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167 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Opening Cinematic Revealed

    • Absolutely not a flop. Gamer God award? That sounds serious! How’s that for marketing “Blizzard wins Gamer God award. Diablo 3 cinemetic” blah blah blah, hype hype hype. Release date = zero hype. Blizzard knows this.
      Seriously, from bottom to top, all Blizzard employees say “Its done when its done.” Always have, always will.

      • “Gamer God award? ”
        “Diablo 3 cinemetic”

        both of these will be forgotten about in a month

        but a release date would have been something to look forward too every day

        so yes, this is a HUGE flop

        • Hard to be a huge flop when the game in beta still has some serious issues that need working out – Blizzard playing it safe by my eyes. Calling this a huge flop just because they’re hedging their bets on a release date is near-sighted.

        • I guess I didn’t put emphasis on the sounds serious part about the “Gamer God Award”, and didn’t point out there will be headlines citing them receiving that award on popular gaming news sites (like this one; see homepage).

          I can’t say a release date wouldn’t have been good though. We all want that!

          Regardless of whether anyone actually watched the VGA, they’ll all see their 30 second spots on TV when the time is nigh and their sales figures will be just as enormous (or more so) than ever.

          • “like this one”

            this is a Diablo fansite  !
            of course its going to be news here ! 
            but in a month ?
            who cares ?

            this is the conversation one month from now 

            “oh, remember when blizzard won the gamer god award?”
            uh, no

            “remember the opening cinematic for D3?” 
            yeah, I’ve seen that 100 items already 

            compare that to
            “ooh the release date is in 30 days ! I can’t wait !”
            me too !

            “ooh the release date is in 29 days ! I can’t wait !”
            me too !

            “ooh the release date is in 28 days ! I can’t wait !”
            me too !

  1. 1) pretty cool
    2) obviously somehat divergant of Blizzards´ typical cinematics
    3) Now we know what the “Shark monster” concept from few months ago is doing, he, or rather it, has found it´s way inside the game
    4) Leah is hot
    5) Leah is crazy hot
    6) how does a 90 year-old survive indirect impact from a flaming meteore and subsequent fall hundreds of feet down?
    7) No spoilers = YAAAAY
    8 ) No release date = NAAAY

    • “3) Now we know what the “Shark monster” concept from few months ago is doing, he, or rather it, has found it´s way inside the game”

      Guess you haven’t been paying attention to the beta leaks. We already know the shark guy is in the game. He’s called Rakanoth.

      • Some of us didn’t want to know that, jerk. Some of us avoid the leaks to prevent spoiling ourselves.

        • Oh please, it’s not like I told you that Leah finds the black soulstone and so Diablo possess her because she’s The Wanderer’s daughter.

          • I really hope this isn’t true and you’re just screwing around. I’ve been avoiding the heavier spoilers for months, and people around here have been really good about *not* spoiling things. If you did, well … :/

          • Snort there’s no evidence for this: in fact this trailer suggests that Diablo comes out in his true form by bursting out of the ground instead. And that we going to see Angels and Demons fighting.


          *visits most popular diablo III fansite and reads comments related to usually very spoilery cinematics”

    • It’s Deckard Cain… HE CANT DIE.

      If he survived being locked and starved for days in the ruins of Tristram, moving across the world to battle Diablo with the hero, then I suppose a little tumble wouldn’t be too bad 😆

    • Yeah… I’m starting to think that Deckard Cain is not actually mortal… maybe he’s really just like the LotR wizards… a powerful immortal spirit disguised as an old man…

    • Actually they are only blamed for spoilers that they put in innocent update text without any spoiler tags. Sure it may be a little hypocritical to visit sites like these and then complain about spoilers, but most sites have solid mechanics to easily hide stuff that a visitor may not want to see, such as /r/diablo and I don’t think it’s too much to ask to put *all* story information under tags like that.

      • It’s kind of hard when every single little piece of information is called a spoiler by ‘tards frothing at the mouth because they don’t know how to avoid websites about diablo, when they don’t want to know anything about Diablo.

        Why should they have to hide the text of nearly every single post they make?
        And why the hell should we have to bend our wills completely around their idiocy? I’m tired of it, myself.

        I’m not going to model my behavior around people who don’t have the willpower (or intelligence) to avoid reading diablo sites.

        • I’d say it’s a matter of respect, but you obviously don’t consider the concept of trying to stay updated on the state of the game, including mechanics etc. without getting spoiled concerning the story, worthy of respect.
          Consider me a “‘tard frothing at the mouth”? I don’t even think I’ll bother replying to the ridiculous rest of your post.

