Diablo 3 Patch 2.0.4 Known Issues, Part II

Diablo 3 Patch 2.0.4 Known Issues, Part II

Blizzard has updated their list of Diablo 3 Patch 2.0.4 Known Issues. There are some bugs with skills and items you need to know about, plus more detail about the drunken cursor issue affecting some players.


  • It is currently extremely difficult to destroy the Demon Gates before Demon Troopers spawn during the Azmodan encounter, making it very difficult to obtain the “No Reinforcements” achievement.
  • Combat

  • Crusader: The tooltip for the Shattering Throw rune variant of Blessed Shield incorrectly indicates that the split shields deal 50% weapon damage. The actual damage amount dealt is 333%.
  • Crusader: Casting the Blessed Shield skill with the Shattering Throw rune can cause damage caused by Area Damage procs to reflect back onto the player.
  • Items

  • The %Damage affix on weapons is currently only applying a benefit to weapons with the physical damage type and has no effect on weapons that deal elemental damage.
  • The elemental damage caused by the Hydra skill does not trigger the “Tal Rasha’s Elements” four piece set bonus.
  • It is possible for Legendary follower items to roll with the incorrect primary attributes.
  • Torment-only class-specific sets currently cannot have their looks reverted to their original appearance after being transmogrified to look like a different item.
  • Monsters

  • The Knockback monster affix is not properly knocking players back.
  • User Interface

  • A small frame rate drop can occur when opening the inventory after picking up an item in a multiplayer game.
  • Windows

  • Running the game in fullscreen mode with Windows enhanced DPI settings enabled will prevent the Diablo III mouse cursor from appearing in-game.
  • Tsarnis: Workaround for “laggy” cursor speeds

    I wanted to post something here to make everyone aware of this issue and to also present a workaround for this if you encounter it.

    The basic issue is if your Windows DPI setting set to 125% in Display Settings (learn more about this here), your cursor will “lag” in the game. The current workaround for this is to simply change your text size from Medium – 125% to Smaller – 100% (the default). This will resolve the issue and allow you to play with a normal cursor speed.

    As we are currently aware of what causes this and have a viable workaround in place, we do not require any additional reports about this issue at this time. We really appreciate the reports you have provided about this until now however, and hope this helps alleviate the issues some of you may be having. Thanks again!

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    25 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Patch 2.0.4 Known Issues, Part II

    1. hmm funny how they are forgetting about ninja fps drops, random stuttering and game’s performance degrading over time. 2 years since release and they cant fix it. just lol, but who gives a fuk? 5 mil copies sold

      • They did acknowledge the issue, it’s under “User Interface”. For me things were absolutely fine FPS-wise until the last few patches hit the live servers. Now in MP games (SP is fine) sometimes the game freezes for 2-3 seconds when I try to view the tooltip of an item or open my inventory. Other than this I haven’t noticed any FPS issues at all.

        • Actually, now that I think about it, at almost the same time I started having these FPS drops I also noticed a kind of drop lag. I see an item drop from containers or enemies, but it doesn’t appear on the ground for a few seconds. Maybe the two issues are related somehow.

          • Sounds like the same thing I mentioned under the Deaths Breaths article… Some days the drops lag, some days they don’t. And on some days, some drops (especially Deaths Breaths and, as I’ve since experienced, leg mats) lag extensively, while other loot pops up immediately.

          • I have a pretty mid-upper end computer I just made in January with SSD’s windows 8.1, gtx 760, sata 3s and the 4770k intel processor I get crazy video lag at rakkis crossing, degraded performance after a few hours, and item drop lag. Kinda upsetting TBH.

      • funny how some people can’t seem to move along and play something else, instead of constantly bashing everything d3 related!

        • i have payed 2 times for a broken product that doesnt work as it should on a pc that is way above recommended setup. I have to turn everything to off/lowest in 720p to make it playable in coop while single player is super smooth on max settings. problem seems to be somwhere around game’s broken vsync, but only thing blizz answers is the pathetic “update drivers” crap. never had so many problems with any game and if you will look on both US and EU forums – they are flooded with posts about it and totally ignored by blizz.

      • I only have some issues on the bridge. Otherwise 120fps+.
        Stuttering only when I select achievements in chat.

    2. Anyone else in the original IncGamers clan? It’s saying 0 people online and I can’t even type in chat without getting an error. Been this way for days.

    3. QUOTE

      Anyone else in the original IncGamers clan? It's saying 0 people online and I can't even type in chat without getting an error. Been this way for days.

      Nope. It’s gone for now. Elly has been in contact though.

    4. And what about Death Breath appearing with 1-2 seconds delay ?
      What about Black Hole keeping monsters at 0 hp for its entire duration ?

    5. W/ all the bugs to Blessed Shield, you honestly wonder if Blizz is infiltrated by HYDRA.

    6. Does anybody else have an issue where sometimes after you kill a monster, your character will jitter violently in place? Happens to me quite often on my monk, and is pretty annoying. I have to click a bunch of times to get him to be unstuck.

      • Happened to my DH once. Couldn’t move in one specific direction, but I could in another. Really strange.

    7. I can’t believe the %elemental damage is still not fixed. So every single none physical build is useless atm? Am I reading that right?

      • Let’s not jump to hyperbole. That known bug merely results in some weapons being less powerful than they should be, which is far from making builds useless. Basically it means that the ‘+x% damage’ stat on weapons won’t apply to ‘+elemental damage’, only to physical damage. If your weapon doesn’t have ‘+x% damage’ on it then you’re not affected and even if it has the stat retains about half of its effectiveness, since from what I’ve seen it still applies correctly to the base damage of weapons, which is physical.

        • The base damage is pathetic, always has been. Look at the DPS of a leg before you ID it, it’s usually less than 1k.

        • Hyperbole? Most of my gear is design around x%damage. this is a huge and massive effect on my gear and gameplay. this needs to be fixed asap! All of my rune passives and gear are not synergising, this is not a small issue.

          • You’re still not listening. This issue in question only applies if you have +x% damage ON A WEAPON, to +elemental damage ON THAT WEAPON. Nothing except weapons are affected, and only then if they have those two affixes.

    8. So I picked up a 2200 dps thunderfury last night.
      1194 – 1389 Lightning DMG

      SO Now, I was thinking about rolling the vit into %WeaponDamage, but apparently due to the bug, that won’t increase the weapon dps, correct?
      Am I better off just leaving it as is for now… until they fix it?

    9. And my question is also why isn’t blizzard fixing it already with teh hotfix.. doesn’t seem like a complicated issue .

      • They had the Black Weapon Bug for the entire life cycle of classic D3. They keep having this similar bug, you honestly wonder if they should dump all weapon base damage. A lightning damage weapon rolls ALL of its damage as lightning. White weapons have either random elemental types or are restricted to only the physical roll. Tangentially related, they’re dumping base spell/ability damage in WoW, and now everything just scales w/ character/gear stats. I always thought that base level was so miniscule compared to gear power, it didn’t matter, but apparently they were having trouble balancing things.

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