Diablo 3 Patch 2.0.4 Now Live: Full Patch Notes

Diablo 3 Patch 2.0.4 Now Live: Full Patch Notes

Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Patch 2.0.4 is now live on the servers. It’s a big one affecting all classes and multiple areas of the game. Has it got the tweaks you were looking for you?


  • Greatly increased the survivability of pets summoned by several items and skills, including:
    • Skycutter
    • Maximus
    • The Gidbinn
    • Genzaniku
    • Litany of the Undaunted
    • Call of the Ancients
    • Falling Sword – Rise Brothers
  • All Town hubs have had the placement of the Nephalem Rift Obelisk, Orek, and Kadala adjusted to help reduce the chance of accidental clicking
  • The Blacksmith’s Belongings box in Act I no longer has collision





Many skills that spend DiabloWikiFury feel great, but when it comes time to generate Fury the single-target options don’t feel meaty compared to the generators that can hit more than one target at a time. As a result, we are increasing the potency of those single-target generators to be more competitive.

Active Skills


  • Increased base damage from 170% to 215% weapon damage
  • Skill Rune – Clobber
    • Increased chance to stun for 1.5 seconds from 30% to 35%
  • Skill Rune – Onslaught
    • Increased additional damage from 80% to 100% weapon damage


  • Increased base damage from 120% to 155% weapon damage

War Cry

  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue preventing the 5 seconds of paused Fury degeneration after casting War Cry from working.

Weapon Throw

  • Increased base damage from 150% to 185% weapon damage
  • Skill Rune – Mighty Throw
    • Increased damage from 210% to 270% weapon damage
  • Skill Rune – Throwing Hammer
    • Increased chance to stun from 30% to 40%




Many of the Crusader’s Wrath spenders are below where we would like, while Heaven’s Fury – Fires of Heaven was over-performing. We are toning back Fires of Heaven while increasing the potency of most of the other Crusader spenders to encourage greater build exploration.

The single-target DiabloWikiWrath generator spells, Punish and Justice, don’t feel meaty compared to generators that can hit more than one target at a time. As a result, we are increasing the potency of Punish and Justice to be more competitive.

We are making a few adjustments to improve Steed Charge. The cooldown and duration of the skill have both been reduced. Overall, this makes the total uptime for the skill slightly higher and, more importantly, you’ll be able to hit the button more often. We’re removing the ability for Steed Charge to break stuns, which allows us to focus on Steed Charge being primarily a mobility skill that can still get you out of root effects, such as Jailer. We still want Steed Charge to be useful in combat, so we’re also increasing the damage on damage-focused runes.


  • Crusaders now take 15% less damage from all sources

Active Skills

Akarat’s Champion

  • Skill Rune – Rally
    • Fixed an issue where Rally would not reduce the cooldown of Condemn

Blessed Hammer

  • Skill Rune – Burning Wrath
    • Increased radius from 5 to 8 yards
    • Increased pool damage from 95% to 150% weapon damage
  • Skill Rune – Icebound Hammer
    • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where Icebound Hammer wasn’t chilling enemies
    • Icebound Hammer no longer goes away when exploding

Blessed Shield

  • Increased base skill damage from 280% to 340% weapon damage
  • Skill Rune – Combust
    • Increased damage from 105% to 270% weapon damage
  • Skill Rune – Shattering Throw
    • Increased damage from 50% to 333% weapon damage
    • Known Issue: The tooltip for this skill rune does not reflect this change

Fist of the Heavens

  • Increased base skill’s impact damage from 250% to 340% weapon damage
  • Increased base skill’s bolt damage from 210% to 340% weapon damage
  • Skill Rune – Divine Well
    • Increased damage from 14% to 80% weapon damage
    • Increased bolt zap search radius from 12 to 18 yards
  • Skill Rune – Fissure
    • Increased area of effect damage from 80% to 400% weapon damage over 5 seconds
    • Increased Arc capsule damage radius from 3 to 6 yards
  • Skill Rune – Heaven’s Tempest
    • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where Heaven’s Tempest was not moving around in its intended pattern

Heaven’s Fury

  • Skill Rune – Fires of Heaven
    • Reduced damage from 950% to 735% weapon damage


  • Increased base skill damage from 175% to 240% weapon damage
  • Skill Rune – Burst
    • Increased damage from 25% to 30% weapon damage
  • Skill Rune – Hammer of Pursuit
    • Hammer of Pursuit now seeks targets more quickly after cast
    • Increased damage from 200% to 300% weapon damage


