Diablo 3 Open Beta Weekend is Going… Pretty Well?

After Friday’s very rocky launch, the Bliz tech guys seem to have gotten things working pretty well on the Diablo III Battle.net front. On Saturday they were running at 200,000 to 500,000 players during peak times with a game cap of 200,000, (those figures have since increased) and most players are reporting pretty good access times and no big lag problems.

Bear in mind that the Battle.net support of the Diablo 3 beta is nothing like we’ll see in the full game. Blizzard has only set up a few servers, and only in North America, to handle the beta load, and their whole point with the free weekend was to stress out those servers by overloading them with an influx of new players. I guess all those jokes about “better today than May 15th” were truer than we knew?

At least that’s how Bashoik is explaining things, now that the crunch has passed.

A taste of what release will be like.

The servers are busy at this time. Please try again later. (Error 37)
We’re bringing the servers back up with very low player caps (meaning we only let a certain number of people on) to monitor stability. If we just let everyone flood in all at once… well I don’t think we care to find out what would happen. With the caps off we’re more than able to hold everyone (worldwide, mind you) that’s helping us test the open beta.

On the other hand, tech problems remain for many. You’ll want to check out this Blue post on the various error codes and other technical issues. Such as the dreaded Blizzard Battle.net Launcher.

Me, most of my friends, and i can only assume a big number of other people cannot download the beta. The client freezes and stalls no matter how long its running for. Are you ever going to fix this? its been two days now. I want to try out the beta on my new computer, but something is wrong with the client. I made another thread about this but no blue response.

So, are you going to this dang client or what??
Omegal has a helpful troubleshooting guide for new launcher issues.

If you’re wondering that was the sound of Bashiok biting off one of his thumbs in an effort not to type, “Read some work arounds before you start bitching, Nub!”

Assuming you’re not working tech support somewhere, and you’ve still got an even number of fingers, how’s the free weekend going for you guys? Friday’s launch was frustrating for technical issues, but since then have you been able to get on since then and play troublefree? There are dozens of first time reactions posts in our forums, so clearly some new players are getting in and getting it on.

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36 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Open Beta Weekend is Going… Pretty Well?

  1. I just tried logging in just then. First attempt was error 37. Immediately after I attempted to log in again and got through. I went to public games and there were apparently 194,425 people in public games. Wow….

  2. im from australia and it has been almost perfect for me. not much lag to report, gameplay feels crisp, they have done a good job of compensating for latency. 

    • ^ This. It’s pretty exciting to play with minimal latency effects from Aus. I’m pretty impressed with that part of it.

      It’s not the “zero latency” reported by Azzure (get off the Kool-Aid mate), but it’s _much_ better than D2 on US-West and much better than I expected.

  3. the game is pretty boring single player 

    multi-player is definitely the way to play it  

    only the most minor video stutters, and only occasionally
    I’m playing in NYC, and twice I’ve played with players with Chinese symbols for names
    of course they could be just a few blocks from me 😆   

    • I’m the opposite, i find the game very boring in MP but fun enough in SP.
      Each to there own.

      • its too boring running around trying to find stuff single player 

        is it defiled crypt 1 or is it defiled crypt 2 or is it defiled crypt 3 ? 
        OMG ! Its Tal Rasha’s Tomb all over again, only this time its in the beginning of the game  

        at least with multi player you can split up and find the stairs and quest objectives quickly


        • But there’s only three of them, and the “wrong” ones can spawn special quests.  Really, if actually playing the game is boring, it’s time to put down the beta.

          • “if actually playing the game is boring …” 
            I am disappointed with the beta 
            it is boring 

            but if we change of definition of
            “actually playing the game”
            “slowly and deliberately exploring every inch of every hallway”
            “working together as a team to quickly and efficiently complete quest objectives, while at the same time watching each others backs and not playing recklessly” 

            then the game becomes incredibly fun 

            but exploring every inch of every hallway is not   

            I guess that’s why I was so disappointed when the announced they were delaying PvP 

            playing PvP together as team was one of the things I was looking forward to the most; its why I still play Warhammer Online, and its also why I was excited for GW2 

            so I’m very, very glad to have participated in the open beta 

            I now know that from the very second the game comes out, I will ONLY be playing public multi player games  

            which is completely opposite of what I did in D2 

        • Comparing the Act 1 defiled crypts to the Tal Rasha’s tomb search is like comparing Normal Blood Raven to Hell Duriel…
          Personally, I think neither one of them is “boring.” However, I find mp in the beta very frustrating as I like to clear everything during my play-throughs, and most people seem to only care about rushing through the quest objectives. Apparently they don’t want the extra gold and gear that comes from hunting down the champions and rares that could be hiding in every obscure corner of the map… 😐

  4. there were some ups and downs, but less than 24 hours later i can safely say that i am very satisfied having tried out all of the classes… and i have a good idea of my class priorities for 15th of May 🙂 Monk!

