Blizzard has updated their list of Diablo 3 Patch 2.0.4 Known Issues. There are some bugs with skills and items you need to know about, plus more detail about the drunken cursor issue affecting some players.


  • It is currently extremely difficult to destroy the Demon Gates before Demon Troopers spawn during the Azmodan encounter, making it very difficult to obtain the “No Reinforcements” achievement.
  • Combat

  • Crusader: The tooltip for the Shattering Throw rune variant of Blessed Shield incorrectly indicates that the split shields deal 50% weapon damage. The actual damage amount dealt is 333%.
  • Crusader: Casting the Blessed Shield skill with the Shattering Throw rune can cause damage caused by Area Damage procs to reflect back onto the player.
  • Items

  • The %Damage affix on weapons is currently only applying a benefit to weapons with the physical damage type and has no effect on weapons that deal elemental damage.
  • The elemental damage caused by the Hydra skill does not trigger the “Tal Rasha’s Elements” four piece set bonus.
  • It is possible for Legendary follower items to roll with the incorrect primary attributes.
  • Torment-only class-specific sets currently cannot have their looks reverted to their original appearance after being transmogrified to look like a different item.
  • Monsters

  • The Knockback monster affix is not properly knocking players back.
  • User Interface

  • A small frame rate drop can occur when opening the inventory after picking up an item in a multiplayer game.
  • Windows

  • Running the game in fullscreen mode with Windows enhanced DPI settings enabled will prevent the Diablo III mouse cursor from appearing in-game.
  • Tsarnis: Workaround for “laggy” cursor speeds

    I wanted to post something here to make everyone aware of this issue and to also present a workaround for this if you encounter it.

    The basic issue is if your Windows DPI setting set to 125% in Display Settings (learn more about this here), your cursor will “lag” in the game. The current workaround for this is to simply change your text size from Medium – 125% to Smaller – 100% (the default). This will resolve the issue and allow you to play with a normal cursor speed.

    As we are currently aware of what causes this and have a viable workaround in place, we do not require any additional reports about this issue at this time. We really appreciate the reports you have provided about this until now however, and hope this helps alleviate the issues some of you may be having. Thanks again!

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