  • Increased base skill damage from 295% to 380% weapon damage
  • Skill Rune – Bowmen
    • Increased damage from 85% to 160% weapon damage
  • Skill Rune – Bodyguard
    • Increased damage from 200% to 285% weapon damage
  • Skill Rune – Shield Charge
    • Increased damage from 75% to 180% weapon damage
  • Skill Rune – Stampede
    • Increased Stun chance from 25% to 30%


  • Increased base skill damage from 200% to 270% weapon damage
  • Skill Rune – Retaliate
    • Increased damage from 70% to 94% weapon damage

Shield Bash

  • Increased base skill damage from 325% to 370% weapon damage
  • Skill Rune – Crumble
    • Increased on death proc damage from 550% to 660% weapon damage
  • Skill Rune – Pound
    • Increased damage from 550% to 740% weapon damage
    • Increased bonus damage from shield Block Chance from 150% to 500%

Steed Charge

  • Reduced base skill cooldown from 25 to 16 seconds
  • Reduced base skill duration from 2 to 1.5 seconds
  • No longer breaks Stun
  • Skill Rune – Endurance
    • Reduced duration from 3 to 2 seconds
  • Skill Rune – Ramming Speed
    • Increased damage from 475% to 515% weapon damage
  • Skill Rune – Nightmare
    • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where the Fire pools were not lasting their full intended duration
  • Skill Rune – Draw and Quarter
    • Increased damage from 125% to 185% weapon damage

Sweep Attack

  • Increased base damage from 400% to 440% weapon damage

Passive Skills

Lord Commander

  • Now reduces the cooldown of Steed Charge by 25% and Bombardment by 35%

Demon Hunter

Demon Hunter


Many skills that spend Hatred feel great, but when it comes time to generate Hatred the single-target options don’t feel meaty compared to the generators that can hit more than one target at a time. As a result, we are increasing the potency of a few single-target generators to be more competitive.

Active Skills

Evasive Fire

  • Increased base middle shot damage from 160% to 200% weapon damage
  • Increased base side shot damage from 80% to 100% weapon damage
  • Skill Rune – Covering Fire
    • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug causing the side shot damage to be lower than the amount listed
    • Increased the damage of the side shots from 160% to 200% weapon damage
    • Increased the range of the side shots from 50% to 80% to match the range of the middle shot

Hungering Arrow

  • Increased base damage from 125% to 155% weapon damage


  • Skill Rune – Guardian Turret
    • The damage reduction from this rune will now be reflected in the Toughness display


Untouched Monk


Monks are working as intended and Dashing Strike is perfectly balanced.

There are no Monk changes at this time. Monks are currently in a fairly comfortable place, but as with all aspects of the game, we will continue to monitor them and make changes as needed.

Witch Doctor

Witch Doctor


The Witch Doctor was lacking good options for when they were low on Mana. A lack of attractive Signature spells results in builds primarily focused on sustaining Mana for long periods of time. We are increasing the potency of a few single-target Signature spells to be more competitive so that there are still aggressive options while waiting for Mana to regenerate.

Haunt has received some changes to provide a low-Mana option as well as to emphasize options for a damage-over-time (DOT) play style.

Active Skills

Poison Dart

  • Increased base skill damage from 155% + 40% to 185% + 40% weapon damage
  • Skill Rune – Splinters
    • Increased damage from 65% to 105% weapon damage per dart
  • Skill Rune – Spined Dart
    • Increased amount of Mana returned from 25 to 50
  • Skill Rune – Flaming Dart
    • Increased damage from 275% to 425% weapon damage over 4 seconds
    • Damage over time from Flaming Dart can now stack with itself
  • Skill Rune – Snake to the Face
    • Stun chance increased from 25% to 33%-35%

Corpse Spiders

  • Increased base skill damage from 216% to 324% weapon damage
  • Skill Rune – Leaping Spiders
    • Increased damage from 238% to 383% weapon damage
  • Skill Rune – Blazing Spiders
    • Increased damage from 259% to 400% weapon damage


  • Skill Rune – Pyrogeist
    • Increased damage from 560% to 880% weapon damage


  • Reduced Mana cost from 200 to 50
  • Increased base skill damage from 1465% over 6 seconds to 4000% over 12 seconds




Two skills on the Wizard, Arcane Orb – Frozen Orb and Electrocute, have bugs with their implementation. Unfortunately, these bug fixes do have the side effect of weakening these skills. Ultimately, this brings these skills back in line with other Wizard skills, which is why we chose to implement these fixes.
Teleport is receiving some changes to allow it to work in more situations. The range is being increased overall for each cast of Teleport. As a result, the Wormhole rune is receiving a reduction in the number of successive casts that can be completed. Previously, you could cover 140 yards in 4 casts and now you can cover 150 yards in 3 casts. Overall, this is a buff.

