Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.3 Notes Revealed

Patch 1.03 is coming today and with it a heap of changes. This popped up on the European forums and then disappeared just as quickly, but I assume it’s what we will all be seeing very shortly. One change that I’m most excited for is the fact that town is now safe again for players as monsters will be no longer kitable. Also it is interesting to note that they have fixed the bug that helped kungen cheat death a few weeks ago.

The very, very long list of changes after the bump.

Diablo III patch 1.0.3 is now live in Europe! Check out the full patch notes below to learn about all the latest changes.

Important: Please note that you will not be prompted to download patch 1.0.3 until the patch is live in your home region. If you are logging in from an American or Asian client, you will need to wait for this patch to release in that region before it can be installed. Additionally, if your home region is Europe, you will be unable to log into the Americas or Asia using Global Play after patch 1.0.3 is live until those regions have also patched.

Diablo III Patch 1.0.3 – v.

Table of Contents

  • General
  • Battle.net
  • Classes
  • Items
  • Crafting
  • Followers
  • Bosses
  • Monsters
  • Bug Fixes


  • To prevent monsters from being unintentionally kited into town from other areas of the game, portals have been placed at both ends of the bridge from New Tristram to The Weeping Willow. Towns have always been intended to be a safe haven from combat, and this change will help keep the denizens of New Tristram safe from the dangers that lurk beyond its walls.
  • The real-money auction house is now available for Chilean, Argentinian, and Brazilian currencies

IncGamers’s Note – The Wheeping Willow?



  • Friends will now sort alphabetically by name within the Friends List, first by Real ID and then by DiabloWikiBattleTag
  • The Quick Join menu will now also sort alphabetically by name, first by Real ID and then by BattleTag
  • Chat settings and preferences will now be saved whenever you log out
  • Reporting another player using the Report > Spam option will now mute that player for the duration of your gaming session

Bug Fixes

  • Using the /who command in a heavily populated chat channel should no longer cause the client to crash
  • The “Invite to Party” button should no longer become grayed-out if a player:
    • Declines a party invite
    • Requests a party invite and then declines it
    • Accepts a party invite, but immediately then leaves the party
  • The character screen should now always display the display the correct act and quest information
  • If Real ID has been disabled for a Battle.net account, attempting to add a Real ID friend in Diablo III will now prompt the player with the following error message: “Battle.net is unable to add friends because you have Real ID disabled.”



Active Skills

DiabloWikiIgnore Pain (db)

Skill Rune – DiabloWikiContempt for Weakness (db)

The amount of damage reflected will now cap at the player’s maximum Life

DiabloWikiOverpower (db)

Skill Rune – DiabloWikiCrushing Advance (db)

The amount of damage reflected will now cap at the player’s maximum Life
The tooltip has been updated to represent that both melee and ranged damage are reflected

DiabloWikiWeapon Throw (db)

Tooltip now displays the correct duration for how long a target will be slowed: “Hurl a throwing weapon at any enemy for 100% weapon damage and Slow the movement of the enemy by 60% for 1.5 seconds.” (The functionality of the skill has not changed.)

Passive Skills

DiabloWikiRelentless (db)

Now reduces the Fury cost of all skill by 75%, down from 100% (the 50% damage reduction remains unchanged)

DiabloWikiDemon Hunter

Active Skills

DiabloWikiCluster Arrow (db)

Skill Rune – DiabloWikiDazzling Arrow (db)

Tooltip now displays the correct type of weapon damage dealt by Dazzling Arrow: “Enemies hit by grenades have a 55% chance to be stunned for 2 seconds and changes the damage to Physical.” (The functionality of the skill has not changed.)

DiabloWikiGrenades (db)

Skill Rune – DiabloWikiStun Grenades (db)

Tooltip now displays the correct duration for how long a target will be stunned: “Hurl grenades that have a 25% chance to Stun enemies for 1.5 seconds.” (The functionality of the skill has not changed.)

Bug Fixes

DiabloWikiCaltrops (db)

Skill Rune – DiabloWikiJagged Spikes (db)

Effect will now only stack up to 10 times on a single target

DiabloWikiElemental Arrow (db)

Skill Rune – DiabloWikiNether Tentacles (db)

Tentacles will now only hit each target once



Monks can now use spears, two-handed weapons, and two-handed swords

Active Skills

DiabloWikiSerenity (db)

Skill Rune – DiabloWikiInstant Karma (db)

The amount of damage reflected will now cap at the player’s maximum Life

DiabloWikiSeven-Sided Strike (db)

Skill Rune – DiabloWikiSustained Attack (db)

Tooltip has been updated for clarity: “Reduces the cooldown of Seven-Sided Strike to 23 seconds.” (The functionality of the skill has not changed.)

DiabloWikiMantra of Retribution (db)

Damage will now cap based on the maximum Life of the target

Bug Fixes

DiabloWikiNear Death Experience (db)

Fatal damage absorbed by Serenity will no longer trigger Near Death Experience

DiabloWikiWitch Doctor

Active Skills

DiabloWikiSummon Zombie Dogs (db)

Skill Rune – DiabloWikiLeeching Beasts (db)

Tooltip has been updated for clarity: “Your Zombie Dogs heal 50% of the damage they deal as Life divided evenly between themselves and you.” (The functionality of the skill has not changed.)


Active Skills

DiabloWikiDiamond Skill (db)

Skill Rune – DiabloWikiMirror Skin (db)

The amount of damage reflected will now cap at the amount of damage absorbed by Diamond Skin

DiabloWikiMagic Weapon (db)

When activated, a buff icon will now appear that displays the amount of time remaining

DiabloWikiMeteor (db)

Skill Rune – DiabloWikiStar Pact (db)

Now deals damage as Arcane instead of Fire

Passive Skills

DiabloWikiParalysis (db)

Tooltip now displays the correct duration for how long a target will be stunned: “Lightning damage dealt to enemies has up to a 8% chance to Stun the target for 1.5 seconds.” (The functionality of the skill has not changed.)