  2. “Shark dude” @ 0:55. I hated it at first, but… considering its some Blizz North concept, I kinda wanna see him in-game, maybe a superunique.

    • The difference being the story starting with Diablo burning down a building vs. a meteor coming down and blowing one up…?
      Not sure what you are trying to get at… 😐

      • d2’s went for 7 mins and:
        the material was much darker (though limited visually) and traditionally gothic
        marius’ and baal’s VAs could act (sorry deckard cain lovers)
        the dialogue wasn’t so terribly pathetic
        had music that wasn’t a total ripoff of a Zack Snyder film (and now that I think of it, the visual style at the beginning seemed inspired by it too :P)

        looked good

        oh hey that pretty much sums up the differences between d2+d3

        • This is exactly right. Diablo 2 cinematics were very plot heavy but not very related to gameplay. This cinematic is just “look, a war between heaven and hell!”

          I, for one, am disappointed.

          • You guys realize the bliz cinematic dept made the d2 and d3 cinematics, and there was a big rift over the d2 cinematics, sicne the bliz irving guys kind of went off on their own story and the devs had to change things to make it match up.  I’ll see if I can get Matt Uelmen to elaborate on that a bit when I interview him for tl2’s launch.

          • But Flux.. how does that justify the degradation of quality?
            And Goro, cinematics are skippable – and if players who neither want substantial content nor sole gameplay, more than enough of what’s going on is relayed to them in-game!
            It’s just something of the times. Game developers (not just Blizzard) have become defined by ‘gameplay first’ and while this is a good thing for the game experience, it leaves the little details (like your music and your aesthetic and atmospheric experiences) and the story unattended.

        • D2 intro cinematic was introducing you to the entire game, where this one is just introducing you to the first Act, considering Blizzard wanting D3 to be faster paced and more visceral, it comes as no surprise that they wouldn`t want to put a 7 minute buffer between the player and the gameplay.
          I understand of course that this one isn’t nearly as immersive and tone-setting as the first, but people need to stop comparing, D3 isn’t meant to be a sequel to D2 as much of a reboot of the entire franchise, hence all the sweeping changes. You might not be getting D2 with prettier visuals, but at least you’ll always have D2!

  3. Anybody else realize Leah’s general tendency to fall to her knees? Just something I’ve noticed, anyway GREAT cinematic!! BUT I WANTED MORE TYRAEL!!! (and more release date) BUT MOSTLY MORE TYRAEL!!

  4. Meteor comes in diagonally and makes a hole that goes straight? down? OMG PLOT HOLE GAME SUX etc.

      • Also the flaming stuff is supposed to be blue, unless that’s just the initial fire from the impact.

        • Blue flame is hotter than red or yellow flame,at least irl ;), but a object that came to earth of that size would have easily destroyed the whole cathedral and all of the surrounding area including new tristrim, but what we all need to realize is that its just a game sometimes realality needs to be bended a bit to get what you want.

          • Dont forget the open space below the Cathedral called the catacombs as well. Which would give the meteor somewhere to head

        • The cinematic shows the initial fire. The blue stuff in the game is like a magical residue. More smokey than flamey.

    • Considering how badly Blizzard wanted to focus on visual/spell/physics effects and exaggerated awesomeness in Diablo III, I thought the actual impact of the falling star felt somewhat flimsy, especially in relation to the crater that’s been torn wide and deep into solid stone (wait, weren’t there supposed to be 4 levels of cathedral cellars and catacombs to be down there?). It feels like one or two seconds of the ground shaking and the star hitting the ground are actually missing – perhaps that may have been too difficult to visualize without actually showing what came crashing down there in detail.

      The drawings-coming-to-life part we had already heard about turned out to look much better and more elegant than I imagined. That stained glass window depicting Imperius is also lovely, I want one of those 😉

      Yet still, it all completely aligns with Blizzard’s concept of setting the tone through pure action rather than through creepy atmosphere – that exact plan that already ruined sequels of long-running game classics like Resident Evil 4 & 5 for me, personally. No doubt, D3 will make an excellent game – however, their constraint to make everything bigger, louder, more colorful, more exaggerated and, in general, moar awesome (I tend to shudder on their use of “epic” these days) is something that I don’t see going very well with the Diablo universe, where showing less and leaving more to the imagination worked out so well in the beginning of the series.