Active Skills

Arcane Orb

  • Skill Rune – Frozen Orb
    • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where Frozen Orb was chilling for longer than intended
    • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where the Frozen Orb bonus damage radius was hitting a larger area than intended



  • Increased range from 35 to 50 yards
  • Skill Rune – Wormhole
    • Reduced maximum allowed teleports from 4 to 3

Passive Skills

Arcane Dynamo

  • Bug Fix: Arcane Dynamo now properly grants bonus damage to channeled spells


  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where Electrocute was granting double the intended amount of Arcane Power when used with Prodigy

Adventure Mode

Nephalem Rifts

  • Nephalem Obelisks now have a short cast time before they activate
  • Adjusted the potential layouts for Sewer and Aqueduct style dungeons to include more randomized options


  • Level 70 crafted sets no longer require Flawless Royal gems and instead now require Marquise gems
  • The drop rate of unique Legendary crafting materials has been significantly increased
  • This matches the drop rate of Death’s Breaths
  • Death’s Breaths are no longer required for level 61-70 Rare crafting recipes

Bug Fixes

  • Legendary crafted shields now provide the correct amount of Block Value for their level


  • The treasure from Resplendent Chests has been improved to feel more resplendent
  • Malthael is now much more afraid, and will more consistently drop the Reaper’s Fear Legendary crafting material

Bug Fixes

  • Legendary Follower relics will no longer roll incorrect Primary stats
    Gloves of Worship no longer grant 60 minute buffs for Empowered or Fleeting Shrines


  • Damage from ghosts with the Soul Siphon ability has been reduced

DiabloWikiPoison Enchanted:

  • Duration of each Poison Enchanted globule reduced from 8 to 6 seconds
  • Maximum number of Poison Enchanted globules has been reduced from 4 to 3 per cast
  • Poison Enchanted is now triggered with more variation in timing from Champion packs

The “Kill Malthael” quest is now required to be completed before Malthael will drop loot


  • The Crazy Climber event now requires players to kill the monsters spawned during the event to complete
  • The Jar of Souls event now spawns additional monsters in Torment I and higher
  • The Matriarch’s Bones event now spawns additional monsters in Torment I and higher
  • In Campaign Mode, Manglemaw now only drops loot and gives XP before the player progresses to the Chancellor’s Tomb quest

User Interface

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where game objects were prioritized over chat links in the chat window
  • Fixed an issue where players were sometimes unable to click on chat links at the bottom of the chat window

So, did patch 2.04 bring the changes to your preferred class you were hoping for?  Was a bug missed?  Were you hoping for changes to another area of the game?

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    33 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Patch 2.0.4 Now Live: Full Patch Notes

    1. Doesn’t seem like a huge nerf to the most popular Wizard combo, which is nice.

      And I already liked Pyrogeist. That buff combined with Haunt should make my DoT-heavy WD playable.

        • On EU it’s still 2.0.3 at this time (23h24 GMT+1)

          I jumped to craft a set (I was hesitating for a few days to drop the 22 millions I’m sitting on into flawless royal gems) but the gem required is not yet a marquise, and the game client version is written to be 2.0.3…

          • Yep, we can only view the change log through the launcher, the patch itself isn’t deployed yet in the EU. Not a surprise, we always get patches during maintenance just like the US, but for us that special day of the week is Wednesday.

            If you select D3 the launcher displays the game’s version at the bottom, so check that before relying on people from the internet. 🙂

    2. I pretty much only play demon hunter. Not a whole lot new for them, but their hatred generators do feel a little weak, so it might be fun to try out Evasive Fire now.

      I don’t think I would be truly happy though, unless they change Cluster Arrow hatred cost from 40 to 20 and gave me a Kridershot :-/

    3. I’m glad I swapped to a fire Wizard. The official forums are ABLAZE (no pun intended) with anger about both FO AND Electrocute nerf. “but” my ginger azz. they were nerfs. period!

    4. As long as they do not nerf Archon on Wizard, everything is cool. And honestly, there is not much they can do to Archon skill without totally destroying it.

    5. I am surprised and impressed at the extensiveness of this patch.

      I am very happy to see that classes are being changed in similar ways. It looks like resource generators got a tuning pass across most of the classes, and some bugs have been fixed to outlier skills.