  • +Attack Speed bonus values on weapons and armor have been reduced by 50% – (This change does not apply to quivers)
  • High-end items (items level 61-63) will now drop in all Acts of [/wiki]Inferno[/wiki] and Acts III and IV of Hell difficulty
  • The new approximate drop rates are as follows:
    • Hell – Act III and Act IV
      • iLvl 61: 9%
      • iLvl 62: 1.9%
      • iLvl 63: 0%
    • Inferno – Act I
      • iLvl 61: 17.7%
      • iLvl 62: 7.9%
      • iLvl 63: 2.0%
    • Inferno – Act II
      • iLvl 61: 18.6%
      • iLvl 62: 12.4%
      • iLvl 63: 4.1%
    • Inferno – Act III and Act IV
      • iLvl 61: 24.1%
      • iLvl 62: 16.1%
      • iLvl 63: 8.0%

Please see the Patch 1.0.3 Design Preview for more information and specific details

  • Repair costs have been increased for item levels between 53 and 63
  • DiabloWikiMagic Find will no longer be considered when looting objects in the environment such as chests, barrels, vases, pots, and corpses
  • The item quality of all components needed to craft the Staff of Herding, as well as the Staff of Herding itself, have been changed from Common to Legendary (i.e. their item names will appear orange in color)
  • The DiabloWikiStaff of Herding (db) can no longer be salvaged or dropped
  • Crafted items that are dropped on the ground due to a player’s inventory being full can no longer be seen or picked up by other players
  • Unique monsters in Hell and Inferno difficulty are no longer guaranteed to drop two Magic items when slain
  • Weapon racks will no longer drop weapons 100% of the time
  • Destructible objects no longer have a chance to drop items, and will only have a small chance to drop gold when destroyed

Weapons and Armor

  • “Balanced” superior items (i.e. Balanced Short Sword) will now grant a percent attack speed increase that only affects the weapon itself, rather than a flat increase to attacks per second that affected both equipped weapons when dual-wielding
  • Crowd Control Reduction from items and skills will now reduce the percentage value of Slow, Chill, and Attack Speed debuffs rather than reducing how long the debuff lasts
    • For example: previously, if you were debuffed by a 60% slow that lasted for 2 seconds while wearing gear that provides 20% Crowd Control Reduction, your movement speed would be reduced by 60%, but only for 1.6 seconds. Now, the same amount of Crowd Control Reduction will reduce the Slow effect to 48%, but the effect will remain for the full 2 second duration.
  • DiabloWikiManticore (db) now has one additional bonus affix

User Interface

  • Minimum damage and Maximum damage values will now display separately in an item’s tooltip (i.e. “+2-4 Damage” will now display as “+2 Minimum Damage” and “+2 Maximum Damage”)
  • Tooltips for items on the ground will now show comparison stats
  • Resist values will now be taken into effect when calculating the Protection comparison stat (the Protection value is an average protection estimate of all your resists)
  • When comparing a two-handed weapon against two currently-equipped one-handed weapons, the game will now simulate the removal of both one-handed weapons (instead of simply removing the main-hand weapon, which resulted in an inaccurate comparison)
  • When selling items to a vendor, the most recently sold items will now always display at the bottom of the Buyback tab

Bug Fixes

  • Items level 50 and above will now display their item level in the tooltip
  • DiabloWikiDamage Over Time (DoT) skills will now properly benefit from items with the +Critical Chance affix
  • Legendary items with the +Attack Speed bonus will now correctly provide a bonus to attack speed •Please note that this fix will only affect new Legendary drops. Existing Legendary items will be addressed in future patch.
  • Players wearing +Life on Kill items should no longer receive a benefit from this affix when “killing” friendly monsters (e.g. when a witch doctor re-summons a Spider Queen while another Spider Queen is still active)
  • Fixed a bug with linking items with socketed gems in chat
  • Fixed a bug where vendors would occasionally not have any items for sale
  • Fixed a bug where selling more than 12 items to a vendor and then buying back 1 of those items could cause multiple items to disappear from the Buyback tab
  • Fixed a bug where swapping a 1-slot item (i.e. a ring) with 2-slot item (i.e. a weapon) in the second or third tab of a player’s stash would sometimes cause the 2-slot item to be filtered incorrectly to the first tab
  • Fixed a bug that was causing Collector’s Edition dyes to sell for the same price regardless of stack size



  • The gold and material crafting costs for all items level 1-59 have been reduced by 50% to 75%


  • The gold cost to level the Blacksmith has been reduced by 50%
  • The number of Pages of Blacksmithing (db), Tomes of Blacksmithing (db), or Tomes of Secrets (db) required to level the Blacksmith has been reduced
  • Base levels now require 1 page/tome, down from 5
  • Milestone levels now require 2 pages/tomes, down from 5
  • The number of Pages of Blacksmithing and Tomes of Blacksmithing required to craft items level 1-59 has been reduced
  • Items with 3 affixes no longer require Pages of Blacksmithing or Tomes of Blacksmithing to craft
  • The gold cost of crafting items with 4 affixes and 5 affixes (including items in Inferno difficulty) has been reduced
  • Weapon crafting costs have been reduced
  • The chance for level 60 items to produce Legendary crafting materials when salvaged has been reduced


  • The gold and material cost to combine gems ranks 2-8 has been reduced
  • Combinations for these ranks now only require 2 gems, down from 3
  • The gold cost to combine each rank of gems is now as follows:
    • Rank 2 – Flawed: 10 gold (down from 500 gold)
    • Rank 3 – Regular: 25 gold (down from 750 gold)
    • Rank 4 – Flawless: 40 gold (down from 1250 gold)
    • Rank 5 – Perfect: 55 gold (down from 2000 gold)
    • Rank 6 – Radiant: 70 gold (down from 3500 gold)
    • Rank 7 – Square: 85 gold (down from 7500 gold)
    • Rank 8 – Flawless Square: 100 gold (down from 20,000 gold)


Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug where the maximum Life of your followers was being displayed as different values in different parts of the game UI



  • Mass Control
    • Radius reduced from 15 yards to 8 yards
    • If Enchantress also has Reflect Missiles trained, Mass Control will no longer accidentally hex the player when both skills are activated
    • Skill will now correctly target enemies in all circumstances



