Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.5 Sneak Peek

The first piece of info on the upcoming v1.0.5 patch has been released by Blizzard.

We’ll have articles in the coming days providing all the details on the upcoming patch, but we wanted to give you a sneak peek at what major features to expect.

Defensive Skill Changes
In our eternal quest to promote build diversity; we’ll be making changes to defensive skills across the board while simultaneously reducing incoming damage. The net result is a survivability buff for players, and an increase in build options as defensive abilities become less “mandatory.”

New Event: Infernal Machine
The Infernal Machine is a device that will allow level-60 players to battle “uber” versions of some of Sanctuary’s most nefarious bosses. While the rewards for defeating these bosses will be great, some assembly is required.

New System: Monster Power
Similar to the “Players 8” command in Diablo II, the Monster Power system is designed to give players more control over how challenging enemies are in each difficulty.

Update: As many of you guys have pointed out in comments, two of these changes are very D2 in flavor, with the Infernal Machine sounding much like the Diablo 2 DiabloWikiPandemonium Event. Check the DiabloWiki.net article for full details on that end game quest, which was added in the v1.11 patch. It required farming certain bosses for special keys, which could then open 3 portals to special areas, where 3 more special ingredients could be obtained, which then were cubed into a portal to Uber Tristram, where the biggest battle and ultimate reward was found.

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101 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.5 Sneak Peek

  1. That explains the “don’t freak out about the data mine” I think its safe to say all defensive skills ( like tough as nails , one with everything etc ) will get a big nerf but there is no reason to panic since the monsters will do less damage anyway.
    I like it. ( not to mention the uber thingy sounds super cool )

  2. Nice, D3 is becoming more interesting. Thy slowly find out that a lot of the features from D2 where really good and would go very well with D3.

  3. I so excited about these changes. As a monk I might finally be able to play something else besides heal serenity blind build thats mandatory for inferno.

    • It’s not mandatory, you just need better gear. I can clear act 2 with not defensive skills whatsoever.

      I don’t, though.

      • Well me too, but then you could apply the same for acts3-4. I used to play a monk exclusively and became a chore in the end. Besides, half the skills/runes are plain bad compared to some others. Now I usually farm with my witch doctor, for whom I spent less than 20% gold in gear comparatively, has a ton of magic find in his gear and still can clear act3 efficiently and wihout any trouble. Additionally the WD for example has a lot of cool and useful skills, when you get bored you can just switch skills and be equally as powerful. The monk’s viable skillset is much more limited.

  4. So, is this an update for Diablo 2 1.9.5, D3 1.5.0, or D3 1.0.5?

    3 different places, 3 different labels on it.

    (I know the answer, just being a jerk, since it’s 8 in the morning.)

  5. This is good, like the control over monster power.
    Hope this means the drops rate will increase with monster power, for example act 3 drop rates in act 1 : )

  6. I hope that the “infernal machine” is a consumable device with mechanics similar to the keys in D2 (it could also be a nice gold sink). If it is, can we please change acts in the same game!

    • Actually you can do it, when you finish Act2 you have to talk to some guy and you go directly to Act3.
      Of course you lose your NV… (I think it was your point?)

      • Yeah I want to be able to go from act to act without losing my NV stacks and all..just like in D2 where you good run every act boss if you wanted to without having to finish the act before changing. I don’t understand why this feature isn’t already in the game…

        • it has to do with how the server works. When you start your game, the server loads everything it needs to deliver to you where monsters/chests/etc are. So that is your instance of stuff to play. By minimizing it to acts, it makes the instance take less memory and storage. Makes the creation time faster as well which has a huge performance impact on the server.

          • Oh I doubt it has anything to do with the server infrastructure…
            The obvious answer is how the quest system was designed. Unless Blizzard changes this completely and makes it possible to change the selected quest in-game, switching acts is just not viable.

        • Isn’t it because if you could change Acts and retain NV – then everyone would just get 5 boringly easy stacks in Act 1 before switching over to Act 3/4 for the drops?

    • Before
      This game sucks they should make it more like D2


      This is why we can’t have nice things.

      • you missed his point, he is not complaining he is merely stating that Blizzard Misjudged what we want from the diablo franchise with their wise-ass “we know best, trust us” attitude –

        But given that they try to make d3 more like d2 by popular demand (“aka hugest shitstorm for a blizzard game ever.”)
        it appears that they did not know best.

        • Oh but he is complaining. People can’t think of anything bad to say about the changes so they resort to whining how the ideas were copied, anything so they don’t have to give credit to the devs everyone obviously hates <3

          You can honestly devalue anything with that attitude. Insert your favourite game, it probably copied loads of ideas from all around the place.

          • Found this gem of a comment on the US battle.net site:

            “Monster Power sounds like a good way to increase drops so they can make more money on the AH. Nice play blizz.”

