Diablo 3 Patch 2.0.4 Known Issues

Diablo 3 Patch 2.0.4 Known Issues

With the patch barely off the starting blocks issues are afoot which Blizzard are aware of. The first is a serious issue for Crusaders, especially if you are Hardcore.

Attention Crusaders,

There is currently a very unpleasant bug with Blessed Shield – Shattering Throw where the shield can rebound on the Crusader casting it, potentially resulting in death.

Hardcore players should avoid using this skill until a hotfix can be implemented.

We are currently working on a hotfix and will update the 2.0.4 Patch Hotfix thread with more information as soon as it becomes available. We thank you for your patience and understanding while we work to resolve this issue as quickly as possible!

The other is a display/control issue hitting people with high resolutions and poor eyesight.

In order to investigate the recent rash of reports regarding cursor lag with the release of 2.0.4, could I get anyone experiencing this to provide some information please? Use this thread for your responses rather than creating new threads.

We’d like to know:

  • Make and model of mouse being used.
  • Is there any special mouse software being run such as what the manufacturer might provide?
  • Have there been any suggestions posted that seemed to resolve it for you?
  • Are you using Fullscreen or windowed mode?
  • If you use Fullscreen, are you using a non-standard desktop font size?

I can reproduce this here on my work desktop by running Windows at a higher display font size of 125%. Cursor response when playing in fullscreen isn’t as crisp and the gloved gauntlet cursor becomes corrupted when mousing over selectable objects.

This info has been passed on to the department able to investigate it. I’m afraid I don’t have any sort of ETA at this time as to what they’ll be able to do about it or when.

As for a possible workaround right now, changing the desktop font size back to 100% (the default) seems to work. You need to log out of Windows and back in when making this change before it takes effect.

I haven’t found any more reports so far but we’ll update this post if any more appear.

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    10 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Patch 2.0.4 Known Issues

    1. “There is currently a very unpleasant bug with Blessed Shield – Shattering Throw, where the shield can rebound on the Crusader casting it, potentially resulting in death.”

      Best laugh I’ve had today! 🙂

    2. holy crap, and i just found a legendary shield that procs more shields thrown, good thing i checked this site beforehand, LOL.

    3. I did not die, but I was wondering what the heck was happening. I had just found Gyrfalcon’s Foote a day before the patch, and so I wanted to see what Blessed Shield/Shattering Throw was like for free. It was doing tons of damage on normal, but I occasionally instant lose about 1/6 of my health. I though one of the shield block passives was bugged so I tried various combinations of passives and thought since my last rift run had no significant life drops, I had found the issue. Just must have been luck. Clearly, I’ll wait til after the hot fix to try the Foote again.

    4. Seems to be a trend with reflecting things back to kill you in RoS. Act 2 was off limits for DHs for most of the beta, Rapid Fire + A2 KW was death after that, then we got the bug with Blackfeather instigating a death spiral of reflecting projectiles, and now it’s a Crusader skill that’s become suicide.

      Can we blame Jay Wilson for this, somehow?

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