forgotten souls and my bad luck getting legendaries to break and/or FS from rifts. I did 4 rifts yesterday. 1 FS dropped and 3 legs 🙁 (That didn’t cover my re-rolling expenses adding to the formula my bad luck re-rolling :/ )

    7. I think the vastly cheaper crafting costs are nice, because it means you can feasibly roll an item multiple times. Before, sinking as much as 9.6 mil into a bad roll was such a scary prospect that I hadn’t done any legendary crafting at all.

    8. I wish I had that many crafting materials or gold but I am always short on the yellow ones you get from smeltering or legendary crafting materials (except forgotten souls). I run Torment 1 with my WD with no problem whatsoever (about to start Torment 2 runs I think), but not being able to craft or upgrade gems anymore was frustrating. Hopefully that will change now once I got enough yellow and legendary crafting mats to make one of all these set plans (but never set items) that dropped.

    9. Really happy with changes, still enjoying every minute of play.

      I’m looking forward to doing more crafting and even if they might have overbuffed the drop rate, I believe it is a good change. Also I was shocked to see ‘Marquise’ and think it should have been an Imperial of some sort.

      A major issue missing is the rift loading time. There can be mobs at the entrance to rifts and you can be killed before your screen even loads (I am on an SSD so its not HD latency). The same load time occurs when bannering or re-entering your TP.

      • I was going to start a thread about load times. Sometimes I’ll click on a banner, and by the time I hit the dungeon, the player I clicked on has moved off the minimap completely.

    10. Anyone else had bad luck with Legendary drops in rifts since the patch? Seem to be getting less of them now then I was before the patch. Might just be plain old bad luck though. Just wondering since Blizzard has a bit of a history of patches reverting hotfixes done, or at least, that happened quite a lot when I was playing WoW.

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