  5. Well, I for one was very underwhelmed. Bummer on the lack of a release date. Unsurprising, but still a bummer.

  6. I had to cringe my way through most of that show, but I enjoyed the cinematic. Wasn’t holding my breath for a release date this time around but it would have made suffering through those jokes well worth it. Sorry but the production value is the only funny thing this show’s got going for it.
    Back on topic: (SPOILER?)
    “The first sign shall appear in the heavens. Justice shall fall upon the world of men.”
    C’mon. Between this and the stained glass window is anyone still wondering who/what the “fallen star” is?

    • But… the stained glass window is a picture of Imperius, the archangel of Valor… He’s the only one in the Angiris Council with a helmet instead of a hood and the only one with the weird metal halo thing going on (I guess he views himself as special/the leader of the Council)… so the window doesn’t really point to anything… what Cain says during the first part, on the other hand… 😉

    • It always seemed obvious to me that it was Tyrael anyway, since during the trailer from WWI while showing the falling star it talks about people praying for strength and guidance. Tyrael’s the only thing that ever came to my mind when thinking about it.

  7. Really upset. This whole time, I read that the VGA was at 7:30, and apparently it was long before that. So I missed it. I waited ALL day to watch it. sigh

    • Since you edited your comment after I replied and I can’t edit mine, I guess I’ll re-reply… It was at 7:30… 7:30 pm eastern time… which would be 4:30 pacific time, etc…

      • yea..that was misinforming. I was certain it was pacific coast time. seemings how it was occurring in the west coast. but whatever. i’ll live.

  8. The cinematic is superb.  Never doubted it would be.  Hell, with all the spoilers out there already about THE ENTIRE STORYLINE OF THE GAME before the game itself even has a release date, they weren’t exactly going to surprise us content-wise, but the production value is nonetheless top notch.  Only problem was the cinematic wasn’t the not only reason we were watching or the only reason why Diablo hit so late in the show after numerous other world premieres.  We want (and dare I say deserved) a release date.  Guess Blizzard’s goal was to get people really interested for something that they can’t really look forward to all that much because they don’t know WHEN they can get it.  Waiting for the release date and following the development of this game makes me feel like I’m watching grass grow particularly given the tiny beta pool.  It’s just amazing that a game that was due out by the end of the year up until about 3 months ago can’t even be stamped with a release date yet and we’re almost at the end of the year.  Everybody wants a finished game, but people don’t want to be strung along and made to fell unappreciated in the process.  If I owned stock in the company, I’d want ANSWERS.  WHAT IS TAKING SO LONG!!!!!!!

  9. All the annoyance of the VGAs and no release date aside, I really enjoyed finally seeing Deckard Cain in his full Blizzard cinematic glory… I hope this isn’t the only one with him in it, although it probably will be… 🙁

    • No spoilers please.  I, for one, have earned the achievement badge of not watching one second of beta footage.

      • Your loss… but I didn’t spoil anything… I just said that I doubt that he will appear in any other of the cinematics (since Leah seems to be the new star of the show)…

      • Well Cain is awesome he can survive a meteor hit in the face and fall a few hundred feet and still survive. He’s just a little bit like Gandalf.

    • As iconic as deckard cain’s voice is, I really can’t stand how terrible the acting is.
      Sorry to burst some cain-fan bubbles, but it absolutely despoils the tone of everything. I’d prefer to keep him in-game..

  10. meh, disappointing 

    they could have shown that at any time

    I can see holding it for this event if they were also going to give a release date, but otherwise, why hold it till now ?

    they could have shown that at BlizzCon

    • “but otherwise, why hold it till now ?”

      To mess with your mind…

      But seriously, probably because they wanted to save the one that sets up the beginning of the story and the overarching premise of the game for a bigger audience…

    • but it would have been big disappointment if they’d shown this at blizzcon, since there’s no new info in it. Whereas teh black soulstone video was awesome at blizzcon, with new info and azmodan and such.

      • so you’re saying this cinematic would have been a big disappointment no mater when they showed it ? 


        • You only make yourself disappointed because you seek info from every little detail there is given.
          To me they are just simple good teasers for when I get my hands on the game.
          But I guess most people nowadays are never satisfied, easily disappointed and full of hate.

  11. as they said the “always move” button has been proposed to late to make it into the first version of the sold game … I am quite optimistic that arrangements for DVD copies have already been made. Therefore I am optimistic we see it in february or march 2012 the latest (you see I am quite optimistic there … 🙂 )

    • A good point. Though I still think that they are running out of time now and can’t wait any longer because of SWTOR. I hope January, with February as worst case.

