After Friday’s very rocky launch, the Bliz tech guys seem to have gotten things working pretty well on the Diablo III Battle.net front. On Saturday they were running at 200,000 to 500,000 players during peak times with a game cap of 200,000, (those figures have since increased) and most players are reporting pretty good access times and no big lag problems.

    Bear in mind that the Battle.net support of the Diablo 3 beta is nothing like we’ll see in the full game. Blizzard has only set up a few servers, and only in North America, to handle the beta load, and their whole point with the free weekend was to stress out those servers by overloading them with an influx of new players. I guess all those jokes about “better today than May 15th” were truer than we knew?

    At least that’s how Bashoik is explaining things, now that the crunch has passed.

    A taste of what release will be like.

    The servers are busy at this time. Please try again later. (Error 37)
    We’re bringing the servers back up with very low player caps (meaning we only let a certain number of people on) to monitor stability. If we just let everyone flood in all at once… well I don’t think we care to find out what would happen. With the caps off we’re more than able to hold everyone (worldwide, mind you) that’s helping us test the open beta.

    On the other hand, tech problems remain for many. You’ll want to check out this Blue post on the various error codes and other technical issues. Such as the dreaded Blizzard Battle.net Launcher.

    Me, most of my friends, and i can only assume a big number of other people cannot download the beta. The client freezes and stalls no matter how long its running for. Are you ever going to fix this? its been two days now. I want to try out the beta on my new computer, but something is wrong with the client. I made another thread about this but no blue response.

    So, are you going to this dang client or what??
    Omegal has a helpful troubleshooting guide for new launcher issues.

    If you’re wondering that was the sound of Bashiok biting off one of his thumbs in an effort not to type, “Read some work arounds before you start bitching, Nub!”

    Assuming you’re not working tech support somewhere, and you’ve still got an even number of fingers, how’s the free weekend going for you guys? Friday’s launch was frustrating for technical issues, but since then have you been able to get on since then and play troublefree? There are dozens of first time reactions posts in our forums, so clearly some new players are getting in and getting it on.

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