            Indeed, some people just can’t be satisfied. They don’t want to be satisfied, they *want* to whine and bitch.

          • Actually, it just sounds like you’re projecting your own beliefs into his post. They clearly are recycling the content from D2, you cannot say they aren’t. Blizzard released a half finished game. What do you mean people can’t find anything to complain about with changes? You mean the changes that are adding the same features that we loved from D2? What credit do you want us to give them? “Oh, hey, you know that feature you just announced that was already present in D2 but you cut for D3 like most of the other things we loved? Thanks for putting that back into the Diablo series. Great work.”

          • mm, let’s try this again, and see if it goes to the right reply

            he’s obviously not complaining about the changes

            it is also obvious that he’s complaining about D3?s pre-release development process and the team who made it

          • What’s next? Zombie Cain so he can identify all your items for you? Or maybe they will make a “Beast” runeword that turns you into a Panda instead of a Werebear.

    • For Torches to make a comeback, wouldn’t they need to put in a system for charms first? Anybody know if anything like that already exists, code-wise, or would that take a major re-working?

      Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see them again. I liked the idea of adding MF via charms instead of on armor. It just always seemed like a more sensible trade-off to me (giving up carry space in order to find more/better items). It could get out of hand with +stat items, though, especially with how vital they are in D3.

      • Yes, a system is already coded and available – it was called the Talisman. This was a dedicated inventory for your charms. It was unfortunately scrapped, but there it is.

        I believe that will be a feature of the next expansion.

        • “Hey, I’ve got this great idea for charms! People enjoyed them in D2, but I think I can make them a little easier to handle in your inventory.”

          “Sounds great, don’t start working on it yet. Let’s see how much money the Auction House brings in. If plans go as expected, we can probably hold off on a lot of these features and put out multiple full price expansions.”

          DIABLO 3!

          • Whoops, lame can’t edit anymore. Forgot to add the part about the awful reception of D3 from fans forcing them to shove all these features into the game now.

        • Thanks for the info Nizaris. I wasn’t around for the vast majority of the Beta, and I purposely avoided most of the pre-release news (which I’m almost positive is the main reason I was not AS disappointed at release as so many others were… so I guess that worked out well in a sense). Anyway, glad to hear that this is a definite possibility ( <– odd phrase, that).

  7. Seems like another step in the right direction. I’m a little concerned that monsters keep getting nerfed (in general I prefer the game to be a bit on the challenging side), but if defensive skills are getting nerfed as well… that could work out.

    I unabashedly love the return of a “Players 8” type feature, though. At the same time, I do hope they realize that one of the main reasons to play on x8 was that the drops were much, much better.

    I’m also liking the “Infernal Machine” idea. A lot. Hopefully “some assembly required” means exactly what herfy suggested above (something along the lines of D2 style keys). This would reduce replay fatigue tremendously, giving us another option beyond farming.

    Overall, sounding good so far.

    • well if you can scale the power of monsters yourself what would be the problem ?

      with changes like this i see other speccs finally making a reappearance in the game.

      eg. until now the most limiting factor for most classes effectiveness was killspeed * runspeed. now that they allow players to scale the difficulty to their liking it appears that defensive speccs and power speccs will also be able to rival run like the wind barbs.

      • I’m not complaining at all. Actually, to make the intended sentiment more clear, let me add a word to the last part of that first paragraph:

        … that could work out nicely.

    • you do actually remember the X8 system did not improve the quality of drops in D2? Only the amount. But at the same time, killing was slower. So only thing this mechanic will do for us in D3, if it works the same, is scaling act 1 X4, so 4 times more loot drops, so you have equal chance of ilvl 63s as in act 3. Act 2 X2. So it does not improve loot, but it will enable us to do act 1 and act 2 farming again. You only need to press ID 4 or 2 times more often! and return to town to clear stash more often. Indirectly this is a nerf to the WW/sprint build. Like promised. nerf that looks like buff 😉 Or was it the other way around? :S

      • Yes, I do. I think you can chalk that one up to poor phrasing. When I said “much, much better”, I was referring to quantity not quality. If you’ll notice, I did the same kind of thing (ambiguous phrasing) a couple of times in that post. In my defense, it was very early in the morning (for me) when I posted that. I apparently should have ingested more caffeine before applying fingers to keyboard.

  8. So if we have the ability to change monster difficulty can we please get an experience boost while in groups or using said feature?

  9. Defensive Skill Changes
    In our eternal quest to promote build diversity; we’ll be making changes to defensive skills across the board while simultaneously reducing incoming damage. The net result is a survivability buff for players, and an increase in build options as defensive abilities become less “mandatory.”

    OMG THANK YOU. They must have read my QQ post on the forums!

  10. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

    Right now there are a lot of buffs (offensive and defensive) that are somewhat effective but completely boring.

