Next Diablo 3 Patch Changes

Hot on the heels of the v1.0.2 patch we now have some details of what’s coming up in the next patch as far as the stats are concerned on the skill changes Blizzard mentioned were changed in hotfixes.With the way Blizzard has been hotfixing things at the moment, these incremental patches could be frequent until a fully featured patch is ready to go.

The biggest news is the preview of what Blizzard have decided to do with Smoke Screen and with the Mantra!

What do you think of the updated skills?

Boon of Protection is now: Boon of Inspiration as listed below in case you missed that.

DiabloWikiDemon Hunter

Smoke Screen – Advanced TooltipCost: 14 Discipline

Vanish behind a wall of smoke, becoming momentarily invisible for 2 seconds.

Cost: 14 Discipline

Vanish behind a wall of smoke, becoming momentarily invisible for 1 seconds.

Smoke Screen – Lingering FogIncrease the duration of the effect to 3 seconds.Increase the duration of the effect to 1.5 seconds.
Smoke Screen – Breathe DeepWhile invisible you gain 6 Hatred per second.While invisible you gain 12 Hatred per second.


Mantra of Healing – Advanced TooltipCost: 50 Spirit

Recite a Mantra that causes you and your allies within 40 yards to gain increased Life regeneration by 310 Life per second. The Mantra lasts 3 minutes.

For 3 seconds after activation, the effect is increased to 1,240.4 Life per second.

This is a Mantra. You can only have one Mantra active at a time.

Cost: 50 Spirit

Recite a Mantra that causes you and your allies within 40 yards to gain increased Life regeneration by 310 Life per second. The Mantra lasts 3 minutes.

For 3 seconds after activation Mantra of Healing shrouds you and your allies with a mystical shield that absorbs up to 930 damage.

This is a Mantra. You can only have one Mantra active at a time.

Mantra of Healing – Boon of InspirationMantra of Healing shrouds you and your allies with a mystical shield for 2 seconds that absorbs up to 15% of each target’s maximum Life in damage.Mantra of Healing also heals 186.0582 Life when hitting an enemy.

The previous hotfix notes:

  • Mantra of Healing (tooltips will be updated in a later patch)
  • In addition to increasing Life regeneration for you and nearby allies while active, Mantra of Healing will now also shroud you and nearby allies with a mystical shield that absorbs damage for 3 seconds after activiation (up to a limited amount, based on level)
  • Boon of Protection has been renamed Boon of Inspiration
  • Mantra of Healing will now heal you when dealing damage to an enemy (heal amount will be based on hero level)

Very vauge, well, we’re glad to have cleared it up for you!

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30 thoughts on “Next Diablo 3 Patch Changes

  1. Like the Monk change. I’ve been wanting the Monk to get a life leech skill. More fun than heal buttons. 🙂

  2. Hmmm. A few things that could make or break the new MoH:
    First, the 310 regeneration is straight up bad. Far too low. But no one cares about that part anyway.
    Next, does the 930 absorbed damage occur after Resist/Armor? If so it may be somewhat helpful, if not it’s absolutely terrible.
    Lastly, how the Boon rune functions:
    — will the +180 life occur for multiple hits, such as AoE Fists of Thunder-Thunderclap, or Crippling Wave’s third strike?  
    — will the +180 life occur for multiple Sweeping Wind hits?
    — Will the +180 life occur for each individual strike in WotHF?

    I could see the Boon rune being a reasonable amount of life gain if it triggered on all hits you make from your attacks and sweeping wind procs each second per enemy hit, but if it’s only per activation of a spirit generator skill then it’s bad.

    And Smoke Screen just got nerfed in half. 

    • i wonder it it’llproc from every hit in 2nd combo of WOTHF and of each hit opponent. If not then it’s pretty bad for inferno.

      • It counts the 2nd move in the combo as one hit.  So WotHF would only proc this 3x I tried it already with a gem to little effect :(.  When stacked up along side attack speed it is probably useful, but not without a good amount of life on hit + lifesteal.

        • Aw, that’s too bad. Oh well, I’ve had better success with surprise attacking, than sustained tanking anyway.

        • So if I understand you correctly, if I use crippling wave and hit 3 enemies in front of me twice, MoH/BoI only counts one hit twice; or if I’m surrounded and the 3 hit of my crippling wave hits 10 enemies MoH/BoI just counts one hit…. hmmm…. I’ll have to test it.

        • Life steal is really only useful when paired up with a good amount of life regen/second. as such i think the combination of the 2, as well as the 3 second damage shield will make a really good rune.  

    • The new MoH looks more ‘active’: the Rune needs you to be in melee, and the absorption needs you to be taking damage. I used the old version like a spam heal via the passive + extra regen and/or to replenish between encounters.
      Is 930 after mitigation enough to be useful ? Monsters in Hell already hit me for (far) more than that, but I am still lacking in the gear department. Also, multiple sources of damage (a frequent occurence) are going to easily exceed that.

    • Damage absorbed is treated by the game as adding X HP to your life IE with 50% damage reduction it will absorb 2 times as many hits.
      +life on hit has hidden modifiers depending on skill used, AOE ones tend to modified down to give a lesser amount per mob hit. IE single target gives 100% small AOE gives ~35% (I think arcane torrent does this) and large AOE less then 10%, IE Blizzard does ~3%. Theres no numbers on monks TMK.
      Warning the return depends on the skill+ the rune.