  5. Well trying to connect and it timing out or service unavailable 3006 300008, seems to mess up the dns on my router and requires a reset on the router. We’ve got two computers behind the router and they’ve been able to play at the same time although the experience isn’t as smooth as I had hoped.

  6. Logged in last night with zero errors to max a Demon Hunter, even the latency was much lower then in earlier patches, I noticed one or two lagspikes that lasted around 2 sec each though.

  7. Friday and earlier Saturday it was a challenge to get on due to busy signals bur once I got on it was Gravy, Have played to lvl 9 and beaten the beta with WD, DH and Barb, started a wiz and it felt slow and I wasn’t really feelin him. Just gotta try monk next. Thought WD was gonna be my fave but I love the feel of the barb. The DH is my second fave atm just because of all the snares and the Guided arrow (forget the d3 name). I wasn’t invited to the beta but i’ll be livin it up till monday anyway. =)

    • Yeah, the Wizard doesn’t seem to have any good spammable ranged spells in the beta (at lvl 9)… it felt way better using short rnage stuff like the Spectral blade and Shock Pulse…

      • Magic Missile indeed feels slow-ish until you get runes for it. Sadly they bumped up the awesome Split rune past beta levels, but you can still get Charged Blast, which can potentially one-shot a lot of stuff.

  8. I got into beta without much problem. What surprised me the most was how little data is transferred between server and client. I’ve been playing for almost 3 hours and it barely consumed 20MB. In comparison WoW ate up almost 100MB data in 1 hour. Data usage is a very valid point for me since I’m playing tethered off my phone. I was going to get cable but with tmobile’s 5GB monthly 4G I may get away with just that.

    As for the game itself, I don’t get the criticism, imho it is truly a Diablo game, it has the atmosphere, music and everything to it.

  9. i agree, watching the vids i wasn’t sure. but playing it at max settings @ 2500×1600 (or thereabouts) really makes everything pop. i even like the colours, like when that fat zombie explodes and leaves purple muck everywhere :b 

  10. latency from  850 to 3500 xD = DC
    even if it is 300 msec it still lagy … and disconnect 

    any one near Turkey with good latency!?

  11. Just as I thought it lags for me even with the lowest settings possible in game. Running an intel Pentium dualcore e2180 at 2ghz qith a nvidia geforce 9600GT 512mb windows 7 32bit and 4gb of ram. video freezes but audio is still going on in the background so I am not sure whats going on with the game at times.

  12. Smooth Sailing all the way for me, a couple error 37’s but thats because of the server cap. i downloaded the beta way back when it was announced on here , i think that was back in september. i was not able to play but i was Ready JUST IN CASE! lol i went over to my freinds house and watched him play on a must of been right on the just squeking by Specs. Can i just say if i had to play like that , i would not even play. it was like he was running through water that is how Laggy it was for him, not because of anything blizzard did , it is just his computer was a very Low end machine. but you know what he was as happy as a pig in shit. this game is Awsesome.Bravo  Blizzard. 😀 😀 😀

    Must say, i had more problems expected. So far, GJ Blizz, i hope, the start will be very well with this performance.
    But, like the poster over me, i had some problems with the system, that  i hadnt expected. Core2Duo 6750 @ 2,67GHrz, 2 MB Ram, Geforce GTS 8800 640MB, Win7.
    In SP it ran ok. Thirst time i started the game, many “loading lags” i think, after a while, i goes better. FPS 50-100, the display isnt so exactly 🙂 But in MP with some PPL in front and the spelleffects, the system goes realy down in FPS and so it is not realy playable.
    BUT, i mst say too, i only have Geforce Treiber 280.x, will update zu 296.x today, 2 more GB Ram want i buy and some overclocking potential from the core2duo i have still in the backhand.
    And Blizz meant, polishing on the performance will  also be done in the last weeks, so we will see, what happen. So iam a little frustrated…

  14. I’ve only gotten error 37 ever since the beta started. This just means their servers are full at their cap. Why are they doing a ‘stress test’ with a cap? If their servers can’t handle the load now they are going to be SMASHED come launch day. 

