Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.3 Bugs and Issues

With the new patch (notes from earlier) comes the inevitable issues, some of which have been acknowledged by Blizzard. There are no doubt more issues and unconfirmed changes to that game than are reported here and if you find any feel free to add them to the comments and we’ll update this news item.

Zombie Bears appear not to be acting as intended and are not working on stairways or narrow pathways. Blizzard confirmed the problems:

Zombie Bears stop abruptly with small bumps of physics and Zombie Bears are not casting properly on slopes.

Unfortunately this won’t be fixed until patch 1.0.4 which has no release date.

The attack speed on Ashera’s Lock does not apply on existing items but it will on new spawns. The fix will be rolled out for existing items in patch 1.0.4.

There are reports of not gaining experience and health globes being invisible. One suggested workaround is to simply reset your password, that seems to have worked for a few people.

Cain has been sent loopy too, poor fella doesn’t know if he’s coming or going as Dgallery demonstrates in the general forum.

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    56 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.3 Bugs and Issues

    1. EDIT: Also I found a bug: when you want to join public games, you can’t change the difficulty and you don’t have access to every quest you’ve done (even some I made after the patch).

      Does anyone know if the IAS on Inna’s Glory (Set pants) is fixed?

      • IAS bug fixes on existing legendary items is slated for 1.0.4 (whenever that comes) according to a blue post. All items that drop after the 1.0.3 patch will have the correct IAS, however.

      • Aren’t you restricted by level? I would think you can’t join games far below your level, and I know you couldn’t join ones above your level before. This could be a problem is your level is between difficulties or you are 60 and want to choose hell or inferno.

    2. “There are reports of not gaining experience and health globes being invisible.”

      WTF? Heezus craist! I’m scared to play [HC].

    3. “There are reports of not gaining experience …”

      noobs who have reached the level cap and don’t realize it ❓

      • Please do not assume everyone else is a noob who knows nothing. This does seems to be an actual bug

    4. The quick and eas fix for the EXP bug is to change your account password, as reported by Kotaku and most of the forums.

    5. Funny that Zombie Bears would get changed when it should have been working fine, and now it’s going to be largely unusable for a long time. Big nerf (even if unintentional) to arguably the weakest class’s best skill.

      • Zombie bears has been doing something similar for a while on slopes. Whatever they did in this patch makes it more obvious because they are now getting stuck in the middle of wide open spaces. Guess I’m going back to getting another character to 60 rather than farming for better items for my WD.

    6. Oh crap they messed up zombie bears.

      At the while what’s needed is that they behave the same as if you are standing against a wall even in free spaces. Make them spawn before the WD, effectively increasing the range.
      I almost exclusively use them that way unless I really have to and could really do without that annoying positioning.

    7. %IAS was nerfed more than 50%. My 14% IAS ring is now 6% IAS.

      Also, gold on quest rewards has been nerfed. Inferno, Act 1, Rumford, Wretched Mothers used to reward like 1600/1800 gold (and Hell was like 1200, Nightmare 800). Now Inferno rewards 800 gold.

      Edit… appears all subsequent Act 1 Inferno Quest rewards are limited to 800 gold as well.

        • Well, some were 800. The Rumford/Wretched Mothers was twice that or more on Inferno. I ran it repeatedly for gold with my Wizard when it became readily apparent I didn’t have the gear/gold to do anything but the intro area of Act 1 Inferno. And when this became boring I started a Barb.

          My Barb is now 60 in Act 1 Inferno, doing better than my Wizard, but now the repair costs suck. And I know darn well I got at least 1200 gold for the Rumford/Wretched Mothers quest in Hell difficultly. I don’t forget 4 digit gold rewards — because I don’t see them that often. I’m still poor.

    8. My game wont even download the patch any ideas on what to do…… or has anyone else encountered this problem ❓ ❓

    9. The in-game FPS clock is broken and reads a solid 0. Blizzard said it’s a known issue but didn’t say when it will be fixed.

    10. Not sure if bug or undocumented intentional change but champion mobs with “castable” affixes (arcane, jailer, waller, etc) now cast them much more frequently than before. Feels like nearly twice as frequently. Particularly noticeable with arcane.

    11. Seems like DH’s evasive fire can’t shoot through Elite’s waller affix anymore. Also, resplendent chests don’t seem to always spawn in mini 2-level dungeons either. Maybe it’s not new but I’ve never missed a resplendent chest if I went into a 2-level dungeon.
      Also, my hp is stuck at around 45% of my max hp. It won’t heal more with globes, potions, or the town healer.

      • Resplendent chests are the only reason to go into those dungeons in the first place.

    12. what about Inspiring Presence(Barb pass)? Is it fixed?
      (hp regen interrupted by pots)

    13. Well, if the zombie apocalypse ever occurs, we now have a good idea how to deal with zombie bears. Make small bumps around your fortification that is on a slight slope.

