Update: It has been confirmed that they will be delaying the patch to either Saturday or Sunday.

    To ensure that all systems and changes included in Beta Patch 13 are working properly, we’ve decided to take some extra time to continue internal testing. As a result, we will not be releasing Beta Patch 13 today. We will, however, be working through the weekend and look forward to delivering the patch on either Saturday or Sunday.

    Thank you for your patience! Should any changes to this schedule occur, we’ll be sure

    to provide an update in this thread.

    True to the pattern of recent patches for the DiabloWikiDiablo 3 Beta, Patch 13 may be delayed until next week. Dates are never promised, but that doesn’t prevent the community from getting their hopes up yet again. This isn’t to say that the next patch has no chance of launching today, it’s just very unlikely with the following tweet:

    @Bashiok Is the new patch still on track for release “Before the Weekend”?

    We’re trying… maybe.

    The previous 3 patches have all been delayed by a minimum of 6 hours, so it is no real surprise that this patch will be delayed as well. It will certainly be a pleasant surprise if it still goes live before the weekend.

    As a small recap: fans speculate that this patch will include runestone/skill changes, the newly implemented chat lobby, the recently announced DiabloWikiauction house changes, and tuning for the DiabloWikiDemon Hunter or other heroes.

    With a laundry list of changes that long, there is little wonder as to why it might be delayed

    DISCLAIMER: Not all of these changes are promised in the next patch, and are purely speculative.

    The changes to the Beta Auction House that we’re talking about here are not tied to
    Diablo III Beta patch 13. The two may not be going live at the same time.

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