    I dread that when I unbox my CE and install Diablo I won’t be able to play it for the first couple days… 🙁 

    • Well from what Bashok said, the whole point in this stress test is that they have only a few servers up, to see what their max capacity is. They test X players /  Y servers = disaster, and then see how the servers respond running at X% of capacity. Then they just need to estimate how many players they’ll have to know how many servers they’ll need for launch.

      And then they’ll purposely enable 20% fewer than that, just to piss us off?

  15. I’ve been loving it! Just earned the betamax achievement, now time to give it a rest. Ihave to say I found the wiz and DH surprisingly enjoyable in the last couple of levels; but they still sit behind monk and especially barb. I wish every class had a leap like skil just to get round the map between mobs!

    • No! You can’t give it a rest ’til you get Overachiever! Don’t you want that awesome Diablo skull sigil on your banner?

  16. With the caps off we’re more than able to hold everyone (worldwide, mind you) that’s helping us test the open beta. —> Then why dont you take the caps off?!?! THis is so disgusting, yesterday I couldnt play because of ‘maintenance’ and today I cant play either. Only got some play time on Friday. Release date is gonna be an epic fail

  17. Was a disaster for me. After 8 hours of download the client was only at 40%. With an average of 150Kb/s. So I gave up.

  18. I’ve had some lagg while playing, but Im using a 5 year old macbook pro with the absolute lowest speccs required for the game so I guess most of it is on my side. Would’ve expected more lagg tbh 😮

  19. After the initial problems Friday which took a little over an hour to log on it has been pretty smooth. No lag, disconnected once, unable to create a game a couple times. All in all, not too bad. I was expecting it to be 10 times worse than it was on my end.  Sucks, that it seems like others wasn’t as fortunate.

  20. Well I had 1 time out today. That not very good considering how much I would play it when its released. That average would be like 1 time out every 10hrs or so. This online only drm is going to bite Blizzard in the ass.

  21. Friday night it worked pretty good, barely lagged a few times. Now it’s horrible. Slow as ***. I’m in EU.

  22. Really pleased with the Beta experience.  Have had a chance to play all chars, got Wiz to lvl 10 then lvled the rest HC…. dieting is pretty difficult in the Beta… apparently we will die in the game…. they had promised!!

    I have now firmed up my play order, kicking off with DH and then Barb… still undecided about the rest.  Love the speed and jumping around of DH using Smoke Screen and the flip skill sequentially with the speed boost passive rocks!

    Lvled Barb to 13 and did some great crafting, loved the way the stats are simply presented which aids in the focussed crafting.  Nice and easy for an ole git like me!…. as for duel wielding sickles…..Awesome!

    Logging our now to play Trials Evolution as a change…. can’t wait for the 15th!!

    Also can’t decide whether I will be playing HC all the way or not yet…. the permanence of building up assets certainly sells it a little more, as I enjoy the levelling experience but efforts are not all lost!!

  23. I had no issues whatsoever downloading the Beta game client. On Friday afternoon (EST), I was unable to access the servers and received a small variety of error messages. I tried again later that night and was able to play a Witch Doctor to level 11 and beat the beta quests. Since then I have been able to connect almost any time, only sometimes getting a “servers are busy” error.

    I’m also playing the game on the lowest possible video settings, because I’m on a laptop with Intel i3, 4gb ram, and intel hd video (I was amazed I could even play with that video driver). Because of these limited specs and the mostly available status of the servers, I can say that this test weekend has been hugely successful from my perspective. Very rarely any lag issues.

    Really looking forward to the full game on a much better machine. I hope their server infrastructure is capable of holding up to the rigors of world-wide launch, though.

  24. friday – unable to login
    saturday – played 5 minutes then unable to login
    sunday – played whole day w/o problem (except little lags, im playing from europe so ping was around 200-300 not bad)

    for me great game, played every class and i choose monk as my fav. 

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