Diablo 3 Open Beta This Weekend

No more chasing around for beta keys. Blizzard have announced they will hold an open beta for Diablo 3 this weekend.

We’re pleased to announce the Diablo III open beta weekend, which offers open access to all players with a valid Battle.net account! Beginning this Friday everyone is invited to log in and help us put the game and servers through their paces in this three day stress test as we march toward the game’s release on May 15. You can begin downloading the Diablo III client right now!

From Friday, April 20 at 12:01 p.m. PDT (noon), until Monday, April 23 at 10:00 a.m. PDT you’ll be able to log in, team up with friends, and play each of the five heroic classes to level 13 as you fight to save the world from the impending demonic invasion.


What steps do I need to take?

I don’t have a Battle.net account — can I still play?

Absolutely! Just visit http://www.battle.net to create a free Battle.net account. Next, download the client from https://us.battle.net/account/download/index.xml and install it. Create your BattleTag, and then log in to the game using your Battle.net account name (email address) and password to begin slaughtering the demonic hellspawn that dare stand in your way.

Are there any differences for stress test participants versus invited closed beta testers?

Stress test participants will only be able to access the beta between Friday, April 20 at 12:01 p.m. PDT (noon), and Monday, April 23 at 10:00 a.m. PDT. In addition, stress test participants will not have access to post in the beta forums and will not be provided Beta Bucks for use in testing the currency-based auction house.

Can all regions/countries participate?

Due to regional differences and features of the stress test client, Korean players will not be able to partake in the stress test weekend. However, beginning the week of April 23, we will be conducting a separate, invitation-only closed beta test that will give players in Korea a chance to try out the game, along with players in the regions of Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau.

What if the service is down/laggy/disconnecting me?

It’s very possible that players connecting to the stress test could experience issues with the service. While not ideal, this is exactly why we’re having a stress test. We want to catch and analyze as many bugs as possible during this stress test period, so that we can try to ensure a smooth launch on May 15.

I’m having an issue, how can I get help?

Due to the limited window of the stress test we encourage you to visit the Technical Support or Mac Technical Support forums if you’re having any issues running the game, and checking the Known Issues list if you’re running into a bug. As a stress test participant you will not be able to post in the beta forums.

What platforms and languages do you support?

For the stress test we’re offering the client in English, French, and German for both Windows and Mac. At release the game will be fully localized into English, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, European Spanish, Italian, Polish, Korean, and Traditional Chinese for Windows, and English, French, and German for Mac.

I’m an invited closed beta tester, what happens after the stress test weekend ends?

As an invited closed beta tester you’ll continue to have access until the beta ends on May 1.

I’d set your download going right now if I were you. Worldwide listing of the event starting times: right here.

Also if you have any problems downloading/installing/launching the game, do head to our Tech forum, there are a lot of knowledgeable Beta testers already there that may be able to help you out if you have any problems.

If you want to check any of the Beta stats, items or skills then head over to the DiabloNut database.

Sign of relief.

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    166 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Open Beta This Weekend

      • Truthfully, im just glad i can play w my friends now.  Its gonna be sik to feel what the real game is meant to feel like  MULTIPLAYER and STRATEGY

      • god i hate retards like you showing off just to make yourself feel better and other worse

      • @pathfinder – Meh, I’ve played the beta since July and all demo iterations for that past 3 years.


        But in all seriousness. Who cares? This is AWESOME for everybody that has been dying to get into the beta. Nobody cares how long you’ve been able to waste your leisure time.

        • Scorch Hellfire: Sorry bud, that wasn’t my intention—it was to merely state “Who gives a sh*t, the beta has been out for what, 7 months? Around that? There are more YouTube Beta bits than Asian hookers on YouPorn, it’s practically like playing it—and after the same tiny amount of content since October, it just isn’t interesting any more.” Instead, I gave the short version. NOT to mention release is right around the corner. So a “meh” seemed shorter and more appropriate, it was not intended to troll.

          Remo: No need to get your panties in a wad.

          Nizaris: I made over $650 renting out a Beta I barely played.

          one-up’d back  8)

          • “practically like playing it”


            God what the fuck how can a sane person write that.

