The race (?) to Paragon 1000 is nearly over, as a streamer named Gabynator has reached Paragon 999 and is on track to ding to Paragon 1000 in another day or two. He’s at about 999.27 right now, skimming bounties in a solo game on T6 with a Crusader and has a substantial audience watching as he very gradually closes in on the milestone. He’s got well-geared 70s of every class, so perhaps variety.

    His stream can be seen after the break, if you want to watch and wonder at the time investment. Watch it live with sound, as he’s playing non-D3 music and you know how Twitch feels about that

    Diablo 3 Paragon 1000 Almost Achieved. Imagine his excitement when he dings and gets another 5 points for Vitality or mainstat! All his work will have been worth it.

    Watch live video from Gabynator on www.twitch.tv

    Update: Gabynator achieved Paragon 1000 early this morning, and a check of his stream this afternoon makes perfect sense.

    Gabynator world 1st currently 1000

  • Gabynator playing World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria
  • Okay, that he’s playing Pandaland is kind of inexplicable, but something other than Diablo 3 makes perfect sense. Hitting P1000 is clearly a “drop the mic” moment, and if I’d done this my stream would say something like, “Flux is spending the next week far far from a computer and may never playing another video game again.” But that’s why I’m not a big time streamer!

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