Diablo 3 Open Beta Finishes

The title says it all. I hope you all had a great weekend of play time and don’t forget to let us know what you thought of the Beta in the forums. The servers are now offline and closed testers will have to wait until they come live again.

Party’s over guys. For now.

Update: We’re running a quick ‘n’ dirty poll on the facebook page with three choices just to get a rough idea of what the open beta players’ assessment of it was. We’ll probably run a more extensive poll here later in the week but for now this should give us an overall impression.

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    82 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Open Beta Finishes

      • Don’t worry, you’ll get a chance in the retail.  Beta achievements won’t carry over anyway so nobody would be the wiser 8)

        • Awwww 🙁

          I’m SO glad I took screenshots of my betamax achievement then.
          Also took screenies of the rare items I got, if anyone is interested 😉

          Unlocked all upgrades for the shared stash (1st page only, I spent the rest on almost getting the blacksmith to level 5, but that’s where the pages of training came in). 

          • Wonder how many kiddies have no idea what a Betamax is.  Worked one hell of a lot better than our brand new VCR. 

            Anyhoo, I thoroughly enjoyed the barb.  Best by far.  Leaping and Scorpions attack were really fun.  Now seeing the mobs fly up into the screen was sorta silly after the first 100 times.  Wizard was a semi close second.  

            Least favorite:  Witch Doctor.  Just didn’t enjoy the skills that much.  Will give a try eventually just to see some zombie dog explosions (fond memories of CE). 

            Hope everyone that isn’t a JERK! (regular beta testers) 😛  enjoyed their weekend.

    1. Had some great testing! loved the barb and WD, monk was kinda bad.. but well see when the game hits the stores! Can’t wait to explore the other acts and read/listen to the lore. Great game!

    2. Now it’s a great time to see the results of a previous pole “what will be your first character when D3 launches on D3”. I would love to see the updated percentages after so many people played the beta!

      • I imagine there will be quite a few changes in preference.  I brought all five classes to 13, and, except for my first choice (WD) staying the same, all other preferences got shuffled.  I would never have guessed that my original second place choice (Wiz) would end up falling to last place.  I imagine that itemization really does make a big difference, however; I happened to find two rare hand xbows early on, which made the DH far more fun than I expected…so, luck of the draw.

        • The preferences will further change as they release the rest of the class intro videos, and even then will change after the recency effect starts to wear off. Probably the best poll would be any one conducted not now but the week before release.

        • Likewise, I brought them all to level 13, however I was completely amazed with the WD and DH.. I’ll definitely have one of each.
          DH came into it’s own, like yourself, with the two hand xbows, they rock!! 🙂
          I ended up with plenty of salvaging material to create a good dozen two-handed barby long swords (they’re near the end of the blacksmith’s list), a 20 damage with poison, nearly hurt my ears on a few occasions when the barb “rung through”.

          Luck is the perfect word, as I was extremely lucky to find so many rares, and be able to pass them to other characters.

          • Used the flamberge too. Easily the best barb weapon in the beta. Even Rares in the AH couldn’t match its 18DPS on a good stat roll.

    3. I know Blizzard doesn’t owe anybody anything, but why did they only open it up for a weekend?  D2 had a much longer open beta period, why not D3?

      • Because different games, with different servers, have different testing needs.

        This is a test first and foremost, not a demo. 

      • lol.
        I logged on about an hour after the servers shut down, just to see if I could log on some more (you never know)…

    4. Hell yeah, finally its back to being a VIP club for the lucky few “real” key holders.
      Well for another 7 days.

    5. I wanted to see the Den Of The Fallen. Never got to, although I did get a ‘Jar Of Souls.’ That one was awesome.

      • I got the Den of the Fallen a few times.. Cool, but nothing too special. 2 Levels with an uber chest at the end.

        • I got yelow belt from chest <3
          What you need more? Its same as The Pit in Diablo2 act1…

      • Got unic creature – LLoid the Cursed(or something like that) with his own event 8) at 4th Cath after all char maxed(over 15h SK runs minimum)
        also black mushrooms
        Den and Jar r common. More common then ring drop

        PS 470 ach – 100% 😯

      • Den of the Fallen was cool. Over the weekend I think I got to see most of the different events and side quests. I guess the only reason Den of the Fallen is exciting is because it’s slightly harder than other areas and you see higher level monster modifiers. But I enjoyed all of the cave-like underground areas, especially the Cave Under the Well.