  • Bosses have had their pathing improved
  • The quality of the item for the fourth stack of DiabloWikiNephalem Valor from bosses has been slightly reduced
  • DiabloWikiSkeleton King
    • Abilities
      • Will now summon Skeletal Archers in Hell and Inferno difficulties
  • The DiabloWikiWarden (mini-boss)
    • Now has DiabloWikiFast and DiabloWikiMolten affixes, in addition to DiabloWikiJailer
    • In Inferno difficulty, the Warden will also gain the Desecrator affix
  • DiabloWikiButcher
    • Bug Fixes
      • Fixed an issue where the corner panel fires in the Chamber of Suffering were doing twice as much damage as intended
  • DiabloWikiGhom
    • Abilities
      • Gas Cloud – Radius of Gas Cloud has been slightly reduced
      • Slowing effect has been removed
      • The amount of damage dealt by Gas Cloud when first entering the cloud has been reduced, but the amount of damage incurred for remaining in the cloud has been increased
      • In Inferno difficulty, Gas Clouds will last longer, spawn 2 at a time, and (after 4 minutes) spawn more quickly
  • DiabloWikiMaghda
    • Bug Fixes
      • Punish Dust projectiles can no longer be reflected
  • DiabloWikiZoltun Kulle
    • General
      • Zoltun Kulle will now enrage in Inferno difficulty after 3 minutes, using his Ceiling Collapse ability more often and for much higher damage
    • Abilities
      • Ceiling Collapse -Can now be cast at a player from any range
      • Fireball – Fireball attack now moves slower
      • Can now be cast at a player from any range
      • Teleport – Will now Teleport and run away from the player less often
      • Will now occasionally Teleport to the player
  • DiabloWikiBelial
    • General
      • Belial will now enrage in Inferno difficulty after 3 minutes in his final phase, increasing the number of green pools dropped across the entire encounter platform
    • Bug Fixes
      • Fixed a bug that was causing Belial to use his breath attack away from the player rather than towards the player under certain circumstances
  • DiabloWikiSiegebreaker
    • General
      • Overall damage has been reduced
      • No longer vulnerable to Confuse and Charm effects
      • Will now drop a health globe every 25% health mark (i.e. at 75%, 50%, and 25% health)
      • Now enrages after 4 minutes
      • In Inferno difficulty, Siegebreaker will now gain the Reflects Damage affix
  • DiabloWikiCydaea
    • Abilities
      • Spiderlings will now have an easier time hitting players, but their damage has been reduced by 20% to compensate
      • In Inferno difficulty, Spiderlings will now live longer, be more spread out, and (after 4 minutes) spawn more often
  • DiabloWikiRakanoth
    • General
      • In Inferno difficulty, Rakanoth will now become much more aggressive after 3 minutes
  • DiabloWikiIzual
    • General
      • Health pool has been increased
      • The number of Oppressors that join the fight has been reduced from 4 to 2
      • Will no longer target Followers or Tyrael as frequently
    • Abilities
      • Base Attacks •Base attack damage has been lowered
      • No longer does Cold damage on top of base attacks
      • Charge has been reduced
      • Knockback has been removed
      • Will Charge slightly more often, but will only target players
      • Frozen Bombs •Frozen Bomb damage has been reduced
      • Bombs will now explode faster
      • Only 8 Bombs will now spawn around the player rather than 12
      • Bombs will spawn at Izual’s feet less often
      • Frost Explosion damage has been reduced by 70%
      • Duration of freeze has been increased
      • Damage dealt to players while frozen will now break the effect
      • Players can now use defensive cooldown while frozen
      • Players can no longer avoid being frozen by doing high amounts of amount to Izual
    • Bug Fixes
      • Izual will no longer spawn twice if a player skips his introductory cut-scene
  • DiabloWikiDiablo
    • Bug Fixes
      • Damage Over Time (DoT) effects will now be properly cancelled when Diablo becomes invisible and casts Shadow Clones in Phase Two
      • Diablo “Stomp” ability is now correctly classified as a debuff instead of a buff
      • Fixed a bug that was causing pets to not attack Shadow Clones



  • Champions, Rares, and Uniques have had their pathing improved
  • Elite packs (Champion/Rare) now drop an additional item for players with 5 stacks of Nephalem Valor, which is guaranteed to be of Rare quality
  • Damage from monsters in Acts II, III, and IV in Inferno difficulty has been reduced
  • Colossal Golgor base damage has been reduced
  • Herald of Pestilence tentacle attack damage has been reduced
  • Soul Ripper and Soul Lasher damage has been reduced and both monsters will now run away less often
  • Wasps in Act II, Mage Constructs in Act II, and Winged Mollocks in Acts III and IV will now run away less
  • Succubus monsters will now run away less and for a shorter distance
  • The health pools of Woodwraiths in the Highlands now match the health pools of Woodwraiths in the DiabloWikiFields of Misery
  • Lacuni and DiabloWikiScavenger Rares and and Champions will now un-burrow when called by their allies
  • Bloodclan Warriors no longer DiabloWikiKnockback when buffed and attack slightly slower
  • Morlu no longer have the Invulnerable Minions, DiabloWikiHealth Link, or Fire Chains affixes
  • Plagued, Arcane Enchanted, and Electrified monsters no longer have resistance to Poison, Arcane, and Lightning damage (respectively)
  • Leaders of Invulnerable Minions packs have had their health pools reduced
  • Mortar monsters can now hurl projectiles farther, but their minimum range has also been increased by 100%

Bug Fixes

  • Interrupting a monster attack before it lands will now properly trigger its cooldown
  • DiabloWikiTreasure Goblins will now drop gold piles for all nearby players
  • Lacuni Warrior Rares and Champions will now reset their enrage timer correctly in Inferno difficulty
  • The Succubus “Blood Star” debuff will no longer affect the player if the damage from the projectile is dodged/blocked/etc
  • The damage from the Succubus “Blood Star” debuff will now scale based on the current cost of a player’s skill, even if the cost is reduced by items or skill runes
  • Monsters with the Extra Health affix should no longer gain more health every time players leave and join the game
  • Monsters with the Reflects Damage affix will no longer reflect Follower damage back to the player
  • Monsters with the Health Link and Knockback affixes will no longer knockback friendly monsters
  • Fixed a bug that was causing Champion Wallers to occasionally create walls at their location rather than the player’s location
  • Fixed a bug where Sandwasp projectiles could sometimes become invisible

Bug Fixes


  • The experience bar for characters at level cap on a Guest Pass account will now display 0/0 experience. If the account holder upgrades to the full game, their characters will be at 0/41000 experience towards the next level.
  • The speed of the animation that plays when resurrecting another players should no longer scale with your attack speed
  • Attempting to cast a skill while spamming the Town Portal hot key will now correctly interrupt the Town Portal cast and animation
  • Players who use Town Portal while in a tar pit will no longer keep the tar pit debuff after being teleported
  • It is no longer possible for players in Hell difficulty to skip to Inferno difficulty by creating and leaving Public Games
  • It is no longer possible to prevent character death in a single-player game by pausing the game in one game client and then logging into the same account from a different game client
  • Fixed a bug where The Lyceum in the DiabloWikiSouthern Highlands was not appearing
  • Fixed a bug where players could switch their offerings in the Trade window right before clicking “Accept” and, due to high latency, the game would not always be able to verify that both players were accepting the same offerings
  • Fixed a bug that was allowing players to temporarily pick up items that belonged to another account
  • Fixed a bug that was causing players to become stuck when using a banner to port to another player that was in an “un-walkable” location (i.e. to a barbarian in the middle of performing Leap)
  • Fixed a position desync bug (aka “rubberbanding”) that could happen when some movement skills (Strafe, Whirlwind, Tempest Rush) ended because the player ran out of the appropriate resource
  • Fixed several issues where a player’s character would get stuck or “rubberband” while moving if their movement speed was slowed in any way
  • Several performance improvements have been made to both the PC and Mac client

