We posted links when these first went online, but we never actually quoted them in a news post, so in case anyone hasn’t seen them by now, here are the three Diablo 3 panels we’ll see at this year’s BlizzCon in early October.

    Diablo III Class Design
    You?ve witnessed the raw physical power of the barbarian and the terrifying alchemy and diseases of the witch doctor. Now you can learn more about these heroes—and see if any other champions emerge to defend the mortal world.

    Diablo III Game Design
    Get a detailed look at the design and development process behind the visceral gameplay of Diablo III. We?ll explore the influence previous Diablo games have had, as well as the new and exciting features the upcoming sequel has to offer.

    Diablo III ? Lore and Art
    From lore to spell effects, from creature design to quests—sit down with our writers and artists as they discuss the creative process of building Diablo III?s rich world of Sanctuary.

    Two other panels look fairly certain to have some Diablo 3 material as well:

    Blizzard Cinematics
    Learn how we bring our epic stories to life through high-quality cinematic sequences—and meet the people who make it possible.

    Blizzard Sound and Music
    The Blizzard Sound Team shares its insights on creating sound effects and music for the vast and varied Warcraft, StarCraft, and Diablo universes. Learn the role that sound design plays in creating believable worlds.

    All the panels will (presumably) be broadcast live on Direct TV, and will (hopefully) be recorded and uploaded afterwards, so those of you without a satellite dish, or who are located outside the US, have a chance to see. As they did lamprey , the Blizzcon panel presentations and Q&As will provide good info, but they won’t be the only source of nourishment at Blizzcon. Playable (and watchable) machines running Diablo 3 will be on the show floor, and people lucky enough to attend Blizzcon (like me) will be glued to them all weekend, storing up info to report back on. We’ll surely get a bunch of new screenshot releases and perhaps a gameplay movie as well, as the D3 coverage flows like Grotesquefrom a freshly-burst Grotesque.

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