    6. I really enjoyed the opportunity to play with some of my friends who hadn’t yet gotten access to the beta over the weekend. Playing with friends is a lot more fun (for me) than playing with anonymous people online, so this weekend was a lot of fun for me for that reason.

      • Thats because most people who play in public games are retards that don’t know how to play or are just bad.
        Roll solo or with people you know, public games are awful.

        Hate to think what public games will be like in nightmare and above
        Its like the old saying goes “Amateurs get you killed”

        • Most people with closed beta access aren’t “retards that don’t know how to play”. The D3 beta isn’t that complicated, and doing an SK run in a public game is normally a painless experience.

          It actually has nothing to do with the skill of the players for me; it has everything to do with a feeling of community. I don’t mind helping out a friend of mine, even if they’re new to the game, because that social interaction has a lot more substance to it than just silently rushing a boss over and over. 

        • I disagree. Public games were fun when I tried them. Public game players may not be as good as having a pre-configured team, but how could it be? I found plenty of perfectly serviceable play, intermixed with silly n00b stuff. And I like both kinds.

          It’s fun telling people about Radek’s rings, and swooping in with Vault and saving the day with massive overkill, and I like just playing with normal people playing the game, which totally happens too. No, they don’t ALL suck. I’m not talking with them on Vent or coordinating my gear and build with them, but that would almost defeat the point.

          In public games, you’ll have to deal with people doing things that you didn’t plan for. Sounds good. 

        • That was a pretty “douche bag” reply.

          And you are such a PRO at the game….*rolls eyes 

        • I second Enlil’s opinion. I level much faster playing solo than I do with other players, because the monster health gets larger but the kill-time gets slow due to either inexperience, stupidity, laziness, or maybe a combination. That’s why I think 4-player limits is a mistake. When you call people out, you get a “it’s beta lulz”, well at release you’re gonna get a “it’s hell lulz” or a “go ‘head I’ll catch up”. Or people who just won’t respond because there aren’t a ton of people relying on them, just  1-3. Blizzard should have made the cap 8 people and made the difficulty increase with the amount of players in the ZONE and not in the game. I see pubs as a fail for D3.

    7. I was really excited to play the monk at first. Then I saw some videos of monk gameplay and it looked really boring. After testing the class I’m really excited again! 😀
      Other than the monk, witch doctor was a lot of fun! Can’t wait for release!!!

    8. Yep, had a great WE with D3. The most important thing for me was, if the game is playable with the UMTS-connection i got. And it totally is! :):):) Got a latency usually in between 280ms to 420ms. But lags only came in at latency-spikes above that, with around 550ms marking the point, where it begins reducing the fun playing. And due to the circumstances I was also able to test with reduction to isdn-/56k-modem-speed: Had around 20-50ms more at that time, still beeing able to play without any problems 🙂
      Thx Blizz for giving us all the chance to clear our doubts about the game before having to spend the money on it. (Although there’s still a doubt left concerning longtime-replayability, as the part of connecting to/identifying with your character isn’t nearly as deep as it was with D2, as I’d already feared.) I hope you got the data needed from the weekend.
      As of now I have to say: See you at may, 15th on europe 🙂

      • And take into account that the beta ran on US servers so you should still get some improvement when it’s on  EU servers.

        • And add to that, even when there was a low ping (1000ms), it was still playable.
          Amazing stuff Blizz, I want closed beta access cause I’m suffering withdrawal symptoms… god help me when the game comes out 🙂

          • Same here, the withdrawal symptoms kinda suck. I should be studying and writing a report, I want to play D3, but instead I sit here and read about the game. So I do not get my fun and I don’t get anything done  😐

          • Uh….1 sec ping is playable?!?

            When I first started playing a month or so back, I was getting 500-800ms and it was horrendous. Now, I average 40ms.

            Your definition of playable is completely different from mine. 