DiabloWikiAuction House

  • Item tooltips in the auction house will now correctly reflect stat bonuses provided by socketed gems
  • Items with class-specific affixes should now display the class restriction properly
  • It should no longer be possible for players to purchase a stack of items so large that it cannot be sent to their stash
  • The data displayed in each auction house tab should now properly reset when logging out


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    165 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.3 Notes Revealed

    1. Someone please make sense of the drop rates for me! What is iLvl? How does it work!?!?

      • iLvl = item Level. Because items have a lvl requirement and actual item lvl. Since her character can not go pass lvl 60n item lvl 61 to 63 still have requirement lvl 60. They are suppose to fix the missing information by showing the item lvl with the required lvl for item lvl 60 to 63 (btw monster in inferno start at lvl 61 up to 63 in act 3 and 4)…

      • Basically, it is different “tiers” of lvl60 weapons. A lvl 60 character can use ilvl 60+ but a ilvl 63 is more powerful than a ilvl61.

    2. “Magic Find will no longer be considered when looting objects in the environment such as chests, barrels, vases, pots, and corpses”

      I hate botters even more than I thought was possible.

      Farming the clouds in Whimsyshire seems pointless now.

      • I’m actually quite pleased with that change, means I no longer have to carry around a full set of MF gear and tediously equip it piece by piece before opening opening resplendant chests. This way I can safely loot those chests without feeling like I’m losing out on a potential rare or legendary. Then again, I dislike MF as a whole so perhaps it’s just me.

      • Also, “Destructible objects no longer have a chance to drop items, and will only have a small chance to drop gold when destroyed.”

        It’s a shame they couldn’t think of another method to combat botters. Watching a rare ring drop from the 1,000,000th barrel you just destroyed is a thing of Diablo lore.

      • Is that the reason for these changes? All I could think was, “Holy nerfing, Batman.” They completely removed pretty much every reason to click objects, right down to “weapon racks don’t always drop weapons.” Really sucks that they couldn’t come up with a better way to fight these guys, this ruins a lot of fun for casual players. Still remember my first Stormshield dropping from a barrel!

        • The worst part is that it doesn’t even stop bots at all, it just makes them slightly less effective. You think these botters care? They’re just laughing now.
          All it does is make the game even more boring for the legit player then it already is.

      • This is especially disappointing to me since my first (1 of 2) legendary drop was from a pile of bones in act 2 inferno.

    3. this is the end for DH.

      with the broken SS which does not lose agro inferno is a piece of … heaven… 😐

      • Not to sure how this will affect me and my DH. Eather people will start using BoL (Ball of Lightning) or keep using NT. Im afraid azzmo runs and other things will become a whole $#^& tone harder….

    4. Are they going to refund all of us idiots who upgraded everything at the much much higher prices?
      Thanks Blizzard!

        • Us really early adopters are selling our AS-eq atm and buying new stuff tomorrow!
          Not really sure what to get for my monk though, even with all AS he’s much worse than all those wizards and DHs 🙂

      • While I feel cheated too (Blacksmith and Jeweler maxed), I think it’s silly they DECREASED the upgrade costs like it was prohibitively expensive in the first place.

        With crafting costs DECREASED, you’d think they’d INCREASE upgrade costs. So much for all the gold sinks…

        • I agree, it seems odd removing gold sinks from a game with hardly any gold sinks. It’s not like they were even that expensive, maybe compared to the AH sure, but can they really balance vendors and things against an ever changing AH market?
          Do we want them to?

        • Ironically now the gold sink may be sinking gold. It isn’t much of a gold sink if people are not using it.

        • “damned if they do” is totally incorrect

          if they had done it, then then they wouldn’t be damned at all

          your post should have been, “damned because they didn’t, damned because they did it late”

      • They said many times the beta was primarily for server testing and not balancing. Not to mention a vast majority of the changes (if not all) only apply to areas/levels/items/difficulties not in the beta.

      • False. They were busy redesigning the whole friggin rune system during beta (which doubled as a server stress test). Your comment is both correct and absurd at the same time, which leaves me a bit stymied. Then again, so do all of your posts. Well done sir!

        • Every time I read a post you write its insulting someone. You’re such a troll and a big diablo nerd. Get a life.

          • Correct, I’m a Diablo nerd on, of all things, a Diablo fansite… You just have your panties in a bunch because I called you out for complaining a week ago and told you to go play Deus Ex, as your name suggests.

            Back to the point at hand, the game was delayed through beta so that they could revamp the failed rune system and the secondary function was to stress the servers. Imagine, defending one of the original trolls (TommyJ) by calling me a troll too! TROLOLOLOL!

    5. “the bridge from New Tristram to The Weeping Willow”

      Pretty much sums it up for me.

      “Players can no longer avoid being frozen by doing high amounts of amount to Izual”


      And the mortar change is just lulz. This is their “fix”? It can already extend out past a full screen, so now elites will be blasting you while you’re fighting a pack of monsters before you even realize there’s an elite pack. Fun!

      • I sincerely hope there’s more to the fix than that. Doubling the dead zone won’t change much when some mobs are able to shoot mortars in melee range.

        • they can’t shoot in melee range

          the minimum range has been increased by 100%

          so if the min range was 5 yards, it is now 10, so if you rush into melee range and get within 10 yards they can’t hit you

          • Believe me, they can. I died repeatedly to a cultist pack yesterday because they kept shooting 10k mortars at me while I was meleeing them. I don’t know whether it’s a mob-specific bug or intentional, but either way it’s fubar and in need of fixing.

            • It’s a hilarious bug. Some monsters have the correct minimal range, others have no minimal range.

              The D3 team needs stop pretending their Q&A is worth a damn and start doing betas for these patches. The SC2 and WoW teams do it, why can’t they?

            • I have observed that if you stand in melee range with your back to a wall, the mortar will land on you instead of going over your head (beyond the wall). I have yet to meet a Mortar pack that would hit me in melee, other then when the individual monsteres are spread out.

          • All mortar monsters have the potential to blast you in melee range. Just back them up against a wall, and there you go. Particularly in a narrow corridor.

            The mod is just plain stupid and they should feel bad for thinking they could fix it.

          • I have never seen a bug making mortar shoot melee, however, mortars can’t go past a wall, meaning that a waller can trick you by putting a wall just behind you then shoot at melee range.
            Or maybe i was just lucky enough not to encounter that bug.