    14. Blizzard’s QA department is failing so hard, time and time again. Either their QA is underbudget, they hire awfuls, or they don’t listen to their QA. Launch had so many super easy to find mistakes that any decent QA dept should have found, and now a major patch with such incredibly obvious bugs? Zombie bears are ruined. That basically says that nobody playtested the patch with witch doctor. I should really get a job as a QA Manager at Blizz.

      • seriously

        D3 is such a fucking joke, it makes record setting bank but is SO full of bugs that it should be an embarrassment that it got released

        but with customers who will sell their children just to give Blizzard more money, well what did you expect? =/

        • Oh look another one who has no life. What was your purpose in life m8 ? Posting on gaming forums how much Blizzard sxxks. Oh what a meaningful activity

          • And you purpose is to be a total Blizzard fanboy? You do realize, you can like a company, yet not like everything that they do, or every product that they release.


      • Pretty sure this isn’t a quality of QA issue. It’s the fact that this patch was pushed out as fast as they could get it out. I’m sure these bugs would have been or were already caught and time deadlines won out over fixing these issues. If you truly want QA to catch all the bugs in a game this complex, we’d be sitting here until the end of time waiting for fixes.

        Learn to deal with it, or just quit. It’s really up to you and no one truly cares which one you choose.

          • Hes probably one of the few on this site that have a true understanding of the size of a project like this, and how the real world works with software development. Stop using the word “Fan boy”, It makes you look like a tool…

        • Gotta love the little jab that you threw in at the end. 🙄

          Are you REALLY that much of a Blizzard fanboy?

        • No QA issue? Because they pushed out a patch so fast that nobody cast zombie bears more than once? The original game has passives that don’t work at all or actually have a negative impact. The most fundamental testing they could do is follow a testplan for using each skill and passive. If Blizzard’s QA dept isn’t awful, then they just decided to not fix the bugs by release, but something like a passive that reduces cooldowns should be a really easy bug to fix.

    15. Hooray to knee-jerk band aid “fixes”. Im gonna go ahead and quote a great post by Azzure from the forums. Exactly how i feel too:
      I QUIT –
      Not just because the patch didn’t stop the ridiculous damage and “bull****” deaths that force players in to dying every few seconds from unavoidable death, and made it 10x more frustrating by making repairs cost 10x more. (I lost 100k in 20 minutes of playing act2 on my barb)

      Not just because character customization is destroyed because of this ridiculous damage that forces you to pigenhole in to super defensive builds and ignore everything else.

      Not just because the item system is boring and broken, and has been since beta (which I pointed out in 6 different articles)

      Not just because I am absolutely baffled that Legendary and set weapons were released in a state that is absolutely ludicrous, and just 1 minute of looking at the giant white DPS text would recognize the blatant problem that they are completely unusable by a factor of around 100% vs magical items, and no one at Blizzard noticed it, rendering one of the funnest and most important features of the game useless.

      Not just because the story and dialogue is one of the worst displays of terriblness I have ever encountered in a game, and destroyed my favorite franchise by making the antagonists a bunch of loudmouth, uncunning and anti-climatic retards who sound like they belong in #Teenchat on IRC.

      Not just because I wrote approx 6 articles during beta detailing the flaws in the item system and it all came to fruition

      Not just because the RMAH has no future as it relies on a decent and fun item system.

      Not just because crafting, which was one of the biggest things I was looking forward to is absolutely useless and not fun.

      Not just because Blizzard keeps making mistake after mistake when “rectifying” issues, ie patch 1.03, which the slightest amount of testing would’ve revealed that it was still absolutely broken. (In fact, I played for 5 minutes and discovered it was a problem).

      Not just because the game is so completely not fun, thanks to a boring item system that has all but extinguished the item hunt that was so awesome in Diablo 2.

      But because of all those things combined.



      • Sooooo true. I quit too, about a week ago. Don’t plan going back either. Logged once to check how the prices are in RMAH and was not very surprised. I would add to Azzure’s list the boring boss mechanics that don’t change at all with the difficulty curve. Got absolutely no reason to continue playing since there are no rewards to be seen. To be able to fuck up a Diablo game this bad is an achievement in itself.

    16. So frustrating. After so many years of waiting it seems to just be one slap in the face after another. Maybe I’ll pick it back up again if they ever overhaul items, implement pvp and they get through with patching their patches that require more patches. Maybe.

    17. Not sure if it was like this in previous patches since I never tried to melee him pre-1.0.3, but the Siegebreaker’s grab attack seems to have gotten really really glitchy. The second I get in melee range, he’s able to grab me, even if I’m standing behind him.

      To make matters worse, the attack animation frequently glitches out and resets. I fought him earlier and spent a solid 30 seconds just stuck in his grab attack because it’d reset a couple times, and then when he finally threw me down he’d just grab me again before I could react, and then that grab would glitch out and reset as well. It didn’t do nearly enough damage to kill me, but the constant lockdown meant I couldn’t lay any damage on him, so I ended up hitting his enrage timer and dying.