            • What do you expect from someone who seems to think that watching porn is the same thing as having sex?

          • Just because you’ve been playing it for several months doesn’t mean others have the same attitude as you… I’ve personally been playing it since february and have also kind of gotten bored of it, but I wouldn’t say “who cares” to a lot of other people getting to play it…

      • lol at first I said so myself, but DAMN I clicked that client download button faster than you can say Leoric.

        12 PM pst = 9 PM where I’m at. Sad but hopeful panda.

        • I’m really torn about whether or not to play. I intentionally did not apply for D3 beta this whole time, i just don’t like giving free labor. I avoided most spoilers etc. The game is only 3 weeks away, but this is really hard to resist. Should i give in now? Aaaaaagh!

          Edit: here let’s make a little poll. Thumb whether you think i should play or not:

            • You know that they’re hitting recommend on both posts, right?

              If you have the willpower, I would suggest trying not to play. I wish I had never datamined or played the beta at all but that’s just the way it worked out. 

            • No doubt.  Useless sons of bishes!  I have decided i’m probably not going to play it.

          • If you consider playing a game “free labor” you have a very loose definition of the word “labor”. Even QA testers don’t just “play” a game.

      • Trust me you are not really spoiling anything. You barely even pick up the beginning of the story line. When the game releases youll be able to fly through the part you played in an hour… An hour of gameplay on a game is really nothing at all.

    1. Possibility of studying for exam on monday: 0%

      Possibility of whoring the D3 beta for 3 days straight: 100% 

    2. ooh la la

      heheheheh now we’re finally going to get a preview of how the servers will be like on the two weeks proceeding from release day. 

    3. Great news for those who haven’t gotten into the beta yet, bad news for those who are already in it as the lag will be horrible I’m sure. I’m kind of surprised they are doing it this weekend as opposed to the next one right before May 1, but whatever…

    4. Despite the fact that I have played the beta a lot… sadly it was on other accounts. I guess I just have bad luck.

    5. Lol That’s fantastic! All I know us that there are 2 open betas that I’m interested in.  Tera is starting at the same time. I think they  planned it that way. I was going to play TERA when I can now both will be available.
      Blizzard…. Why not make it till May 1st like the rest? I think many would be extremely happy.

        • I’m wondering how many more obnoxious pot jokes I’m going to have to put up with today. 
          More than usual, I’m sure, but the idiocy of it drives me to sleep. 

          • DUDE(how’s that for obnoxious) you datamine a fucking videogame, and that reveals more about your sad life state then what substances people chose. And really, keep the incocated reefer madness horseshit you feed on to yourself, it’s old,  misinformed and stupid at best.
            People are easy, you’re bitter and afraid and represent the skid mark of society’s collective underpants.

    6. Totally awesome. But anyone else having problems with the setup? Not downloading anything for me. Damn should have had the game preinstalled.

      Hmm running windows 7 here but had to set compatibility to xp service pack 3 to get it to work. If anyone else has a problem then try that.

      • Seems to get to about 75% then stalls. I thought I had the pre-setup too but I can’t find the files. The link provided here is the US one maybe a different one would be better.

        Trying in xp mode, if it’s not done by the time this episode of American Dad is over I’m quitting til tomorrow.


        • The two most common problem fixes for download/launcher problems. (Both of which I had to do to get it working on my new win7 machine.)

          1) C:\ProgramData  — delete the Battle.net folder. Yes, the whole thing. 

          1.1) C:\ProgramData\Blizzard Entertainment\Battle.net\Cache folder — Also delete that one.

          2) Now run the D3 installer exe in administrator mode.

    7. This is awesome! Just what ive been waiting for! tomorrow night (sat 7pm sydney time) i’ll be logging on for sure!!!

    8. I have a busy weekend but may be able to squeeze hours in.  PDT 12pm equals 7pm GMT.  I am more interested to see what spec I will be able to run it on my machine!

      • Yes if the said closed beta tester opens up or the open beta tester clenches his buttocks a bit.

    9. Just wanted to say congrats to everyone who has been looking forward to this game and didn’t get beta. I got in with the 275,000 stress test and it was an awesome feeling. For those who haven’t gotten the beta yet, enjoy your weekend!