    6. Interesting changes, can’t wait to test out the Blacksmiths Recipes now that they are reasonably priced! I might even have a go at Inferno..

    7. I can’t find the part where bosses in nightmare and hell should be guaranteed to drop decent loot when killed the first time?

      • They do not drop decent loot even in inferno I have had 5 NV buffs with 150% MF on with a 300% MF barb with me and all that droped was 5 6 blues 0 rares at times and 95% of the ime those blues were crap. I say do not btoher killing a boss less its butcher because hes so easy.

        • That sounds like a bug – I’ve always had at least 2 rares with 5 NV stacks from an act boss, and I’ve run Diablo (Hell) and the Butcher/Belial in Inferno more times than I’m happy counting…

        • This is an absolute lie (or perhaps you are just mistaken), because if you have 5 NV buffs you are currently guaranteed 2 rares from bosses. With this patch it is reduced to 1 rare, but there it is (and an increase to 1 guaranteed rare from champs).

          • maybe he was killing izual? not all purples drop rares and he was one of them.

            that not being the case i would have to call him a liar, killing bosses with 5 stacks always gave 2 rares. this new system is better imo. now i can full clear acts which is more fun to me

            • I’ve only ever seen blue drops if you don’t have 5 stacks of NV. I’ve always received the 2 rares from him with full stacks. The only purples I know of that don’t drop rares are the rare-spawns throughout the world.

            • That’s funny Niz, because when I was farming him on Nightmare with my lvl 60 wiz to get the herding staff plan, he only ever dropped 2 blues. That includes two times when I killed him with 4 NV and 5 NV.

              The only potential way to square this is to say that 5 NV doesn’t affect him on Nightmare, but it does on Hell or Inferno? Seems unlikely to have a specific exclusion for him like that, though.

            • @Lanth – Interesting. It’s very possible that I just got lucky when I beat him? I didn’t farm him consistently, so that’s entirely possible.

              Other than Izzual, I wouldn’t know another example of this occuring though. Magda, Aranea, Mistress of Lust, etc, have all dropped rares. (In short, all bosses that have the “accept” preamble when you’re in multiplayer.

              The other unique I just thought of that doesn’t is the Hammerarm guys in A4 for the rifts and the aspect illusions as you’re ascending the the Arch. (None of these have a boss introduction though)

            • If you are lucky enough, you may drop only rares on a boss. The only difference is that now, you have one guaranteed instead of two.

    8. Why are they so secretive about the patch notes? They’ve known for at least days if not weeks what this patch would contain. They could surely have posted it yesterday or this morning. Why shroud it in such mystery?

      • That’s a lot of notes so it probably took a while to compile, and the version that went up had typos and as you can see from VloodTempes’ comment above you, is probably missing some things.

    9. Some pretty awful changes which is something I would expect from Blizztard. No reason to destroy objects anymore so why the hell are they still in the game wasting computer resources.

      • exactly this. Just because people were using bots to exploit? So, now everyone everywhere get’s punished? So, no chance for loot from objects … i wont ever touch them now.

        just another lost opportunity.

        And, I might add, it was hard enough being a Barbarian in Inferno. Now, from what I understand, they’ve nurfed IAS by 50% … what are we supposed to do now … just give up? That change is F’ed. Barbarians were already way underpowered compaired to the other classes. Now … it’s pointless that I’ve spent over 240 hours gearing up my Barb for inferno with IAS gear in mind.; That I’ve spent every resource I could gather to improve his gear, including TONS of gold in the AH and Blacksmith development.

        Will we, the one’s who upgraded the BS, see a refund?

        You know, if you’re playing a barb since the launch, you’ve been watching every other class take down inferno like it’s nothing …. while you’re struggling. Now, they take away the ONE thing our class NEEDS … IAS. It was really all we had.

        • So far as IAS goes it was more important for wizards and demon hunters than barb, I would argue also more important for monks considering the way their spirit generators work. The only class it probably wasn’t more important than for the barb is a witch doctor and even their it wasn’t by much.

          The IAS nerf effects everyone, acting like it’s singling out any particular class, specifically the on you play, just makes you look silly and biased.

          • You’re right. It does affect every class … but, what makes it worse is all of the people, like myself, who saved gold (or at this time real money) for a weapon/armor with a specific feature that’s now been nerfed.

            What if you were someone who spent $250 in the RMAH and now you’re weapon is half speed?

            It’s not a great solution. For me personally … the game is less fun.

        • uhmm, i still get yellows, blues and gold from objects, they didnt said it would be nothing, just reduced.

      • I wonder if it applies to all destructible..?
        I just got an astral mail from a log in Act 1.

        • All destructible, yes. All clickable, no. They will probably change this as well at some point. I think that Blizzard is just attempting to reduce drops in general regardless of the bots. I’m assuming this because of the reduced rare drop on bosses, magic drop on champs/rares, and mf nerf on non-mob sources. There is the guaranteed rare on packs now with full nv, but I got one every other pack on average without any mf of my own so… It also seems to me that there are a lot of items ranked 61+ that I didn’t think would be, based on their stats. I’m wondering if the rating system was loosened to offset the increased chance of obtaining higher ranks on other difficulties. They’ve got to keep the economy healthy or it will trivialize their return from the 15% fee. Though I see it getting flooded eventually, so maybe at that point they’ll scrap that and up the flat rate.

        • Actually, just noticed that you said log… I have yet to get an item drop from an environmental destructible, but I’ve only been doing Act 1 inferno since patch.

          • i too have only been doing inferno act 1 since the patch but for me things still drop all the time from objects. The only things so far that I haven’t seen drop anything are barrels and urns. In fact the very first object i clicked post-1.0.3 (a stump) to test dropped a blue.

            I wonder if there is some bug where some people’s drops are unaffected?

      • I can’t agree more. It is the single biggest exploit and means for professional farmers to ruin the economy remaining in the game. I look forward to the day when the only way to obtain items is to actually fight for them as intended.

      • Their attempted fix seems to be indirect. By making the loot drop even in act I and by reducing the damage in act II and beyond monsters, players won’t have such a rough time killing stuff. Actually playing the game becomes a reasonable source of items, as opposed to the previously much better braindead/bot-friendly alternatives.

        • That’s for players, but killing goblins remains bot friendly compared to killing monsters.
          Actually it makes killing goblins more bot friendly because it makes it easier for bots to kill mobs which may be surrounding goblins.

          • Its also very hardcore friendly and since I play exclusively hardcore I dont see people stop running goblins to actually play the game anytime soon.

