Diablo 3 or Torchlight 2? – Features in Pics

The guys at GameArena have whipped up an ‘infographic’ which breaks down the many features of Diablo 3 and Torchlight. Now obviously you guys are all going to play Diablo 3 but are you going to play both and are you completely aware of the differences between the two games? Anyway, if anything it’s a nice piece of art comparing the two games. Pretty pictures and icons and stuff.

Thanks RPGReporter.com.

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42 thoughts on “Diablo 3 or Torchlight 2? – Features in Pics

  1. The torchlight side isn’t all that accurate, especially the bottom where it only mentions TL1 things, even when retirement’s been removed from the game.

      • retirement worked great in FATE because you basically had infinite skill points,
        also every time you bequeathed an item to a descendant it was guaranteed to get better   

        so if you retired the same ring 15 times you could end up with a ring that gave you all +10 000 axe mastery skill, +7 000 defense magic skill, 435% increase to life 

        which was extremely useful when you’re at floor 785 in the infinite dungeon 

        but with TL’s limit to 10 skill points, there wasn’t much point in retiring

    • I don’t think much of the chart. It’s not full of errors, but it’s comparing apples / oranges features in some places, and it doesn’t get into the details that really matter. You could make a similar chart for any 2 large fantasy MMOs, as they all have some talents and skills and classes and races and crafting, etc.

      It’s how those similar features are implemented makes all the difference in the gameplay.

  2. I doubt I’ll get TorchLight 2 any time soon.  I expect Diablo 3 to be a killer of a game and so I plan on playing the hell outta it.  When I finally broke down and got TL1 on sale on Steam I played it for awhile and the whole time just thought “Man…I should go play Diablo 2 again.”  So most of the time I did.  That’s not to say TL2 may not be a better game than TL1 but I’m going to be VERY biased towards Diablo as it’s easily my favorite gaming franchise.

  3. I’ll play both, but I’ll still a little hesitant about jumping into Torchlight II due my experience with torchlight I.  
    I had to force myself to finish it, due to it becoming so repetitive. -I haven’t touched it since. 
    Thankfully, for the many interviews and information on the sequel, I’m feeling more confident that Torchlight II will be a much better thought out and polished game.  
    -but at the same time, I’ll still probably try out the demo just in case . . .

  4. Only playing diablo. I mean look at those two pictures…

    A demon lord who rules the depths of hell or a preschool orc thingy…

    • pre-school orc??  What does that even mean? 😕

      At least Torchlight’s concept art represents the game more accurately than D3’s does.  The concept art and cinematics of D3 aren’t nearly as stylized as the in-game art.

    • you’re comparing the final boss of one game with ??? of another game 
      for all we know, that could be a common monster, a mini boss, a champion, a ???

      nobody has any idea of what the final boss of TL2 will be

      so that is a very poor comparison

  5. I think both games will be good but i’ve been fan of Diablo series since Day 1 so i’m more excited about this game.
    I hope we will get a released date of Diablo 3 during the launch of SWOR

  6. Its a little early for this.  We know way more about D3 at the moment than we do about Torchlight 2, which will also have town NPC’s who will do enchanting etc.
    There is just too little information to do this comparison right now, wait for release at least.  They might as well do a D3 vs Grim Dawn or D3 vs POE.  Silly article by Game Arena.

  7. Just based on the infographic I would pick Diablo, a huge part of the appeal is the dark, menacing, angels-and-demons universe.

    That aside, Torchlight was incredibly tedious, both the repetitive levels/worlds and the item drops. There was a point where it seemed like every single enemy dropped a worthless “goblin bow” that you kept picking up by accident. I hope they fixed a lot of that stuff for TL2. I may play it at some point if I hear good things.

  8. I’d probably get both, but hearing that Torchlight 2’s skill trees are filled with passives much like the last game, has me worried. In the first game, leveling basically consisted of picking a lot of boring passives, while waiting every 20 levels for one cool active ability that you were going to spam for 50 hours.

    • we don’t know if they are filled with passives 

      BloodyPred made the best post here  

      we just don’t know enough about TL2  
      they haven’t released ANY beta footage
      they haven’t shown ANY of the skill trees 
      they’ve shown some skills, but those were placeholders, works in progress, some final, some not

      • reread flux’s post on TL2.  http://diablo.incgamers.com/blog/comments/torchlight-2-hands-on-report

        quick quote: “Torchlight 2 follows much the same skill tree system as TL1, with 3 tabbed trees per class, each with about 10 total skills in 1/5/10/15/20/25 tiers. That would be okay, except that again, there are nearly as many passives as actives, and I thus found myself using the same one or two skills per character during my whole play tests”

        • I read that the second it was posted 

          Flux did not play a beta version of the game, 
          it wasn’t even a “closed Friends and Family beta version” 

          so the version he played is not representative of the final version 

          maybe you should read

          “DISCLAIMER: None of these skills are finalized, and they do not represent all of the skills that will be in the final game.
          Many boxes were left empty during the fansite event, meaning the highest level skills (or for some classes, the mid-level skills) haven’t been revealed yet. Enjoy the lists, but take them with a grain of salt.”

          • I reported accurately on the skills that were available.  That RGF post is accurate about the ones that were not, almost all of which were higher levels than we got to in our play time. So basically the first 3 tiers were all fleshed in, and the higher ones were mostly ? icons, as development continued.

            Of course they might change around a bunch of the lower skills as well, but I asked Travis about the passives in the trees design, and he said he thought it was fine. I obviously didn’t have time to try out every low level skill though, so it’s quite possible that more of them are fun and useful than in TL1. In fact I’d bet on that, as rushed as tl1 was.

  9. This may be the wrong crowd for this comparison, but isn’t this like comparing Peyton Manning or Tom Brady to Tim Tebow?

    • *googles the names*
      Oooh you mean the prayer-on-a-face guy! So erm, who’s TL2? Diablo 3 sure seems to be the more “religious” one to me.

    • If throwing completions is like spending money, sure.
      Runic doesn’t do much of that, but they still win.  TL was all about rushing out a game for cheap and getting a studio established.  They won.  TL2 is all about giving people some real arpg depth for a low price without always-online-pay-for-items evil.  They’ll win again.

  10. I’m getting Both. Diablo 3 for obvious reasons and torchlight 2 for the same reason I bought torchlight 1, because I want to support the developers. They have great potential ( Hell I’ll do it for Matt Uelemen Alone).

    • Whoever made it obviously didn’t bother to read the playtest reviews from last month and was more concerned with putting together a portfolio image for their next job at ‘the economist’.

    • Better hope that no one sees WoW as a gear chase game, if that’s the case.
      If so, releasing D3 would be the biggest entertainment mistake since “Howard the Duck”.

  11. It’s funny because Diablo III looks more like the Torchlight 2’s poster art and nothing like the art on its own poster.

  12. Why do people come to a Diablo site to rave about TL. Pretty sure TL has their own community sites. If you hate D3 so much what are you doing here?

  13. Torchlight got the people that made Diablo2 awesome, but I’m not digging their art direction. Still, I think it’ll be more fun than D3.

  14. because torchlight is made by blizzard north which retained every single person from flagship . They are the people that made diablo in first place so why would a mainstream commercial company(blizzard) make a better game.

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