            • Yeahh. Even above 1 sec ping is “playable,” although I wouldn’t count it as a fun time. Had a phase of about 5 minutes between 1300ms and 1700ms latency in between. Frequent jumpbacks at that time and enemies dropping dead way past the time I’ve hit them, but still got my one or other massacrebonus and wasn’t in danger of dying. (Ok… the difficulty of the beta has to be accused for the latter, i think ^^)

      • FFS. Indeed. You would think they would fuck that up for a day or two….but no 😀
        Still was mighty generous of them to let us have a bit of fun with the game.

        Is gona be epics!

      • It’s a stress test. Shit is meant to go wrong. It’s also a free service so they don’t have to be on time about anything. If you bought the game you’ve paid for Diablo 3 on the 15th. Anything else is freebies.

        • Oh calm down. It was probably just a joke.

          But they did mess up and some people got to play early, so if the comment is taken seriously, then there is your extra time.

    9. Played the beta as many ppl around here during the weekend and I must say that D3 reminds me more of the original Diablo than D2 (and for me that is a good thing). It should be a great game and Barb and monk  were my favourite classes. 21 days and counting 🙂

    10. Dropped everything this weekend to get Overachiever.


      Also got to meet Nizaris in game, now that was just cool. 

    11. my wife and I had a great time playing over the weekend when we could.  I think we got in about 10 hours.  Would have been more if a) they didn’t have so many issues as they did on the few servers they had running beta and b) last night my comcast connection got super bad to where I couldn’t even load web pages.  It wasn’t dead dead but might as well have been. 
      As if I wasn’t excited about this game before being able to preview it…Now I’m even more so.  The atmosphere is so awesome.  All the little details they put in are just amazing.  From the crows flying away, rats scurrying for cover, old tristram falling apart, and sounds of foot falls on water.  Can’t say I noticed the sound of skulls rolling across the ground tho like they said existed in the latest reveal video.  

    12. I’ve had the “normal” beta for a while now, so I was used to playing by myself or with one other friend who also had beta.  During this open beta weekend though, getting to play consistently with three other friends was awesome.  We all had a blast.

    13. Feels like they run out of time and many cool features/wishes are out of the box on the release day.

      What i dont like:
      1) The rune system as it is now just sucks, could be completly removed. Why have it since everyboy will end with the same combos in the same situation?. Liked more the idea of farming/trading for runes then plan wich skill to upgrade with wich runes, plus it would give both a very visual differenciation on same class players and a benefit. It could have been as simple as adding 5 sockets to each skill to be filled with different quality runes as you get them playing.
      2) Cant name created games, nor find a particular game by its name.
      3) The chat system should show avatars of the player, like old D2
      4) Guild support in some way?
      5) Talisman? Charms? Sockets? Gems? i mean, variety of item types apart from equip & weapons.
      6) Just 4 players per game? i loved the chat/trade games in old D2 where one could show its gear and be proud of it.
      7) Emotes/sounds or some fastway to tell others common things like \hey this way\ or \help me\…
      8) Voicechat?

      What i liked:
      1) Visuals, great graphics, animations and cool things.
      2) Mini quest/scripted events.
      3) Boosfigth, figthing the skeleton king is cool and so i suposse it will be to figth more bosses/miniboses in the final game.
      4) The crafting system.

      Conclusion: Like the game but have the feeling it could have been awesome… and they missing the chance.

      PD:edited for paragraph breaks.

      • What you didn’t like:

        1) Even in the beta, where the choices are incredibly limited, I regularly see a lot of variation in people’s builds. When people go up in level and more runes are unlocked the build diversity will increase exponentially. I liked the idea of dropped/tradeable runes as well, but I’m not going to state blatant falsehoods (e.g. “everyone has the same combos!”) to try to make my point.

        2) Why do you need to have a named game? If you want a private game with friends, it’s incredibly easy to do that with the system in place. If you want a game to run a particular quest… start the game at that quest. There is no need for named games.

        3) D3’s chat system has flaws, but D2’s wasn’t amazing either. The character avatars at the bottom didn’t really add that much to things.

        4) What would a “guild” in Diablo 3 be for? I’m not opposed to the idea, but nor do I want to see them waste development time on it if it’ll just be a glorified chat room.