          • I kind of doubt it. When I chase a goblin I almost always run into trouble. If the bots can handle that kind of trouble then they can clear the whole level. I really doubt that’s profitable for bots because I don’t think they’d be efficient enough to avoid racking in repair costs or be able to clear naked or with poor gear… but if they can manage it, then only improvements in warden will keep the economy healthy unless they introduce more incentive to break more items down… Which it looks like they’ve done by reducing the chance to get legendary materials.

            • Not just any random goblins, ones that can be exploited because of where and how often they spawn.

    10. “Several performance improvements have been made to both the PC and Mac client”

      As someone with a low end machine, I am curious how noticeable these performance improvements will be. The game runs great, except for a few locations; hoping to see better frame rate.

      • It always annoys me when they tl;dr the performance improvement notes. Why can’t they tell us what they did and what should be improved?

    11. Not to sound completely whiny…I am glad at the difficulty decreases to A2-4 inferno (which were much needed for all but the “lolrange” classes) along with changes in crafting.

      While I’m sad at the barrel/chest/vase changes, you can thank your local chinese gold farmer/botters for those. They have, and will continue, to ruin the economy as long as people continue to think that paying upwards of 10+ mil for run of the mill rares is a sound investment. Hopefully this puts one more cramp in their operation.

      • Well I’m glad they compromised the play experience for millions of legitimate players in order to foil a few botters.

        What happened to Jay Wilson’s comment about ‘Everything in the game can drop any type of item.’ As usual, their design philosophy is subject to change at a whim. It’s not possible to trust anything they say or any promise they make.

    12. So they managed to f*ck the game up even more, not improve. How I miss those days where you could tell devs and their patches to f*ck themselves. Chest no longer calculate MF in their drop? Not even worth cursing. Oh and the siegebreaker reflect damage and 4 minutes enrage timer is really good one

    13. Mostly good. I love the reductions in crafting costs – the old prices for gem upgrades were completely insane… considering it was free in D2. How about a reduction in shared stash upgrade costs? $200,000 for a few extra slots is appalling.

      And… Maybe in a future patch they can make unique Bosses talk less?

      • The game needs gold sinks, especially as you approach endgame. Hence the high cost of upgrading your stash and combining gems past flawless square.

        • Upgrading your stash is not a gold sink. It is a one time investment of ~400k. Gold sink needs to “sink” the gold repeatedly and often to be effective.

    14. Much needed adaptations to the 2 professions. Great.

      And lvl 61 gear dropping in act 3 and act 4 in Hell: quite nice.

    15. “Destructible objects no longer have a chance to drop items, and will only have a small chance to drop gold when destroyed”

      now I KNOW mike morhaime (or som other blizz dude) recently stated in a video interview that they want the player to be able to find legendarys even from pots, just like in d2..

      • With this change, just get rid of the breakable objects, along with the grey and white items that also have absolutely no reason for being in the game.

        A better solution to the breakable object (only) farming would be to reduce the ridiculous number of breakable objects. Why are there clusters of 20 breakable objects with 1 or more additional clusters of 20 breakable objects all on the same screen anyway?

        • White daggers were the strongest self-found weapons for my bootstrap hardcore witch doctor for like the first 20+ levels. Also some people play ironman which uses whites/greys.

          Hopefully the way they make whites useful in the future is through d2-style crafting, rather than taking them out or leaving them as is.

      • Sigh…

        I still remember finding the unique Demonspike Coat (kick ass full plate mail) in the original Diablo, from a barrel in Hell…

        Jay, what the [email protected]#$ are you guys doing? 🙁

      • Balance patch should be 1.1. I have not seen information on schedule for that one. I guess they need that for pvp purposes.

    16. I think they should either keep enrage times and life regen after death OR keep the rez timer. Having both as penalties on top of a repair bill seems… oddly severe.

      • The point is that players are not supposed to die as often as many people (especially ranged classes) have been. This prevents people death zerging their way through content they aren’t actually strong enough to handle properly. Death zerging doesn’t work as well for melee classes and consequently they need much better gear to progress in inferno than ranged classes do. Increasing the repair cost helps even things out a bit by requiring ranged classes to play a bit more defensively. It also discourages people from death-banner-relay-racing their way through content they aren’t really prepared for.

        • well maybe if they dont want ranged to die so much they should have done some (or all) of the following:

          -not give us 30% EXTRA damage taken on top of damage that is barely handleable by tank classes
          -give us a way to reduce incoming damage that is not based on an extremely limited resource
          -not create a LARGE number of monster that have too much range/damage/speed to kite properly OR that can one shot your ass when you turn a corner or from off screen with zero chance to react.

          lolrange class indeed, try it on act 3/4 inferno sometime and then tell me again how easy it is.

        • You see, if you keep the regen (full regen), that effectively negates death zerging. Currently, some mobs only regen over time. Some mobs heal to full after 3 seconds. The variation is inconsistent and often frustrating when coupled with all the other penalties.

          And to be honest, why is death zerging a problem? If you’re dying a lot, you’re facing a repair cost that is 6x greater. Why punish somebody who is willing to waste the gold on being careless (this is their choice, and they’re taking gold out of the economy)? The prudent player will always choose the most effective way of progressing. If you are wracking up 50k-100k bills, and faced with mobs that regen fully after death, isn’t it silly to the extreme to provide a rez time AND an enrage?

          Let’s look at the current tally of penalties:
          -Monster Regen (Over time, or full regen)
          -Rez timer (increases over time)
          -Enrage timer (becomes more potent over time)
          -Repair Bill (marked up to 50-100k now)

          My suggestion is to unify the penalty. If all monsters full regened, let’s say, then you A) wouldn’t need a rez timer because you’d have to fight them over again and B) negate the downtime so people could head to town, regroup, repair, etc without having to wait 30 seconds to do it.

          I’ve always understood why they’re doing this. My suggestion is in response to what is a flawed design decision.

          • I agree that it is frustrating that some mobs regen to full while after death but others don’t. However, if you were to make all mobs do this and get rid of the rez timer, then people could death zerg while in groups since the people who died would more likely be back in the fight before their teammates died, so they would never trigger the regen. The increased repair bill will discourage that now though. Overall, I think that your suggestion would be an improvement now that repair costs are higher.

            • The problem I see is that it adds up to a lot of time doing absolutely nothing. People have spent hours doing absolutely nothing in a fast-paced ARPG.

              So that was one example (which was generally aimed at the solo farmer). To balance it for multiplayer they could add an instant “resurrect to town” option. This could put an X amount of seconds debuff that won’t allow you to travel – to a banner or to a waypoint.

              The goal here is this: give the player something to do in the meantime. If you have people rez to town, they’re allowed time to repair, to craft, create gems, swap out gear, etc.