    10. Work is going to be so hard tomorrow. Thankfully I have Saturday and Sunday off. Lets just hope the servers can handle it.

    11. MY friend downloaded the client, he has a battle tag created and he is getting “your battle.net account does not have a Diablo 3 beta attached to it” He downloaded and installed the beta… what’s going on???

    12. This is awesome. I’m in Cyprus so for me the betta kicks off at 9 pm tonight. I took monday off (since it ends Monday 5 pm)….3 days of blood guts and glory! 

      FUCK YEAH!!!!! 

    13. Did the beta just reddem itself!? Thanks Blizz. Giving credit where creidts due. Now to pray the beta doesn’t go down all weekend >_>…

    14. I do realize this is awesome, and I hope whoever is dying to try it is satisfied. I never got into the beta myself, and as much as part of me wants to use up my whole weekend playing, at this point honestly I would rather wait until the retail version of the game is available.
      after 4 years, what’s another 20~ days to wait for the full game? I want to be surprised by even the earliest encounters.

        • well, 4 since we actually knew for sure it was happening. but yeah, I see what you’re saying.

      • Ever noticed how time slows down when it’s reaching the point you want it to be? so instead of waiting for a couple of hours, we have to wait 25 more days. so yes, what’s NOT another 25 days??? its everything!

      • Pretty sure it is… Blizz mentioned that south Korea, Hong Kong and taiwan would not be able to, but they did not mention that pakistan wouldn’t be.

    15. They make the bubu….glitch allows people to play free and then instead of opening beta to everyone they do it…but only for 1 weekend -_- omg Blizzard….open the goddamn beta for the last week it will be open anyway!!!! -_-

      • No they planned to go open beta. But fucked something up so it came early, (see what i did there), so now it will actually go open beta. It’s a smart move.

        They don’t want open beta so their support stuff wont have to answer to questions from 11 yolds all the live long day. And given all the hype now they will get their release day (well almost i guess) rush.

        As much as it sucked no to be in the beta all these months…it’s understandable why they did it the way they did.

        • You have got a point there…

          Ow…and I am in EU…so that means I get to play a bit less..hmmm 

        • Well i think the reason for the “only 1 weekend open beta”, is that they need the open beta for stress testing the servers. Having a long open beta would be counter productive, since the server load would be more spread out. 

    16. I am scheduled for work this entire weekend! I’ve been waiting months to get on beta, but it looks like I’ll be too busy to play.

    17. WOOOHOO, I guess the early open beta of a couple of days ago was this being activated early.

      Friday, April 20 at 12:01 p.m. PDT (noon), until Monday, April 23 at 10:00 a.m PDT.
      That’s Friday 7.00pm GMT till Monday 5.00pm GMT.

      MaStAViC, I think your be able to a few seconds look at the game.

    18. Sweet. Hats off to Blizzard for throwing us unfortunate souls a bone and opening it up for the weekend. Looks like my TOR weekend trial will be wasted.

    19. play diablo 3 for a few days
      freeze self in cryogenic chamber
      wake up at 11:59 on may 14th 2012
      go straight to computer and play diablo 3
      get old and die at some point
      (nothing in between the final two stages)

      • Why stop there?  After the final stage:
        freeze self in cryonic chamber
        get revived in 2172 for Diablo 19 (lul, i initially estimated 27, damn they are slow)

    20. Once the down-loader starts it just shuts off and says “Failed to download. Please contact blizzard customer support if the problem persists.”

      any help?!?! 

    21. A tip for higher D3 client download speed: go to Internet Explorer -> Internet Options -> Connections tab, then click either Settings or LAN Settings depending on your connection type and untick “Automatically detect settings.” Restart the D3 client and enjoy 2-5 MB/s higher speed. Works great.

    22. Nice! ppl were getting quite obesessed about not able to try the game. 
      Btw you done need whole week , its less then 2h for fresh run to kill sk , so 10h if you want to try all. Double that if you want to hit lv 13… after that there is nothing to do.

    23. Damn, same weekend as the SWTOR free trial, who’d figure that?! Anyway, may I keep my beta overachiever now? 

      • SWTOR has been doing free trial weekends damn near every weekend.  They are desperate for players as they have already begun seeing a player decline. 