        5) Gems and sockets are in the game.

        6) Perhaps it’s just a matter of preference, but 8-player games became very impersonal for some, and encouraged splitting up and “leeching” (where one or more players wouldn’t really need to contribute).

        7) This is also in the game. Try the num-pad. 

        What I didn’t like about your post:
        1) Paragraph breaks are your friend. Use them. 

        • At level 13 and above yes the customization is staggering The thing is in the early levels the skills aren’t diverse enough. Makes making a second character of the same class not worth doing for replayabilities sake.
          Liking the game so far. WD still my first choice event though there doesn’t seem to be any sort of pet class option. Zombie Dogs do pathetic damage and are very frail.
          I thought I had my play order for classes but the wizard fell to the bottom. The Demon Hunter was on the bottom but now it went up 1 place to 4 so its WD, Monk, Barb, DH, Wizard.

          • Just to add my two cents here.
            When the basic skill for the monk got a chance to upgrade the rune, I chose not to.
            I didn’t like the way I would *always* warp over to a mob.
            So I disagree with @Justice, and reckon that with the vast number of people playing this, they’ll all be quite different. 

            • And personally, I loved that teleport, so even when other spirit-building attacks with runes of their own were unlocked I stuck with good ol’ Fists of Thunder. I regularly see other Monks using Deadly Reach, and sometimes Crippling Wave (though that one is a bit more rare since it doesn’t unlock until 11).

    14. I had some bad luck in this falling on a busy 40-hours-of-work weekend.

      I managed to finish the beta with a Barb, and halfway through again with a WD. 

      I’m still thankful to have gotten the opportunity to play. It was a nice surprise after the beta closure date was announced. 

    15. I tried the open beta last weekend with a female demon hunter.
      I loved it.  
      Graphics, gameplay, scene.
      Good job blizz 🙂

      I’m looking forward to the final release.

    16. Agree with you on paragraphs, its just i didnt know who to use them and thanks for the numpad tip.
      Dont agree with you on the rune system & diversity thougth, dropping runes would add the \trade/luck\ factor to the diversity equation.
      On a given class and on a given encounter everybody will end up with the same skill/rune combo, hope im wrong, time will see.

      • No, you’re right. You and posters like you know more in a few hours of gameplay than the entire design, development and playtest team learned in the years it took them to create this game.

      • i’ll save you time.  Your wrong 🙂  Just reading the forums here and the comments on news posts, it sounds to me like there is tons of variation.  Some people liked corpse spiders whereas I really said meh at it.  That is just ONE example of where we all differ.  
        Rune drops is an illusion of choice.  Sure it might take longer to get, but everyone WILL get them leading to the same end result.  Everyone having the same choice of skills/runes to choose from.  The only thing about the old system that gave any more variety was rank of rune and random props.  That isn’t “choice” though.  That just makes one person slightly stronger/different than another.  The base rune effect is still the same though.
        Also notice how everyone has different class favorites.   They’ve done a really fantastic job I think in terms of class and skill variety.  Some folks love/hate some things, while others have different tastes.   This is what variety/choice is all about.

    17. It was a blast. For me, this was really all I needed of beta… just a nice little taste and the opportunity to play each class and gender and see which I preferred for release, and to learn the game mechanics. Now the wait for release will be easier. Part of the frustration with not being in beta before was not getting a lot of jokes going around the battlenet forums and stuff, like all the Kormac quotes.

    18. ok was really shocked to hear Adria’s voice changed. Could only get a quick run with the BARb.
      The end time of the open beta was 10 AM PDT right, that was about 9 pm here in Pakistan, got the beta installed with all errors at about 6.30 – 7 pm.
      But hey, after it installed, BAM no lag, no disconnections smooth as cream on my 1mb broadband.
      Loved it overall, but couldn’t help but get the feeling all I was doing was cleaving everything in 2. I Miss stat points :’-(

    19. Loved the open beta, my first taste of D3 after playing D1 and D2 for 13 years…cant wait to unlock more skills and crafting. I thought the Wizard was pretty crappy at low levels, but loved playing DH…thats my first 60 for sure. Monk seemed really easy. Barb was fun.