              This is a fast-paced game, not an MMO. When you stack penalties against a player for dying, it becomes tedious rather than fun. (from what I hear now, though, Inferno is a joke)

    17. “Legendary items with the +Attack Speed bonus will now correctly provide a bonus to attack speed. Please note that this fix will only affect new Legendary drops. Existing Legendary items will be addressed in future patch.”

      Hmm how will we tell whether a Legendary for sale is a new one or one from before the patch?

      • I wondered the same thing, then a second later remembered it doesn’t really matter because all the Legendaries are currently worthless, save for a select few.

        • The Boj Anglers are one of those few that is both desirable and has said desired trait. It’s a conundrum, but with the IAS nerf they’ll probably drop severely in value anyways.

    18. I wanted this patch today, not tomorrow. Now I have to wait another day to play because at the current state it’s worthless.

      I think they nerfed it too hard, there’s not going to be an economy if everyone can get all items. I like that you have a 2% chance of iLvl63 in act1 but if they make mobs easier then a whole bunch of sellers are going to get stuff and the market will plummet with stuff no one buys because of the quantity.

      • I hate to break it to people, but the “economy” that D3 is in right now is both false and severely inflated. The prices were initially driven up into the multi-millions of gold by gold farmers working for sites to sell people gold (you love the general/trade channel gold spam, right?). Make people think that there is a need to spend 5, 10, or 20 million gold or more on an item…then turn around and try to sell people gold for money from your chinese gold farmer website. It’s pretty obvious, is it not?

        Nothing is worth more than 1 or 2 million gold on the GAH, and even then, only if it’s a perfectly rolled ilvl63 rare. In a couple of months, prices will come down out of the atmosphere back to reasonable levels and people will laugh at all the suckers who spent 10mil on a 1200k+ dps wep.

        • I refuse to pay more than 200K to 300K for items other than a weapons, and most often refuse to pay more than 100K. For 200K to 300K the item better be damn good. Weapons, I may go up to 400K to 500K, but still strive to spend way less. Do I currently have any 1000+ DPS weapons. Nope. But eventually I’ll find some.

        • I definitely agree that some gold farmers are doing this. And they’re probably doing it even more with the RMAH (buy up items now at higher cost than people would otherwise pay to set the prices, then profit off real auctions now and in the future). It’s also an explanation for the price disparities between the realms.

          But you have no control over that. You should just try to profit from it now, before those gold AH sites run out of the capital needed to set the market like this (if it ever happens) or people wise up and stop responding to it.

        • The economy isn’t “inflated”. When you search for high quality items, often there will only be a couple of pages of results. So you have over a million players in the realm to whom these couple of dozens of items are desirable. Supply and demand…

          I don’t think prices will go down in the future on top items. If anything prices will go up, as people realize gold keeps accumulating while top items do not (better top items simply replace previous ones).

    19. Mostly positive changes, except for the fact that Resplendent chests will be hardly worth opening now. Instead of totally negating MF on them they should have just capped it, otherwise it totally defeats the purpose of MF in the first place.

      • I forgot about these. Now I’m upset. These were the whole point of trudging through 2 levels of random event dungeons/caves — knowing there would be a reward at the end, plus drops from any champ packs along the way.

        • Resplendent chests are still worth popping when you find em, but it gets rid of having to carry around a full set of mf gear, and it helps curb the people that were running around, not killing anything, and only popping chests with mf gear or popping inferno clouds with mf gear. It’s a bummer that it hurts people that weren’t farming chests, but I think it’s a good change overall.

    20. They should make chests act like elite mobs. 1 guaranteed rare if you have 5 NV stacks, otherwise you will mostly get crap (and MF from gear should have no effect as in 1.0.3).
      Then finding a chest, or even going specifically for a chest while you farm would be great, but you wouldn’t do speed runs on them.

      And due to such changes, they could even make the resplendent chests much more common again (as in undoing the spawn nerfs done so far).

    21. Am I the only one who thinks this is confusing?

      “Minimum damage and Maximum damage values will now display separately in an item’s tooltip (i.e. “+2-4 Damage” will now display as “+2 Minimum Damage” and “+2 Maximum Damage”)”

      • LOL yeah that werid +2-4 damage should be +2 minium damage and +4 maxium damage. If it +2 min & max damage why not remove min and max and have it as +2 damage?

        • actually that may be correct

          if you have a chipped ruby that adds 2-4 damage and put it in a weapon, you’ll notice the min and max for the weapon does not go up 2-4

          instead it goes up 2-2

          I thought the min would go up 2 and the max would go up 4, but it doesn’t
          they each go up 2

        • I think the point is that +2 to min damage is already +2 to max damage (since max includes min). Adding an extra +2 to the max means the max has really gone up 4 from the base.

          You do 8-10 damage. You then equip a ring that adds 2 min damage. Now you do 10-12 damage.

          You swap that ring for one that adds 2 min and 2 max damage. Now you do 10-14 damage.

          On another note, I feel this makes the mod display unnecessarily wordy.

    22. I would think what they mean is simple: that magic find doesn’t affect chests/pots/etc, but these sources can *still* drop anything of value (magic items or rares for example). You just don’t get the boost from MF.

      Why are people inferring that it means chests and such will only drop grey and white items? While by far the majority of the time you’ll get junk, there’s still the *chance* to get something good, it’s just not affected by MF anymore.

      Or am I not understanding correctly?

      • “Destructible objects no longer have a chance to drop items, and will only have a small chance to drop gold when destroyed”

        • Yeah destructibles have no chance, I saw that. Didn’t mean to include pots in there. Then why were people saying chests and resplendent chests aren’t worth opening anymore?

            • “Magic Find will no longer be considered when looting objects in the environment such as chests, barrels, vases, pots, and corpses”

              This is why. Most people would invite friends to games that have high magic find (especially Whimsyshire) to have high chances of getting good loot for little or no cost. Since MF is no longer considered when looting such things, people feel that it’s useless to open them at all.

            • If you refuse to open a chest even though it’s right there anyway, then I don’t know what to say. Do you think it’s not worth to kill monsters for loot if you have less then a certain % of magic find? The notion is ridiculous.
              Sure, the nerf sucks, but the amount of annoying stuff it cuts out of the game is, in my opinion, worth it.

    23. So with champs/elites now giving a guaranteed rare with 5 NV, I suppose it’s now a more worthwhile farming strategy to do an Act from beginning to end, rather than just concentrating on a cluster of quests. Is it correct that NV buffs don’t carry over into the next act?