  3. smoke was already nerfed in half, this is just fixing the tooltip to be consistent with what the skill actually does 

    • aye, these are the client changes. Some people don’t follow the hotfixes though 🙁

  4. Oh look new patch and the return of error 37 (Server Busy!!!) Get your act together blizzard – I could accept issues at launch but this is a joke.

    • I had to sit for quite a while too but I left it on authenticating and made a drink and when I came back I was in.  Previously when it stuck on authenticating I’d hit cancel and retype my pw but Dorjan suggested leaving it and it seems to help.

      I’m in now but dare not leave to have something to eat in case I can’t get back in.

      I feel like I’m at a gig where if you leave you can’t get back in.

  5. old smokescreen was 3 seconds with rune. Lucky hunters already cleared inferno with almost perma invul and predem rune, some of them earn 100’s of millions on the AH. When money AH opens they will get loaded :p

  6. Now I do like the changes to BoI(BoP). In the description below the tooltip screeny, it says hat the amount of damage blocked and life leeched will be based on hero level. So is the 930 damage blocked and 186 life leeched the base amount at the level the rune is acquired or is that a max amount once you’re fully leveled. Or have they just made it a set amount and that’s all.

    I also wonder if the damage blocked will be after mitigation/resistances. 

      • I’m not on inferno so I don’t know, but don’t monsters do like 10K dmg/hit (i’m basing this on people saying they get 1-shotted on infero with like 10K hp)? If so, isn’t 930 damage mitigation (even after resistances) null?

        • Inferno? Man, I was playing my barb yesterday in Hell with ~11k health (I am trying a dmg-focused build so I had mostly Rubies) and I’m pretty sure I got 1-shot a few times.

          If you’re doing things like 7-sided strike and you get that amount of life with EACH hit then maybe it makes sense, although it still feels kinda low. 

        • playing a lvl 60 HC monk and this is totally useless… used to use MoH for healing but now… don’t know. healing doesn’t appeal at all…

          • Agreed. It’s totally useless on Inferno, especially on multiplayer games. I personally go with MoH:ToN, which is pretty great. I am probably going to change it to MoE:Ht as soon as I get resistances over 80% without MoH:ToN, though. The changes are a bit bad for multiplayer, since I used MoH:BoP for spammin 3 sec health regen to allies, the new BoI is a lot worse with 930 damage reduction. It’s too bad, I was hoping encouraging group play with a healing monk, now it’s worse than before.

            Just to give people a better idea about inferno act 2 damage: My monk has 65% damage reduction from armor and 75% all resistances when I was playing a 2 player game with a barbarian today (baba shout). Champion mobs with plagued eat through my life pool of 30k in about 2 seconds. Hard hitting mobs take about 2-3 swings to blast me to oblivion and it doesn’t even have to be a champion that’s swinging.

            I’m not complaining though, I still think it’s quite much fun, even though it’s very challenging and I need to upgrade resistances even more to survive.

  7. When you’re dealing with hell, much less inferno, 930 life absorb is a joke. It can’t even absorb 1 hit fully. Now unless I misunderstood and that 930 absorb is for every hit during 3 seconds (which is actually decent) then it’s so weak I wonder how they can’t see it.

    A monk or barb with decent armor and resist (50% of each say, on top of innate 30%) takes like 1k+ damage a hit from a normal monster in mid Hell (some hit much harder), and we’re not even talking about nasty champ/uniques. It might block .01 second of a fire chain or arcane beam, or like 1/10 of a nastier attack like herald of pestilence / 4 insects …etc. Of course the aura is spam-able, but at least design 3 seconds of something with at least minimum utility.

    Switch the focus to upper hell and inferno and the life absorb goes from the realm of meaningless into the realm of comedy.

    life steal is ok, not a lot, not too little, at least the amount is meaningful, though the base aura is so bad you wouldn’t use it anyway. For reference, radiant star amethyst gives 600 life per hit (of course, it’s not easy to get).

  8. I’ve swapped SS for Shadow Power and I don’t see myself going back.. the Discipline cost is just too high for the duration now, if I can use that time to leech instead.. in hardcore at least.

    I love the skill but practically speaking, I am only going to use it for “escape” scenarios, keep Lingering Fog as the rune and then use Tactical Advantage for speed to get away.. expensive..

  9. Maintenance ended 5 hours ago in Europe, this included a patch update. I think I just realised an undocumented change to the difficulty curve with a monster champ even tougher than Diablo himself. It’s called ‘Error 37’ and he has even been given a special ability, it’s a curse that when cast upon the player, causes complete and utter real life frustration.

    LOL and I love the irony, the capatcha is asking me to type in ‘Spitting feathers’. HA HA HA HA!  

    • I know, what is it with the captcha. Sometimes I have to double take a look at it because it’s so apt it’s just spooky.

  10. I don’t really understand the DH change. How is one second useful while 2 seconds is game-breaking? What use is a 1-second skill anyway? 

    **I don’t have a DH at any significant level yet. I’m really just confused about this change. 

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