      • Funny you mention that, I just fought Seigebreaker last night and noticed that when I was behind him, he was still able to grab me as well.

        Frankly, I don’t remember how it was pre 1.0.3, but it seemed fairly odd when this happened.

    18. The issue with farming now is that the repair costs are so high that accumulating gold is much more difficult.

      • It’s supposed to be difficult. Gold is supposed to mean something in D3 and have value, which it does.

        I was a proponent of increasing gold costs for repairing (as nobody crafts, there is no real gold sink) but they went stupid overboard with it.

        The only reason I play this game is to gather information for the wiki, because I actually enjoy “playing” technical writing. It’s my thing.
        Otherwise I’d have dumped this sack of crap a month ago.

        • The thing is you can’t suddenly deflate the entire economy. There are people sitting on millions of gold. My lousy few 100k is evaporating rapidly now, my dps got cut by 25%, I can’t farm butcher in half an hour anymore but am back to 50 minute farm runs to skill SK. I had the feeling I was progressing with my (almost) self geared DH and was slowly moving into act 2, but now I am set back a few weeks. Thanks Blizzard.

    19. Had an issue where the “Switch Heroes” button was no longer below my hero name. Had to log out and log in again to switch heroes!

    20. Azurre should play the game as a video game and stop looking at it in a way to make money out of the RMAH.

    21. Blizzard really did a bad job with this patch. Reports of new bugs are coming very fast and the amount of rage on forum is very high. Did the patch even went through QA testing? I doubt it, since why else would they let one patch reset your whole settings and delete unlocked cinematics status. Blizzard has really outdone themselves with this patch.

    22. I finally got my first legendary last night! It was so bad, I almost vendored it. It didn’t have a single useful stat. Not one.

      That said, I had a lot of fun playing around in a1 and a2 inferno hunting champion packs. The free rare with neph valor x 5 is a great change. I wish they hadn’t nerfed the boss drops, but those are still good too. The repair costs are pretty outrageous, though. It took me all that time in a1 (basically hunting every champ pack in the act) to get back the money I’d lost playing some 2 player in a3. Yikes.

      • I’m not in Inferno yet. Are the extreme repair costs due to general usage of the equipment (like D2) or due to death?

        • The repair cost is the repair cost. Equipment durability degrades from just using it. Death just wipes out 10% durability in one fell swoop.

          The main problem, death is unavoidable due to the asinine boss mod combos and the fact that any skill/item that has to do with survivability has a damn cool down. Take a champion pack with Molten, Mortar, Plagued, Vortex, or any of the other idiotic combos where you cannot stand at range, cannot stand close, and cannot run away. Then add to this that your potion button has a cool down, your teleport, leap, what have your has a cool down, assuming these even execute successfully to begin with — cannot count the times I’ve use an escape skill and been immediately rubber-banded (not vortexted, though this happens as well and is just as bad) to where I was standing with the skill now on cool down, and your god mode defensive skill lasts all of a few seconds and then is on cool down as well. It’s complete crap the only way to win is DPS kill the champ pack in around 10 seconds, because if the combat lasts longer than that you will be dead because you will have popped everything to stay alive by then and it will all be on cooldown — with no where to stand and not being able to heal or run away.

          I’m about to the I quit point myself.

    23. The memorial stone event moves around the map now. I have always had it in the same spot which was quite near the entrance but now it spawns in random locations.

      It’s good being able to train my blacksmith. It only cost 2k to train him to level 4 Master and pre 103 I believe it was going to cost me 7k.

      Not so happy about chests, corpses etc not being affected by Magic Find.

    24. This patch was to actually fix things. I think this patch set the game backwards instead.

    25. Whenever I come across a shielding pack now the display for when they are “shielded” has changed from the extremely obvious green bubble around them to now a faint green lighting around their feet. Much less obvious. In fact, in some areas its barely noticeable. I didn’t see anything in the patch notes about this, though I suppose I could have missed it.

      Kind of annoying as you really don’t have time in inferno to hover over a pack and actually read what they are. Nor do I feel like having to waste resource to see “ignore” pop up just to realize i need to forget about attacking and kite for a few seconds.

      • Shielding works just like it did before for me.. Maybe check your visual settings? Some people have reported their grafics settings having been reset..

    26. Those packs seem to heal up much faster as well when you die and try to corpse-run to finish them off – I find all of them healed up full all the time. Much fun, dying 6 times from a hard combo and the just quitting the game to watch TV. Diablo for me is laid-back nuking stuff and picking up items.

    27. * “Fixed a position desync bug (aka “rubberbanding”) that could happen when some movement skills (Strafe, Whirlwind, Tempest Rush) ended because the player ran out of the appropriate resource”

      This is NOT fixed. I’ve been killed 3 times tonight due being rubber-banded while using Tempest Rush.

    28. My favourite bug is, dying in hardcore, from the flying dragons shooting fireballs and becoming invincible. They will teleport around and kill your all the while they are unable to be targeted. It’s time to make some cash by selling items in the soft core auction house!!!!

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