    24. I bought a predator g series Acer computer a few months ago thinking the video card was up to date and would play d3 perfectly and now i’m getting a message that the graphics will be crap.
      still excited. freaking the **** out excited. D:

    25. Advice to all Wow players.

      Take one hour to get used to the different controls.

      After that you’ll have a blast if you like dungeon crawlers.

      Been in closed beta since a few weeks. It is awesome.

      Grouping tools are extreme smooth. And the litttle beta end boss Skelton King is great. D2 is simply blown away in tempo, pace, excitement and upbeat battles.

      Tried 3 classes and I think I will go with the Monk.

      The most important thing though is that it is clear that Diablo 3 will NOT be a pure dungeon crawler. In my opinion after playing the beta it will all about  … Economics.

      The loot, crafting and mats system will boost the economic game. I sold crafting mats in the beta in a matter of seconds when going under the market prices.

      Made 26 bucks in just 2 hours. And yellow legendaries already sell at around 15 bucks in minutes. Only one yellow drop in 4 end boss kills though.

      I know  it is fake beta, but I am glad I tested the RMAH mechanics behind it.

      D3 : a pure winner. 

    26. I like this. We definitely need a stress test like this. I don’t want to finally play the game only to see the server lagging. But with an open beta, they can prepare for the surge of massive players.

    27. Thanks Elly for a special mail!

      I personally have picked up news from RSS just fine and already fired up downloads on all friends’ computers, but just seeing this  been mailed to site users feels warm and kind!

      Thank you! 

      • This. Thanks Elly for that. My first email of the day and one of the best of the last years… Downloading right now!

    28. this weekend D3, the next weekend GW2, then one weekend without something new.
      After that then D3 Release! 
      I wonder how smooth the open beta will be though with all the attention this game gets…

    29. best news ever! And possibly the worst news ever, because after next monday it is still 2/3 more weeks of painful waiting 😀

    30. LOL… dammit.  I uninstalled the beta client mere hours before this news item went up.
      Had given up hope of getting a beta key and was prepping my machine for release.

    31. I love the fact that I’ve got an e-mail from Elly:]

      Thanks for letting me know, incgamers! You’re awesome!:) 

    32. I applaud this for all those who have not gotten into beta or tested the beta.   I will be avoiding it this weekend since I would imagine the servers are going to be a cluster fuck this weekend. 

    33. Woo Hoo…  I re-sheduled my appointment to have my 4 wisdom tooth removed from May 15 to yesterday !! So I would be in top shape for the release… Now with the free beta comes while I’m all drug-ged up… Oh well, I guess It was meant I would play the WD with a bag of ice on my face… 🙄

      • I am having the same problem. I have just downloaded it and when I try to log in I receive the same message: “Error 12”. Believe this error is connected with the time. We will need to wait until 12pm PDT to be able to log in. CANT wait!!!

    34. Thank you, incgamers, for letting us know via mail: great and appreciated service to your followers.
      I’m definitely gonna play D3 this weekend! 😯

    35. I could have sworn blizzard said they weren’t going to do an open beta…but congrats to everyone!

    36. Holy ****! I can’t wait to get home now… hopefully downloading and everything won’t be too bogged down for me, and I have a chance to play tonight. Awesome that Blizzard is doing this!

    37. Yes. Oh yes.  Will be great to get a taste for a couple days.  Just sad I have to work 30 minutes before access is granted today (lol).
      Thank you for emailing everyone about this.  It certainly is news that I wanted to be aware of asap =)

    38. Just my luck. 

      my Pc died last night before  reading about the open beta 😥

      I guess its gods way of telling me I need to work on my papers so I could play freely on the 15th.

      on the bright side now I have to buy a new Pc for D3  😀

    39. Wth, I can try beta now wasn’t prepared for this. Didn’t believe this will happen i’m happy now.

    40. anyone else get stuck on “Checking for updates”?
      My installation is stuck since about 4 hours now. Anyone else?

    41. Or “Updating files” at 50%
      Trying to install both GB and US version and both stuck on different places.

    42. This may be the wrong place but I have the game downloaded but I still the message that says I have to wait till game launches. Do I need to download some other version or will I be able to install at 12 PDT?