    24. •Repair costs have been increased for item levels between 53 and 63
      •Magic Find will no longer be considered when looting objects in the environment such as chests, barrels, vases, pots, and corpses
      •Unique monsters in Hell and Inferno difficulty are no longer guaranteed to drop two Magic items when slain
      •Destructible objects no longer have a chance to drop items, and will only have a small chance to drop gold when destroyed

      Really, from the bottom of my heart, Fuck you, Blizzard. I just went 5 days not playing, because I was bored; and making the game more tedious, and less fun, does not help matters.

    25. Replace nether tentacles with frost arrow.
      Replace sharpshooter with cull the weak.

      You can thank me later.

      • You just named my build I used to use about 3 weeks ago! I’m glad I’ll be able to switch back to frost arrow. I found it to be a lot more fun than nether tentacles, but felt forced to use it because of how effective it was.

        • I used Frost arrows as well before everyone found out about NT hitting a target more than once. I really liked the snare that came along with it. Glad I can go back to it.

          • I’m having great time with Lightning ball, reminds me of my light fury amazon. You just position yourself properly and spam the next door, and then walk in and collect the loot.

    26. I assume that the attack speed nerf applies to all existing items, and not just newly dropped items post 1.03?

      Any opinions on what happens to the value of increased attack speed gear that are now reduced by half? No longer is it mandatory to have IAS in every available gear slot, or is it still going to be just as sought after even with the big reduction?

      • Yeah, to old and new items, but not to quivers.
        I think IAS will still be very useful. Suppose you have a total of 50% non-weapon IAS and 2000 of your main stat. A further 5% increase in IAS will provide as much additional damage as an extra ~65 points of your main stat – quite significant.

      • Speaking as a monk – we are totally dependent on IAS for survivability. Common advice says that about 2 APS with good LoH is what you need to survive inferno. Now that 2 APS barrier will be harder to break, which will require us to have IAS in more slots in order to stay alive. Blizzard’s intention was to make builds without IAS viable, but at least for my class, I now need to spend more of my stat budget on it than ever.

    27. Most of these changes look great to me. Honestly, from their design blog post I wasn’t expecting quite such a number of boss/monster behavioral fixes.

      DoT’s finally causing crits is HUGE for a lot of players. Finally my rain of frogs will get the respect they deserve. :mrgreen:

      In a weird way, even though plagued (etc) having resists to their element of choice was maddening for me, I sort of thought it was a nice challenge that forced you to diversify into at least two types of damage. I liked that it didn’t mean they were IMMUNE (a la Hell in D2), but that you’d have a much tougher time with them unless you had another type of damage. Then again, I’ve only been playing in Inferno Act 1 so far, so I’m sure I would have just wept at Plagued elites in later Inferno acts.

    28. Patch’s up, the game is nerfed TO THE GROUND. Inferno now is like hell for someone who farmed act3/4 pre patch. GG

    29. [quote]Crowd Control Reduction from items …[/quote]

      ^ that is awesome

      [quote]Mass Control
      Radius reduced from 15 yards to 8 yards[/quote]

      ^that is too bad
      that was an awesome skill, very helpful
      but I guess it was over powered

      yea to all the Crafting changes
      I expect people to actually level up the Blacksmith now, if only to experiment with him
      I guess we’ll also start to see the AH become even more flooded with gems and crafted gear
      gems will be so plentiful and cheap, you might as well just throw them away

      currently, in the AH, if you find 2 pairs of pants, each having equal stats and 2 sockets, then it’s probably justified paying a few 1000 more if the sockets for one pair of pants already has gems in them, but with these changes that’s probably not the case anymore

      [quote]Mortar monsters can now hurl projectiles farther, but their minimum range has also been increased by 100%[/quote]

      so, charge into melee range is the best defense ?

      [quote]Fixed a bug that was causing Champion Wallers to occasionally create walls at their location rather than the player’s location[/quote]

      haha, bummrer

      [quote]It is no longer possible to prevent character death in a single-player game by pausing the game in one game client and then logging into the same account from a different game client[/quote]

      HA !
      hard core

      [quote]Item tooltips in the auction house will now correctly reflect stat bonuses provided by socketed gems[/quote]

      THANK YOU !

    30. Warden inferno now with molten+desecrator+jailer … Some one at blizzard really hates melee or what?, it may not matter on SC but it DOES on HC.

    31. WTF? All my settings are lost (have no idea which resolution I had finally settled on), and my game is so choppy, it’s beyond unplayable. Anyone else having issues?

    32. “Monks can now use spears, two-handed weapons, and two-handed swords”
      Huh? In the official notes, it says:
      “Monks can now use two-handed axes, two-handed maces, and two-handed swords”

    33. So how do we tell new Legendarys (with fixed aspd) from the old ones? I reckon there would be a lot of scamming going on if this is not made obvious.

      • “Attack Speed Increased by X%” <- Those work

        "Increases Attack speed by X%" <- These do NOT work

        • That’ll still cause a lot of confusion/scams though. Gonna have to put a post-it note next to my screen with what you just wrote 😉

    34. everything seems awesome other than MF not counting towards anything but kills…. couldve just reduced the amount of clickables and such. i really enjoy clicking everything as i go through and get all excited when one of them drops something awesome.

      i guess this is even more of a reason to stack gold find rather than magic find, and do the AH thing even more.

      • I’m not sure why people think that it is now not at all worth breaking stuff – legendaries can still drop, it’s just a reduced chance. Up to you if you think it’s worth it I guess.

        • Probably because those people actually have read the post…

          “Destructible objects no longer have a chance to drop items, and will only have a small chance to drop gold when destroyed”

    35. Just confirming for people level 63 items do drop in act 1 inferno. I got one on my first butcher run. It does make it a bit more exciting now when rares drop.

      • I don’t think so, the patch is not live yet, ilvl63 items do not drop in act 1 until 1.0.3 is live.

        What you found was not a ilvl63 item, l2p :mrgreen:

        • Ummm? The patch is certainly liveon the America server. Items now display their item level. This one is definately 63.

        • People have been playing it for a while now in the Americas – confirmed by Bashiok hours ago. @stonecourier is correct.

    36. i can confirm that bone piles still drop items. so i wonder if it’s just containers, e.g., barrels and vases, that no longer drop items, or if my bone pile drop was unintentional.

      • I assume anything that you click on, rather then shoot with a weapon is a “chest” and not a “container”. Things like bodies etc are all considered “chests”.

    37. Changing things at the expense of the normal player in order to combat botting just tells me that once again Blizzard doesn’t have a clue how to actually put a stop to the botters.

    38. sweet, I am finally able to play A2 inferno both solo and in 2-player, which was pretty much impossible for me with my current gear (I was doing quite well in A1).

    39. Repair costs have made me start playing like it’s hardcore. Much better to farm easy content in A4 hell than die in A1 inferno.

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