      • I’m still holding out hope for an early to mid Feb. date… I’m thinking January is pretty much totally out of the question by now… Unless they pull another Burning Crusade style announcement a month before and it’s going to be in late January…

        • The speculation about the release date announcement goes on. Possibly Dec 31, 2011? This would be the “official” 15th birthday of Diablo according to Blizzards own website.

        • Back when they couldn’t just update all functionality of a game post-release through online updates as it is possible for them today, but instead had to deliver a completely functional game (minus some balancing tweaks), Blizzard had a tradition of announcing through press releases when a game had “gone gold”. I think that expression referred to the original CD master used to produce the millions of disk copies.
          As soon as this announcement went online, it was like a reliable 1-2 months countdown started ticking towards release day. The game’s Collector’s Edition (if available) used to be announced just a few weeks before that, too.
          As for today, I’m afraid those “BC-style announcements” are pretty much what you get from Blizzard (with their marketing team recently bashing some sense back into them). 😉

        • I believe that’s wishful thinking.  They don’t even have their limited beta servers up and running and their company vacation time is coming up.  So many things still seem up in the air (RUNES!).  Without the pressure of a release date out there I don’t think they’re going to rush anything.  April – June is my guess.  April was my guess before getting invited to the beta Wed the – June comes from not being able to sustain a connection to their broken or full servers since Wed.

    • Working as a software developer myself (although not a games developer), I have to say that you’re being wildly optimistic.

      Just as chat channel were added after SC2’s release, all I think this points to is Blizzard have a very strict timetable and plan of what content is left to do, and they take a cautious approach to UI features and don’t want to add anything new in at this point. They can easily have a full schedule that takes them out till April or June and therefore not want to commit to adding the always-run feature.

  12. I have the first wallpaper ready its sad but the image i chose is blurry,  i did my best so i’ll let you all be the judge,  link shortly

  13. I don’t care what anyone says, an army of angels pouring out from a hole in the sky to meet the forces of hell is awesome.

  14. I thought the cinematic was a bit of a let down.
    This is the first cinematic players see when they boot up the game.  It’s the beginning of the story so there won’t be any spoilers, just vague hints and a plot hook.

    The problem is that while it does set a scene, it fails to set a mood for the game.   If you compare the opening Cinematic from Diablo 2, the first 15 or so seconds is just a guy walking through a prison.  All you can hear is the clang of bars, the cracks of whips, and the screams and laments of victims.  This makes it feel like a doomed, dour world, even before the demons show up.

    With the cinematic tonight, on the other hand, we learn very little.   Sure, there’s going to be demons and angels fighting at some point (that’s how prophecies work, after all), and a Meteor fell, but it doesn’t communicate the tone of the world, or what these events have to do with the player besides the usual “Bad guys: kill them.  Good guys: save them.”

    • I think the tone it is trying to set is that all out war is coming to Sanctuary (in contrast to a more secretive and dark mission undertaken by the Three to free themselves instead of it being all of Hell and Heaven coming at eachother so the feeling would be quite different, yes) and Leah’s dream is basically a vision of what it would be like… also it gives some context of Leah’s relationship with Cain and sets up a bit of the prophecy… It is kind of quick and concise in the story telling, but there’s also the class intro cinematics that come after it to give more exposition…

  15. 0) This is one of many cinematics. Expect at least one of these type cinematics before every act (could easily be more throughout), as well as the characters’ cinematics. If anything there will be more cinematics in Act 1 and 4 than the other acts.

    1) I really want to encounter those sharkmen people. 

    2) The art style during the fight scenes was good, and also an easy way to not have to work as much on true 3D models for everything.

    3) A rehash of everything we already knew.

    4) How did Cain survive? Easy. Magic. He’s like 180000 years old, surely you can assume it’s hard for him to die, especially if he’s the knowledge scholar that could apparently end the eternal war (someone’s watching over him).

    5) Leah is hot, that’s called “marketing to young adult males.”

    6) Of course the book Leah said “wasn’t important” probably contained in-depth details of how to kill all demons, or something.

    • 5) Leah is hot, that’s called “marketing to young adult males.”
      As if one would buy a game just cause there’s a hot female. No sorry we all has free internet porn.

  16. I watch it and say wow that is pretty cool, but I rewatch the Diablo 1 intro cinematic and… it stays with you.

    The warrior in the dungeon is fighting such dark and dangerous battles that he is almost schizophrenic.  Diablo at the end seems like he is in such terrible pain and agony himself.  It feels like his evil is due to the great pain and agony he himself is suffering.