    Angryness: Adds 15% damage for 5 seconds
    Hardness: Subtracts 50% of the incoming damage for 3 seconds

    Wow – like reading financial spreadsheets!!

    So now it will be like:

    Angryness: Adds 15% damage for 5 seconds
    Hardness: Subtracts 15% of the incoming damage for 3 seconds

    Double wow. Can’t wait to put those on the skill bar.

  11. You can certainly play other monk specs through Inferno now without world class gear. I just took down Ghom this week using a spec with WoHF, exploding palm, SSS, serenity, dashing strike, and mantra of conviction (character name is overg-1771 if you want to check it out on the armory), and did it using only self-found gear.

    I have little doubt that the cookie-cutter spec you mention is more efficient than what I’m using, but it’s a mistake to say that it’s the only viable option.

    Having said all of that, I absolutely agree that it’s great they’re reducing the need for heavily defensive builds. I’d love it if my current choice of spec went from merely \viable\ to much closer to \optimal.\ I’m also quite sure there are many people like you who currently feel compelled to play the \best\ spec, who will enjoy the ability to go more offensive without sacrificing efficiency.

  12. So, does the new /players 8 also increase the amount of loot dropped? If not, I don’t really see myself increasing the amount of kiting I have to do to kill champion mobs.


    “While the rewards for defeating these bosses will be great, some assembly is required.”

    Do this mean that it will be coop/party only?

  14. he’s obviously not complaining about the changes

    it is also obvious that he’s complaining about D3’s pre-release development process and the team who made it

    • I sure hope they don’t make the blunder of /players 8 not increasing drops. I wouldn’t put it past them to screw this up initially.

  15. maybe Thrall was right

    if they keep making D3 more like D2, then this will be the best version of D3 by Christmas

  16. I love it. people wanted diablo 2 in hd, including me, now we get it. D3 is really getting into shape as patches come out.

    • Any of those changes don’t change the fact that:

      1. randimization of stats on uniques/rare items is absolutely broken
      2. drop rate of uniques is too low
      3. rare items are boring

      They can add more content and whatever they want but nnless they change the above 3 points none of it will matter. ITEMS are THE driving force in h’n’s game and in that regard and philosophy behind itemization Diablo III is still miles behind Diablo II, Path of Exile or Torchlight II. FIX THAT FIRST, BLIZZ!!!

  17. Think of all that time they wasted from 2006 til now just to make huge game changes after it gets released.

    Bravo to them for realizing it needed big changes.

    Boo to them for poor direction that whole time.

  18. derailing the initial news article with:

    Jay sucks!
    I paid for D3 not D2!

    They are trying to give the community what it wants. Diablo 3, is allowed to take ideas used before and make them better.

    perfectly fine in my books.
    I have never stopped playing diablo 3 since the 3rd day it came out. I went through all the crap and fun everyone does. and I can say, that we age, diablo 3 will get better.

    I was also there for day 1 of diablo 2 (i forget when i started diablo 1) but d2 got BETTER with age.

    to me, i sense a pattern. Give the game time to fill out, and i know “why didn’t they do this to begin with” is easy to say. but it is impossible to do everything right away. sometimes you need to wet the feet in order to get the full scope.

    I do like how they are faithful to the community, and despite what all the idiots say about diablo 3, and the game. I have faith this game is something i will play for awhile.

    on a side note, please give me additional character slots, a id all rares option at once, and the ability to wp between acts. the stacks should leave after a act as well. oh and give me the ability to sort by bids in the ah, give me the ability to hide items i do not want to pick up in game (like whites and greys and blues under a certain value)

    oh ohhhh give me an armor slot for my followers like in d2…

    and and… i want sockets on all items.

    ohhhh also give us more gems and combination of color gems…

    yeah and and and and pllllease develop something that will increase the # of monsters in an area, but decrease the amount of exp you get (so it evens out) so i could put like 10*s the mobs in an area, and there literally be an infestation of demons and undead.

  19. so, any idea when this is coming out ?

    Tuesday Sept 18 ?

    same day as Borderlands 2 and 2 days before Torchlight 2 ??

  20. Any of those changes don’t change the fact that:

    1. randimization of stats on uniques/rare items is absolutely broken
    2. drop rate of uniques is too low
    3. rare items are boring

    They can add more content and whatever they want but nnless they change the above 3 points none of it will matter. ITEMS are THE driving force in h’n’s game and in that regard and philosophy behind itemization Diablo III is still miles behind Diablo II, Path of Exile or Torchlight II. FIX THAT FIRST, BLIZZ!!!

  21. I’m pleasantly surprised, I must say. After the big 1.04 patch I figured that 1.05 would be a smaller balance patch or something.
    Kudos to Blizzard on keeping the pace up!