    20. Out-fricken-standing.

      Glad I took a week off for this game. 

      I love these treasure goblins. Do they have a chance of dropping rares? Or just blues?  ❓

      Personally, I’m not sure why Bliz don’t just run an open beta until the beta servers go down? Surely you would want a length of time with the servers at high stress to see how they handle it.

      Anyway, I loved it. Wouldn’t change a thing if I could.


    21. I only got to play a little bit. Would have gotten to play a lot on Sunday but then my internet decided to stop working. What I did learn from this was that I like Demon Hunter and Barb a lot more than I thought I would. Which is funny cause I hated Barb and Amazon in D2.

    22. I’m in the regular beta, but I had always solo’ed in the regular beat.  During open beta the servers got full and I couldn’t create solo games (full server) AND I’M SO GLAD THEY DID!  It forced me into joining public games, and I had so much fun doing those!  The game is so much more fun in a party.  Now I don’t know if I can go back to soloing.

      Monk is still my favorite class.  Love the fast attacks and mobility.  How come no one likes the monk? 

      • I like the monk as well, though I only got to spend about 3 hours on him. My first impression was a positive one though. I wasn’t crazy about the Wizard at first, and tried every other class from Friday into Sunday when I was able to get into the game. I decided to give the Wizard another go. Using the frost nova in combination with wave of force, followed by a few well aimed runed arcane orbs I was destroying packs of monsters in a multiplayer game. She started to really feel like a wizard. The wizard is definitely at the top of my list for release. It’s hard to choose a favorite though…really need to get them higher in level to get a good feel for each class.

        • It is hard to choose.  Before playing I was only interested in a couple of classes, but now I’m not sure what to roll. 

          And the monk is awesome…its like using a chainsaw on monsters. 

    23. i had with those chars as much or even more fun as with high end chars in Diablo2. I am pretty hyped up now for the game and yeah i got all chars as well to level 13. there were only 2 achivements left out for me. one were you had to revive your allies? come on, i never saw anybody die ^^.
      The other was let the skeleton king kill his own spawns, he was dead all too soon in those nice 5 players games.
      I am kind of happy that max players are now 5 for a mp game. Even with 5 people the screen is flashing constantly in a multitude of colors.


      the monk will still be my main char, i guess he will also be the first to enter inferno.

          • I must say that I would agree with five players, though.
            I figure five classes should equate to five champions in a game. 
            Just seems right. I’m not sure why games like to stick to four players – I can’t see the console version being four players to one console.

    24. Highlight of the open beta for me…
      Couple buddies and I, one of which loves to imbibe, were plowing through Den of the Fallen, when suddenly over vent I hear, “Oh, SWEET!  I just got Kick Ass Bow of the Mother****er!”  

    25. Fighting literally back to back on hardcore mode with a monk and a wizard in the jar of souls event?! intense as hell. one of my favorite moments!

    26. Before open beta :

      1- Barbarian
      2- Witch Doctor
      3- Magician
      4- Demon Hunter
      5- Monk

      After open beta :

      1- Barbarian
      2- Monk
      3- Demon Hunter
      4- Witch Doctor
      5- Magician

      I’ll play all the classes in the real game though because they were all fun!            

      • 1- Magician

        It was the “Kid’s Birthday Party” event that was the decision maker for me.

    27. It was fun, but was TOO DAMN EASY. I was not killed Once. Hope they correct that, but in a world of auto-aim and health-regen, adding some real difficulty in a game it would result in a lot of x-boyz and psfans crying

      • it’s the first 13 levels.  of course it’s easy.  This has been discussed over and over again.  There is nothing to correct because the later difficulties do get much harder.  

        I did by chance almost die once with my barbarian.  Ran into a named champion pack of Unburied with the knockback modifier.  Suckers hit quick and next thing i knew i was flying backwards and flashing red screen.  Only time I ever had to pop a potion.   My guess is in later acts we will start seeing some champions and modifiers that really take us by surprise.  

    28. I got warriv journal and wirt….and found the black mushroom…what does that do..? Well..cant w8 for the full version to come out. it was one hell of a weekend 😉

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