    That is true art and emotion instead of just looking cool.  The Diablo 3 intro cinematic did not capture the feeling of the Diablo 1 cinematic.  Even the crows in the Diablo 3 one were not as intense and memorable as the Diablo 1 crow.

    The whole direction of Diablo 3 in general seems to have gone this way.

  17. Just saw the official Cinematic trailer of D3 on Spike VGA…sooo lame!  Honestly, their Game God trailer was more impressive.  What a let down. 

  18. When I heard that the BlizzCon Cinematic’s pieces were cut out I was carefully listen the voice-over, and I think that after Azmodan says “as the prime evil” will be “(shall)return” or something in that matter like “rise again”, or a little abstraction “ruin the world”/”conquer the world”/”build a new mall in your neighbourhood: Pandamonium”. In this cinematic I found an evidence which prove my theory: infamous Mr. D. at grilling party.
    And for those who are amazed by the sketch part of the cinematic… this was partially achieved with edge detection and colour filling in steps delayed in time, nothing special. the front crow prove it ’cause it looks like low-poly model (look at its chest… geometry).

  19. I agree. All along we’ve heard developers talking about their approach of making everything look more awesome. It seems they haven’t paid as much attention to the art of story telling. D1 and D2 had amazing atmosphere.

  20. Jeez guys, the intro is 2 out of 27 minutes of cinematics in the game. It did a good job setting the scene for the game, and it was high quality.

  21. At first I was intrigued than I realized that it’s just as hollow as the heads of the audience they’re marketing to (WoW players).

  22. Why does everybody keep telling that there is nothing new, no spoilers?

    They’re litterally showing that the armies of High Heavens will fight in the Sanctuary against Burning Hells. If you haven’t read any beta-mined stuff, then this IS big news.

    It was never told that we would see angels. On top of that, they will leave haven and come to our world! Pure madness is happening in this intro video and it is badass for a lot of reasons.

    Why keep looking at your feet and ask for a release date? I’ve been waiting for a decade, so I don’t care if it’s a few months away.

    • we don’t know that any of that will actually happen in the game 

      it could just be part of the prophecy, but we prevent it from actually happening by defeating Diablo 

      so, no spoilers

  23. if cain can identify all sorts of magical properties, then he surely can identify the right places he needs to cling and land on to avoid dying.
    this cinematic though, is disappointing. black soulstone was better than this one.

  24. 10 years to push out a sequel and this is what they saw fit to lead with.  That’s like choosing a VW bug to race in the Quarter Mile.

    The D2 & LOD opening Cinematic trailers were better.  I feel like they’ve lost touch with what made the original series awesome, and now they’re pushing out mediocre content…all to the delight of the fanboys.  Keep up the good work ActiBlizz, I’m sure we’ll all just buy it anyway.  Way to earn that C+

  25. I found the cinematic to be pretty disappointing. The first minute I was just sitting there like, “Wtf? And what the hell is that music :S.”
    Yes, Heaven and Hell are at each other’s throats, but what is so lame is Blizzard’s “Epic” aka Hollywood/Lets-try to-be-Badass” take on atmosphere and presentation. 
    Unfortunately, I don’t think we will be seeing much of the D1/D2 style of presentation anymore. It feels like it is slowly turning into yet another generic rpg setting.

    I’ll still play, it totally sucks though to see a once great storytelling/art direction screwed over -_-

  26. The only thing I remember about any of the intros to Diablo 1/Diablo 2/LoD is that barbarian king popping like a grape, so yeah, can’t say I’m disappointed.  :S

  27. I got 1 question.
    It the cinematic there is more than one meteorite. Any guesses what they can be?)
    p.s. I’m thinking of 4 act bosses cause it’s 4 meteorites falling down.

    • lets say it was an angel who shall not be named it most likely would be just pieces falling off, like in our world. I have a very hard time believing that the act bosses that are EVIL come from an angels falling star….

    • Sharp eyes 8)
      Let’s also say that the …err… unnamed angel used to carry a sword which broke into three pieces during the descent which would make excellent quest items to gather and assemble beyond the game’s first boss battle – some reduced-to-bones nobleman, if you will … hypothetically …

  28. That was a really awesome trailer. If people didn’t like it, it’s because it probably didn’t fit their mold of the ideal version of a d3 intro….. at least people aren’t bitching that it was too colorful 😀

    • The game could have been filled with rainbows and unicorns and if Blizzard delivered it wouldn’t have been an issue.