  22. I’m so disappointed to hear about the Infernal Machine event. I do not want to assemble anything. Assembling things is reserved for rich people ingame. In D2, normal players didn’t get to the Uber bosses. I don’t have the obsession of making huge amounts of money in digital games (or in real life for that matter) and thus new content comes out and I get excluded.

    • I don’t really disagree with you on this, but at the same time there is another side to the equation: The Diablo franchise, by it’s very nature, has always drawn more than its fair share of extremely obsessive players.

      When it comes down to it, these are the people that drive the game over long periods of time (realistically, there are very few games that retain players for decades). While it’s true that there are plenty of more casual players that go in and out over the same stretches of time, it’s the truly obsessive who show up day in and day out, year after year. It only makes sense for Blizzard to find a way to cater to and reward them.

      The tricky bit is making that reward good enough for them to strive for, yet not so uber-powerful that it is “must have” for every player. Obviously, we have yet to see how well they’re going to pull that off. Try to look at it this way: If you don’t have the obsession to make huge amounts of money in-game, than you should also be fine with not having the absolute best items in the game.

      Also keep in mind that they are trying to make a game that is viable long-term, meaning that it is perfectly reasonable to expect that some things may take quite a while to acquire for most players. With that goal, there should be things in the game that take months, if not much longer, of wealth accumulation for the average player to acquire (and since we don’t have Ladder resets anymore, that is much more realistic than it was in D2). Unfortunately, most players want everything immediately (I’m not referring to you specifically with this, I’m just making a generalization). You simply can’t have both a long-term viable economy AND instant gratification.

      I also understand your point about being excluded from content, but that is true of many, many games. There’s nothing wrong with having specific content set aside as a reward for the most dedicated players. There are countless games that I love that also have difficulty modes, areas, quests, etc. that I just don’t have the time or drive to get around to. I’ve always viewed that as a reason for replay, a reason to come back later when I can find the time/desire. I’m OK with that, and I don’t really see why Diablo has to be an exception. That was the original intent of Inferno, but that didn’t quite work out for a number of reasons (although it is still true that a very small percentage of those who purchased the game will ever finish Inferno, even as it is getting easier and easier). The Infernal Machine actually makes more sense as an end-game reward, though. At the very least it will incentivise some players to, at least briefly, play very obsessively, which is good for Blizzard, the game, and the community in general, as those players will disproportionately convert into long-term players.

      It basically boils down to one of the major issues that Blizzard is struggling with- How do you make a game that simultaneously pleases the massive audience that showed up on release, while still keeping the hardcore players interested and challenged over extended periods of time? That’s a much more difficult problem to solve than most folks assume. There have to be some trade-offs somewhere, and a tiny bit of added content doesn’t seem unrealistic.

      And, before you completely give up on it… if the way Inferno has worked out is any indication of how the Infernal Machine will be, it is probably not going to be (or, not going to remain for long to be) as hard as you’re assuming.

      • Holy Crap, that was long! Sorry about that. That one just got away from me. Little too much free time this morning.

  23. People seem to forget how many patches and updates it took for D2 to reach the state that a lot of people remember it for.

    • people seem to forget how long it took blizzard to release diablo 3 after they Diablo 2 was in the state that we love. was it 9 years ? 8 years ? whatever the time , it must have been an eons for Blizzard because they seem to have forgotten everything they’ve learned from Diablo 2.

      • Agreed. Saying the dev team is lazy is silly. However d2 was released in a different time. The game industry was different and so was blizzard. Forward to today. If blizzard doesn’t do something relatively quick with d3, it’ll be a dead barren wasteland of a game. The numbers have already fallen huge. I’m not being pessimistic here… But it’s clear they have many plans on improving this game in a pretty short timeframe. They kinda have to.

  24. So I spent millions on tanking gear, at the expense of getting DPS… and I just got screwed, while all the newbs the spent millions on glass cannon gear, that get one shot by anything that looks their way… get to now laugh at me because defense will no longer matter. Seriously, wtf. And I doubt a blog is going to change my wtf opinion on this matter.

  25. Infernal Machine?!? UBER battles(levels) with super powerful bosses!?! Players 8*! Wow they’re really talking a page from Median XL here.

    And I couldn’t be happier.

    *not inherent to mxl.

  26. More like most communities dedicated to this game. Even diablofans has quite a negative vibe to it nowadays, and that site was for the ultimate blizz fanboi. Nonetheless, Blizz has most definitely earned it.

  27. i have played Diablo 1-2-3 when they made 3 they completely went off the grid of what people liked about d2 and still do like about d2. When you played d2 it was all about the gear and trading with other players and working to be the best not paying to be the best every time you went in to a game you looked at other peoples gear to see what they had on the open trade in the game was a big part of the game and the ah is b.s. i would pay to play Diablo 3 every month if it was more like d2. let the players do more work that’s what makes the game.

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