    43. Debaus.
      Sounds like you have the game client downloaded instead of the beta client which I figure be different.

      • Seems like ur right. I just found the Beta client under the regular client in Battle.net.
        I was freaking out for a second there!

    44. Well, aparently it doesn’t work on Windoes Vista 🙁 

      I suppose i will have to get Win7 before the release, unless the final version will be playable on Vista. Does anyone know? It doesn’t seem very Blizzard-ish to leave out a OS which isen’t really that old. 

    45. so when they say you need a valid battle.net account do i have to have an active subscription to say like SCII or WoW, if thats the case i am not activateing WoW again……EVER! so done with that game , i hope its just the account name (my E-mail) and password i log in to battle.net with? ❓

      • You don’t need a subscription. Just a battlenet account and rename your battletag.

    46. Also why do i need a Battletag, whats the purpose of this?, also i try to start the game and it is saying that (this Battle.net account does not have a Diablo3 license attached to it. (error 12) does that mean that it will not be able to play untill 3 pm EST? since we are 3 hours behind PDT?

      • Just going to assume that the Battletag is a replacement for True ID which many found to be too Big Brotherish, this is your identity should you do anything uncool in the game and Blizz sends their dogs.
        But back to my problem 🙂
        I get stuck on “Updating files” during beta install, anyone else got this problem?
        There was one tiny thread about it on the diablo 3 official forum so it doesnt sound to be that many affected. Help!

    47. going to go on the Assumption that it will not be Active untill 3:00 P.M. EST east coast time , guessing thats why i get the Error 12 code 😀

    48. yah im getting error 3005, first it wouldnt allow me in because i didnt havr battle tag then when i went to sign in it let me get to the authenticator screen, and after that passed it said you do not have retail version.Closed down then told me error 3005 again. 👿 wth is going on

      • I think this error code means that the servers are not online yet… from my calculations it is 23 minutes away!!! And if I am wrong it is 1hr and 23 minutes away!! 

    49. I just would like to say thank you to Incgamers! I received an e-mail from you guys warning me about this and I was really looking forward to try D3. People shouldn’t forget that players from abroad U.S aren’t given the same opportunity to play it. 

      • the people Abroad get to try it on April 23rd atleast thats what i read on the forums. And i would like to thank Elly personally, i recieved an E-mail from her, damn i think i love  her…….such a sweet sounding Voice too!

    50. what, what, what!
      Ppl in europe is not invited to play?
      I thought the announcement was everyone except Korea, China, Japan and stuff

      • I would also like clarification on this point…. I could have sworn it was Europe too…. i.e. inc me in Blighty!!

          • yea, so everyone except taiwan and those other places mentioned.
            Someone said “no one abroad from US”, I guess it must have been an american who things there’s America and another country called “the rest of the world” on this planet.

      • Good point…. consider me humbled! Apologies and big love to our US cousins! (Enough sucking up or you want more? 😉 )

    51. Patience is the key to success. Error 3003 is for maintenance. Don’t lose hope, tonight some of us we’ll be playing D3 for the first time 😀 (Night in Europe :))) )
      3005 is for servers down.

      Did i get it right with the explanations for the errors ?

       Blue update: “The Diablo III beta is currently unavailable until further notice while we work to resolve an issue. We will provide an update at approximately 11 a.m. PDT. Thank you for your patience.” – And it’s 11:44 PDT….. 🙁

      Update: Friday, 20 April 2012, 11:50:24 PDT : I now get server down for maintenance.


      but I pretty much expected something like that. I should’ve slept in until like 5 pm haha.

    53. getting a 3003 here, a question, I noticed in account setting you can pick a server, US, EU, Asia , was this always in beta or it’s new now? are all servers live? or should I say will be

    54. Well good thing I missed that email, and I suppose Blizzard is only doing one weekend of this.  I can feel my interest slipping away… 😐

      Usualmente los regalos se hacencon motivo de la celebración de una determinada fecha. Sin embargo, un regalo originales aquel que no tiene una fecha o celebración específica y su intención es sorprender de verdad.Sorprende a tu pareja como nunca. Romántico e inolvidable!

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