  29. OK, they said that the intro cinematic is particularly long and explains what happened at the end of D2 and yet they show ups this…. hmmm, guess they changed their minds.

  30. It’s visually impressive, no doubt about it, but I miss the times when there was some actual storytelling in the cinematics.

  31. It was a good cinematic, the rock music when angels were fighting was great and screen slowing down at Tyreal was EPIC 😯 ….. the rest disappointed me 👿 . But then again it was good though the voice actor for Cain should be slapped in hell. 😆
    LEAH is a super hotty (A little lipstick won’t kill you babe), but is it just me that thinks her hair looks shorter than it was in the Azmodan cinematic.
    New Idea, as we progress through the acts all characters show signs of aging or change. that would give so much depth and depict the fight against Diablo so much longer and heavier, unlike D1 in which we kicked his ass in 1 night lol. :mrgreen:

    • @ 1:00-1:30
      Only a slight change in instrument. You’ll find that Blizzard’s music department (with the loss of Jason Hayes) has been ripping off other scores a lot recently. They ripped off Transformers’ in SC2, and in the Demon Hunter trailer they ripped off Batman Begins’. You’ll also find that following this part of the cinematic, there’s the vocals which are very similar to the Angels and Demons score, although that’s a little more forgivable seeing as it’s a bit generic.

  32. Interesting speculation, not sure if someone already thought of that…people say that \no way Cain could’ve survived that crash, he’s an old man\, well, maybe he didn’t! Maybe Cain died and the \Cain\ we rescue is whatever fell down (Tyrael? Inarius?) and for some reason impersonating him. That’ll explain the \Cain bossfight\ pic that was leaked a while ago.

  33. Honestly that was disappointing. I am actually ashamed that new people who have never seen Diablo will never want to play the game. I am actually pissed off. All of the World of Warcraft openings were infinitely better, even the Warcraft III and earlier Diablo games were.
    This was Blizzard’s big chance to appeal to the “casual” gamer they love so much, and they didn’t take this opportunity to release a good image, nor give a release date, disappointing fans world wide. Poor move and I expect there is some heated discussion within Activision/Blizzard.
    I want this game to suceed and make millions and set records, but it won’t with terrible marketing, bad cinematics and leading the fan base. If anything they should have shown the Azmodan cinematic at the presentation, it was far more impressive and given a better impression to the world. I feel embarrassed to be championing Diablo when THAT is what they put forward.

  34. what an underwhelming vid, it’s a rehash of the cinematic from back at WWI 2008, nothing in it we don’t already know or haven’t SEEN IN a cinematic before

  35. I think the intro was amazing. I LOVE the book-paper-feel. (Have been playing since D1, know the stories behind, bla bla so no one doubt my legitimacy).
    Now release the game. That is all.

  36. So basically what I’ve learned is people dislike the opening cinematic because it lacks action?  Or it’s not dark enough?
    I think the problem is no matter the cinematic, your expectations will never be quenched.

    • well if you know how to read, you’ll answer your own questions by reading the explanations in the comments instead of asking people to repeat themselves

    • Interesting you say that because SC2’s teaser trailer (not the bastardized version they used for the opening) and D3’s 2008 teaser were both excellent (save for Leah’s ‘I.. I don’t think it’s safe here..’ at the finish).
      These are just pathetic Saturday cartoon cinematics which LOOK GOOD – and that’s it. I can’t stand Deckard’s voice acting and I can’t stand the poorly written dialogue. Honestly the only good thing about this cinematic was the lack of Leah’s faith in Deckard.

      • So you’ve always hated Deckard Cain’s acting then? Because it’s same guy it’s always been…

        • I am aware it’s the same voice actor, and yeah he sucked in all three of them.
          But I don’t think it’s a matter of acting more so than a matter of his unnecessary attention to keeping up the Cain voice, it feels as if he completely disregards any acting just to keep it up.. which I can’t imagine is particularly hard! They should have kept Tyrael’s VA instead but I guess brand identity is more important than delivering quality.

  37. Is it just me or when Deckard says “fields of eternity” it sounds like super weak voice acting? Apart from that i loved it!

  38. Is it me or did Leah look a little different in this trailer? I liked her in the original diablo 3 announcement trailer a few years ago.

  39. 1. Stunning visuals as always.
    2. Scenario-story not that good (can’t compare to D2’s opening cinematic)
    3. Overall, it is very good. It finished and I was clicking the black screen to enter the game ActI!…

  40. I was surprised to see them sticking with the 2D concept art style for much of it. Cain looked great.  It’s a good video but no chills for me this time unfortunately.

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