      Resp chests finally tuned up! Over some great changes.

      The chat bug that prevented players from clicking on items in the chat window was very annoying, so glad to see this fixed as well.

      • “The treasure from Resplendent Chests has been improved to feel more resplendent”

        Anyone done any trials yet with results to report? And does this apply to the Blue chests you get from Cursed events, or just the golden chests you find randomly throughout the world?

        Previously both kinds of chest dropped what, 2 items, usually a blue and a yellow, and RoS tacked on a couple of gems to that total. Plus some gold.

    6. “Malthael is now much more afraid, and will more consistently drop the Reaper’s Fear Legendary crafting material”
      Love it 😀

    7. All I really was hoping for was Resplendant Chest fix. Took me ages to build up the ability to do one of the Cursed Chest Events and all I got was a bloody single blue….

    8. Crusader buffs look great. Movement speed is the only thing I can think of that they didn’t address or even comment on.

    9. Am I the only one that almost cheered when I saw “The Blacksmith’s Belongings box in Act I no longer has collision”? That was freaking annoying because it was right in the path from the BS to the stash…

      That said, holy crap that is a lot of changes in the patch.

      • This is probably my favourite change in the patch. I’ve gotten stuck on that box more times than I would care to admit.

        Everything else is pretty neat too.

    10. Gotta say, this is a great patch. They seem to have fixed many of the little things that bothered me, some of which I’ve previously complained about on this site (like the shortage/importance of death’s breaths 61-69). It’s also nice to see that they’re quick to address the class balance issues (crusader comes to mind).

      One thing that wasn’t clear from the notes is whether the item bug fixes, like the Gloves of Worship one, are retroactive or not. Are Blizzard still adamant about not touching people’s items now that the AH is gone?

      • “Are Blizzard still adamant about not touching people’s items now that the AH is gone?”

        In this case at least, I’m fairly sure the change is retroactive, since this is a bug fix. I mean the gloves already said 10 minutes.

        When they do balance changes like they did with Attack Speed and generally itemization 2.0 they still seem OK with leaving existing items untouched.

    11. Great changes. As someone who favors the frenzy barbarian I like seeing that buffed. The crusader changes are awesome and even the wizard changes are… well, fair. The raging over at battlenet from frozen orb wizards is pretty funny. It never ceases to amaze me how angry people get when Blizzard corrects a bug/exploit. I still think the monk could use some love – I mean, every time I open his passives menu I find myself thinking, gee, I’d rather be playing my barbarian right now… amiright?

      • I don’t care about the FO nerf since as I mentioned before I don’t even play it. What does get me is that they correctly identified the generators suck, but then didn’t realize it’s not the lack of damage, it’s the lack of… wait for it… generation. Particularly for the Barbarian.

        It’s fine to have charging my lazor attacks if they do in fact charge your lazor.

        It also gets me they nuked the one point of steed charge, breaking the hard cc that is 1: Spammed everywhere. 2: Will otherwise wreck you.

        Those are a few serious blights on what would otherwise be a good patch, that came much sooner than I was expecting.

        • Raising the damage of generators is one way of fixing things. You’ll care less about the fact that you have to use them, because you’ll lose less damage.

          They could indeed increase the resource generation, which would result in spenders becoming more spammable. They didn’t do this however, which to me says that the result wouldn’t fit their design for the Crusader. It’s probably not a coincidence that the Crusader has the most cooldown skills, he or she is most likely *meant* to feel slower and more “bursty” than the other classes.

      • Yeah indeed, there are alot of stuff that seems broken playing the monk. The lack of veriety, range and elemental skills. It seems really hard to balance you defence, damage and spirit regen I think (some stuff is mandatory in order to succeed)

        Also, alot of passives are not in a good place at all, and needs a change.

    12. I had a small hope to hear the results from gambling might’ve been improved just a tad. 🙂
      It could just be me, but it still doesn’t feel much more rewarding than what crafting is.

    13. “Legendary Follower relics will no longer roll incorrect Primary stats”

      This issue wasn’t fixed. Just found a Legendary Enchantress focus with Dexterity with my DH. It seems these items still roll stats for our characters, not for the followers.

    14. Pet survivability didn’t work. My Maximus demon is even weaker than before. Hope Blizzard fixes this soon.

    15. “Monks are currently in a fairly comfortable place” Is it true ? I did not play my Monk in RoS even though it was my main.

      • I haven’t seen a single Monk in group play since RoS. Not one. Nearly all are Wiz, Crusader, and DH. I’ve run with a few WDs, and a Barb or two. But not one Monk.

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